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How does it feel when you got no food?
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entry Feb 25 2007, 05:42 PM

Added a few GU cards for my Ichiro collection. Scans later this week.

Also, been thinking about my future and my collection run may come to a halt soon, sans the Ichiro game-used gloves and a PSA-graded T206 Evers. It's a job, but it's not something I really love. I love to take pictures of nature and seasons. It's like art to me. I am going to suck it up for maybe another 12 years or so and squeeze what I can get out of it.

entry Feb 4 2007, 10:49 AM
It's Super Bowl Sunday and I'm at work..... Never again....

entry Jan 20 2007, 12:17 AM
Three wall-mounted shelves, 4 shoe containers, and one closet (2 shelves) to go through for my entire collection.

One wall-shelf and 4 shoe boxes down, 4 more shelves to go. Most were baseball and some basketball. I have more masketball and football to go through.

I'm cherry-picking all the Jeter and current Yankees cards out of my stuff for my nephew. But the two SP RCs stay with me. He will have one if he grows to appreciate collecting. The Jeter UA OMLB is on hold for him when he grows older. For now it will stay in my collection for safe keeping.

I also created a few player collection along the way. It seemed like the thing to do while cleaning house. So far, I have these player collections, what seemed to be the most important players to me:

Ichiro Suzuki
1993 BBM RC (PSA 9 MT)
2000 Upper Deck Ovation Japan (PSA 10 GEM)
2001 Fleer Tradition RC (PSA 9 MT)
2004 Upper Deck Stellar Signatures AU
Autographed OMLB (PSA/DNA)
Autographed bat (Ichiro’s personal model) (Ichiro’s Authentication services)

Roger Clemens
1985 Donruss RC (PSA 9 MT)
1992 Score Select Ace (Ace of Diamonds)
1993 Leaf Studio
Autographed OMLB (Tristar)

Derek Jeter (reserved collection)
1993 SP RC (x2) (one was pack-pulled)
Autographed OMLB (PSA/DNA)

Hideki Matsui
1993 BBM RC (pack-pulled back in 1994)
Autographed (Japanese & English) OMLB (JSA)

Johan Santana
2004 Leaf Certified Mirror Blue AU
2004 Leaf Certified Mirror Red AU
2004 Leaf Certified Mirror White AU
2004 Leaf Certified Mirror Gold AU
2005 Donruss Timeless Treasures AU
2005 Upper Deck Autofacts AU
Autographed/game-used OMLB (2004) (PSA/DNA)

Nolan Ryan
1969 Topps (GAI 7.5 NM+)
1971 Topps (SCD 8 NM/MT)
1973 Topps (BVG 8 NM/MT)
1974 Topps (NM)
1977 Topps (BCCG 10 MT or +)
1977 Topps Record Breaker (NM)
1979 Topps (NM)

Michael Jordan
1986-87 Fleer RC (SCD 8.5 NM/MT+)
2005 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures AU

Okay, so I am no supercollector and my cards are really small in number when compared to other people's player collections, but hey, to each their own. I picked out the cards I liked and pitched the rest. I like what I have for each player. I mean, I can always add to each collection later on. And it doesn't necessarily have to be cards. smile.gif baby.gif

entry Jan 12 2007, 01:52 PM
I started cleaning up and going through my previous 90s collection today. Just how much junk did I amass??? I am unable to find ANY card that was worth anything it once was. Oh well. At least I'll compile all the Yankees cards I collected from that era and give it to my nephew. I'll probablly keep all RCs sort them later by sport and player. I don't know what I'll do with the rest. I could probably use the inserts as prizes here. Dang, this is just so much stuff. And I my funds are currently limited. Looks like I'll have to downsize and just suck it up. Okay, I talked myself onto a new focus. My vintage will be put on hold indefinitely. I have Tinker/Evers/Chance graded in SGC. E-cards can wait. I can work on my nephew's Yankees collection with what I already have. I just have to keep my sister from pilfering the Jeter cards I set aside for her son's collection.

I will now focus primarily on Ichiro and won't do anything else until I get the three items I need to complete my Ichiro collection - 2000 BBM #A72, GU or AU batting gloves, GU or AU bat. I estimate the cost to be around $5000 for those items, but I do have a plan on how to display them. It would probably take me a few years and a few unsuccessful attempts before I land at least one of those items. I will still keep in touch with vintage and continue educating myself on that era of collecting.

