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> My Ttm Thread, A couple of envelopes!

post May 22 2010, 11:58 AM
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COLTS Cards I will Find YOU!
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[CODE]This will be my thread for TTM successes and failures. I have sent out to 6 addresses so far. These are who I have sent out to:

Jeff Burris - ND and Colt cornerback
Quentin Coryatt - Colt LB
Dallas Clark - C/O Indianapolis Colts
Ken Dilger - Colt TE
Jim Harbaugh -super excited about this one, hope he sends back!
Raymond Berry - same as above!

I will let you all know when or if I get anything back! If anyone has anymore addresses see my other thread or add to this one!


Colts fan 4-life
I collect any Colts card, if they are wearing a Colt uniform I want that card!
262 Colts autos ND cards: 505 (125 AU)(TTM's 216(180/208)(86%)(HOF autos 13)
340 Manning cards and counting! (not counting dupes)
Notre Dame collector (must be wearing the uniform),

Starting a Murray State PC! Supporting my Alma Mater! # of cards: 10
Jeff Samardzija PC! # of cards: 62 (3AU)
TCC's only Draft "BUST" Collection! # of cards: 277
Red Wings Goalie Jimmy Howard PC! # of cards: 20
Jeff Gordon PC # of cards: 12
plus too too many others to mention!

MLB Team:
NFL Team:
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post Jun 3 2013, 12:00 PM
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Walter's has a nice graph.

