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post Feb 12 2011, 08:01 PM
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Posts: 642
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From: ND
First Name: Will
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Hey guys, I thought I would offer up some of my wrestling cards for trade here. Mainly looking for WWE autos, paypal, Green Bay Packers, or Minnesota Timberwolves in return, but willing to look at buckets and lists as well. Here is what I have:

-2004 Pacific TNA "Legends and Stars Autographs" Raven auto
-2008 Impact "Gold" Sharkboy auto #ed 23/50
-2008 Cross the Line "Gold" Robert Roode auto #ed 11/50
-2008 Cross the Line "Gold" Willer Urbina auto #ed 49/50
-2008 Cross the Line "Gold" Chris Sabin auto #ed 33/50
-2008 Cross the Line "Gold" Jim Cornette auto #ed 30/50
-2008 Cross the Line "Gold" Brother Ray auto #ed 39/50
-2008 Cross the Line "Red" Sting auto #ed 17/25 (HTG)
-2008 Cross the Line "Red" Andrew Thomas auto #ed 8/25
-2008 Cross the Line "Silver" Jay Lethal auto
-2008 Cross the Line "Authentic Action Mem/Auto, Gold" SoCal Val auto/vail #ed 17/50
-2008 Cross the Line "Authentic Action Mem/Auto, Silver" AJ Styles auto/shirt #ed 73/99
-2009 Impact "Silver" Hernandez auto
-2009 Impact "Gold" Raisha Saeed (Inscribed "Silence") #ed 14/60
-2009 Impact "Gold" Velvet Sky (Inscribed "Beautiful People") #ed 23/60
-2009 Impact "Gold" Traci Brooks auto #ed 57/60
-2009 Impact "Dual, Gold" Bobby Lashley/Kurt Angle auto #ed 16/60
-2009 Impact "Dual, Gold" Booker T/Scott Steiner auto #ed 54/60
-2009 Impact "Dual, Gold" Kevin Nash/Samoa Joe auto #ed 58/60
-2009 Impact "Gold" James Storm (Inscribed Beer Money) auto #ed 47/60
-2009 Impact "Triple, Blue" Brutus Magnus/Rob Terry/Doug Williams auto #ed 9/25
-2010 New Era "Gold" Matt Morgan auto #ed 32/50
-2010 New Ear "Gold" Brian Knobbs auto #ed 7/50
-2010 New Era "Silver" Syxx-Pac auto
-2010 New Era "Silver" Madison Rayne auto
-2010 New Era "Silver" Suicide auto
-2010 New Era "Silver" Abyss auto
-2010 New Era "Gold" Brian Kendrick auto #ed 32/50
-2010 New Era "Gold" Mick Foley auto #ed 28/50
-2010 New Era "Gold" Hernandez auto #ed 22/50
-2010 New Era "Dual, Silver" James Storm/Robert Roode (Inscribed "Cowboy") auto
-2010 Icons "Sugar & Spice" Sarita auto (Inscribed 2010') #ed 27/50
-2010 Icons "Dual, Silver" Shannon Moore/Jesse Neal auto
-2010 Icons "Iconograph, Green" Mr. Anderson auto (Inscribed Go Pack Go) #ed 1/25 (HTG)
-2010 Icons "Iconograph, Green" Rob Van Dam auto (Inscribed Mr. Monday Night) #ed 14/25 (HTG)

-2001 Fleer "Signature Moves" Stone Cold Steve Austin auto #ed 306/500 (HTG)
-2007 Topps Action Carlito auto
-2008 Topps Chrome Heritage III Layla auto
-2008 Topps Chrome Heritage III Tommy Dreamer auto
-2008 Topps Heritage III Stevie Richards auto
-2009 Topps "Dual" Million Dollar Man/Ted Dibiase Jr. auto
-2010 Topps "Signature Swatch" Cody Rhodes auto/GU #ed 12/25 (HTG)

-2004 Pacific TNA BG James mat piece
-2004 Pacific TNA America's Most Wanted mat piece
-2008 Cross the Line Angelina Love shirt #ed 155/250
-2010 New Era Rob Van Dam shirt #ed 154/199
-2010 New Era Kurt Angle shirt #ed 16/50
-2010 New Era Kurt Angle shirt #ed 119/199
-2010 New Era Syxx-Pac shirt 69/199