So far my Ichiro collection consists of:
1 1993 BBM RC PSA 9
1 2000 UD (American-made card for Japanese distribution) PSA 10
1 2001 Fleer Tradition RC PSA 9
1 2004 UD Vintage Stellar Signature

As I have hinted before, Ichiro would be a good investment right now. He just had an "off" season and things seem to be quiet with his cards as everyone is paying attention to the new rookies and such. This is a prime time to jump on his stuff now. But what do I know? Am I speculating? Probably not. Ichiro is a proven player already and after next season he has a chance to go to a big market team. And all you prospectors know what that means....

Now, if I could only bring my credit card balance down to $0.

I think I will set out a finder's fee for anyone who can locate a seller who accepts PayPal for any of those items.

entry Jan 1 2007, 11:13 AM
OK, now that I got that out of the way, let's get down to business. THe item I may win (or lose) on eBay in the next few days will determine the future shape of my collection. baby.gif

entry Dec 26 2006, 08:30 AM
After this year, no more stuff after 1930 for me. I will solely concentrate on prewar stuff. No more nickel & diming my collection. With the money I spent on lower end stuff, it all equalled the amount of one specific item I really wanted.

Quality over quantity but not over rarity.
Redoing my webpage. Who knows, I might even SELL some of the prewar stuff I have.....

I have yet to decide on a theme.
Some ideas in no specific order, but I can only choose one:
- Nap Lajoie "player collection"
- King Kelly "player collection"
- Baseball players/managers in suits
- NM 7+ New York Highlanders T206 portraits

Continuing current projects:
T206 Bill Bergen backs

Things will be quiet while I reload for a nuclear shot.

entry Dec 20 2006, 09:31 PM
Man, that PSA 7 T206 Gabby Street got me hooked and rethinking about my collection. I will definitely finish my nephew's project (Jeter-signed ball and a few vintage non-RC cards of popular Yankee HOFers - I have most of it already). The unfinished projects? E-card type-collection, T206 Bergen backs, T206 Bush backs, T206 Highlanders portraits. Might be a tad slow. But I am still definitely after the T206 Bergen backs. I think it's time for me to move on, though. Time to obtain rare pieces. After I clear up my finances I will start aiming for the high-end stuff - stuff that push $500 or more. I have 3 T206s in mind. One of them is a deep-color, fine registration T206 Gabby Street. The other two are different players but the same type of green fade I like. But only the nicest copies with the deepest color I will go after, regardless of condition sans paper loss in the front or very bad creases that detract from its eye appeal. And the third is one of the lesser common T206s, somewhat like the Elberfeld (Wash. portrait).

I guess I'll make another webpage for these items. I'll probably include my N28 and Jordan RC since each was obtained close to 4-digits each. I'll probably display no more than a dozen cards on the page. Yeah, I know I sound wishy-washy and all because it looks like I keep changing my mind, but I will still try to keep finishing those projects which I already started.

I have a whole mess of 90s cards I have to go through. I'll probably pitch the commons and give the star cards to Bob to use for prizes and such. With the way the sportscard market exploded, nobody has any real use for those 1990s commons, what with the knowledge and all.

No promises right now because I do not have the time.

If I only knew then what I know now. Oh well, live and learn. baby.gif

entry Dec 16 2006, 12:15 PM
Looks like the E-card type-collection I am building will take more time and financial resources. These don't pop up very often. I just missed out on an E100 and those are ultra rare. I looked at what I have spent on in the past months and I could have gotten a few of those rare cabinet cards from the 19th century. Looks like I will have to cut back by jusy concentrating on one E-card per month while paying off the rest of my bill. And it looks like I'll be paying it off until the summer. Oh well. At least it forces me to rethink my collection. And I think it's time now to move on and build that life-long collection of 19th century stuff. I'll probably won't make it in time for the annual Robert Edwards auction in April 2007.

My Hobby Library:
Mr.Mint's Insider Guide to Investing in Baseball Cards & Collectibles (1991)
Sportscard Counterfeit Detector (1992)
Sportscard Counterfeit Detector (1993)
Collecting Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey Cards: Experts tell where to find hidden value (1993)
The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Baseball Cards (1993)
The Insider's Guide to the Fine Art of Collecting (1993)
101 Ways To Make Money in the Trading-Card Market Right Now! (1994)
True Mint (1994)
Sports Collectors Digest: Classic Sports Memorabilia magazine - articles "How To Collect Vintage Cards and "Graded Cards On The Cheap" (spring 2005)
Sports Collectors Digest: Classic Sports Memorabilia magazine - article "Minor League T-cards Value Rising (autumn 2005)
Smithsonian Baseball: Inside The World's Finest Private Collections (2005) - I highly recommend this book even if you do not collect vintage!
Robert Edwards Auction catalog for April 2006
Sotheby's SCP Auctions: Important Sports Memorabilia & Cards Inaugural Internet Auction for April/May 2006
American Memorabilia Auction catalog for September 2006

