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> I am nearing the edge of collecting....., just not sure what to go after.

post Mar 20 2012, 11:41 PM
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Beware the killer armadiller!!!!
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I have been thinking of putting together something. I don't want to go off the deep end chasing ink and fabric and collecting base sets just isn't my thing, so what it boils down to is insert sets. I know there are thousands of inserts to be found so that doesn't really narrow down a focus.

I have compiled a list of some of my favorite insert set, one old, the rest fairly recent. My question is this, which two sets out of this list, would be the easiest to put together? I want to find two to put together now that will give me a nudge to go after the others.

1993 Leaf Heading for the Hall

The first five cards in this set were randomly inserted into Series One packs; while cards 6-10 were in Series Two.

1 Nolan Ryan

2 Tony Gwynn

3 Robin Yount

4 Eddie Murray

5 Cal Ripken, Jr.

6 Roger Clemens

7 George Brett

8 Ryne Sandberg

9 Kirby Puckett

10 Ozzie Smith

2009 Topps
Legends of the Game Commemorative Patch Card

Note: Each card features a manufactured (non game-used) logo patch.

LPR1 Babe Ruth

LPR2 Babe Ruth

LPR3 Lou Gehrig

LPR4 Lou Gehrig

LPR5 Jimmie Foxx

LPR6 Mel Ott

LPR7 Ted Williams

LPR8 Ted Williams

LPR9 Jackie Robinson

LPR10 Roy Campanella

LPR11 Mickey Mantle

LPR12 Mickey Mantle

LPR13 Ted Williams

LPR14 Roy Campanella

LPR15 Ted Williams

LPR16 Mickey Mantle

LPR17 Duke Snider

LPR18 Whitey Ford

LPR19 Jackie Robinson

LPR20 Mickey Mantle

LPR21 Don Larsen

LPR22 Ted Williams

LPR23 Ernie Banks

LPR24 Roberto Clemente

LPR25 Roberto Clemente

LPR26 Roberto Clemente

LPR27 Ernie Banks

LPR28 Mickey Mantle

LPR29 Roberto Clemente

LPR30 Nolan Ryan

LPR31 Tom Seaver

LPR32 Roberto Clemente

LPR33 Thurman Munson

LPR34 Carl Yastrzemski

LPR35 Nolan Ryan

LPR36 Bob Gibson

LPR37 Carl Yastrzemski

LPR38 Nolan Ryan

LPR39 Tom Seaver

LPR40 Reggie Jackson

LPR41 Reggie Jackson

LPR42 Thurman Munson

LPR43 Cal Ripken

LPR44 Mike Schmidt

LPR45 Cal Ripken

LPR46 Nolan Ryan

LPR47 Cal Ripken

LPR48 Nolan Ryan

LPR49 Cal Ripken

LPR50 Cal Ripken

2009 Allen & Ginter
Mini Creatures of Legend, Myth and Terror

LMT1 Bigfoot

LMT2 The Loch Ness Monster

LMT3 Grendel

LMT4 Unicorn

LMT5 The Invisible Man

LMT6 Kraken

LMT7 Medusa

LMT8 Sphinx

LMT9 Minotaur

LMT10 Dragon

LMT11 Leviathan

LMT12 Cyclops

LMT13 Vampire

LMT14 Griffin

LMT15 Chupacabra

LMT16 Cerberus

LMT17 Hydra

LMT18 Werewolf

LMT19 Fairy

LMT20 Yeti
Mini Inventions of the Future

FI1 Aeromobile

FI2 Clock Defier

FI3 Protecto-Bubble

FI4 Here-To-There-O-Matic

FI5 Mental Movies
Mini Extinct Animals

EA1 Velociraptor

EA2 Dodo

EA3 Xerces Blue

EA4 Labrador Duck

EA5 Eastern Elk
Mini National Heroes

NH1 George Washington

NH2 Haile Selassie I

NH3 Toussaint L'Ouverture

NH4 Rigas Feraios

NH5 Yi Sun-sin

NH6 Giuseppe Garibaldi

NH7 Juan Santamaria

NH8 Tecun Uman

NH9 Jon Sigurosson

NH10 Mohandas Gandhi

NH11 Simon Bolivar

NH12 Alexander Nevsky

NH13 Lim Bo Seng

NH14 Sun Yat-sen

NH15 Tiradentes

NH16 Chiang Kai-Shek

NH17 William I

NH18 Severyn Nalyvaiko

NH19 Vasil Levski

NH20 Tadeusz Kosciuszko

NH21 Andranik Toros Ozanian

NH22 William Wallace

NH23 Oda Nobunaga

NH24 Milos Obilic

NH25 Niels Ebbeson

NH26 Jose Rizal

NH27 Alfonso Ugarte

NH28 Mustafa Ataturk

NH29 Nelson Mandela

NH30 El Cid

NH31 William Tell

NH32 Winston Churchill

NH33 Skanderbeg

NH34 General Jose de San Martin

NH35 Janos Damjanich

NH36 Joan of Arc

NH37 Abd al-Qadir

NH38 David Ben-Gurion

NH39 Benito Juarez

NH40 Marcus Garvey
Mini World's Biggest Hoaxes, Hoodwinks and Bamboozles

NOTE: Disgraced financier Bernard Madoff was originally on the checklist as card #HHB2. However, pressure from Major League Baseball Properties force Topps to remove Madoff.

HHB1 Charles Ponzi

HHB2 Alabama Changes Value of Pi

HHB3 The Runaway Bride

HHB4 Idaho

HHB5 The Turk

HHB6 Enron

HHB7 Anna Anderson

HHB8 Ferdinand Waldo Demara

HHB9 San Serriffe

HHB10 D.B. Cooper

HHB11 Wisconsin State Capitol Collapses

HHB12 Victor Lustig

HHB13 The War of the Worlds

HHB14 George Parker

HHB15 The Bathtub Hoax

HHB16 The Cottingley Fairies

HHB17 James Reavis

HHB18 The Piltdown Man

HHB19 The Cardiff Giant

HHB20 Cold Fusion

2010 Topps
Historical Commemorative Patches

NOTE: Each card features a manufactured (not game-used) commemorative patch. These cards were exclusive to Blaster boxes.
Series One

