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6 August 2006

Well, Well...has the dust settled yet?
I certainly hope so...can't believe I blew off going in today for all the online drama today.
To paraphrase Stephen A...Quite frankly, today was Whack starting with a STAFF member on the nameless one's trading site.

I may not be the sharpest knife in the cabinet, but I can still cut like a razor!...

Saw some sweet stuff on TCC listed FT/FS today, however, was not in the cards for me to have I guess...It wasn't for lack of effort mind you...sometimes it just turns out that way.

Chromie4life is gonna be a big baller on TCC once he finds his comfort zone...Chromies future looks bright...as long as he doesn't blow it and get banned from the site..definitely has some sweet inventory.

KHarmon made my day with a Raider offer...I will sleep well tonite thinking of a trade with America's finest.

Aceecards, FFman.....can't say enough about you too...probably would have lost my Koolness and got kicked off behind explicit lyrics today if it were not for the two of you, thanks for the assist and helping me keep things in perspective. Skatalite where are you when I need you the mosT!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

What has Sinatraking, DDandy, and Bob been up to lately...Bob I haven't forgot about you bro...believe me the pirates package I put together will be...well, I will leave it at that.

I'm cuttinig it short...will try to add a few more scans to the pbucket tonite...starting with a centerpiece of my PC...1968 Mickey Mantle and an old school Jackie Robinson. PC means PC nuff said!!

Nite, Nite TCC

by: dviv17 on Jul 3 2007, 11:21 PM

Twas my 13th birthday when you wrote this.

Awesome blog, and sweet collection you have.

Here's to a great member!

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