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How does it feel when you got no food?

The final run....

Due to budgetary constraints I had to cut down my collecting habits to reach a certain goal. I know, I've said this before, but I took a serious look and put down on paper all my spending habits vs my saving habits and the goals I set for 1, 5, and 10 years. I've never seen such carnage. Spending habits by a landslide. Anyways, the remaining pleasure I could afford myself for the hobby consists of obtaining three certain T206s and a pair of Ichiro batting gloves. It ain't much but it would keep me busy since they are not easy to come by, especially the gloves. Sure, it's only a few items, but I really have to really start taking my finances seriously. And that probably means I won't have anything anymore to show & tell. I guess this is where quality over quatity would come in. But it does not mean I won't stop taking about the hobby or viewing box breaks. Just that I collect much less now.

But because of my love and enthusiasm for the hobby - especially those who show enthusiasm for TRUE collecting, I will still grant one random wish per year. 2007 has already been granted. smile.gif

by: jaderock on Mar 27 2007, 01:55 AM

Love your passion about the hobby!

Good luck on finding the T206s and Ichiro Gloves you need!


I guess I'll have to wait for 2008 - hehe!

by: 19th Century Indiana Jones on Mar 27 2007, 08:38 AM

Thanx, guys! It might be a while before I get back in full force. There are other things I want to accomplish before it becomes too late. I won't have to worry about the hobby though because sportscards are forever!!! smile.gif

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