MLB Team:
NFL Team:
NHL Team:
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Posts in this topic
cardcrazed   My Ttm Thread   May 22 2010, 11:58 AM
Gadsden86   good luck. Did you use that site i sent ya?   May 22 2010, 02:53 PM
cardcrazed   Yeah I used it, but there is a very limited amo...   May 23 2010, 08:01 AM
edgerrin32   Whats the site?   May 22 2010, 03:08 PM
cardcrazed   sportscollectors.net Justin   May 23 2010, 08:03 AM
cardcrazed   well I went ahead and took a chance just to see if...   May 24 2010, 11:03 PM
edgerrin32   Thanks for the site Justin's :lol: !...   May 24 2010, 11:55 PM
cardcrazed   good luck with all your TTM's, let me know whi...   May 26 2010, 03:49 PM
cardcrazed   I received my first TTM today and it was from HOFe...   May 27 2010, 11:56 PM
edgerrin32   Sounds like hes on my list :lol: :P you sent to ...   May 28 2010, 12:01 AM
cardcrazed   ......................... :unsure: Justin   May 28 2010, 09:29 AM
edgerrin32   Was talking about Berry! You sent to the team ...   May 29 2010, 03:14 PM
cardcrazed   No I sent to his home, he played for the Baltimo...   May 30 2010, 12:02 AM
Gadsden86   Nice getting him back. Berry was probly sent to h...   May 29 2010, 05:28 PM
cardcrazed   Yeah I think paying is going to be my only chan...   May 30 2010, 12:04 AM
stlramman   Congrats on Berry! He is a very gracious signe...   May 29 2010, 07:27 PM
Gadsden86   I agree for 14.99 a year why not. Already got 11 f...   May 30 2010, 03:25 PM
cardcrazed   couldn't agree more! Justin   May 30 2010, 09:44 PM
cardcrazed   Saturday I received a nice surprise in the mail, Q...   Jun 6 2010, 12:54 AM
Gadsden86   Nice.   Jun 6 2010, 09:15 PM
edgerrin32   I signed up for the free acct, but when I have the...   Jun 7 2010, 02:22 AM
cardcrazed   Yeah I will be paying, I am already itching to s...   Jun 7 2010, 10:52 PM
cardcrazed   I received the 2 cards signed that I had sent Dall...   Jun 10 2010, 12:07 PM
ronaldinho0003   Thats cool! I love guys that respond quickly.   Jun 10 2010, 12:42 PM
edgerrin32   Sweet!!   Jun 10 2010, 12:50 PM
cardcrazed   Thanks guys! Justin   Jun 11 2010, 10:06 AM
whalerfan   Very nice additions! Too bad others don't ...   Jun 11 2010, 11:28 AM
cardcrazed   yeah I guess I just go lucky though! There are...   Jun 12 2010, 01:19 AM
Gadsden86   great job. I am still waiting on 1 of my 1st send ...   Jun 13 2010, 02:40 PM
cardcrazed   I wouldn't give up just yet, I mean have yo...   Jun 13 2010, 04:35 PM
Gadsden86   Chris Chambers. Whalerfan said he never got his ba...   Jun 14 2010, 08:44 AM
cardcrazed   I see...... Justin   Jun 14 2010, 09:05 AM
cardcrazed   Today I received my card back signed by Jeff Burri...   Jul 1 2010, 11:52 AM
whalerfan   Nice return from the former Golden Domer! What...   Jul 1 2010, 12:02 PM
cardcrazed   Thanks! I used this address: 8074 Hopkins Lan...   Jul 1 2010, 11:58 PM
whalerfan   Thanks, Justin!   Jul 2 2010, 11:53 AM
cardcrazed   tonight I get off work and find one of the envelop...   Jul 10 2010, 12:28 AM
ronaldinho0003   Awesome success. I'm really getting into TTM...   Jul 10 2010, 09:17 AM
cardcrazed   yeah they are super addictive! Justin   Jul 10 2010, 09:50 AM
Gadsden86   i love it too. got a bunch more going out tomorrow...   Jul 11 2010, 07:09 PM
cardcrazed   Does anyone happen to know the NY Giants address? ...   Jul 12 2010, 11:00 PM
JasonS   Here is the info straight from the Giants websit...   Jul 12 2010, 11:25 PM
cardcrazed   Thank you! I will definitely give that a try...   Jul 13 2010, 11:41 AM
cardcrazed   Does anyone know the address for Tony Dungy? I tri...   Jul 23 2010, 03:06 PM
ronaldinho0003   Tony Dungy 16604 Vallalenda De Avila Tampa FL 3361...   Jul 23 2010, 03:17 PM
cardcrazed   Thank You! Justin   Jul 23 2010, 10:29 PM
cardcrazed   I am super stoked!!!! Today I ende...   Aug 5 2010, 11:56 PM
edgerrin32   Sweet! I need to get some out but need the mon...   Aug 6 2010, 12:21 AM
cardcrazed   just the cost of a stamp ;) Justin   Aug 6 2010, 12:45 AM
edgerrin32   Stamps there and back! Im going to buy silv...   Aug 6 2010, 09:54 AM
cardcrazed   cool! He signed in blue sharpie, it looks pr...   Aug 6 2010, 11:14 AM
