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JimBob's Trading Card Adventures
Just a way for me to keep track of what I'm doing with my collection .... and inform anyone else interested
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Entries on Tuesday 26th December 2006

 | Category: General State of Things
entry Dec 26 2006, 04:56 AM
I have to like these one day work weeks and things slowing down.
The second half of 2006 for me was definitely a shift in priorities as trading cards took the back burner to the day job, health, family, and all that other good stuff.

And we still had a bunch of people sign up for OpenChecklist !

Last week, as my Xmas present to myself in cards (only 3rd card purchase in 6 months) I got the 2006 Topps baseball base set with the Mantle GU. Not a lot .. but always a fortune to have it shipped here in the UK.

I thought .. what has this world come to ? Everyone can get a Mantle Game worn and a complete base set for under $100 ? No more opening up hundreds of packs to try for the base set .. and thousands of packs to get the HOF game used ?

Way to go topps for bringing cards back to reality and in the hands of newer and more casual collectors !

Now I'll have to troll through the 250,000 posts since I was most active here and see that others think about the release - while I wait my weeks for it to come here and I can complain about customs tax and all that (will end up being a $50 premium instead of just going to my local Target)

happy holidays to all .. 2007 is around the corner.

Entries on Sunday 24th September 2006

entry Sep 24 2006, 12:04 PM
just spending time on the computer .. posting to my blog .. saying that I spend too much time on the computer ..

what is this world coming to ?

Oh well .. it will be winter soon .. with miserable weather, and hopefully the day job will slow down .. so you'll see me back lurking around here and OC ..


Entries on Thursday 17th August 2006

 | Category: General State of Things
entry Aug 17 2006, 04:47 PM
Ok .. ever hide things on yourself .. and not find them ?

latest thing I've hidden were my two best pack pulls of 2001 .. two Willie Mays Autos ..

I don't know where i've put them .. and spent the last two days tearing up the house .. my office .. the attic .. my closet .. the closet in the spare bedroom ...

ugh !!

they will turn up one day .. but the fear is I threw them out .. but as my wife says .. I never throw anything out .. so they must be somewhere !


Entries on Sunday 9th April 2006

 | Category: General State of Things
entry Apr 9 2006, 09:12 AM
Woo Hoo !!

I passed my practical driving test ! I'm now officially certified to drive on the Wrong side of the road here.

so how do we celebrate ?

Last night my wife and I went out to meet friends at a resturaunt a 10 minute drive away. I drove there .. no parking anywhere .. it started pouring rain .. I dropped off my wife in front of the resturaunt .. then drove around for 20 minutes in the pounding rain down narrow streets (not wide enough for 2 cars but they try anyway) - and idiots driving fighting for a parking. Finially found a space .. where I should have parallel parked, but the guy behind wouldn't give me room .. so I rammed the car in the space by driving over the curb.

And people ask me why I hate driving and It took 4 years living here before I got my UK license.

when I got to the resturaunt .. I quickly had two beers and another one with supper so my wife had no choice but to drive home !


Entries on Thursday 9th February 2006

 | Category: General State of Things
entry Feb 9 2006, 04:28 PM
OK haven't posted in a while here .. thought I would add something.

Feb and Flu season really stink .. my wife and I have now alternated colds twice (her sick one week my week the next) for what seems like all year.

the problem with me being sick is tired so easily and don't want to do much except veg in front of the TV.

If I do any work that requires my brain when I'm tired and under the weather .. I usually screw something up and take longer to fix it later when I'm healthy .. so I try to limit it.

.... lets see ..

Oh .. I went to a marketing databsae convention in London two days ago. I might have been in a grumpy mood but ..

I went to the stands of about 5 CRM vendors .. each telling how great their system is for capturing sales leads .. then they took my information .. ON A PAPER FORM unsure.gif .. one called this morning to follow up and I asked him .. if your CRM is so good, why are you capturing my sales data on paper. He responded .. well, we eventually type the details in (yeah right !)

Another two companies did cleansing of data and sold data to dupport direct mail .. I typed in my post code (zip code) and house number .. and the name of the guy that lived here before us showed up as living here with us .. no wonder why we get so much junk mail for him !! I have reported to the post office a few times that they moved and do not send anything for him anymore .. but we still get it .. there are actually fines in the UK for sending junk mail to people who have not requested it .. but no wonder why we are getting it .. we are on the database mad.gif


Entries on Sunday 1st January 2006

entry Jan 1 2006, 11:24 AM
grumble grumble .. moan ..

I'm just updating some of my databases with cards issues in 2005 .. did you know that Topps Alone issued over 32,000 different cards - Just Baseball

ugh !!

