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Scott's Sport Central

Scotty IS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!

where should i start... Its been about 2 years since i have been active on this site. i feel better now that i am apart of this community again. I see it has grown Large. And with being here like one of the senior members, its hard not to see one of them cool logos under my name. but hey, thats what i get.. well afew things, i have began a great career as a truck driver been to almost all states, except vermont. i was married and now divorced, which sucks, ill miss and love her. and ready to what RGB says, COLLECT HARD. im on a new ambition to, um... COLLECT HARD. and i have nothing holding me back, well except a cracked up car. but what do i need that for. so im kinda on a 3 month stint, busy time, to save up money and to make some online purchases through a few key dealers. ok, ill be honest, i own my own company, cuz of this truck, and i have a tax id smile.gif.

my goal is to have plenty of product wating at my dads house. yes my fathers house, living there cuz its dumb to pay for a place and only be there 1 month total out of the year. so i can rip some boxes and sell/trade some cards. i missed that aspect. also my sell some boxes for cheap prices. so who knows what will be happening.

check back here on my blog for a continued list of products that ill be purchasing.


FYI: i hope i can get my hands on 2 cases of allen & Gintner.... smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

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