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Finally have a rough draft of my Hitler outline done for my Western Civ class. It gave me more trouble than I thought, thanks to all the information out there about Hitler. I think I'll still have to re-word/add/delete some stuff, but a rough draft has been completed.

I still have a English 200 out-of-class essay due next Friday; I have one paragraph written, but I'm ready to rest for the remainder of break.

Thanks to RGBII, I now have a Sosa autograph. I can now say I have a true Sosa collection, with at least one rookie, GU, and autograph. The collection has passed the 100-card mark, as well. I'm expecting additions to the Wright collection any time, via a trade with veritas. All base and inserts, but nevertheless an important part of my collection.

I'm ready for a return to peace here at TCC - too much has been going on over the last week. Arguments, insults, etc......just too much. It has been nice to see a little mojo flowing around though - here's to hoping I can join in once I get my box of 2006 Upper Deck Special F/X from Ernie.

Once again - God bless!

by: ffman on Mar 19 2007, 07:13 PM

Well, received a 94 on my Professional Speaking Bill Gates speech - not too bad. Just counted off mainly for speaking too fast.

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