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2000 rushing yards' Blog
sports, cards and life in general
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entry Oct 30 2008, 06:22 PM
Hey everyone,

thought i'd blog here about that's been happening lately in the world of myself tongue.gif .. ive been reading some other blogs here as well ,always fun to read..

first I wanna give everyone soem news i don't want to make. TCC just isnt as great as it once was to me. It's not becuase of the site, it's members or anything like that, I just don't have the time/ want to spend the time making posts and everything. I love being here and being as active as a was 2 summers ago when i'd be making 50+ posts a day daily but school, college apps, social activities have taken over my life. I'll always still be here posting but not at the same capacity.

In other news i'm almost one with college admissions. Took my last standardized test, The ACT last Saturday and are sending those out to my colleges. I'm applying to Delaware, Rutgers, SUNY Oneonta (j5 wink.gif ) and Kean University. I may also apply to SUNY Albany and.. get this University of Wyoming as well to pursue my meteorology degree. Wyoming actually does look very nice is very cheap compared ot around here and would get an automatic scholarship, however it's like a whole new world compared to Jersey... We'll just have to see.

Thanks for reading!

entry Sep 12 2008, 06:59 PM
Hey everyone cool.gif,

Finished my first week full week of school today, I still can't get past that summer's over laugh.gif but i will eventually. My classes are alright, not as great as i thought they were. Especially public speaking, I get nervous just walking into the class.

Also, I'm going away this weekend with my parents to upstate new york to visit colleges. Tomorrow we're going to SUNY oneonta, Johnny Number 5's college (alumni), and then COrnell on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to it, SUNY has been on the top of my list and Cornell is a reach but it could be possible. Gotta have 1 reach on your list I say.

Hockey's also starting this weekend again, looking forward to it but it's sad knowing my youth hockey is quickly coming to a close. Although now I can move on.

That's all i got for today. enjoy!

entry Aug 25 2008, 02:36 PM
Well today marks the last unofficial day of summer for me. Orientation starts tomorrow and school starts next Tuesday. Kinda of sad considering its my last high school year and will probably be the best.

On some lighter topics, fantasy baseball is ending and my team in the TCC American league is looking really good compared to expectations. Izza put me in the bottom third in the beginning of the season ,but with some roster changes, i built a respectable team. I pretty much clinched the 6th seed unless a major meltdown occurs but i'm going against 5th place number crunchers, who took my 5th place lead a few weeks ago. It's gonna be a good week cool.gif

Also, hockey is looking good in the future. My friend created a team sponsored by the Port Authority Police Department called the 37s in the Spring challenge league at the rink. THe challenge league bring 8-10 high school aged teams together playing at one rink. Although i chose not to play for his team in the spring becuase a bunch of kids at my school invited me to play for there team. The summer league saw me with his team. We took 3rd place due to a mini meltdown at the end of the season but i lead the team in goals and points scored smile.gif Turns out my friend is keeping most of the same kids (a few kids will be headed off to college) to play in house in the fall and winter. Enter the challenge league and with 1+ years playing together (a lot for a bunch of random kids) enter the Garden State Hockey games and hopefully have a shot to win the division. (three divisions, we'd probably enter the 2nd best one)

thats all i got for today, a little longer than i'd thouht it would be. Enjoy!@

entry Aug 12 2008, 01:59 PM
I just noticed today that it has been 8 months since my last blog post so i thought i'd make one today to catch up.. where to start laugh.gif

Well winter was alright. I cut cut from the hockey team but decided to still be involved so i took the manager spot. Not as glamorous, or where i expected myself to be but it works. (what really sucked was that we had the best year of hockey in school history on all three levels).But i realized it made me a stronger person and "The first cut is the deepest". However, with my freed up time, i spent it on playing rec hockey, more TCC, girls and hanging out with my friends a lot more. So it wasn't all bad. And i watched in excitement as the caps kept winning to win the southeast division of the playoffs and Ovechkin being the points leader and MVP, it was a great season.

Spring rolled around and track season started up, and i was very impressed with myself, and so was the coach. I went from a low- JV spot sophomore year to the top JV runner this year. While I did accumulate some varisty points, it wasn't enough for a letter. Maybe next year. As school wound down everyday i was looking forward to summer. I also improved a lot this junior year academically (soph. year was my best though). I went up a half a point on a 4.5 GPA scale throughout the year and was really impressed, including English (thanks bushidobard for the help).

On some lighter notes, This has been my 8 months playing guitar, after a few months playing with a right guitar re-stringed for lefties (like me), I got an Ibanez SGT 120 acoustic guitar. While I thought i'd be a rockstar by now, i'm not laugh.gif . I can play most chords and do a few songs (even though they don't sound all that great.)