MCP-1 Tris Speaker

MCP-2 Babe Ruth

MCP-3 Babe Ruth

MCP-4 Mel Ott

MCP-5 Dizzy Dean

MCP-6 Jimmie Foxx

MCP-7 Hank Greenberg

MCP-8 Lou Gehrig

MCP-9 Lou Gehrig

MCP-10 Ralph Kiner

MCP-11 Johnny Mize

MCP-12 Robin Roberts

MCP-13 Monte Irvin

MCP-14 Duke Snider

MCP-15 Eddie Mathews

MCP-16 Mickey Mantle

MCP-17 Roger Maris

MCP-18 Johnny Podres

MCP-19 Bob Gibson

MCP-20 Juan Marichal

MCP-21 Orlando Cepeda

MCP-22 Al Kaline

MCP-23 Frank Robinson

MCP-24 Bobby Murcer

MCP-25 Willie Stargell

MCP-26 Johnny Bench

MCP-27 Ozzie Smith

MCP-28 Eddie Murray

MCP-29 Gary Carter

MCP-30 Dennis Eckersley

MCP-31 Ryne Sandberg

MCP-32 Gary Sheffield

MCP-33 Frank Thomas

MCP-34 Vladimir Guerrero

MCP-35 Ichiro

MCP-36 Curt Schilling

MCP-37 Chipper Jones

MCP-38 Ryan Zimmerman

MCP-39 Roy Hallladay

MCP-40 Grady Sizemore

MCP-41 Manny Ramirez

MCP-42 Tim Lincecum

MCP-43 Evan Longoria

MCP-44 David Wright

MCP-45 Chase Utley

MCP-46 Mariano Rivera

MCP-47 Joe Mauer

MCP-48 Albert Pujols

MCP-49 Ichiro

MCP-50 Mark Teixeira

2010 Allen & Ginter
Lords of Olympus

LO1 Zeus

LO2 Poseidon

LO3 Hades

LO4 Hera

LO5 Athena

LO6 Apollo

LO7 Aphrodite

LO8 Hermes

LO9 Artemis

LO10 Gaea

LO11 Uranus

LO12 Cronos

LO13 Prometheus

LO14 Phoebe

LO15 Demeter

LO16 Persephone

LO17 Dionysus

LO18 Eros

LO19 Helios

LO20 Thanatos

LO21 Pan

LO22 Nemesis

LO23 The Fates

LO24 The Muses

LO25 Atlas
Monsters of the Mesozoic

MM1 Tyrannosaurus Rex

MM2 Triceratops

MM3 Stegosaurus

MM4 Velociraptor

MM5 Allosaurus

MM6 Megalosaurus

MM7 Spinosaurus

MM8 Ankylosaurus

MM9 Apatosaurus

MM10 Brachiosaurus

MM11 Diplodocus

MM12 Iguanodon

MM13 Pachycephalosaurus

MM14 Pentaceratops

MM15 Protoceratops

MM16 Ultrasaurus

MM17 Dilophosaurus

MM18 Supersaurus

MM19 Nomingia

MM20 Oviraptor

MM21 Bambiraptor

MM22 Protarchaeopteryx

MM23 Carcharodontosaurus

MM24 Carnotaurus

MM25 Giganotosaurus
World's Greatest Wordsmiths

WGWS1 Homer

WGWS2 William Shakespeare

WGWS3 Washington Irving

WGWS4 Miguel de Cervantes

WGWS5 Fyodor Dostoevsky

WGWS6 Victor Hugo

WGWS7 Shen Kuo

WGWS8 John Milton

WGWS9 Dante Alighieri

WGWS10 Edgar Allan Poe

WGWS11 Marcus Aurelius

WGWS12 Virgil

WGWS13 John Bunyan

WGWS14 Plato

WGWS15 Confucius
National Animals

NA1 Cougar

NA2 Cuban Crocodile

NA3 Falcon

NA4 Cheetah

NA5 Cow

NA6 Kangaroo

NA7 Ostrich

NA8 Chihuahua

NA9 Jaguar

NA10 Bull

NA11 Harpy Eagle

NA12 Markhor

NA13 African Elephant

NA14 Barbary Macaque

NA15 Giant Panda

NA16 Leopard

NA17 Camel

NA18 Beaver

NA19 Alpaca

NA20 Lion

NA21 Lynx

NA22 Stag

NA23 Elk

NA24 Condor

NA25 Wisent

NA26 Gray Wolf

NA27 Gallic Rooster

NA28 Sable Antelope

NA29 Flamingo

NA30 Koi

NA31 Ashy-faced Owl

NA32 Bulldog

NA33 Brown Bear

NA34 White-tailed Deer

NA35 Russian Bear

NA36 Dolphin

NA37 Komodo Dragon

NA38 Llama

NA39 Sheep

NA40 King Cobra

NA41 Green-and-black Streamertail

NA42 Carabao

NA43 Water Buffalo

NA44 Israeli Gazelle

NA45 Italian Wolf

NA46 Ring Tailed Lemur

NA47 Tiger

NA48 Dalmatian

NA49 Zebra

NA50 Bald Eagle
Sailors of the Seven Seas

SSS1 Christopher Columbus

SSS2 Sir Francis Drake

SSS3 Sir Walter Raleigh

SSS4 Vasco Nunez de Balboa

SSS5 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

SSS6 Hernando de Cortes

SSS7 Hernando de Soto

SSS8 Henry Hudson

SSS9 Francisco Pizarro

SSS10 Juan Ponce de Leon
World's Biggest

NOTE: The first five cards in this set are seeded all ALL retail packs (i.e. retail boxes, Blasters, and gravity-feeded looseys). Cards #WB6-#WB25 are exclusive to gravity-feeded looseys.

