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> General Manager named for Collector Zone, Update: Pictures added on 4/2/08

post Apr 1 2008, 12:55 PM
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President & CEO
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Posts: 63,175
Joined: 14-February 05
From: East Liverpool, OH
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First Name: Bob
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Beginning in January 2007 and continuing now, TradingCardCentral's Collector Zone has been growing at an incredibly fast pace on all fronts - members, topics and posts as well as collector-to-collector transactions. Along the way, I have worked directly with the entire TCC Team to determine the best ways to support our growth and provide quality service to each and every member. However, there have been periods of time where life's demands have made it difficult for me to provide the level of dedication that is needed to meet various expectations.

With another one of those periods expected soon, we have been taking additional steps to assure that we're able to meet the demands of the increased activity. For example, a number of members have been recently added to the Collector Zone, Content and Graphics, Membership and Programming teams. In addition to those changes, I'm pleased to announce that jethro_TCC (Jethro) will be immediately taking on the role of General Manager.

Jethro, my cousin, is an individual that I know very well and someone that has my complete and full trust. I am confident that he will be able to provide the level of attention and dedication that is required during this important time.

In this role, Jethro will be working directly with the members of the Collector Zone Team and the Membership Team as well as each of you to ensure that the TCC Collector Zone becomes and remains the leading forum for trading card collectors.

At the same time, this new structure will allow me to devote additional time to assist the Content and Graphics Team with the updating of various content sections of TCC including hobby headlines, articles, product reviews and more. I will also be able to devote additional time to assist the Programming Team with the implementation of a number of new features including integration of content powered by OpenChecklist.com.

While this is obviously a new approach, it is also a very exciting time for TCC and I am confident that Jethro and the entire TCC team are up to the task. I, like all of you, look forward to seeing where they lead the Collector Zone!

In order to guarantee that this new approach succeeds, Jethro and I felt that it was important for our members to get to know him better and to have the opportunity to interact with him directly. Therefore, there will be a special Trading Card Central LIVE event this evening. Here is information for that event:

Host: Jethro
Date: 4/1/08
Time: 10:45 PM EST
Location: Trading Card Central LIVE

I will make a brief introduction this evening and then will simply turn the event over to Jethro. That way, all of you will have lots of time to get to know Jethro - including his interests and qualifications - and ask any and all questions that you might have about this change and the related transition.

We'll see you tonight!


4/2/08 Update: For those that were not able to join the LIVE event last night, here are a couple of pictures so that you can associate a face with the name...

user posted image
Jethro with a Florida State Seminoles Box

user posted image
Jethro Head Shot (used in his profile)

This post has been edited by bob_TCC: Apr 2 2008, 12:01 PM

President & CEO
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2000 rushing yards
post Dec 14 2009, 01:38 PM
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HOF/ #1 TCC Orioles Collector
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Posts: 21,155
Joined: 17-August 06
From: Jersey: it's not a state. It's a way of life.
First Name: Joe
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Member of the Month October 2008


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it sure does

4370 Orioles cards and counting.... 4000 has come!! Now off for 5000!
user posted image
user posted image
I sell/trade team lots shoot me a PM for more info,

What I am looking for:
Washington Capitals
Baltimore Orioles
Baltimore Ravens
Andrew Bynum

For all of your NPN needs! Upper Deck's NPN site[/size]

MLB Team:
NBA Team:
NFL Team:
NHL Team:
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