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ffman's Blog
College, TCC, and baseball....
entry Jun 30 2012, 06:49 PM
1999 Revolution Foul Pole Net-Fusions #5
2000 Gold Collectibles Feel the Game 23KT Gold bat #NNO
2000 SPx Winning Materials Trio Griffey/Sosa/Rodriguez jersey G-S-R
2001 Donruss Studio Warning Track Three Rivers Stadium wall piece #WT-22
2001 Fleer Legacy MLB Game Issue game-used base #SS
2001 SP Authentic UD Exclusives jersey #UD-SS
2001 SP Game Bat Bound for the Hall bat #B-SS
2001 SP Game-Used Edition Authentic Fabric jersey #SS (H)
2001 SPx Winning Materials jersey/bat #SS
2001 SPx Winning Materials Sosa/Banks jersey/jersey #SS-EB
2001 Sweet Spot Game-Used Bat #B-SS
2001 Upper Deck All-Star Heroes jersey /2000
2001 Upper Deck e-volve UD Classics jersey /300
2001 Upper Deck Official Issue Game-Used Ball Wood/Sosa #OI-WS
2001 Upper Deck Gold Glove Slugger's Choice Batting Glove #SC-SS
2001 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Game Jerseys #J-SS
2001 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Lumber #L-SS
2001 Upper Deck Ovation A Piece of History bat #SS
2001 UD Pros and Prospects Game-Used Dual Bat Sosa/Gonzalez #PP-SG
2001 UD Pros and Prospects Specialty Jersey #S-SS
2002 E-X Hit and Run game-used base #SS
2002 Fleer Showcase Baseball's Best game-used base #SS
2002 Upper Deck Diamond Connection Bat Around Sosa/Griffey/Palmeiro/McGriff #BA-SGPM
2002 Upper Deck Honor Roll Star Swatches jersey #SS-SS4
2003 Bowman Heritage Diamond Cuts jersey #DC-SS2
2003 Donruss Gamers jersey #G-6 /500
2003 Donruss Studio Leather & Lumber bat #LL-38 /300
2003 E-X Diamond Essentials die-cut jersey #DEGU-SS /245
2003 Flair Power Tools bat #PT-SS /500
2003 Fleer Box Score Jersey Rack Giambi/Thome/Sosa/Guerrero #NNO /150
2003 Fleer Box Score Press Clippings dual patch Rodriguez/Sosa #AR/SS-PCD
2003 Fleer Box Score World Piece jersey #4
2003 Fleer Genuine Tools of the Game jersey/bat/cap #TG-SS /100
2003 Fleer Showcase Baseball's Best jersey #BB-SS
2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters Knothole Gang jersey #SS-KG
2003 Playoff Piece of the Game Silver bat #POG-87 /75
2003 Topps Tribute Milestone Materials 500 HR bat #SS3
2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll Dean's List jersey #DL-SS
2004 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade jersey/bat #TT-134 /250
2004 Donruss Jersey Kings #JK-2 /250
2004 Donruss Timber & Threads jersey #TT-18
2004 Donruss Timber & Threads bat #TT-38
2004 Donruss Studio Game Day Souvenirs jersey #GD-16 /300
2004 Fleer Genuine Insider Tools of the Game jersey #TG-SS /250
2004 Fleer Patchworks National Patchtime jersey #NP/SS /350
2004 Fleer Platinum Platinum Portraits jersey #PP/SS
2004 Leaf Certified Cuts Position jersey #215 /50
2004 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red bat #170 /150
2004 Leaf Certifed Materials Fabric of the Game AL/NL jersey #FG-190 /100
2004 Playoff Honors Champions jersey #C-15 /250
2004 Playoff Honors Players Collection jersey #PC-85 /250
2004 Playoff Prestige Players Collection BP jersey #PC-83 /50
2004 SPx Winning Materials jersey/BP jersey #WM-SS
2004 Sweet Spot Sweet Threads jersey #STS-SS
2004 Topps Chrome Fashionably Great jersey #FGR-SS
2004 Topps Chrome Chrome-Town Heroes jersey #CHR-SS
2004 Upper Deck Etchings bat #BE-SS
2004 Upper Deck Play Ball Apparel Collection jersey #AC-SS
2005 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade jumbo jersey #TT-76 /100
2005 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade jersey/bat/shoe #TT-181 /150
2005 Donruss Champions Impressions ASG patch #264 /250
2005 Flair Diamond Cuts patch w/Guerrero #DC-SS /50
2005 Fleer Authentix Jersey Authentix Majestic logo #JA-SS
2005 Fleer Authentix Jersey Authentix Mezzanine #JA-SS /75
2005 Fleer Classic Clippings Jersey Rack Sosa/Dunn/Cabrera #JR-SS/AD/MC
2005 Fleer Tradition Diamond Tributes bat #DT/SS
2005 Fleer Tradition StandOuts jersey #SO-SS
2005 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red bat #150 18/250
2005 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red bat #150 105/250
2005 Leaf Limited Threads patch #175 /100
2005 Prime Patches Portraits shoe/shoe/bat/jersey #P-16 /100
2005 Skybox Jerseygraphics #J-SS /250
2005 Sweet Spot Sweet Threads Gold jersey #ST-SS /75
2005 Topps All-Star Stitches jersey #ASR-SS
2005 Topps On-Deck Circle (2-color) #ODR-SS /275
2005 Topps Touch 'Em All All-Star base relic #TEA-SS /50
2005 Topps Chrome Chrome the Game jersey #CGR-SS
2005 Topps Gallery Originals jersey #GO-SS
2005 Topps Pack Wars Relic bat #PWR-SS
2005 Topps Pristine Uncommon relic bat #165 /100
2005 Topps Turkey Red White Relic bat #TRR-SS /75
2005 UD All-Star Classics Midsummer Swatches jersey #MS-SS
2005 UD Origins Materials #PB-SS
2006 Ultra Ultra Fine Fabrics jersey #FM-SS
2007 Topps Allen & Ginter Relic bat #AGR-SS
2007 Topps Turkey Red Relic bat #TRR-SS
2008 SP Legendary Cuts Destined for History jersey #DH-SS

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