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> Exquisite Case Break VI - Final Time, Complete - Videos/Pics up Pg. 4

post May 3 2010, 09:33 AM
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NY's 2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Case Break! - Part VI: Back at it again due to popular demand. I have included all spots from last case where members have indicated they would like there team reclaimed.
Payments are due Friday with the draft/break to take place this weekend - we can discuss break times/random schedule later in the week. Possibly a payment due date/randomization on Friday with a Break on Sunday afternoon?

The Break: Will occur live on BLOGTV as soon as we fill and all payments are in. Pics of all hits and recordings of videos will also be posted in the thread following the break.

Team Selection: All teams are available but costs will vary. The better rookie/legend teams will cost more. The remaining 16 teams will be either randomed between all the members, or if we have time before break, we will randomize the order and draft the second teams.

Payment: Paypal is only method of payment and must be made prior to break. If you can, just send payment when you sign up as I will be ordering the case ahead of time with my own funds.

Paypal Address is tkdean@hotmail.com

Team Determination and Cards with multiple Teams: All cards will be given to the holder of the team shown on the card. The team in writing will take precedent over the pictured team if for some reason someone is pictured in there old teams uni but the card has written there new team. Any with multiple teams on the cards will be randomed. Any multiple in which the same member owns more than one team on the card will get the card, unless of course two different members have two teams represented on say a quad card, in that case I would revert back to randomization. Both your selected team and random (drafted) team will count. So on a triple, you need not have two of the three from initial selected teams, but if you have your selected team and your random (drafted) represented, the card would go to you. In order for this rule to apply, you need to have 50% or more represented of the teams on the card, if not, the card will go to randomization for all the teams shown. Any retired stars that played for multiple teams and they are featured in there college uniform on the card will go to the team that they made there first start for. Any cut signatures or other items not related to an current NFL team or Franchise will be randomed.

Current list (BOLD = Paid):

(1) NYMETSJETS - Jets - $135
(2) ProphecyGuy - Lions - $135

(3) Deantap - 49ers - $118
(4) Quick59Sat - Eagles - $73 / Virgina22601 - Random $30
(5)Bobkoning - Vikings - $103
(6) ProphecyGuy - Dolphins - $90
(7) Yodude91 - Giants - $90
(8) Lildones - Cowboys - $90
(9) Pejarox7250 - Colts - $90 Paid $85
(10) Hail24 - Broncos - $55 / Bwaggy - random $30
(11) Hail24 - Cardinals - $85
(12) Ernieren - Buccs - $85

(13) Kpit1978 - Titans - $76
(14) Kpit1978 - Steelers - $76

(15) Pejarox - Bears $46 / Bwaggy - Random $30
(16) Bwaggy - Browns - $76

Draft order:
1.Lildones - Rams
2.Kpit1978 - Seahawks via proxy
3.NYMETSJETS - Raiders
4.Deantap - Packers
5.Youdude91 - Bills
6.Virginia22601 - Patriots via proxy
7.BobKoning - Saints
8.Bwaggy - Chargers
9.Bwaggy - Ravens
10.Ernieren - Bengals via proxy
11.Hail24 - Texans
12.ProphecyGuy - Cheifs via proxy
13.Kpit1978 - Redskins via proxy
14.ProphecyGuy - Jags via proxy
15.Pejarox7250 - Panthers
16.Bwaggy* - Falcons

