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yilduz's TCC page thingy
all yilduz, all the time!
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entry Oct 4 2010, 11:51 PM
I built a gaming website a couple of years ago and it has pretty much been sitting dormant since, but I'd really like to get it going. Gaming Gears was a website I decided to build because I wanted to have a site for gamers. It wasn't meant to be a site for people that occasionally play bowling on the Wii, they're not gamers. At least, they're not what I think of when I think of what a gamer is. What I want to target is hardcore gamers. The problem with targeting hardcore gamers is that they play a lot of games, and they play often. To run a site geared toward that kind of gamer, it takes a lot of work and a lot of gaming - more gaming than one gamer can game. That's why I need help.

Over the past couple of years I've been learning how to code websites, how to develop websites, how to promote websites, and pretty much do anything to make one work. With all of this, I haven't been playing games as often as I used to, and even if I was gaming as much as I used to, there is no way I could game enough to fulfill the goals I've set for Gaming Gears. What I need is game reviewers, game news reporters, and gamers in general. I want to get this site active but I can't do it alone.

I would love more than anything to find a few reliable gamers with some writing skills and hire them to write for me. Unfortunately, I don't have the kind of money I'd need to have a consistent flow of articles and reviews. Although, I do want reviewers and I do want to reimburse them. How I want to do this is with advertisements. Basically, Gaming Gears becomes an affiliate of a company that sells video games, and each time an advertisement is clicked from Gaming Gears that becomes a sale on the advertiser's website, Gaming Gears gets paid a commission. As sophisticated as the internet is these days, clicks can easily be tracked so the owner of a site can tell which page the click came from. How we make this work is when a reviewer posts a review, we place an ad for the game reviewed on the page. If someone clicks that ad and buys a game, we will know who wrote the review the convinced the user to buy the game, and can provide the commission to the reviewer.

I really want to get this going, but I need some help. If you want to be a game reviewer, gaming reporter, or anything else, please PM me.


entry Aug 17 2006, 02:19 AM
Have you ever spent hours on a small project? Has the quality of any of those projects ever way below your expectations of yourself yet you're still very proud of it? That happened to me today. I spent multiple hours working on a signature image. Normally they don't take as long as this one did, I'm still calling it a rough draft because I'm going to add to it later - so it's actually still not done, and the quality is way below what I know I can do. Still, I'm proud of it. I spent hours on this and when I wasn't sure I'd be able to figure things out, I kept going and I finally got it. It looks like crap, but it's my crap!

user posted image



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