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Collector Zone _ Baseball Trading _ Obert's Clearinghouse! (#1)

Posted by: obert22 Jun 24 2012, 02:36 PM

So in an effort to scale back my card collection I am slowly going though all of them and limiting my collection to only Red Sox and Bruins cards. I thought it would be fun to go through them with all of you box by box and get them to a new home. smile.gif I have already given over 200,000 commons and minor stars to the local shelter for kids here and now it is time to move on to stars, AU, GU, SPs, RCs etc. I thought what better place to do that than TCC? smile.gif

So the plan is... Take a box and list the cards in that box three letters at a time (by player last name). They include any card that BVs over $1. I would love to trade them for Red Sox or Bruins cards, any I don't have...even small lots of commons (I'd even sell if you don't have anything to trade though my preference is to trade). Anyway, if you see something you like please respond here or PM me. I'll keep doing this till I go through all the boxes (which is gonna take a bit of time) and I hope it will be a fun time for everyone. smile.gif

So onto box #1,

Posted by: obert22 Jun 24 2012, 02:40 PM

2008 Topps Heritage 324 SP Rick Ankiel
2009 UD A Piece of History 106 RC Matt Antonelli
2010 Bowman Platinum 34 RC JP Arencibia
2010 Topps Heritage 362 RC Brandon Allen
2008 Donruss Threads Diamond Kings 15 Brett Anderson
2009 Upper Deck Goudey 164 RC Matt Antonelli
2010 Topps Allen + Ginter 140 RC Brandon Allen
2010 Topps Update US251A RC Jake Arrieta
2009 Bowman Chrome WBC Prospects BCW2 Phillippe Aumont
2009 Topps 583 RC Brett Anderson

2006 Bowman Heritage 275 Barry Bonds
2012 Topps Archives 226 SP Jay Buhner
2008 Topps Heritage 119 RC Lance Boradway
2008 Topps Heritage 296 RC Josh Banks
2008 Topps Heritage Black Back 301 SP Ronnie Belliard
2008 Topps Heritage 118 RC Emilo Bonifacio
2008 Topps Chrome 218 RC Burke Badenhop
2008 Topps Chrome 216 RC Brian Bixler
2008 Topps Chrome Refractors 160 Pat Burrell
2010 Topps Heritage 172 RC Michael Brantley
2008 Tristar Projections Authographs AU Jonathan Bachanor
2008 Donruss Threads 91 Madison Bumgarner
2010 Topps Heritage 161 RC Madison Bumgarner
2010 Bowman Platinum 73 RC Madison Bumgarner
2009 Topps Ring of Honor RH66 Mark Buehrle
2012 Topps Walmart Blue Border 466 Lance Berkman
2009 Upper Deck Goudey 146 RC Jeff Baisley
2009 Finest 147 RC Jeff Baisley
2009 Finest Refractors Blue (249/399) RC Jeff Baisley
2009 Topps Turkey Red TR72 Ryan Braun
2010 Topps Allen + Ginter This Day in History TDH55 Ryan Braun
2010 Topps Heritage 393a Ryan Braun
2008 Topps Chrome Trading Card History TCHC7 Ryan Braun
2007 Bowman Heritage 234a RC Ryan Braun
2009 Bowman Gold 170 Chad Billingsley
2009 Bowman WBC Prospects Blue BW18 (313/500) Tao Bu
2008 Bowman Chrome 113 Robinson Cano
2009 Topps 383 RC Everth Cabrera
2008 Topps Gold Border 137 (574/2008) Jamey Carroll
2010 Topps Turkey Red TR14 Chris Carpenter
2009 Upper Deck Goudey RC Phil Coke
2009 Upper Deck Goudey RC Wilken Castillo
2010 National Chicle Umbrella Black Back (23/25) Matt Carson
2010 Bowman Platinum Prospects PP10 Aroldis Chapman
2010 Bowman Platinum 4 Miguel Cabrera
2010 Bowman Platinum 72 Robinson Cano
2009 Finest Refractors Gold (14/50) 126 RC Andrew Carpenter
2010 Bowman Chrome 218b RC Tyler Colvin
2010 Bowman Chrome Refractors 218b RC Tyler Colvin
2008 UD A Piece of History 66 Robinson Cano
2008 Topps Chrome 40 Robinson Cano
2008 Topps Chrome 237 RC/AU Johnny Cueto
2008 Topps Heritage 23 SP Robinson Cano
2009 Topps Legends Commemorative Patch LPR26 Roberto Clemente
2008 Topps Chrome Refractors 88 Bobby Crosby
2007 UD Masterpieces 37 Miguel Cabrera
2007 UD Masterpieces 76 Bill Clinton
2007 UD Masterpieces 23 Roy Campanella
2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects BCP15 Jose Campos
2012 Topps Wal Mart Blue Border Chris Carpenter
2012 Topps Wal Mart Blue Border Matt Carp
2012 Topps A Cut Above ACA10 Miguel Cabrera

Posted by: rotorob Jun 25 2012, 05:53 AM

Hi -
I'm interested in the Cueto and other Reds/Braves (current roster only unless you have Smoltz or Murphy I need) you may have.

PM works best and PLMK.

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