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Posts in this topic
NYMETSJETS   Exquisite Case Break VI - Final Time   May 3 2010, 09:33 AM
BOBKONING   I'll take the Vikings...   May 3 2010, 11:40 AM
Pejarox7620   I'll upgrade to the Colts :), and drop the bro...   May 3 2010, 12:29 PM
Hail24   Dang it guys I was going to pick up both the Vikin...   May 3 2010, 12:43 PM
Hail24   I will take the Cardinals again then I guess. Than...   May 3 2010, 12:44 PM
NYMETSJETS   Have you down, thanks Bob! Change has been ...   May 3 2010, 01:21 PM
NYMETSJETS   Hail24 has PM'd and decided to split the Bronc...   May 3 2010, 03:20 PM
NYMETSJETS   Still three spots to go at $76! Some dec...   May 4 2010, 09:19 AM
yodude91   payment sent !   May 5 2010, 03:10 AM
NYMETSJETS   Payment received. Still three open spots at ...   May 5 2010, 07:54 AM
kpit1978   hey tk, put me down for the steelers as well.   May 5 2010, 07:49 PM
NYMETSJETS   Thanks Kevin, have you down. Case has been ord...   May 5 2010, 08:16 PM
BOBKONING   Payment Sent!   May 5 2010, 11:11 PM
quik59sat   Anyone want my random for $30?   May 6 2010, 03:02 AM
NYMETSJETS   Brent, I'll snag your random from you if that...   May 6 2010, 08:08 AM
NYMETSJETS   Wow! Less than 20 hours after ordering the ca...   May 6 2010, 09:48 AM
kpit1978   payment sent for titans and steelers.   May 6 2010, 10:30 AM
NYMETSJETS   A couple more payments received. Lets get the res...   May 6 2010, 08:15 PM
Pejarox7620   Payment sent! Ill also take the bears if someo...   May 7 2010, 03:09 AM
bwaggy   I might take a random if someone wants to sell it   May 7 2010, 06:44 AM
bwaggy   Pejarox you have a Pm   May 7 2010, 06:45 AM
NYMETSJETS   Sounds good, just let me know, untill then the Be...   May 7 2010, 07:55 AM
lildones   Payment Sent. Thanks TK   May 7 2010, 10:02 AM
Pejarox7620   Ok TK ill take the Bears and Bwaggy has the random...   May 7 2010, 01:10 PM
NYMETSJETS   Sounds good, have you guys down. Only 1 spot lef...   May 7 2010, 01:22 PM
bwaggy   I will take the browns and your random Thanks   May 7 2010, 02:22 PM
NYMETSJETS   Sounds good Brian, Brian picks up one of my extr...   May 7 2010, 02:27 PM
Pejarox7620   Bears paid for :)   May 7 2010, 02:41 PM
bwaggy   Hail is good for it. I know he doesn't get off...   May 7 2010, 04:16 PM
NYMETSJETS   Yep, I definetely trust that all the members we ha...   May 7 2010, 04:34 PM
Hail24   Payment has been sent TK thanks.   May 7 2010, 05:42 PM
ernieren   i paid . i will be gone sat and most of sunday   May 7 2010, 07:14 PM
NYMETSJETS   http://www.blogtv.com/People/NYMETSJETS Live for ...   May 7 2010, 08:25 PM
NYMETSJETS   There were 16 items in your list. Here they are in...   May 7 2010, 08:30 PM
NYMETSJETS   Video for Random: http://www.blogtv.com/Shows/662...   May 7 2010, 08:34 PM
kpit1978   proxy list left with tk to cover my first pick.   May 7 2010, 09:15 PM
lildones   Sorry for the delay just got home. I cant really d...   May 7 2010, 10:15 PM
NYMETSJETS   No worries Chris, didn't think we'd get th...   May 7 2010, 10:18 PM
deantap   [color=green]GREEN BAY PACKERS[/b]   May 8 2010, 12:54 AM
yodude91   I'll take buffalo bills   May 8 2010, 05:51 AM
NYMETSJETS   Draft order: 1.Lildones - Rams 2.Kpit1978 - Seahaw...   May 8 2010, 09:04 AM
BOBKONING   I'll take the saints please! Sorry for ...   May 8 2010, 11:49 AM
bwaggy   Chargers and ravens thks   May 8 2010, 12:49 PM
NYMETSJETS   Draft order: 1.Lildones - Rams 2.Kpit1978 - Seahaw...   May 8 2010, 01:00 PM
Hail24   Sorry fellas I meant to leave a proxy list and for...   May 8 2010, 05:04 PM
NYMETSJETS   Draft order: 1.Lildones - Rams 2.Kpit1978 - Seahaw...   May 8 2010, 06:53 PM
kpit1978   tonight would work for me. i'll be busy tom. n...   May 8 2010, 07:15 PM
yodude91   tonight would be good for me too... because of mot...   May 8 2010, 07:17 PM
quik59sat   I'm down to break tonight.   May 8 2010, 07:30 PM
Brandt504   Good luck on the break!   May 8 2010, 08:48 PM
Hail24   I am in for whenever.   May 8 2010, 09:34 PM
bwaggy   BREAK TONIGHT   May 8 2010, 09:42 PM
BOBKONING   I'm in for tonight...   May 8 2010, 09:45 PM
bwaggy   Pejarox7250 will take the falcons and i will tak...   May 8 2010, 10:19 PM
NYMETSJETS   Sorry for the false hopes tonight guys. Just didn...   May 8 2010, 10:20 PM
deantap   7pm EST works for me tonight   May 9 2010, 11:24 AM
ernieren   i should be home if not just go for it. I was hopi...   May 9 2010, 12:00 PM
bwaggy   Tk i get the falcons for my last spot   May 9 2010, 03:04 PM
NYMETSJETS   OK, I'll put it down with you getting the Fal...   May 9 2010, 03:18 PM
bwaggy   haha. No i will just get the falcons It sucks i ...   May 9 2010, 03:21 PM
quik59sat   Its time!!!! Go Go Go!!...   May 9 2010, 04:38 PM
NYMETSJETS   Haha.....getting closer....just over an hour to g...   May 9 2010, 04:52 PM
Krusin   Woo Hoo Live break in 30 thanks!! ...   May 9 2010, 05:29 PM
NYMETSJETS   Getting excited myself now! Will get a link u...   May 9 2010, 05:32 PM
Hail24   Hey TK I was wondering if you could wait 10 minute...   May 9 2010, 05:48 PM
NYMETSJETS   No problem, we shall wait for your return! L...   May 9 2010, 05:53 PM
NYMETSJETS   We are live: http://www.blogtv.com/People/NYMETSJ...   May 9 2010, 05:54 PM
NYMETSJETS   Rebooted my computer, filming recap video and will...   May 9 2010, 06:46 PM
Pejarox7620   Anyone have the recap link? or anyone remember the...   May 9 2010, 07:01 PM
NYMETSJETS   Videos: Box #1- http://www.blogtv.com/Shows/66284...   May 9 2010, 07:01 PM
Pejarox7620   LoL Simultaneously posted   May 9 2010, 07:02 PM
ernieren   ###### still no Freeman oh well   May 9 2010, 07:15 PM
kpit1978   hey tk, thanks for the break. lol at tk trying not...   May 9 2010, 10:28 PM
MWS   Nice break. Good thing I passed this time not a Vi...   May 10 2010, 06:56 AM
NYMETSJETS   Pictures are up: http://i693.photobucket.com/album...   May 11 2010, 08:13 PM
NYMETSJETS   Just wanted to give an update on shipping. Sorry ...   May 15 2010, 09:18 AM
NYMETSJETS   Paypal multi-order shipping was still down today. ...   May 17 2010, 03:18 PM

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