Iíve been away from collecting for a while, but now Iím back, so letís tradeÖÖ
I want to trade a 400 count lot of baseball hall of famers and stars, with a few semiís thrown in. The lot is made up of mostly base cards and some inserts, it totals well over $500.00 in BV. Iím looking for about $75-100 in graded cards, gu, rc, auto., inserts, etc.. that I may be interested in. I would like to trade the lot so heavily in your favor because I want the $75 - 100 trade to be in no more than 5 or 6 cards. The lot consists of mostly hall of famers and current stars with some semiís, mostly premium brands also. Cards are majority Mint w/ a few of the older ones at Nm-Mt. Again, itís a 400 count lot totaling over $500.00 in BV. Send your site link or trade list if interested. Scans available.