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How does it feel when you got no food?

Chicken & Pool

This is the 3rd time in a row my team has made it to the playoffs. And we've been playing for only 3 seasons. We enter the playoffs as 2nd (of 6) in our division, 3rd (of 21) for Wednesday teams and 7th (of 51) for the league.

We don't blow out opponents, but we do have very good damage control. We might have the offensive power to blow teams out of the water, but we minimize our losses. We lead the league in the fewest number of losses. Our strategy of "if you must lose, lose by one" seems to work.

Last season we made the money-round. Things look tougher this season.

Last season, as team captain, I made a strategic move to get us as far as we can into the playoffs. I substituted two guys, "Killer" and "Playboy", in place of me ("Captain Little Gut") and "Formula 1". "Swiss Miss" and "K2" were the mainstays. "Killer" swept and went undefeated. Oh, the carnage. "Playboy" is the stronger of the two and had the toughest matches. He kept it close against his opponents who were the top players on other teams. Both these guys are unavailable this season - one quit team competition, the other has a wife. Enough said on that.

I just hope we are good enough to get into a money round.

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