WB1 Animal (Blue Whale)

WB2 Skyscraper (Burj Khalifa)

WB3 Castle (Prague Castle)

WB4 Tree (General Sherman)

WB5 Mountain (Mount Everest)

WB6 Desert (Antarctica)

WB7 Hot Desert (The Sahara)

WB8 Waterfall (Angel Falls)

WB9 Tropical Rain Forest (The Amazon)

WB10 Active Geyser (Steamboat Geyser)

WB11 Bridge (Lake Pontchartrain Causeway)

WB12 River (The Nile)

WB13 Country (Russia)

WB14 Dam (Three Gorges Dam)

WB15 Diamond (The Golden Jubilee)

WB16 Land Canivore (The Polar Bear)

WB17 Land Animal (African Elephant)

WB18 Primate (Eastern Lowland Gorilla)

WB19 Spider (Goliath Birdeater)

WB20 World's Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things

WB21 Particle Accelerator (Large Hadron Collider)

WB22 Meteor Shower (The Lenoids)

WB23 Man Made Crater (Sedan Crater)

WB24 Book (Kuthodaw Pagoda)

WB25 Statue (Spring Temple Buddha) Insert non-formatted text here

2011 Topps
Glove Leather

NOTE: Each card features a swatch of baseball glove-style leather. Unlike the Series One cards, all players in Series Two are retired. These manufactured "relics" are NOT game-used, and each is available in the following parallels.

Black (serial-numbered to 99 copies)

Gold (Series 1, one-of-one)

Nickname (Series 2, one-of-one)

Series 1

MGL-AE Andre Ethier

MGL-AG Adrian Gonzalez

MGL-AM Andrew McCutchen

MGL-AP Albert Pujols

MGL-AR Alex Rodriguez

MGL-AW Adam Wainwright

MGL-BB Billy Butler

MGL-BP Buster Posey

MGL-CC Carl Crawford

MGL-CCS CC Sabathia

MGL-CG Carlos Gonzalez

MGL-CK Clayton Kershaw

MGL-CU Chase Utley

MGL-DJ Derek Jeter

MGL-DP David Price

MGL-DW David Wright

MGL-EL Evan Longoria

MGL-FH Felix Hernandez

MGL-HP Hunter Pence

MGL-HR Hanley Ramirez

MGL-IS Ichiro

MGL-JH Josh Hamilton

MGL-JHE Jason Heyward UER (Jayson)

