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Collector Zone _ Football Marketplace _ Tried to come back...but to no avail!

Posted by: tmburton22 Aug 9 2010, 07:34 AM

OK...I walked away from trading a few months back since it got so hard to make a deal. Decided to change my pc up a bit and come back into trading....that worked for a while. Well now it is hard to make a deal agaion because of my picky pc wants and lack of traders these days. In lieu of this I have decided to sell everything...PC and Trade Bait. Please understand if you ask about my pc...there is no negotiating on the price...period. If you try to haggle I will simply ignore you. Not trying to be difficult...just simply being forward. I am going to focus on the trade bait first and am in no hurry to move anything so please save the low ball offers for someone who needs the quick cash. Thanks and have a great day!:

Posted by: tmburton22 Aug 10 2010, 07:04 AM

up for another look.

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