I also got my ice hockey referee license this March. I had to attend a seminar and pass a test and then i was good to go. I'm only working at one rink but i'm making money and enjoy doing it smile.gif .

Also, almost 3 months to the date of my birthday, and wondering when i finally got a car. My grandparents bought a new car and gave me their old car (which I think was the plan since i was born haha). However, it took a little while becuase they got the car last month, plus we were away and my uncle had to borrow it. It's a 91' Camry DLX V6. It's a piece but it only has 57K miles on it and is in good condition.

On the hobby front, I've slowed down considerably, I've visited my card store once since it moved, and that was in April. I've been active on TCC this summer (prob still not as much as last summer though), but it's usually selling or trades. I did save up for the Backstop to bust a box (http://www.tradingcardcentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=164150&hl=) but that's it. Hanging out with friends and gas money makes you run out of money fast.

Anyways, that's all I have for today, school starts in a few weeks and now i'm on my quest to choose the right college. HOepfully it will work out great.

thanks for reading!


PS- check out goldensealtheband.com. they have great stuff, play all around new jersey and have 2CDs out

MArylin is Dead- A great band, the drummer went to my school check them out!

entry Dec 7 2007, 04:57 PM
Hope everyone is well during the Christmas season biggrin.gif

Life's been up and down, sadly, For personal reasons. Just remember that in life, don't procrastinate, doing this could make the turnout worse.

I'm sorry i have'nt been on TCC as much. School and now our varsity hockey schedule takes a lot of time. Gimme till Christmas break and i should getting back to posting like i did in the summer smile.gif .

Haven't really bought much just pack wars money for the pakck wars our store will have in may.

in other news, my facebook account got suspended. Supposedly i did something wrong but they can't tell me what. confused.gif hopefully i won't make that "mistake" again.

thanks for reading!

entry Nov 21 2007, 11:19 AM
Before i start i want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving! enjoy the time off biggrin.gif

anyways on the school front. i got my 1st quarter grades back. Not as well as i wanted but i'll take it. I got a 3.15 out of 4.5 so it came to the a B. HOckey tryouts are underway and today is the last night. It's weird because many school don't cut anybody due ot lack fo particpation but we are one of the few who do cut. WE're also the only team in the state with a freshman team. I didn't make the varisty slot but hoping for a JV slot for the season.

The hobby has really been slowing down for me and you probaly see it on TCC as well. I'm not on as much as i used ot be. I'm on everyday but not at my 90 post a day summer levels laugh.gif . HOpefully during my 5 day weekend i can do a lot of posting and trading.

Thats all for now thanks for reading

entry Oct 24 2007, 08:49 PM
Time for another blog for yuo all!!

I first want to apologize to anyone who has IMed me recently. Our PC got hacked into and isn't working properly and our laptop can't find an internet connection so i'm hanging by a thread here smile.gif

Anyways, anybody excited for sports kings? I won't be getting any but i can't wait to see people bust open these things

My oriole collection got another boost with 120 cards received in the mail .I will post a mailday about that shortly.

In school, while you all had homecoming this month i sat here sad.gif ok, so not really but the more i think about the more i wish we had foootball at our school.
On the acadanmic side, i was at a honors convention becuase i maintained a 3.8 GPA (out of 4.5) for 3 quarters. I didn't get this freshaman year so i was pretty excitited biggrin.gif

see you all around TCC!

entry Oct 17 2007, 12:44 PM
JUst stopping by to see if anyone gets USA hockey magizine. I'd love to discuss the articles they got in here with you.

In other news, i got a letter from Mr. Governor about a letter i e-mailed. It only took 3 months but hey its the government laugh.gif

entry Oct 7 2007, 09:37 AM
So we had packwars yesterday, me and metsfan86 went. There were probaly about 20 people there. He had a lot of cheap packs i thoguht this time, but hey it was still fun. TO see the MOJO i got, check it out in my pack pulls section. Turns out he will be moving from this location attackofthebbcards.com to this place in union, NJ.


Kind of sad for a few reasons. Now it's a short drvie to get there. 2. he's in the middle of this hi-tech big biunsess place. I don't nkow if he'll care about the local shop on the corner guys anymore. But if it's in his best intrest, why not.

in other news. the capitals are 2-0 toot.gif and i gots a facebook so PM me with your name and i'll add you if you'd like

entry Sep 27 2007, 03:59 PM
This week was so terrible, thank god it's thursday! (i'm off tomorrow toot.gif )

I think i got 20 TCC posts in these last 2 days. Load of homework and studying for 4 hard tests took a lot outta me. Thanks God the tests weren't as hard as i thought they'd be. Now i can just relax this weekend biggrin.gif

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