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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
entry Jan 1 2019, 04:44 AM
Sat 04 Aug 18:

Non-Sport Update: August/Sept Volume 29 No. 4 Outlander Series 3 cover. 3 Promo cards:
2018 Cryptozoic Outlander Season 3: P-4
2018 mnscards Non-Sport Update The Monstrous Art of Robert Argon MANS-1
2018 RRParks Cards Non-Sport Sharknado Trading Cards Series One P3

Wed 08 Aug 18:
Small box from Mark at TCC Hockey and Baseball Team box breaks.
Baseball I had Nationals, Orioles and random White Sox. Baseball Boxes were 2017 Topps Heritage, 2018 Stadium Club, 2018 Topps Baseball. 95 Cards: 41 Nationals, 35 Orioles, and 19 White Sox.
Highlights: Nationals only
2017 Topps Heritage:
I got 2 cards only:
11 NL Strikeout Leaders: Max Scherzer Nationals, Madison Bumgarner Giants and Robbie Ray Diamondbacks.
485 Trea Turner
2018 Topps Stadium Club:
14 Daniel Murphy
88 Andrew Stevenson
Power Zone: PZ-BH Bryce Harper
Special Forces: SF-MS Max Scherzer #d 57/99
SCA-RR Raudy Read on-card Autograph blue sharpie
2018 Topps Baseball:
36 Anthony Rendon
83 Howie Kendrick
126 Who’s On First? Anthony Rizzo and Bryce Harper foil type background, not quite chrome not refractor. Worst shiny thing ever don’t know what to call it. Oh and they gave them a stupid “shipping” name “Rizzarper”
136 Raudy Read RC
166 Victor Robles RC - regular version and silly semi-foil version (like Rizzo/Harper card)
379 Power Up Ryan Zimmerman and Jayson Werth screaming stupid name “Zimmwerth”

Now the Hockey: Had my Capitals and the draft team was the Senators. Not sure about the boxes opened, even though Hockey is the main group at TCC. Wait going to check for a group post. 2017-18 SP Game Used, 2015-16 Vault, 2013-14 SP Game Used, 2015-16 S2 Tin, 2015-16 AHL.

I got 64 cards total: 49 Capitals, 4 Hershey Bears (Caps farm team), 6 Senators, 4 Binghamton Senators (Senators farm team) and 1 Upper Deck Logos, Plus two clear plastic unopened packs a 1996 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Hockey: Young Guns (10 cards?) and a 1995 Upper Deck You Crash the Game Silver Set (30 cards?)

Highlights CAPS:
2012-13 Certified Hockey:

74 John Carlson blue #d 28/99
105 Braden Holtby Masked Marvels Blue 25/50
2012-13 Classics Signatures Hockey: Banner Numbers EN68 Mike Gartner Retired number 11 banner diecut.
2013-14 Score Hockey: Team Score: TS-2 Alex Ovechkin
Plus 13 various Game Used Relic cards
Highlights SENATORS:
2015-16 Upper Deck Hockey: Series 2:
390 Curtis Lazar
2013-14 SP Game Used Hockey: 153 Cory Conacher Authentic Rookie Signature On-Sticker blue sharpie.
2015-16 AHL Hockey: UD4 Tattoos Upper Deck 25th Anniversary logo

Mon 20 Aug 18:
Package 1: TCF Football Team Traders Group from Dominic the Chiefs guy. I think he is one of the guys who has since left the group. A few have left in the last couple of months, and some teams have changed hands. Anyway he sent 35 Redskins cards mostly 1990s.
1989 Pro Set Football:
428 Jim Lachey
429 Charles Mann - this one is a “beater” there is water damage, might have been in a muddy flood who knows? The water damage warping is over half the card both sides. The front top left has a triangular paper loss. Don’t mind though.
1990 Action Packed (not marked as such but it is the first year of the brand) Football:
272 Monte Coleman
273 Darrell Green
274 Charles Mann
275 Wilber Marshall
276 Art Monk
277 Gerald Riggs
279 Ricky Sanders
280 Avlin Walton
1990 Topps Football:
131 Ravin Caldwell
136 Darrell Green
1991 Fleer Football: 385 Darryl Grant (2)
1991 Pacific Football: 530 Tracy Rocker - surface crease visible back only.
1991 Pro Line Portraits Football:
55 Jim Lachey
203 Charles Mann
235 Joe Gibbs
266 Chip Lohmiller
1991 Pro Set Football: 678 Markus Koch
1991 Topps Football:
182 Chip Lohmiller
188 Ed Simmons
1992 Fleer Football: 427 Art Monk
1992 Score Football:
95 Chip Lohmiller
129 Wilber Marshall
302 Gerald Riggs
449 Brad Edwards
1992 Topps Football: 246 Ricky Sanders
1992 Wild Card Football:
134 Earnest Byner
137 Ricky Sanders
1993 Fleer Football: 391 Ricky Ervins
1994 Pinnacle Football: 109 Reggie Brooks
1995 Pinnacle Football: Mark Rypien Defining Moment: 207 Mark Rypien
1997 Topps Stadium Club Football:
7 Darrell Green
66 Michael Westbrook

