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> Group Break Requirements

post Jul 15 2009, 07:15 PM
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While TCC is open to it's members hosting group breaks, we do have a few requirements which haven't been publicly posted until now. They are extremely simply to follow, and most of you already do anyways.

1) All members of a group break must also be members of TCC. If you find someone from outside of TCC, simply get them to register and confirm their involvement in the thread you have created here.

2) The host of the group break must create transactions with all members involved with the break. The members of the group are not responsible for creating transactions with the host. It is the host's responsibility to create these transactions.

Again, these are the only 2 requirements that one must meet before starting a group break at this time. Please help us out in making sure that your group break will meet both of these requirements prior to posting the thread.

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post Feb 16 2010, 11:20 AM
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Hi guys,

Enjoyed joining the numerous breaks on this site but it seems that some of the group breaks are starting to be ran unprofessionally and detering me from joining new group breaks. I think there should be certain rules about creating a group break. Or if people would follow some simple guidelines I think they would get more people to join.

Such as...
- You should have atleast x amount of transactions before you can start a group break.
- Randoms, this is very important. All info on how randoms are going to be held should be listed in the threads. Live, recorded, etc. Also sale of extra randoms and so forth 1/2 spots.
- Also if you are in your own break, I think it should be recorded, along with randoms being recorded.
- Tired of people bumping their thread every 5 seconds. This should result in break being terminated. Poeple can read the threads and know which GB's they want to join.

I am sure there are other problems people have had with GB's So i would like to hear your suggestions.

Oh and by the way some of you guys on here that do breaks do way beyond the norm. Thanks again for all your hard work. You guys know who you are....and I will contniue to join your breaks.

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post Feb 16 2010, 12:41 PM
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Any of those things you posted should send out "red flags" to folks and they shouldn't join such breaks, as we can only save folks from themselves so much around here wink.gif

It has been discussed to have more rules but:

1. We all can't agree on all of them
2. Bob likes to limit the amount of rules on this site.

A committee was going to be formed, but hasn't happened as of yet as Bob has been scarce on the site for a few months now.

So any of the points you made should make someone wary of joining that break, folks need to do their own research and also follow their gut. I mean do many of you just hand folks money that you just met or don't even know or that nobody you know knows? Common sense is a lot of it, and just follow your gut. If the folks don't appear organized or explain how it is going to be run (video etc..), then really not a suprise to have a "train wreck".

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post Feb 16 2010, 12:54 PM
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In addition to Michael's suggestions above, the CZT request the following:

1. All information regarding the break should be fully outlined in the original post, from product to price to how and where the break will occur. Please be as detailed as possible as this will eliminate issues and confusion for the members joining.

2. Transactions should not be created until the break is filled. The only exception is if the host is going to hold the break whether filled or not by buying any remaining spots, in this case the host can determine when they want to create transactions. It is to their benefit to wait until they start accepting payments in this arrangement so as to not extend the length of their transactions, or have updates requested by the CZT.

3. We do request that hosts keep to a minimum the number of break offerings at one time. We are suggesting 2-3 at one time, depending on your break history. By doing this, it will eliminate some off the excessive options, and hopefully help all hosts to find willing members for their breaks.

4. For break members - when the transaction is created for the break please remember to post you agreed, and update as promptly as possible when received. If you received nothing from the break please note that in the transaction.

5. For break hosts please remember to post that payments were received - this can be done when creating the transaction (as long as received) or as an additional post later. We require all sale agreements to have both members note that they received what they were supposed to. Similar to the last sentence in #3 hosts should also post in those members transactions who are not to receive anything, that the member did not get a hit, to confirm it for the CZT.

The CZT may update this for additional items in the future, but these are the main items for now.

Please see Dwight's (urbanmonk) topic for some additional thoughts regarding group breaks in this topic: http://www.tradingcardcentral.com/forums/i...opic=209175&hl=

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