First of all, anyone have any clean, thick toploaders with no tape marks for trade? Could use some, LOL!


Got 3 boxes of 05 Diamond Kings and a box of 07 SPX for Christmas. Here's the god, box by box.

Is it normal for the SPX cards to have a good amount of chipping and worn corners?

05 DK Box 1

Troy Glaus Bat/Jersey 38/100

Kevin Youkilis Bat-Bat 31/200

Not bad, I thought. I liked the Youk. On to Box 2:

05 DK Box 2

Matt Morris Jersey-Jersey 1/1!!!! I went crazy, this is my first 1/1 ever, the first 1/1 I've ever pulled, and it's a player I'm a huge fan of!

Brad Penny Auto/Bat/Jersey 17/25 Loved this card too. Penny seems to follow me around breaking boxes, but I'm not complaining!

I figured I blew my luck on Box 2, but Box 3 had...

05 DK Box 3

Only one hit:

Paul LoDuca Autograph 1/1!!!! Another 1/1! I was now going crazy.

I then opened the box of SPX my dad got me.

Pack 1: (boxloader)

Michael Bourn auto

Pretty good start, I figured.

Pack 2:

Adam LaRoche Jersey 181/199

Eh, not the best.

Pack 3:

Andre Ethier auto

Pretty good, I thought.

Pack 4:

Redemption for Patrick Misch auto.


Pack 5:

Anibal Sanchez Dual Patch 3/25

Pretty good, a dual patch of a guy who threw a no-hitter.

Pack 6:

Randy Johnson Triple Jersey 1/25 with pinstripe

Love this card, pinstripe is beautiful, and numbered 1/25!

Pack 7:

Felix Hernandez Jersey 174/199

Nice card.

Pack 8:

Dontrelle Willis Jersey 158/175

Pretty pleased with the player selection.

Pack 8: Chris Stewart auto

Not what I had in mind.

Pack 9:

Robinson Cano Jersey 38/199


Pack 10:

SPX Rooie Autographed Card #120


I screamed when I saw that card, think I made my mom go deaf. The site says "athete committed to signing soon..." Do you guys think the Braun will be made?

Anyway, scans: All excapt the Misch. (Do you guys really want to see a redeption for Patrick Misch?)

Here are the scans, as I can't post them all here: