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Welcome, Guest. The Collector Zone is a free community for trading card collectors - both sports and non-sports. There are forums for all of the major sports, non-sports, autographs and other hobby-related information. In addition, there are areas to trade, buy and sell with other collectors. Our members have now completed over 48,125 collector-to-collector transactions using our easy-to-use Transaction Manager.

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post Apr 25 2013, 07:00 PM
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Posts: 73,055
Joined: 23-April 05
First Name: Steve
Transactions: 1052
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2014 CZT of the Year 2015 2012 & 2009 Battle Royal Champion 2009 Best Autograph Card 2008, 2009 and 2010 Best Overall Collection 2007 Trade of the Year Trader of the Month - Oct. '05, Aug. '06, Aug. '07, Mar 15 (TIE)

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We are still here and we are still one.

Need I remind each and everyone of you that in april of 2005 when I joined there were only 3 or 4 of us active posters.. plus Bob's alleged ghost posters..LOL (got to be an old timer to remember the accusations thrown at Bob and his fledgling site) We didn't grow because Bob built it, we grew because we enjoyed each others company about numerous topics, from sports, to tv shows, movies, and of course the dreaded political forum. And the Hobby.

Are there still Hobbyist out here everyday? OF course there is!

Trouble is we have NO CONTENT!

Let me give you a few suggestions

1. somebody start spearheading a new release topic every week. Easy to research.. goto dave ad adams and copy their product blurbs with a suggested retail price and date


2. start talking about sports again. The draft, hockey playoffs, basketball playoffs, ring tossing, baseball, Frisbee golf cow chip tossing, competitive beer drinking..


3. Lets have a showoff showcase showdown thread, here Ill start one!
Check out my Non sport showcase showdown topic in show and tell!


4. Go post your favorite movie topic and lets have a poll and let people nominate and post movies to vote on!


5. Write a movie review. Gosh knows I don't want to spend $11 to be the first to see Iron Man 3.. however Star Trek into darkness looks like a bad robot!

6. start a hobby talk article about an old set you liked or a set your assembling!

7. Post a wantlist for gosh sakes!

8. Post a political topic that will stir up debate and good clean healthy discussion with a little name calling on the side smile.gif


and Im on a roll and my brain is smoking
We got to reboot this site just like a few of us booted it the first time.

It takes a team! We have a team, we just need to bring them home.


I am not giving up till the germans bomb pearl harbor by the way! laugh.gif

Collector Zone Team
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The New Bucket!
newer bucket

MLB Team:
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NFL Team:
NHL Team:
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post Apr 26 2013, 12:01 PM
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Posts: 19,960
Joined: 20-June 07
From: Oregon, USA
First Name: Dwight
Transactions: 907
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eBay: urbanmonk

Member of the Month — September 2008


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Not to be a Debbie Downer but....

Attracting new folks won't serve much purpose if nobody to approve them. Members by join date:


So last one was in Feb. You can go thru 5 pages of them and only find 3 with more than 50 posts of the ones that have been approved. The list of folks waiting to be approved is huge and full of ones like this (or so I hear as I don't have access to that stuff):


Bots that only here to put links to other things for sale or porno links etc.....is their only reason to be here. I used to spend hours of my time going thru and removing crap like that in profiles, but it became a why bother as they put it back faster than I can remove them.

Of the Mods left I count 7 that have been even on the site the last two days, so half bascially:


Of those I'm not sure who has full access, but my guess is a couple, and Dave was the last one that dealt with the arduous task of going thru and sorting out the real folks wanting approval from the Bots/Spammers.

Can this site run w/o an Admin? Apparently as it has been almost 3 years now. Problem is it gets harder to justify putting ones time into something that even the Admin don't give a crap about, that and not knowing if site will go poof at any given time on you as nobody has that info or is told anything. I have done my part for a long time now because of my love for the site, but that can only go so far. The Team has been w/o a leader basically now for a few months, the couple of us that do anything around here have been doing what we can or have time for (or what we can justify). I have been just making my own decisions, as if I post a topic looking for feedback from the Team on something and only get a response from one person, there really is no point in me making a topic in our area as I can play point/counter point by myself if I so choose. It really "bites" when I had to put the Admin on CTO, and if one has to do so with any other Team Members then the "why bother" point of view kicks in some more.

Don't get me wrong, I love this site as it got me back into the Hobby and I have met a lot of great folks here. But those I choose to have contact with I can do so on another site or Facebook or via Email. I have gave a lot to this site along with many other people (more than most can know as it is behind the scenes so to speak), but I also told Dave long ago that I wasn't going to be the last rat jumping from the sinking ship (he and Richard both had the ability to remove them-self and I don't, and I was turned down the time I wanted to be removed from the Team). So out of us Vets that do anything here, there is nobody with the time and/or desire to be the Leader, which don't bode well at all.

End of rant and too long of a post, sorry for the long read but had to say my piece.

Peace out.

TCC's Cousin Itt

Looking for former Oregon State players in NFL, Steven Jackson top priority:

PC Want list for Modano, Have list for my FB PC and Trade lists for FB and HK

Mike Modano count 1,268 different cards out of 4,439 listed on Beckett

user posted image

NBA Team:
NFL Team:
NHL Team:
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