MGL-JJ Josh Johnson

MGL-JL Jon Lester

MGL-JM Joe Mauer

MGL-JU Justin Upton

MGL-JV Joey Votto

MGL-JVE Justin Verlander

MGL-MC Miguel Cabrera

MGL-MH Matt Holliday

MGL-ML Matt Latos

MGL-MP Martin Prado

MGL-MS Mike Stanton

MGL-MT Mark Teixeira

MGL-NC Nelson Cruz

MGL-NM Nick Markakis

MGL-RB Ryan Braun

MGL-RC Robinson Cano

MGL-RH Ryan Howard

MGL-RHA Roy Halladay

MGL-RZ Ryan Zimmerman

MGL-SC Starlin Castro

MGL-SS Stephen Strasburg

MGL-SSC Shin-Soo Choo

MGL-TC Trevor Cahill

MGL-TH Torii Hunter

MGL-TL Tim Lincecum

MGL-UJ Ubaldo Jimenez

MGL-VM Victor Martinez

Series 2

MGL-AD Andre Dawson

MGL-BF Bob Feller

MGL-BG Bob Gibson

MGL-BM Bill Mazeroski

MGL-BR Babe Ruth

MGL-BRO Brooks Robinson

MGL-CF Carlton Fisk

MGL-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

MGL-CY Carl Yastrzemski

MGL-DM Don Mattingly

MGL-DMU Dale Murphy

MGL-EM Eddie Murray

MGL-FJ Fergie Jenkins

MGL-FR Frank Robinson

MGL-FT Frank Thomas

MGL-GM Greg Maddux

MGL-HA Hank Aaron

MGL-HG Hank Greenberg

MGL-HK Harmon Killebrew

MGL-JB Johnny Bench

MGL-JF Jimmie Foxx

MGL-JH Jim Hunter

MGL-JM Johnny Mize

MGL-JMA Juan Marichal

MGL-JP Jim Palmer

MGL-LA Luis Aparicio

MGL-LG Lou Gehrig

MGL-MI Monte Irvin

MGL-MM Mickey Mantle

MGL-MO Mel Ott

MGL-MS Mike Schmidt

MGL-NR Nolan Ryan

MGL-OC Orlando Cepeda

MGL-OS Ozzie Smith

MGL-PN Phil Niekro

MGL-PR Phil Rizzuto

MGL-RA Richie Ashburn

MGL-RC Roy Campanella

MGL-RH Rogers Hornsby

MGL-RHE Ricky Henderson

MGL-RJ Reggie Jackson

MGL-RS Ryne Sandberg

MGL-SK Sandy Koufax

MGL-SM Stan Musial

MGL-TG Tony Gwynn

MGL-TM Thurman Munson

MGL-TS Tom Seaver

MGL-WF Whitey Ford

MGL-WM Willie McCovey

MGL-WS Willie Stargell
Throwback Commemorative Patches

These manufactured patch cards are exclusive to Blaster boxes and feature an embroidered "Throwback" team logo.
Series 1