entry Dec 9 2006, 09:58 AM
I think I will begin to start collecting E-cards - a brother of tobacco cards. Some are not so hard to find, but most prove a difficult (if not impossible) challenge. I have already attained an E-90 and have an E-91 and E-92 incoming. Those were the easiest and most inexpensive ones. I had my bid on the ultra-rare E-100, but it went too high. It reminded me of what I am up against. I ain't no guppy. But I ain't no shark like those guys, either. I think I will stick to the base E-cards and bypass the Type 2s and 3s since they are about as common as a dinosaur.

I have 15 more to go and they will range from $200 to $2000 each, depending which type of E-card - and that's in beat-up condition. It will take a while since I have to build up finances for each card I take a shot at and hope those deep-pocketed collectors are asleep at the wheel. But hey, at least it keeps my passion for the hobby going.

My new mentor.

entry Dec 8 2006, 10:28 AM
WOOHOOO!!!! It's MINE MINE!!! ALL MINE!!!! baby.gif


entry Dec 7 2006, 02:28 PM
I just bought my own domain and masking it over my current webpage. I will redo the webpage anyway. baby.gif

entry Dec 3 2006, 11:43 PM
Added the following: Houshmandzadeh collection, T206 Bill Bergen backs collection, a T206 Frank Chance, and an E90 1909 Caramel issue of Hal Chase. baby.gif

entry Nov 29 2006, 12:44 PM
Added Billy Williams and Johnny Evers (how could I have forgotten I had him in my collection? huh.gif ) to the TCC HOF page. baby.gif

entry Nov 29 2006, 12:21 PM
Added Boggs, Carter, Keeler, and Sandberg to the TCC HOF Collection.

Updated my Houshmandzadeh page with a few more scans for the contest. I hope there is a prize for coming in last.


entry Nov 29 2006, 12:52 AM
1. Dylan's (my nephew) NY Yankees/Highlanders collection

2. Update the TCC HOF webpage

3. Starting an 'E' card type-collection, condition does not matter as long as it is raw

#1 - AU baseball and base RC, Highlanders will be built as he grows

#2 - applied for a premium account to expand space for members picture donations

#3 - incoming: 1910 E-90 of Hal Chase PR-FR condition

baby.gif baby.gif baby.gif

entry Nov 27 2006, 05:55 PM
I just found on Ebay and bought a whole bunch of toploaders for tobacco cards!!! WOOHOO!!!!

I have 4 cards of the 15 I need for my nephew's T206 Highlander set.

The Jeter ball arrived.

I got one more different back for my T206 Bill Bergen backs set.


entry Nov 22 2006, 02:14 PM
Since my brother-in-law and sister are Yankee fans, naturally their children might follow suit. My nephew's room is supposed to be Yankees designed. His dad will probably put up posters and/or framed pictures. I will enhance it with a few true memorabilia items such as a Derek Jeter signed baseball (I have to keep my sister away from that one), and possibly frame a 1910 T206 Highlanders team set - that was the team before they became known as the Yankees. It will include the HOFers Keeler and Chesbro (the 'Yankee' who threw the first pitch on the opening day of their first official game at home). And a 1993 SP Jeter, to boot.

Unlike me, at least his collection will start out on the right foot. smile.gif baby.gif

entry Oct 29 2006, 11:18 PM
Added 4 more cards to my Bengals Gallery - all Houshmandzadeh.
Starting a small Houshmandzadeh player collection.
T.J. Housh'SpidermanHandz'adeh
I like him because he has sticky hands.

Almost finished with my 2005 SPx Winning Materials Veteran set.

Bears-Colts in Super Bowl XLI???

Less than 4 minutes left in the Panthers-Cowboys game and the Cowboys look like a Parcells-run offense. baby.gif

entry Oct 23 2006, 08:37 AM
Nothing happening this morning at work, so I created a Cylon userbar for my signature...... mellow.gif baby.gif

entry Oct 22 2006, 06:57 AM
I like the 2006 Gridiron series. I think I will try to make a T.J. Houshmandzadeh master set out of this series. baby.gif

Call me a 2006 Gridiron Houshmandzadeh Supercollector. wink.gif

X 47/100
X (black swatch) 28/100
Next Generation Gold 22/100
Next Generation (orange swatch, 3-color patch) 17/50
Performers 20/100
Performers (orange swatch) 21/25

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