Entries on Tuesday 13th December 2005

 | Category: General State of Things
entry Dec 13 2005, 02:26 PM
OK .. I made it back from the US by only spending $100 on trading cards.

Dedided to spend the money insead on a new Laptop for my wife so she wouldn't have to fight me for the computer .. and I can spend more time posting to trading card central wink.gif

first - I'm suprised that Wal-Mart has the best prices on Laptops .. the PC world near my office was selling the same PC in 's s in dollars . and the exchange rate is around 1 = $1.75 these days.

As far as cards .. I was boring .. fought the masses in Toys 'R' us in times Square to buy a 2005 topps base set (like to get one every year) for $50 + a few of those multi packs and a $19.99 retail box of Turkey Reds.

No real good pulls .. only one jersey .. and that listed in the Latest Beckett (which I also picked up) for $5-$8


Entries on Friday 25th November 2005

 | Category: General State of Things
entry Nov 25 2005, 03:01 PM
not as much to do with trading cards .. but what has distracted me from trading cards over the last 2 days.

I'm scheduled to take my British driving Theory and Hazard Exam on Saturday ..

I drove for 10 years in the US, but when I moved over here, didn't need a car and let the license expire. I don't really like driving except for open roads anyway (i loved driving in Southern Utah) .. but only open roads in England are winding country lanes with signs on them claining how many people died in the past year driving over the speed limit on them. So I'm not a big fan of driving.

Well .. the wife bought a car a few months ago ... mainly to visit my mother in Law and to help with the shopping. But started giving me the guilt trips that I should get a license so I can drive (when we go to my inlaws or take her shopping of course .. grr ..)


New to the UK exam is something called the Hazard test. Its like a video game .. you watch a video shot out of someone's windshield and you are supposed to click the mouse whenever you see a "potential" hazard. For each video clip, one of the "potential" hazards turns into a real hazard (as in a Bus cuts you off or a drunk stumbles in front of your car) and you are graded on how quickly you identify the real hazard.

I have a simulator at home .. and it stinks !! I get a passing score each time, but barely. It allows you to review your actions .. and It seems that I begin to identify some of the hazards a second too soon !! before the scoring begins.

As in .. 50 feet up the road, a woman is pushing a baby carriage and looking to cross, but chatting with her friend - so I click on her as a "potential" Hazard. when you get about 10 feet away - she's done chatting and darts out into the middle of the road.

The scoring works on 1-5 points. Somehow, when I spotted her at 50 feet away and clicked, I got 0 points - the scoring started when she was at 40 feet (how was I to know until I reviewed the answers) .. and ticked down to 1 when she was 10 feet away.

.. and others .. like a bus diving into traffic .. the scoring starts when they are soo far off the low-resolution video that its jsut a blip ..

aarrrge ... as long as I pass !!

Entries on Saturday 19th November 2005

 | Category: General State of Things
entry Nov 19 2005, 05:05 AM
for those who haven't read (or remembered) it from one of my rambling posts ... my wife and I bought a house built in the 1930's in a suburm right outside London.

1930's isn't that old for the area .. in fact quite average ...

but the condition we bought it in, It hadn't been decorated since the 1970's and some of the heating and wiring was still original.

So almost there ... these last two weeks have been putting in a new upstars bathroom and toilet. Yep .. they are separate in a lot of houses in England. Hence the term Bathroom is a room with a bathtub in it, and a "WC" is a small closet sized room with a toilet and (if you're lucky like we are) room for a tiny sink.

.. oh the fun ... but hard to concentrate on the card collecting with all the work .. and whenever we have had serious work done .. have to stay at the Inlaws.

not fun ..


Entries on Sunday 13th November 2005

entry Nov 13 2005, 06:21 AM
Just want to share a new addition to my collection .... not cards .. but a long time comming, a card and price guide for all the Tobacco and non-sports card guides.

Its "Murrays Guide to Cigarette and other trade cards" .. found here on www.amazon.co.uk

Something that I should have a picked up ages ago .. but I've been kind of an online database snob .. so If I can't download it .. I wouldn't buy it.

anyway ... Its something I will read cover to cover (yep .. call me a nerd or trading card geek).

I'm learning that this place lists prices for just sets and singles .. and its the price you can purchase these from their store in Hendon, outside london.

- Funny because I lived down the road from their shop for a year, passed the shop every day on my way to the train station, but it was never open !! - I thought it was a front for the Jewish trading card mafia. laugh.gif (Hendon is in the middle of a largely Jewish populated section of North London)

anyway .. with the book of informtion I can also see what I have picked up in auctions over the last years and help out here ...


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