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Full Version: 2007 Upper Deck Black Case Brake!!!
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I got a case of this for Christmas and will do a box a day. Please share you thoughts on the product.

Box one:
I'm very pleased to finally pull a Dunn for a big fan of his. And the Papi not bad either.

Thanks, Mike

user posted image
You got a case of UD black? Holy crap!
i love the design on them and the relics and autos are pretty sweet. but a case?! wow, lucky..
Dang a Case!!! Hope you get something good. There is some really neat stuff out of here
19th Century Indiana Jones
What does the base look like?
there is no base
Thanks for sharing Mike, decent start....
nice break hopefully noy going to be your best
Nice beginning!
very nice beginning! man that musta cost a fortune!
personally I and my friend feel deceived by the ud rep pn the

He clearly said no players like Joe Blanton and bam my friend pulls one.

Good luck on yours.

I busted 2 boxes and so did he. Neither returned any decent ROI but I did a little better than he.!

The Big Papi you got blew away are combined 8 cards!
Wow a case must have cost as much a car!
good luck
NICE PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are also guaranteed a white pack with a 1/1 in every case! Sounds like a fun product to bust even though the hits aren't stellar sometimes!
QUOTE(Bravesfan10 @ Dec 25 2007, 12:28 PM)
You are also guaranteed a white pack with a 1/1 in every case! Sounds like a fun product to bust even though the hits aren't stellar sometimes!

i think the 1/1 white packs are actually 1:3 cases, hopefully you get one though smile.gif
First I want to wish all The Members and their Families a Safe and Happy Christmas.

epbball15, Thanks Yes I must have been good for Santa to bring me a case.

dualshock, Thanks, yes Thanks to Santa My Girlfriend.

kcroyals24, Thanks.

19th Century Indiana Jones, Thanks, I think the Ortiz may be consider being the base, this is the only card with numbers not lettering.

kcroyals24, Thanks yes all cards are autographs.

Tarasadie17, Thanks, I hope the decent pulls continue.

poodlum, Thanks, First box was not the best but box 2 maybe.

ffman, Thanks.

snkpoct137, Thanks, set Santa back about $150 a box.

aceecards, Thanks, sorry you both had some bad breaks. This is why I prefer doing a case, at least I 'll get the case card. I'm sure I'll be getting some Blanton type hits in the case.

STLcardinals888, Thanks yes I'm sure Santa could have purchased a car with what she spent on the case.

nelly1310, Thanks.

Bravesfan10, Thanks, hope we do hit a sweet 1/1. Yes I agree it's a fun rip, but sometimes they not the most popular players.

Box 2:
I dislike redemption cards, but this one will be a keeper when it comes in. Plus a nice auto of second baseman of The Marlins, Dan Uggla, a very promising slugger.

Thanks, Mike

user posted image

Great dual autograph albeit the wait!
Here's the backs

user posted image
ffman, Thanks, Hope the wait not too long.

2007 UD Black Cal Ripken Derek Jeter Dual Auto on Ebay:

user posted image

Box 3:
Very pleased with Rookie Card of Alex Gordan a third baseman full of potential with Kaunas City. Also a nice four jersey piece of four-time All-Star slugging shortstop Miguel Tejada, who was traded to Houston over the off season.

Some awards Gordan has received
# 2004 Big 12 Player of the Year.
# 2004 Big 12 All-Star Third Baseman
# 2004 First Team College All-American
# 2005 Big 12 Player of the Year
# 2005 Big 12 All-Star Third Baseman
# 2005 First Team College All-American
# 2005 Baseball America College Player of the Year
# 2006 Texas League Player of the Year
# 2006 Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year

Thanks, Mike

user posted image
wow! that is a SICK ripken/jeter !!!!! congrats on the pull!
Awesome pulls so far.
OMG!!! Also, when you get the white pack, can you post a pic of the whole wrapping(shrink, outer, inner)? I wana see the difference compared to other packs
nice breaks so far, how many boxes are in a case?
dude you got some sick hits so far!! I think that this product isnt worth it if you just buy a box or two..i think you have to buy a case for the ROI to be worth it...but so far you look like you got some really good cards..that Jeter/Ripken Jr. is sweeeeeeeeett!!
nice hits man pat neshek pulled a jeter ripken auto just like that not to long ago
nelly1310, Thanks

pavi39, Thanks

osanilevich, Thanks I sure will

broscards, Thanks 10 boxes.

madman20, Thanks, Yes it helps your odds by doing a case instead of a box, but I know some that purchase by the boxes and seems they have all the luck.

Devin, Thanks, nice Congrats to Pat.

Box 4:
Some very nice Patches of 2 time all star and Cy Young winner Brandon Webb. Also signature of Travis Buck, anyone have any info on this A's outfielder?

Thanks, Mike

user posted image

Travis Buck played at Arizona State. He's going to hit for a nice average but I doubt he turns out to be much of a home run guy. A solid player.
sweet pulls!
Looks like you're doing well compared to most I've seen so far, but that last box was pretty ugly. Good luck on the rest!!
Nice work so far, Keep those hits coming.
im interested in the alex gordon if for trade... and keep up the good luck, seems like a fun product
keep the mojo up on these last boxes
WOWOW amazing breaks, especially that dual! keep it up man!
man you are doing way above anything ive seen from this product. Hope you get one of those cool clear cards.
whoa sweet hits!

