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Full Version: Wow!!!!! Check this Pay Day!!!!!
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Dude!!!!!! I have finally sold this card for what I wanted! $$$$$3500$$$$$ Buy IT NOW PRICE!!!!!!!! Let me know what you guys think!!!!!! I am very interested in some feedback!!!!!! Thanks AL

user posted image
very nice, how much o what 3500 nicee
wow! tom brady auto rc $3.5k omg.. thats alot
Wow awesome job!!! Congrats.
NICE!!!!!!! can you buy my gale sayers now??? laugh.gif


Thanks for the comments guys! I know I was shocked, I just refreshed my Ebay and then did it again about 10 minutes later and it was gone. The guy had me paid before I even realized the auction was Minus the buy it now fee, $3398.56!!!!

Nelly-pm me a cv price again and let's see what we can do.

*Note- I will be purchasing a 24 box hobby case of 2007 Leaf Limited so you guys have a case break coming at you soon. I'm not sure exactly when but within the next week. Thanks Al
thats insane!!!! im jealous and happy for u at the same time!! nice job, buddy!! laugh.gif
pm sent smile.gif, pull some sweet bears out of the leaf limited biggrin.gif
Oh my..congrats! I can't wait to see the Leaf Limited! Good luck!!
Thanks guys!!! I know I cant wait to see what I can pull from Leaf Limited It's looking sweet! AL
Haha and too kick it all off went and spent $20 at K-mart on a topps chrome box and pulled A Calvin johnson white refractor books $50, a $25 Adrian peterson rc, a Drew Stanton auto $30 and a farve flight to 420 refractor!!!! Pretty good day for me as a collector. Al
Johnny Number 5
I say Congrats on the Sale....................good luck with the $$$$$$$$
wow, wanna buy me something today??? laugh.gif
Wow nice pulls! LMK on the PM I sent.
wow, have fun with the extra cash. you gonna wait to bust the case until christmas? or break the thing on tuesday after you pay extra for express shipping? lol
very nice! And nice pull on the Stanton Auto!

right around christmas time, I know the money will be used wisely........... or maybe not! smile.gif but who cares, hell of a sale!
Very sweet! Enjoy the taste of victory!
Dude I am so pumped today. Like a total adrenaline rush I just want to keep buying stuff.

Cincy you said it right man, express shipping and all. I dont have the patience right

Colts- I'll think about it and let you know what I decide.

Thanks for the comments guys, I will let you all now what is up with the case and when I get it. Thanks AL
hey, did you get my pm about the sayers?? lmk.

if you are buying, check my bucket, lol. i can use some extra christmas cash.
congrats on the brady and the blaster from wal mart. At this pace you want to try and play the lottery. Nice one man!
No doubt, my luck is running right now. I need to hurry up and get my case. I am sure I will have it by the end of this week. I went back and bought the last 2 blasters and pulled some decent stuff. I'll try and list it later on for everyone. There was a D.Bo rc, and a Brian Leonard Xfractor and a bunch of other goodies. I'll let you guys know. Thanks AL
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