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> TCC Wacky Waxbustin' Weekend!, April 3 & 4 2010!

post Jan 11 2010, 08:39 PM
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aka nerfderfy
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The first ever Wacky Waxbustin' Weekend is coming this spring! clapping.gif

What is it, you might ask? The fundamental right of mankind is freedom, and so too for trading cards! Cards the world over are imprisoned in waxy, paper, or foil wrappers and then hidden away in cardboard boxes sealed in shrink wrap! Who knows how long some of these innocent cards have been locked away, having not once seen the light of day since their birth during mass production. Our mission? Bust 'em out! ph34r.gif

Want to participate? Participation is easy. Buy a box of cards - any box - and bust it open on April 3 and 4, 2010. Once opened, you must share the contents of the box with the rest of the Waxbustin' Weekenders in a special thread dedicated to the event. Tell us where you got it, why, and what you think about it. Share with us and we share with you! We're in this together... For the cardboard! And freedom!

Can you do this live? It might be easier you keep your box breaks contained within a single post, so as not to confuse the other people who may be busting boxes at that time. However, there may be a defined schedule once the event nears so that we can dedicate a certain time period to LIVE breaks. Stay tuned!

What about video breaks? Not a problem. Record it and post it with a summary! In fact, it might be fun to see some people on camera who haven't been before! It's up to you!

How many boxes can you bust? As many as your heart desires and your wallet can afford. We aren't going to limit people on what they can open, nor how much. You wanna open a blaster box? Go for it. A case of Heritage? More power to ya. Some Exquisite? Bring it on. boxing.gif

Is this just sports? New stuff? You can open a box of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from 1990, you can open 2010 Topps Baseball, or even a box of Magic: The Gathering cards. Hobby, retail, both. Sports, non-sports, gaming, all of the above. There's only one rule: Sealed box of packs of cards.

Do you have to announce what you're opening before the weekend or can it be a surprise? Up to you! biggrin.gif

Please remember! This is not a competition, it's about having fun!

My sincere hope is that many of you will participate and that all of you will support our first Wacky Waxbustin' Weekend! A success will bring more events such as this to Trading Card Central!

Comments, questions? This is the place to ask. smile.gif

"My common sense is tingling..."

The Wax Wombat moniker has been retired. Doesn't seem right anymore,
as I don't own the domain, have that blog, or rip much wax these days.