AE Andre Either

AG Adrian Gonzalez

AJ Adam Jones

AM Andrew McCutchen

AP Albert Pujols

AW Adam Wainwright

BM Brandon Morrow

BMA Brian Matusz

BP Buster Posey

CH Cole Hamels

CK Clayton Kershaw

CS Carlos Santana

CU Chase Utley

DJ Derek Jeter

DO David Ortiz

DW David Wright

EL Evan Longoria

FH Felix Hernandez

GG Gio Gonzalez

HP Hunter Pence

IDA Ian Desmond

IDA Ike Davis

ISU Ichiro

ISU Ichiro

JB Josh Bell

JHA Jason Heyward

JHA Josh Hamilton

JM Joe Mauer

JR Jose Reyes

JU Justin Upton

JV Joey Votto

KS Kurt Suzuki

KU Koji Uehara

MC Miguel Cabrera

MH Matt Holliday

ML Mat Latos

MR Manny Ramirez

NM Nick Markakis

PS Pablo Sandoval

RH Roy Halladay

RHO Ryan Howard

RZ Ryan Zimmerman

SC Starlin Castro

SS Stephen Strasburg

SSC Shin-Soo Choo

TC Trevor Cahill

TH Torii Hunter

THA Tommy Hanson

TL Tim Lincecum

VW Vernon Wells

Series 2

AC Aroldis Chapman

AG Adrian Gonzalez

AM Andrew McCutchen

AP Albert Pujols

BA Brett Anderson

BF Bob Feller

BM Brian McCann

BP Buster Posey

BR Brian Roberts

BW Brian Wilson

CB Chad Billingsley

CL Cliff Lee

CLE Carlos Lee

CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

DL Derrek Lee

DW David Wright

FH Felix Hernandez

GS Grady Sizemore

HA Hank Aaron

IK Ian Kinsler

IS Ichiro

ISU Ichiro

JB Jose Bautista

JP Jim Palmer

JR Jose Reyes

JW Jered Weaver

JWE Jayson Werth

JWR Jayson Werth

MB Madison Bumgarner

MG Matt Garza

MK Matt Kemp

ML Mat Latos

MP Martin Prado

MR Mark Reynolds

MS Mike Schmidt

NR Nolan Ryan

NRY Nolan Ryan

PA Pedro Alvarez

PF Prince Fielder

RA Roberto Alomar

RAL Roberto Alomar

RB Ryan Braun

RC Robinson Cano

RH Rickey Henderson

RJ Reggie Jackson

RZ Ryan Zimmerman

RZI Ryan Zimmerman

SD Stephen Drew

TG Tony Gwynn

TS Tom Seaver

Kimball Champions

Re-creating the 1888 Kimball Champion cards ( ACC Catalog: N-184), these mini-sized (1 15/32" X 2 11/16") cards will span all three series of 2011 Topps baseball. The first 50 cards highlighted legends of the game and current stars and appeared in Series One. The next 50, which are only cards of retired players and Hall of Famers, appeared in series 2. The final 50 cards appeared in 2011 Topps Update.

KC-1 Ubaldo Jimenez

KC-2 Derek Jeter

KC-3 Carlos Santana

