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Full Version: 2007 Bowman Sterling break What do you think?
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Time for another fun break tell me what you think of this product. By the pack and the total box.
We'll do a pack or 2 a day

A-Rod Road to 500 Box Loader pack
Home Run # 463 and #469
user posted image

Box Loader pack:
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects Black Refractors 16/25 PB Pedro Beato Jersey Auto (1st round sandwich pick (32nd overall) in the 06 MLB Draft)

user posted image

Pack 1:
2007 Bowman Sterling AG Alex Gordon RC (2nd pick of 05 draft, First Major League hit was off Daisuke Matsuzaka)
2007 Bowman Sterling TL Tim Lincecum Auto RC (10th pick of 06 draft, Nicknamed "Franchise" by his teammates)
2007 Bowman Sterling Refractors 174/199 JV Justin Verlander Jersey (2nd pick of 04 draft, pitched the first no-hitter ever at Comerica Park)
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects RT Rich Thompson (In 2004, he was part of the Australian Olympic baseball team, which achieved a Silver Medal at the Athens Olympics)
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects MBB Madison Bumgarner Auto (10th pick of 07 draft)

user posted image

Thanks, Mike

2007 Bowman Sterling Baseball
Info for hobby boxes only

Every 5-Card Pack Contains Guaranteed Value!
• 2 Autographed Cards
• 1 Relic or Autographed Relic Card
• 1 Rookie Card
• 1 Prospect Card

Every 6-Pack Box Contains Guaranteed Value!
• 12 Autographed Cards
• 6 Relic or Autographed Relic Cards
• 6 Rookie Cards
• 6 Prospect Cards
• 2 Box Loader Cards

Every 8-Box Case Contains Guaranteed Value!
• New! 1 Dual Autographed Card

In Hobby Stores: 12/26/2007

Base Cards

Autographed Rookies

20 Rookie subjects appear with the MLB® Rookie logo and their signature.


45 cards featuring today’s top Veterans and Rookies, plus Mickey Mantle. 1 Per Pack!


50 2007 MLB Rookies. 1 Per Pack!

Prospect Insert Cards

Autographed Prospect Relics

18 non-Major League Prospects with their Autographs and Relic pieces from the 2007 Futures Game.

Autographed Prospects

50 non-Major League Prospects with their signatures.


50 promising players on their way to making their Major League debut. 1 Per Pack!

Box Loader

1 Per Box!

New! Dual Autographed Cards
10 players appear on dual autographed cards. Sequentially numbered* to 275. 1 Per 8-Box Case!

Available in the following refractor parallel versions:
Rainbow - Sequentially numbered* to 199.
Black - Sequentially numbered* to 25.
Red - Each is a 1 of 1!

Red Parallel
A parallel of all 233 Base and Prospect cards. Each is a 1 of 1!

Black Parallel
A parallel of all 233 Base and Prospect cards. Sequentially numbered* to 25.

Autographed Printing Plates
The 4 plates used to make all 70 Autographed Rookie and Prospect cards with Autographs. 280 autographed plates in all. Each is a 1 of 1!

Printing Plates
The 4 plates used to make all 100 non-autographed Rookie and Prospect cards. 400 plates in all. Each is a 1 of 1!

A-Rod Road to 500 Box Loader

1 Per Box!

Autographed Cards
The last 25 of A-Rod’s Road to 500 home runs, #476-500 are highlighted with his autograph.

Insert Cards The same 25 home runs featured above.

Parallel Cards

Rainbow Refractor

A parallel of all 233 Base and Prospect cards including Relic and Autographed cards sequentially numbered* to 199.
these cards are beautiful looking cards....Ive never broke them but ive seen it done and i havent seen a bad break yet! Cards are just georgious!
Anyone knows who is the oldest player at the time to get a Rookie Card?
Masumi Kuwata will be 40 on April Fools day.

Pack 2:

2007 Bowman Sterling GP Glen Perkins Auto (RC)( Draft: 2004 - 1st round (22nd overall) by the Minnesota Twins )
2007 Bowman Sterling JS Johan Santana Jersey ( 3 time All-Star,
2 time American League Cy Young Award winner and won a Gold Glove Award last year )
2007 Bowman Sterling Refractors /199 MK Masumi Kuwata (RC)(Who is the oldest player to have a Rookie Card Kuwata is 39?)
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects JA J.P. Arencibia Auto ( Draft: 2004 - 1st round (21 overall) by the Toronto Blue Jays, went to same High School as Arod and tied his Home Run mark)
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects OS Ole Sheldon (Draft: 2004 - 424 overall by the Houston Astros)

Thanks, Mike

user posted image
Is the Arencibia FT? Sweet Beato!
I am less than impressed with sterling again this year. But you pulled a couple of nice rookie autos there!
Cool stuff.
Hallsgator, I'd love to get that to a fan of him, PM me a trade offer.

Pack 3:

2007 Bowman Sterling Refractors /199 BW Brandon Webb Jersey (2006 National League Cy Young Award and 2003 Baseball America Rookie of the Year Winner)
2007 Bowman Sterling DY Delmon Young (RC)(First overall pick in the 2003 MLB Entry Draft)
2007 Bowman Sterling MC Matt Chico Auto (RC) (Selected by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the third round of the 2003 amateur draft,96 overall. Was traded to Washington Nationals in 2006)
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects ALC Aaron Cunningham ( Diamondbacks acquired this outfielder from the White Sox for second baseman Danny Richar)
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects MLP Matt LaPorta Auto ( Draft: 2007 - 1st round (7 overall) by the Milwaukee Brewers )

user posted image

NPN 2007 Bowman Sterling Baseball
P.O. Box 765
Pittston, PA 18640

Send a 3X5 index card with your full address and name in a # 10 envelope.
Must be postmarked by March 19th, 2008

Canadians must include this on the 3X5 index card (Quebec is not allowed)

Thanks, Mike
Sick LaPorta!

Let me know what you collect, and I'll see if I can come up with an offer.
very nice pulls so far

artyman60, Thanks
Hallsgator, Thanks, I collect Yankees and Braves, but feel free to shot me a offer.

Is the red from Brad Penny from his number or have the Dodgers ever used red uniforms?

Pack 4:

2007 Bowman Sterling BB Billy Butler (RC)( Draft: 2004 - 1st round (14th overall) by the Kansas City Royals)
2007 Bowman Sterling BP Brad Penny Mem (Drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 5th round of the 1996)
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects DPP David Price Auto (The Devil Rays selected him first overall in the 2007 Major League Baseball Draft)
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects FF Freddie Freeman (Drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the second round in 2007)
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects PK Peter Kozma Auto (Drafted by St. Louis in the first round 18 overall in 2007)

Thanks, Mike

user posted image
Penny may be from an All-Star jersey. I sent you a PM, thanks!
Nice Price, Where do you get these Cases?
Man o Man what a box so far! Awesome LaPorta
All of these cards is from a 6 pack plus 2 box loaders packs box not a case.

The Colorado Rockies pack, 3 of the 5 are Rocks. Also neat to get none grey and white pieces.

Pack 5:

2007 Bowman Sterling MR Mark Reynolds RC (Draft: 2004 - 16th round by the Arizona Diamondbacks went to UVA}
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects CWW Casey Weathers Auto (drafted by the Colorado Rockies with the 8th overall pick of the 2007)
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects Refractors /199 EY Eric Young Jr.(was undrafted and signed with the Colorado Rockies as an amateur free agent in 2004.)
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects Refractors /199 IS Ian Stewart Jersey Auto (Colorado Rockies in the first round of the 2003 amateur draft, 10 overall)
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects NH Nick Hagadone Auto (This left-handed combined with Tim Lincecum for Washington's first nine-inning no-hitter in 28 years. First pick of Red Sox 2007 )

user posted image
Thanks, Mike
Cool break so far - these look better than the Sterling football cards in my opinion.

I had to double take the Eric Young, brought back some flashes.

Mojo on upcoming boxes.
I like the LaPorta and the Stewart. You're killing this break man, keep it up.
broncojim and knuckleballerMC, Thanks

I was Very pleased with the contents of the box, what do you think?

Box 6:

2007 Bowman Sterling AM Andrew Miller RC (was drafted in 2006, 6th overall by the Detroit Tigers, and agreed to a contract with a guaranteed value of $5.45 million and a signing bonus of $3.55 million on August 4, 2006.)
2007 Bowman Sterling JS Jarrod Saltalamacchia AU (RC) ( was drafted out of high school in the first round of the June 2003 amateur draft by the Braves now with the Texas Rangers, nickname is "Salty".
2007 Bowman Sterling TLH Todd Helton Bat (Only player in MLB history to hit 35 or more doubles in at least 10 consecutive seasons (1998 - Present).
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects DMM Derek Miller ( Selected in round 47 of the 2004 June draft.)
2007 Bowman Sterling Prospects BMI Beau Mills AU (Indians take him with their 13th draft pick in 2007.)

user posted image
OMG! Another highend baseball break? you should do some basketball! JK, it would be nice if you do though! biggrin.gif
Mike- it seems that in every pack you get a sweet auto smile.gif , and then a so-so dry.gif
pm me what you like because I want that Hagadone Auto

Bowman Sterling is imo the best product of the year. Pretty awesome stuff. I opened 2 boxes plus 4 packs of the stuff in the past few weeks. I've pulled some really nice cards, i'll try and post pics of them.

Would you be willing to trade the LaPorta? Lmk
Sharp looking cards, you've pulled some nice autos. Good luck on the rest!
i like the beau mills auto cmb for it and LMK
killer break. is salty ft?
Nice break.
I am a Sterling Fan....But for some reason all the cards look dark or subdued, not great but I can live with it. Nice stuff Mike.
Wow! My jaw has hit the floor. That was an amazing break. The autos probably paid for your box alone not to mention the excellent RC's. I really like watching 2007 Bowman Sterling box breaks and this year's product is just amazing. No wonder why these boxes are so expensive!
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