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sahetu   TCC Wacky Waxbustin' Weekend!   Jan 11 2010, 08:39 PM
Johnny Number 5   I will save my change from today until that day fo...   Jan 11 2010, 08:41 PM
WestCoastSkinsFan   I think I'm in. I'll have to see what my b...   Jan 11 2010, 09:21 PM
mjda   Great idea, Andrew! I will most DEFINITELY be ...   Jan 11 2010, 09:28 PM
josh3302   3 Days before my birthday this happens. You bet il...   Jan 11 2010, 09:53 PM
sahetu   :D   Jan 11 2010, 10:59 PM
northicehero99   I have a question: I like the wax wombat have a v...   Jan 12 2010, 07:25 AM
aceecards   A safe? What were those things used back in the...   Jan 12 2010, 08:31 AM
sahetu   I'm gonna wait until the week before to buy ...   Jan 12 2010, 09:00 AM
dd316   Chain yourself up until April 3rd. :D   Jan 12 2010, 03:43 PM
Kmart6nets   I found that if you lock it away in your closet, i...   Jan 12 2010, 09:17 AM
Kmart6nets   Also, I will be buying a box of basketball for thi...   Jan 12 2010, 09:18 AM
captkirk42   Gee what a wonderful idea in honor of my birthday ...   Jan 12 2010, 03:26 PM
KHarmon   Your 4th birthday or the 4th of April??? :unsu...   Jan 13 2010, 01:04 AM
sahetu   Woo, dual event! lol   Jan 12 2010, 03:31 PM
phatman68   For sure gonna have to get myself an early birthda...   Jan 12 2010, 04:17 PM
Derek4484   Sounds fun to me and April 4th is also my birthday...   Jan 12 2010, 04:28 PM
sahetu   I think we might have to make an exception or two ...   Jan 12 2010, 08:52 PM
RokCrawler08   Im My Tax Rreturn Is Good To Me, Ill Be Gettin A C...   Jan 13 2010, 12:35 AM
NYStateOfMind1976   No doubt. I am in!! Sounds like a great ti...   Jan 13 2010, 12:41 AM
Gforce083   I love this idea! I hope I have some money...   Jan 13 2010, 01:22 AM
captkirk42   thats right I'm this many um wait mummy tol...   Jan 13 2010, 02:14 AM
pspstatus   Sounds like a lot of fun! You can count me in...   Jan 13 2010, 04:19 AM
sahetu   Some interesting news: Folks, if you would like t...   Jan 13 2010, 07:26 AM
Stlouisrams1600   This is a great idea, Chris is a great guy and he...   Jan 13 2010, 07:04 PM
pspstatus   I agree. That could be huge for TCC. Way to g...   Jan 16 2010, 01:49 AM
sahetu   I'm also trying to work on something with Dave...   Jan 16 2010, 01:55 AM
fishkid   im in for a box or 2 will be nice to open a litt...   Jan 16 2010, 10:49 AM
Gadsden86   Seems like this will be fun. Gonna try and find an...   Jan 19 2010, 07:33 AM
sahetu   Glad to have you all aboard. It will be fun! ...   Jan 19 2010, 10:00 AM
Kmart6nets   Sweeeeeeeet banner   Jan 19 2010, 06:45 PM
sahetu   Yeah, Michael did goods, hehe.   Jan 19 2010, 07:15 PM
mattdile3   My Birthday's the 30th, so either I'll be ...   Jan 19 2010, 07:45 PM
RGBII   [b]This sounds great, I'll certainly get invol...   Jan 19 2010, 07:59 PM
redbird8   i am in for shure   Jan 19 2010, 08:00 PM
5toosweet   Count me in as well. Will most likely do my ...   Jan 20 2010, 12:45 AM
sahetu   Aww, that's sweet. :)   Jan 20 2010, 01:05 AM
faulkrules   I'm gonna bust a move for sure! I'm t...   Jan 20 2010, 01:50 AM
golfermatt91   hmm.... since im not going anywhere for spring bre...   Jan 20 2010, 02:35 AM
Johnny Number 5   looks like the possibiliy of a few bxes of 2010 he...   Jan 20 2010, 03:38 AM
ninerfolife   Gosh I forgot how it feels to bust open boxes sinc...   Jan 20 2010, 08:12 AM
mjda   Maybe Andrew should add a disclaimer in the open...   Jan 20 2010, 10:43 AM
sahetu   Or divorces!   Jan 20 2010, 11:13 AM
Gforce083   Sweet banner...I will also have to hide a few buck...   Jan 20 2010, 04:07 PM
yankeesjetsfan   Does blasters count? Mike   Jan 20 2010, 09:55 PM
sahetu   If it's in a box, bust it. :)   Jan 20 2010, 10:23 PM
2000 rushing yards   i would love to do this, I have some extra cash to...   Jan 20 2010, 11:06 PM
captkirk42   Mike I'm guessing that even individual pack...   Jan 20 2010, 11:16 PM
sahetu   Well, the idea was for it to be boxes (of any ki...   Jan 20 2010, 11:22 PM
benshobbies   I might have a case of 2010 Topps Jumbo in for the...   Jan 21 2010, 07:46 AM
