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> How to do an NPN, Update Jan. 2008 for UD Online Program

post Feb 24 2007, 05:52 PM
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I posted this in another thread, in order to directly respond to a question, but I thought I would copy it and post it as it's own thread in case people are looking for some direction in sending in NPNs. Maybe if someone wanted to pin this topic, it could serve as a reference point.

NPNs, or No Purchase Necessary offers are a pretty fun way to get free cards from card companies. From what I understand, companies have to provide a way for you to acquire the special insert cards in their packs without purchasing a pack. Otherwise, by associating odds with certain insert cards, buying packs would be considered gambling, and gambling rules would apply. This would completely eliminate the ability of companies to sell cards to kids. So, just like any other contest you might see on the back of a candy bar wrapper, they offer you a chance to get an insert card for free, at the same odds they are inserted into packs.

Typically, NPN offers are specifically outlined on the outside wrapper of a pack of cards. Follow those directions to the "T." Some TCC members are nice enough to post the addresses for some of the products we may never actually break ourselves, but you can always get the NPN directions for each specific product off a pack wrapper. Also, try this website for many current NPN offers.

In order to send in an NPN, follow these general guidelines along with what you read on the back of a wrapper, for Donruss/Playoff, Topps, or companies other than Upper Deck. Directions for Upper Deck will be given at the bottom.

1. Write your name, address, phone number and e-mail address on a 3"x5" index card. Not a piece of paper, not a burger wrapper, not a post-it, not a piece of toilet paper, not a scroll. Write it on an index card. These are free cards the company is giving you. They specify precise directions for submitting an entry for an NPN card, and they expect you to follow them. They will look for any reason not to give you a free card. If you don't follow their directions, they will not send you one. So, just do it. It's not hard. If you live in Canada, you'll also want to include the answer to the skills question on the index card. If you don't live in Canada don't worry about this. I've never seen one where you had to write your age on it, but if the wrapper says it, do it. As far as I know, there are no age restrictions. This makes sense because, like I said above, companies offer NPNs to get around gambling restrictions. This would eliminate the youth market, because kids under 18 would then not be able to buy cards. So, it would make sense that they don't have an age restriction on NPNs, because one reason they exist is so children can still buy cards. Hope that makes sense.

Also, if the wrapper (offer) says one per household, only send in one for that particular product. If it says one per household per day, only send one per day. Don't press your luck, just do as they say. It's a "free" card, why be stupid and ruin your chances of getting one?

2. Place that index card into a no. 10 envelope. This is not a regular envelope, it's a longer one (typically used for business letters). They are 4 1/8" x 9 1/2." Do not try to use some other types of envelope for the same reasons above. And, please, just use a white one.

3. On the outside of the envelope write the address for the NPN offer. Write it exactly the way the wrapper indicates, or follow the directions on the website listed above. You may also add a return address in the upper left hand corner of the envelope, as you usually would. However, there is no need to send an SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) with your submission. So, DON'T SEND ONE. They will typically send you back a card (if you get one) in their own envelope (usually a bubble mailer), so they don't need one from you.

4. Put a stamp on it and drop it in the mail box.

So, your no. 10 envelope should include an index card only with the appropriate information written on it, with the correct address for the NPN offer written on the outside and your return address in the upper left hand corner (optional). THAT'S IT.

For Upper Deck Products: As of January 2008 Upper Deck has gone to an online submission for NPNs. You have to register for an online account with Upper Deck. To access the NPN page, go to npn.upperdeck.com, login and then click the drop down menu to choose the product you want to submit an NPN request for. It's that simple. Hopefully, the other companies will follow suit (as long as UDs program goes smoothly). This will save us the postage that we generally have to pay for NPNs.

It's pretty easy, only takes about two minutes to complete one.

Now, will you or will you not get one back???

The offer states that you are sending in for a chance to win an insert card at the same odds that the insert cards occur in that product's packs. So, if you're sending in for 05 Donruss Elite Baseball, an insert card falls about one per pack, so you should get at least an insert card back from Donruss. Game-used or autos fall three per box, so you have a 3 in 20 (since there are 20 packs in a box) chance of getting one of those back. Understand? If the odds in a pack for a game-used or auto are 1 in 4, you get the same odds when submitting your NPN. From what I understand, the companies set aside a number of boxes for NPNs, they open one up, draw a name, open a pack and if that pack has an insert card in it, they send it to whomever's name they drew. Your name always gets drawn, if you've sent one in, but if there's no insert in the pack they open for you, you don't get anything.

Now, it's unclear what they do for the high end products that guarantee game-used or autos in every pack. I know with Triple Threads Baseball, last year, people only got back the inserted parallel cards of the base set, not any of the triple game-used or autos. So, with Triple Threads football, don't expect to get a triple jersey or triple jersey auto. My guess is that they aren't going to give you a card for free that you'd normally have to pay $100+ a pack for. If you send one in for National Treasures, you'll probably just get back one of the numbered base cards, not one of the game-used or autos. However, in the lower end products, it seems that everything is fair game. I've gotten back autos, game-used, parallels, you name it.

So, just follow those directions and good luck. I hope this helps.

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post Jul 2 2008, 08:27 AM
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thanks for the post

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