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A Few Words with dviv17: A Look at a Kid's Life of Collecting.

My Collective Poetry

Here's my collective poetry:

Walking among
Candy wrappers
Popcorn and more

They stop and reflect
On the movie

I enjoyed it, one of them says
I hated it, one of them says

They both disagree
But in harmony
They walk together
Out of the movie

I met a girl
Who made me blush
Made my blood curl
And my face flush

A day without a book
Is like a day without a cook
Nourishment through words
Can equate to two-thirds
Of the population

Water hits the freshly-cut grass
And to bugs it makes the sound of ringing brass
And to a person who is crass
It is just part of the landscape

Bronze, silver, gold
All make people bold

I told the mold to fold

Mike and Ike jumped on a pike

Fred drank mead and bled on banana bread

Jed wed and fed Sed

John and Juan stay on to con upon Don

Taylor went to Baylor and became a sailor then a tailor

Tim and Kim were slim and trim but not dim.

Sam liked ham and spam and went on the lam.

by: dviv17 on Nov 30 2007, 10:08 PM

Thanks, Cody. My personal favorite is:

Fred drank mead and bled on banana bread

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