Tromni   I will definitely be busting something. Probably s...   Jan 21 2010, 10:09 AM
chopinalex   I think ill bust a case of 1990 proset and post al...   Jan 22 2010, 07:55 PM
sahetu   Seriously, please do so! :)   Jan 22 2010, 09:59 PM
yankeesjetsfan   Income taxes should be here well before then. I ma...   Jan 22 2010, 08:56 PM
tj2373   I'm sure I'll be able to get a few boxes b...   Jan 23 2010, 11:24 AM
sahetu   Okie dokie, ladies and gentleducks... I tried to ...   Jan 23 2010, 12:21 PM
tj2373   I just placed an order from Dave and Adam's fo...   Jan 23 2010, 01:21 PM
facemuscles   I'm going to work something out to bust some p...   Jan 26 2010, 02:31 PM
sahetu   :)   Jan 26 2010, 02:49 PM
poodlum   Pretty sure topps pro debut will be out by then so...   Jan 26 2010, 04:13 PM
Kmart6nets   I posted my first video on Youtube the other night...   Jan 28 2010, 09:38 AM
sahetu   I did my first Ustream last night. I figured out w...   Jan 28 2010, 09:41 AM
sahetu   Everyone dreaming or plotting out which boxes they...   Feb 5 2010, 10:07 AM
faulkrules   My lineup will probably be: 2006 National Treasu...   Feb 5 2010, 10:41 AM
mjda   Mine will likely be either Leaf Limited or Donru...   Feb 5 2010, 04:04 PM
NYStateOfMind1976   The debate in my head is on. I cannot decide wh...   Feb 9 2010, 10:20 AM
Cardman123   I'll probably get myself an early birthday pre...   Feb 8 2010, 01:45 PM
CardsFromTheAttic   I've got 5 boxes lined up. The trick is for me...   Feb 8 2010, 08:20 PM
sahetu   I think my best bet is opening products that will ...   Feb 9 2010, 11:56 AM
dd316   I have two boxes of Galaxy 5 coming in, but I don...   Feb 9 2010, 12:12 PM
captkirk42   I've got a box of Hockey 91-92 Upper Deck, and...   Feb 9 2010, 06:30 PM
sahetu   Woo, going old school!   Feb 9 2010, 07:01 PM
ffman   Don't know what I will do if anything, probabl...   Feb 9 2010, 07:10 PM
sahetu   :D Topps 2010 is fun, especially the insert sets...   Feb 9 2010, 07:16 PM
ffman   I pulled three inserts each from two packs last ...   Feb 9 2010, 07:25 PM
Rhody_Red_Pats   Just bought a box I'll be breaking for the WWW...   Feb 10 2010, 07:53 PM
tj2373   Just ordered this box from www.tisinc99.com: 2010...   Feb 25 2010, 01:38 PM
Tromni   And my first box is being delivered today. I dropp...   Mar 2 2010, 03:14 PM
sahetu   We are 1 month away folks! :D   Mar 2 2010, 04:31 PM
faulkrules   Still going with an 06 NT and SWG5...but undecid...   Mar 3 2010, 12:24 AM
dd316   My wife told me my two Galaxy 5 boxes are at home ...   Mar 2 2010, 04:44 PM
ffman   I'm guessing mine will still be 2010 Topps...   Mar 2 2010, 05:42 PM
tj2373   Just received this shipment of cards today from ...   Mar 3 2010, 12:12 AM
sahetu   *rubs hands* It's just three short weeks awa...   Mar 13 2010, 01:36 AM
captkirk42   That might work, you also might want to have a ...   Mar 13 2010, 05:54 PM
5toosweet   I like this idea the best. ;)   Mar 15 2010, 11:43 PM
sahetu   Me too!   Mar 16 2010, 01:12 AM
2000 rushing yards   i'm looking to bust some gridiron gear that da...   Mar 13 2010, 08:17 PM
tj2373   This box arrived today via UPS. Can't wait ...   Mar 15 2010, 10:00 PM
Tromni   Alright, a blowout special allowed me to secure a ...   Mar 17 2010, 01:31 PM
faulkrules   My list is finalized! 09 Classics - Lots of c...   Mar 17 2010, 07:22 PM
sahetu   Well, we are ~15 days away from our first Wacky Wa...   Mar 19 2010, 02:45 PM
otis0220   What a coincidence this event is around the time w...   Mar 19 2010, 05:37 PM
sahetu   I planned it that way.   Mar 19 2010, 05:38 PM
otis0220   Haha, that's what I thought. Well it definitel...   Mar 19 2010, 06:06 PM
sportsdude112000   Here is the boxes i have just ordered for this wee...   Mar 27 2010, 09:39 PM
otis0220   Not bad. What do you guys think of my Upper Deck e...   Mar 28 2010, 09:48 AM
sahetu   Woo. :) Look at you guys!   Mar 28 2010, 10:11 AM
faulkrules   Had to shift my order...BOC sold out of 06NT :( ...   Mar 29 2010, 08:24 AM
fishkid   well ive got a blaster of 07-08 luxury box blaster...   Mar 29 2010, 06:37 PM
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