KC-4 Johan Santana

KC-5 Carlos Gonzalez

KC-6 Clay Buchholz

KC-7 Mickey Mantle

KC-8 Ryan Braun

KC-9 Chase Utley

KC-10 Ichiro

KC-11 Starlin Castro

KC-12 Torii Hunter

KC-13 Ty Cobb

KC-14 Clayton Kershaw

KC-15 David Price

KC-16 Aroldis Chapman

KC-17 Chris Carpenter

KC-18 Andrew McCutchen

KC-19 Brandon Morrow

KC-20 Roy Halladay

KC-21 Shin-Soo Choo

KC-22 Victor Martinez

KC-23 Mat Latos

KC-24 Josh Johnson

KC-25 Vladimir Guererro

KC-26 Justin Morneau

KC-27 Nick Markakis

KC-28 Mike Stanton

KC-29 Jered Weaver

KC-30 David Wright

KC-31 Nelson Cruz

KC-32 Alex Rios

KC-33 Martin Prado

KC-34 Joey Votto

KC-35 Jon Lester

KC-36 Hanley Ramirez

KC-37 Stephen Strasburg

KC-38 Roy Oswalt

KC-39 CC Sabathia

KC-40 Albert Pujols

KC-41 Pablo Sandoval

KC-42 Mariano Rivera

KC-43 Pee Wee Reese

KC-44 Hunter Pence

KC-45 David Ortiz

KC-46 Mel Ott

KC-47 Brett Anderson

KC-48 Justin Upton

KC-49 Jose Bautista

KC-50 Miguel Cabrera

KC-51 Hank Aaron UER (Depicted in a Milwaukee Brewers uniform on front; "MILWAUKEE BRAVES" on back)

KC-52 Sandy Koufax

KC-53 Carlton Fisk

KC-54 Nolan Ryan

KC-55 Stan Musial

KC-56 Steve Carlton

KC-57 Tom Seaver

KC-58 Mel Ott

KC-59 Tony Gwynn

KC-60 Johnny Bench

KC-61 Greg Maddux

KC-62 Luis Aparicio

KC-63 Juan Marichal

KC-64 Jackie Robinson

KC-65 Bob Gibson

KC-66 Yogi Berra

KC-67 Pee-Wee Reese

KC-68 Reggie Jackson

KC-69 Robin Roberts

KC-70 Roy Campanella

KC-71 Brooks Robinson

KC-72 Ernie Banks

KC-73 Phil Rizzuto

KC-74 Eddie Murray

KC-75 Bob Feller

KC-76 Lou Brock

KC-77 Frank Robinson

KC-78 Eddie Mathews

KC-79 Barry Larkin

KC-80 Roger Maris

KC-81 Craig Biggio

KC-82 Mike Schmidt

KC-83 Don Mattingly

KC-84 Ryne Sandberg

KC-85 Willie McCovey

KC-86 Whitey Ford

KC-87 Andre Dawson

KC-88 Jim Palmer

KC-89 Duke Snider

KC-90 Hank Greenberg

KC-91 Dale Murphy

KC-92 Frank Thomas

KC-93 Wade Boggs

KC-94 Carl Yastrzemski

KC-95 Lou Gehrig

KC-96 Cal Ripken

KC-97 Paul Molitor

KC-98 Gary Carter

KC-99 Ty Cobb

KC-100 Babe Ruth

Floating Fortresses

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Floating Fortresses #FF9: USS Merrimack Front
2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Floating Fortresses #FF9: USS Merrimack Back