I think I would of stopped after the first 2 boxes but your still beating UD around!
Lew47, Thanks

jwman92, Thanks

dd316, Thanks Yes I'm going downhill fast, but you have to be willing to take the good with the bad.

broncojim, Thanks, I'm trying half way home.

mikebball3289, Thanks.

champb21, Thanks

snkpoct137, thanks

kleinchester, Thanks yes they some neat looking card.

rowdyreptile101, Thanks, you probably right but what fun would that been.

Box, 5:

A different Dunn for a good friend and the same Uggla but does differ with Silver ink. Not happy pulling doubles of same card, but would not complain if it was a superstar card. But main disappointment is a line down the card part gold and other silver.

user posted image
So far everything has been pretty good! Good luck with the rest!!
question is the Gordon FT?
killerhawkeye21, thanks

IowaCubs1, Thanks not dealing Gordan now.

Box 6:

A couple more promising players signatures. Second Baseman Kelly Johnson who was a first round pick by the Atlanta Braves.
And a sweet bat Barrel of Tampa Bay slugger Delmon Young, which was traded to the Twins during the off season.
First overall pick in the 2003 MLB Entry Draft
2007 Topps Rookie All-Star Team; Outfielder
Young was runnerup in 2007 American League Rookie of the Year race

user posted image

Sweet Delmon Young!
are the Ortiz and Webbs FT?
you got some awsome pulls. buck is the As new hot shot rookie. hes supose to be a big star but b/c hes on the As with thier system he wont be a superstar. hes the next nick swisher hes good with lots of hometown love but not a big market for re-sell.

that sucks that you got 2 ugglas you should write to ud and complain, they probably wont do anything but its worth a shot

and i hate the style of those cards like the buck, but i want the kelly johnson one

you are getting some hot pulls

i hope you get a 1/1
These are just beautiful cards. Congrats and thanks for posting!
Well, I reckon I am in the minority here Mike. I appreciate you sharing your break, but I think these cards are way overpriced garbage.

I am an A's fan, and I would be ticked to pull a Travis Buck... he is an average player at best.

Two Dan Uggla's in the same case is ridiculous, and I also question even having Uggla in such a high dollar product... and that being said he still has more upside than Buck.

The Game Day Lineup/Box Score cards are flat out ugly.

And while I like Adam Dunn, I would be bent to pull two Dunn autos out of 20 cards.

The Webb patch is a beauty, but I am finding a lot more wrong with this product than right....
STLcardinals888, thanks

osanilevich, thanks not right now holding both for someone, if either don't work out i'll let you know.

tlenk, Thanks, I had way more interest in the 2 uggla cards then I expected and have moved both. Would be nice to get a 1/1, but with my luck it would be uggla

bushidobard, Thanks it's my pleasure, I love this hobby.

Tarasadie17, Thanks for your honest thoughts, which is shared by many others. I have no problem with pulling the Dunns I gave them to a good friend. I do not expect anything in return, but I know he will return the favor way more then the cost I have in them. The Uggla is another story, I never heard of him and figured I'd be stuck with them, but he seems to have a huge fan base consider all the interest I recieved on them.
The Game Day Lineup/Box Score are not a favorite of mine either.

Box 7:
Another Dual auto and this one has jerseys. a couple of Angles, John Lackey and Howie Kendrick. Plus a Flag card from Tigers outfilder Curtis Granderson.

John Lackey won Game 7 of the World Series as a rookie in 2002
2007 was an All Star and won the ERA Champion

Howie Kendrick is full of potential to be one of the top hitters in the game.

Curtis Granderson is one of the 6 members of all-time on baseball's exclusive 20-20-20 Club. Granderson joined the 20-20-20 club ( 20 double, 20 triple, and 20 home run ) with Kansas City's George Brett (1979), Willie Mays of the New York Giants (1957), Cleveland's Jeff Heath (1941), St. Louis' Jim Bottomley (1928), and Frank Schulte of the Chicago Cubs (1911).

Thanks, Mike

user posted image
Nice cards.
but i keep thinking to myself why some of these players are in such a high-end product!!!

you should be pulling star veterans not cody johnson and john lackey (sorry fans of them)

good luck on the rest!
pull a nice cardinal or rookie!
QUOTE(MikefromChester @ Dec 30 2007, 08:15 AM)
I do not expect anything in return

I know you don't Mike... when I was a member of another trading site under the name Bradsuncle, you sent me an 800 count box of A's, 49ers, Raiders and Giants for the kids at the school I worked at during that time. You asked for nothing, and told me you were sending me a "few" cards... laugh.gif

Would love a shot at the Kelly Johnson if FT!
3 more boxes? Anyone particular your hoping for?
STLcardinals888, Thanks, Yes I agree some of these names appear weak.

Tarasadie17, Thanks Michael, I remember, really you did me a favor by cleaning out some space to put the new stuff in. Great to see some old schools still in the game.

bravesfan09,Thanks, I have offered that card on another site and if it don't go thrue I'll let you know.

rowdyreptile101, Thanks, since I hit my yankee star, Jeter it would be nice to find a Yankee Rookie.

Box 8:
Another Flag Auto, this is Kevin Slowey a second round pick by the Twins. He had 4 win with only lost 1 in a very limited time in the majors. Time will tell if Slowey lives up to how well he started.

Also another nice 4 piece with 2 multi colored patch of the Tigers Jeremy Bonderman a first round pick. Was great at the beginning of the season but for whatever reason bombed after the all-star break,
Pre-All-Star 9-1 106 3.48 98 24 1.19 10
Post-All-Star 2-8 68.1 7.38 47 24 1.68 13

user posted image
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