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Full Version: Tristar Signa Cuts Football
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Here's my review of Tristar Signa Cuts Football:

Signa Cuts Review

I know its not a big name product but in case anyone is interested in buying it, hopefully this will change their mind.

4 "cut" autos per pack does sound enticing but believe me its not worth it. I only buy Topps, UD, and Donruss and there's a good reason for that. If you are curious just watch the breaks on youtube and don't waste your money.
19th Century Indiana Jones
What about singles on Ebay?
Like any gimmicky product this will be a hit or miss..

but trying telling the person who pulls the babe cut that the product wasnt worth.

On face value.. very very few products have any ROI. whether that be Topps, Donruss, UD, Tri-star, inkworks, rittenhouse.. etc etc etc..

If we only collected for the ROI no boxes would ever get broken.

Its the thrill of the chase that keeps this hobby going!
Looks like a disgustinly cheap put together product to me
Yikes... those videos are funny though, how does the bald guy hide his disappointment?

Stickers on a piece of paper that's then "cut" out?? Worst idea ever?
One person pulled a "cut" but it was a sticker over a piece of paper

I opened a box, didn't hit anything huge, and wasn't completely disgusted.

I think a toploader per pack would have been nice (or a penny sleeve at least). Otherwise the packages are sturdy and seem tamper/search resistant.

The front design doesn't bother me. And the cards are somewhat nice looking in my opinion. I do not like the lack of information about the players. There's room for it on the back.

I've seen worse products. It's gonna increase the amount of older players autograph cards on the market and that doesn't seem like a bad thing to me.
I agree. I saw some of the breaks on the tube and was not impressed at all.
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