FF1 HMS Victory

FF2 Mary Rose

FF3 Henri Grace a Dieu

FF4 Michael

FF5 Soveriegn of the Seas

FF6 HMS Indefatigable

FF7 Mahmudiye

FF8 Le Napoleon

FF9 USS Merrimack

FF10 USS Monitor

FF11 Lave

FF12 La Gloire

FF13 HMS Warrior

FF14 Solferino

FF15 USS Cairo

FF16 HMS Dreadnought

FF17 USS Texas

FF18 HMS Devastation

FF19 HMS Revenge

FF20 USS Pennsylvania
The Minds that Made the Future
2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Minds that Made the Future :MMF29: Antoine Lavoisier Front
2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Minds that Made the Future :MMF29: Antoine Lavoisier Back

MMF1 Leonardo da Vinci

MMF2 Alexander Graham Bell

MMF3 Eli Whitney

MMF4 Nicolaus Copernicus

MMF5 Johannes Gutenberg

MMF6 George Washington Carver

MMF7 Samuel Morse

MMF8 Granville Woods

MMF9 Elisha Otis

MMF10 Alessandro Volta

MMF11 Tycho Brahe

MMF12 Gregor Mendel

MMF13 Carl Linnaeus

MMF14 Johannus Kepler

MMF15 Isaac Newton

MMF16 Marie Curie

MMF17 Carl Friedrich Gauss

MMF18 Sigmund Freud

MMF19 Bernhard Riemann

MMF20 Leonhard Euler

MMF21 Robert Fulton

MMF22 Ada Lovelace

MMF23 Florence Nightingale

MMF24 Nikola Tesla

MMF25 Galileo Galilei

MMF26 Charles Darwin

MMF27 Louis Pasteur

MMF28 Guglielmo Marconi

MMF29 Antoine Lavoisier

MMF30 Michael Faraday

MMF31 Dmitri Mendeleev

MMF32 Robert Koch

MMF33 Euclid

MMF34 Archimedes

MMF35 Jagadish Chandra Bose

MMF36 Aristotle

MMF37 John Deere

MMF38 George Eastman

MMF39 Samuel Colt

MMF40 Benjamin Franklin
The Ascent of Man
2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Ascent of Man #AOM 25: Homo Sapiens Sapiens Front
2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Ascent of Man #AOM 25: Homo Sapiens Sapiens Back

AOM1 Prokayotes

AOM2 Eukaryotes

AOM3 Choanoflagellates

AOM4 Porifera (Sponges)

AOM5 Cnidarians

AOM6 Platyhelminthes (Flatworms)

AOM7 Chordates (Pikaia)

AOM8 Ostracoderms

AOM9 Placoderms

AOM10 Sarcopterygii (Tiktaalik)

AOM11 Amphibians (Acanthostega)

AOM12 Reptiles (Hylonomus)

AOM13 Eutherians (Eomaia scansoria)

AOM14 Haplorrhini

AOM15 Catarrhini

AOM16 Hominoidea

AOM17 Hominidae

AOM18 Homininae

AOM19 Hominini

AOM20 Hominina (Ardipithecus)

AOM21 Australopithecus

AOM22 Homo habilis

AOM23 Homo erectus

AOM24 Homo sapiens

AOM25 Homo sapiens sapiens (Cro-Magnon)

AOM26 Homo sapiens sapiens (Modern Man)
Flora of the World

These five cards feature actual seeds that, when planted, will grow into the flower depicted on the card.