-2001 Fleer "Ring Accesories" Debra jacket
-2001 Fleer "Piece of the Champion" Funaki shirt
-2001 Fleer "Foreign Objects" Chris Jericho shirt
-2002 Fleer "Ex-Posure" Debra jacket
-2002 Fleer "Material Girls" Jazz mat piece
-2002 Fleer "PPV Relics" Ric Flair/Undertaker mat piece
-2002 Fleer "PPV Relics" Kurt Angle/Kane mat piece
-2002 Fleer "Gimmick Matches" Chris Jericho 3-color shirt
-2003 Fleer "Mat Finish" HHH mat piece
-2003 Fleer "Title Shots" Kurt Angle shirt
-2003 Fleer Aggression "Mattitude" Stone Cold Steve Austin mat piece
-2003 Fleer Aggression "Mattitude" Undertaker mat piece
-2003 Fleer Aggression "Mattitude" HHH mat piece
-2004 Fleer "To the Mat" Victoria mat piece
-2004 Fleer "Uncensored" Jazz wardrobe piece
-2004 Fleer "Uncensored" Dawn Marie wardrobe piece
-2004 Fleer "Tuff Guys" Rob Van Dam shirt
-2005 Topps Heritage "Ringside Relics" Chris Jericho shirt
-2005 Fleer Divas "Femine Physique" Jazz mat piece
-2006 Topps Heritage Chrome "Ringside Relics" JBL/Batista mat piece
-2006 Topps Heritage "Ringside Relics" JBL/Batista mat piece x2
-2006 Topps Heritage "Ringside Relics" Booker T/Christian mat piece
-2006 Topps Heritage "Ringside Relics" Psicosis shirt
-2006 Topps Heritage "Ringside Relics" Bigshow shirt
-2007 Topps Heritage "Ringside Relics" Mr. Kennedy shirt
-2007 Topps Heritage "Ringside Relics" Mr. Kennedy/Gunnar Scott mat piece
-2009 Topps "Historical Commerative Patch, Summerslam" John Cena patch
-2009 Topps "Ringside Relic" Christian shirt
-2009 Topps "Ringside Relic" Santino Marella shirt
-2010 Topps "Elimination Chamber Relic" Randy Orton mat piece
-2010 Topps "Elimination Chamber Relic" Ted Dibiase Jr mat piece
-2010 Topps "Elimination Chamber Relic" Rey Mysterio mat piece
-2010 Topps "Elimination Chamber Relic" Kane mat piece
-2010 Topps "Superstar Swatch" Santino Marella shirt
-2010 Topps "Superstar Swatch" Kofi Kingston shirt
-2010 Topps "Superstar Swatch" Tyson Kidd shirt

-2010 Topps Jens Pulver shirt (5 or 6 colors in the shirt swatch)
-2010 Topps Diego Sanchez mat piece
-2010 Topps Lyota Machida mat piece

-2008 Cross the Line "Gold" Jeff Jarrett base parallel #ed 44/50
-2008 Cross the Line "Red" Christian Cage base parallel #ed 7/10
-2008 Cross the Line "Gold" Main Event Mafia base parallel #ed 10/50
-2008 Cross the Line "Gold" Sting base parallel #ed 29/50
-2009 Impact "Silver" Brother Ray base parallel #ed 1/20
-2009 Impact "Silver" Dixie Carter base parallel #ed 12/20
-2009 Impact "Silver" Daffney base parallel #ed 2/20
-2010 New Era "Obak" Jeff Jarrett
-2010 New Era "Obak" AJ Styles
-2010 New Era "Obak" Kevin Nash x2
-2010 New Era "Obak" Sting
-2010 New Era "Obak" Ric Flair
-2010 New Era "Silver" Hulk Hogan base parallel #ed 22/30
-2010 New Era "Silver" Rhino base parallel #ed 16/30
-2010 New Era "Silver" Jeremy Borash base parallel #ed 3/30
-2010 New Era "Silver" Samoa Joe base parallel #ed 12/30
-2010 New Era "Silver" Bubba the Love Sponge base parallel #ed 10/30

2010 Topps "Silver" Yoshi Tatsu base parallel #ed 988/999
2010 Topps "Silver" Vance Archer base parallel #ed 982/999
2010 Topps "Silver" Iron Sheik base parallel #ed 382/999
2010 Topps "Silver" Kamala base parallel #ed 44/999
2010 Topps "Blue" Iron Sheik base parallel #ed 1894/2010
2010 Topps "Blue" Shad base parallel #ed 1323/2010
2010 Topps "Blue" Sgt. Slaughter parallel #ed 1567/2010
2010 Topps "Blue" Jack Swagger parallel #ed 453/2010

Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn, Thaddeus Young, Robert Parish, Sammy Sosa, Chicago Cubs, and Green Bay Packers!

MLB Team:
NBA Team:
NFL Team:
NHL Team:
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Rebel31   Works for me bro.   Feb 14 2011, 07:59 PM
warriorfan2008   Ok i will post it up   Feb 14 2011, 08:34 PM
knotinmud   I can move the Otunga but would like to hold onto ...   Feb 15 2011, 01:12 AM
warriorfan2008   hey could u cmb for the stone cold thanks   Feb 26 2011, 04:48 PM
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warriorfan2008   yeah i just really like those just wondering if u ...   Feb 26 2011, 09:58 PM
Rebel31   Yeah, I would love to get some other stuff off t...   Feb 26 2011, 10:34 PM

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