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Collector Zone _ Football _ Question on 2001 Quantum Leaf Hardwear

Posted by: bsubeavers06 Dec 7 2012, 01:31 PM

I have been working on this set for a couple years now and am getting fairly close to completing it.

I have 24/30 (one is an auto that i would prefer to switch out for the non auto version, isaac bruce) I am missing steve young, john elway, jerry rice, torry holt, warren sapp, and tim couch.

i was wondering if anyone has any info on this set, i know some members have an immense amount of knowledge on the late 90's early 00's stuff.

specifically whether all 30 cards were made. i have seen versions of 28 of the 30. i have never seen warren sapp or tim couch. i did find in a completed ebay auction that the warren sapp was listed, but no picture was shown to verify.

if anyone knows anything about this set or has any leads on any of my remaining cards i would really appreciate the help. ( i know a young is on ebay, and an elway is on beckett marketplace)


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