FOW-1 Black-Eyed Susan

FOW-2 Spurred Snapdragon

FOW-3 Shirley Poppy

FOW-4 Mexican Hat

FOW-5 Sweet Alyssum
Animals in Peril
2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini Animals in Peril #AP21: Whooping Crane Front
2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini Animals in Peril #AP21: Whooping Crane Back

AP1 Siberian Tiger

AP2 Mountain Gorilla

AP3 Arakan Forest Turtle

AP4 Darwin's Fox

AP5 Gharial

AP6 Vaquita

AP7 Dhole

AP8 Blue Whale

AP9 Bonobo

AP10 Ethiopian Wolf

AP11 Giant Panda

AP12 Snow Leopard

AP13 African Wild Dog

AP14 Indian Rhionceros

AP15 Philippine Eagle

AP16 Markhor

AP17 Orangutan

AP18 Grevy's Zebra

AP19 Tasmanian Devil

AP20 Bengal Tiger

AP21 Whooping Crane

AP22 Sea Otter

AP23 Red Wolf

AP24 Key Deer

AP25 Black-Footed Ferret

AP26 Amur Leopard

AP27 Anderson's Salamander

AP28 Greater Bamboo Lemur

AP29 Hawaiian Monk Seal

AP30 Kakapo
Portraits in Penultimacy
2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini Portraits in Penultimacy #PP3: Dr. Watson Front

PP1 Antonio Meucci

PP2 Mike Gellner

PP3 Dr. Watson

PP4 Igor

PP5 The Hare

PP6 Tonto

PP7 Antonio Salieri

PP8 Sancho Panza

PP9 Thomas E. Dewey

PP10 Toto
World's Most Mysterious Figures
2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini World's Most Mysterious Figures #WMF2: The Poe Toaster Front

WMF1 Rasputin

WMF2 The Poe Toaster

WMF3 Kasper Hauser

WMF4 Fulcanelli

WMF5 D.B. Cooper

WMF6 The Count of St. Germain

WMF7 The Man in the Iron Mask

WMF8 Nostradamus

WMF9 The Babushka Lady

WMF10 Captain Charles Johnson
Step Right Up!
2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini Step Right Up! #SRU2: Fire Breathing Front

SRU1 The Bed of Nails

SRU2 Fire Breathing

SRU3 Fire Eating

SRU4 The Flea Circus

SRU5 The Human Cannonball

SRU6 The Human Blockhead

SRU7 Snake Charming

SRU8 The Strongman

SRU9 Knife Throwing

SRU10 Tightrope Walking
Uninvited Guests
2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini Uninvited Guests #UG9: RMS Queen Mary Front

UG1 Bachelor's Grove Cemetary

UG2 The White House

UG3 Waverly Hills Sanatorium

UG4 The Villisca Axe Murder House

UG5 The Amityville Haunting

UG6 The Lemp Mansion

UG7 Alcatraz

UG8 The Winchester Mystery House

UG9 RMS Queen Mary

UG10 The Lizzie Borden House

I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy!!
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Looking for ANY and ALL Texas Rangers 72 to present!!!!

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post Mar 21 2012, 12:49 AM
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I cannot offer any help to your sets. But I think the mini sets would prove to be an interesting chase. I do know some may get a little pricey. Good Luck I hope you get the spark back!


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post Mar 21 2012, 05:56 AM
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I would say the A&G minis as there are several hard-core collectors of that set here who probably have extras of some of those. Some of those limited ones will be harder to pick up, but some will be easy. I saw a box of the mini uninvited guests recently cards at a show recently.

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post Mar 23 2012, 09:09 AM
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OK folks, I have decided on one set that I am going to chase. I am looking for the Kimball Champions set that was inserted in Topps. Here is something I would like for all the baseball guys here to do.

I am looking for a 1990's insert set to chase. They don't have to be high dollar, but they have to have some eye appeal. Post some pics of what you feel is the best looking 1990's insert set and I will decide from there, maybe start taking votes on which set I should chase.

Help me out here guys!!!


I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy!!
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Looking for ANY and ALL Texas Rangers 72 to present!!!!

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