ronaldinho0003   Awesome success with Peyton! Can I get the add...   Aug 6 2010, 09:42 AM
cardcrazed   The Peyback Foundation 6325 N. Guilford Suite 20...   Aug 6 2010, 11:13 AM
stlramman   Congrats on the big success Justin! Did you se...   Aug 6 2010, 03:51 PM
cardcrazed   No, I think I am going to send some though...   Aug 6 2010, 11:53 PM
stlramman   Well I am 0-4 with Peyton. Sending to him today,e...   Aug 7 2010, 12:14 PM
cardcrazed   I still have 2 out that I sent to the stadium, so ...   Aug 8 2010, 02:21 AM
cardcrazed   Today I received my Topps mayo helmet (Colts) card...   Aug 16 2010, 04:10 PM
Gadsden86   Great success. I have seen Peyton sign from the st...   Aug 20 2010, 07:56 AM
cardcrazed   Thanks! I am just glad he signed the card I se...   Aug 21 2010, 01:26 AM
cardcrazed   yesterday I received one of my envelopes in the ma...   Aug 22 2010, 09:57 AM
whalerfan   Congrats on the reply from Captain Comeback! Y...   Aug 23 2010, 01:31 PM
cardcrazed   yeah I wouldn't call it spoiled, just lucky ...   Aug 25 2010, 12:15 AM
ronaldinho0003   Nice addition!   Aug 23 2010, 02:01 PM
cardcrazed   Thanks! Justin   Aug 25 2010, 12:15 AM
cardcrazed   today I received another envelope: Adam Vinatieri...   Aug 26 2010, 01:31 AM
cardcrazed   I kind of thought I wouldn't get this back but...   Oct 4 2010, 12:54 PM
whalerfan   Nice additions - well worth the wait!   Oct 5 2010, 11:45 AM
cardcrazed   thanks I was pretty excited! Justin   Oct 6 2010, 12:17 AM
cardcrazed   a nice quick surprise was waiting for me today in ...   Oct 17 2010, 12:10 AM
Gadsden86   Great returns. Sending out a few more tomorrow or ...   Oct 21 2010, 09:08 PM
edgerrin32   WOW some sweet returns since I last checked!...   Oct 21 2010, 11:04 PM
cardcrazed   I received another TTM surprise this week, Jeff Ge...   Oct 31 2010, 01:25 PM
cardcrazed   received an envelope in the mail and what a way to...   Dec 20 2010, 10:13 PM
edgerrin32   Do you have a pic??? B) Big congrats! I stil...   Dec 20 2010, 11:19 PM
cardcrazed   Thanks, I have sent to both but have only had succ...   Dec 20 2010, 11:35 PM
cardcrazed   I received an envelope in the mail today inside we...   Dec 31 2010, 03:38 AM
edgerrin32   Sweet!   Dec 31 2010, 09:17 AM
cardcrazed   I got a well anticipated envelope today! Colts...   Jan 3 2011, 05:07 PM
edgerrin32   Sweet. I was thinking about trying Javarris Jame...   Jan 3 2011, 06:09 PM
cardcrazed   you might want to hurry while he is still on the r...   Jan 6 2011, 10:23 PM
cardcrazed   Today I received an envelope from RB Dominic Rhode...   Jan 10 2011, 10:24 PM
Gadsden86   great return.   Jan 10 2011, 11:18 PM
cardcrazed   Thank you! Justin   Jan 12 2011, 02:18 AM
cardcrazed   today I received an envelope from Gino Marchetti H...   Feb 22 2011, 11:03 PM
edgerrin32   Very nice last to returns! I just found a Rhod...   Feb 22 2011, 11:42 PM
cardcrazed   what are you waiting for.......hurry up and send i...   Feb 24 2011, 02:29 AM
edgerrin32   I am working on it. :lol: How do you do your re...   Feb 24 2011, 07:21 AM
whalerfan   I just use a business size for sending out and t...   Feb 24 2011, 11:42 AM
edgerrin32   OK got it!! Thanks. :D   Feb 24 2011, 12:27 PM
cardcrazed   yeah I just put stamps on the smaller envelope and...   Feb 25 2011, 12:58 AM
cardcrazed   Today I received an envelope from HOFer Eric Dicke...   Feb 28 2011, 09:37 PM
whalerfan   Killer return from Dickerson, sure makes up for Do...   Mar 1 2011, 12:37 PM
stlramman   Nice Dickerson success! Could you pm me the ad...   Mar 1 2011, 06:16 PM
Gadsden86   wow nice on the dickerson i'd love the addy to...   Mar 4 2011, 08:57 PM
rnpurdue   Great return on the Dickerson. Super nice guy. M...   Mar 7 2011, 04:14 PM
cardcrazed   Thanks everyone! I sent to the HOF address, if...   Mar 8 2011, 08:46 AM
cardcrazed   envelope sent back: Joe Theismann C/O J.R.T Assoc...   Mar 10 2011, 04:09 AM
edgerrin32   Congrats on the Dickerson!! B) As for th...   Mar 10 2011, 07:07 AM
rnpurdue   Joe Theismann P.O. Box 186 Leesburg, VA 20178 Ask...   Mar 10 2011, 10:17 AM
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