Package 2: Got my package from a Baseball group box break hosted by Kerry of “Cards on Cards” Blog or maybe it was just him clearing out some Heritage and A&G? A few bloggers recently have had some “cleaning sales” that I took advantage of. Anyway he sent a bunch of Nationals my way. 66 Cards (including 3 Triple Play stickers) plus 4 Topps Album Stickers.
2006 Topps Baseball: National Baseball Card Day Edition: T3 Ryan Zimmerman
2006 Topps Turkey Red Baseball: 606 Ryan Zimmerman
2006 Upper Deck Baseball: Future Stars: 19 Felipe Lopez (2)
2007 Donruss Elite Baseball: Extra Edition: 92 Jacob Smolinski
2012 Triple Play Baseball:
Sticker: 30 Ryan Zimmerman
89 Ryan Zimmerman
90 Stephen Strasburg
264 Stephen Strasburg
2014 Donruss Baseball: The Rookies:
13 Tanner Roark RC
77 Steven Souza RC
2015 Topps Heritage Baseball: 1966 Design
282 Tanner Roark
295 Jayson Werth
New Age Performers: NP-5 Bryce Harper
2015 Stadium Club Baseball: 296 Max Scherzer
2016 Allen & Ginter Baseball:
170 Max Scherzer (2)
254 Bryce Harper
266 Anthony Rendon
293 Jonathan Papelbon
318 Pedro Servrino
344 Ryan Zimmerman
The Numbers Game: NG-97 Stephen Strasburg
2016 Topps Heritage Baseball: 1967 Design
180 NL Rookie Stars: Hector Olivera Braves, Trea Turner Nationals
214 Gio Gonzalez
238 NL Strikeout Leaders: Clayton Kershaw Dodgers, Max Scherzer Nationals and Jake Arrieta Cubs
240 NL Batting Leaders: Dee Gordon Marlins, Bryce Harper Nationals and Paul Goldschmidt Diamondbacks
328 Denard Span (2)
379 Drew Storen
541 Joe Ross
567 Wilson Ramos
New Age Performers: NAP-MSC Max Scherzer
2017 Allen & Ginter Baseball:
75 Max Scherzer (2)
112 Jayson Werth
255 Trea Turner
311 Adam Eaton
2017 Topps Heritage Baseball: 1968 Design
111 Tanner Roark
279 Washington Nationals Team Card with checklist cards 337-351 Front Trea Turner walk-off homer team meeting him at home plate (3)
306 Adam Eaton (2)
320 Jayson Werth
377 Bryce Harper All-Star Puzzle Back
568 Koda Glover
647 Matt Wieters
Then And Now: TAN-14 Juan Marichal Giants and Max Scherzer Nationals
2018 Bowman Baseball:
6 Victor Robles RC
35 Erick Fedde RC (2)
BP3 Daniel Johnson
BP52 Juan Soto
2018 Bowman Chrome Baseball:
BCP2 Carter Kieboom (refractor)
BCP52 Juan Soto (2)
Rookie Of Year Favorites: ROYF-VR Victor Robles
2018 Donruss Baseball: 197 Ryan Zimmerman
2018 Topps Heritage Baseball: 1969 Design
33 Gio Gonzalez
52 Bryce Harper All-Star Puzzle Back
230 Ryan Zimmerman
284 Nationals Rookie Stars: Victor Robles and Andrew Stevenson
315 Sean Doolittle
326 Daniel Murphy
399 1st Series Checklist cards 431-500 Bryce Harper
2018 Topps Baseball Stickers: For Album
248 Screech - Nationals Mascot
250 Trea Turner
251 Anthony Rendon
253 Gio Gonzalez

Mon 27 Aug 18:
The Wrapper #315 Aug 28 to Oct 19, 2018 1957 Topps Isolation Booth Cover

Also got a small Priority mail box from a contest I won from Mark Fuji He packed 56 Orioles and 38 Nationals: 94 cards total. Plus 6 packs of 2018 Topps Series 1 (10 cards per pack) that I haven’t opened yet.
Highlights Nationals:
2014 Topps Bowman Chrome:
46 Anthony Rendon
2016 Topps Baseball: 390 Danny Espinosa
Update: US41 Mark Melancon
2017 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball: 90 Daniel Murphy
2017 Topps Bunt Baseball: 92 Tanner Roark
2018 Topps Opening Day Baseball: 110 Trea Turner
2018 Topps Baseball: 83 Howie Kendrick
2018 Topps Heritage Baseball: 1969 Topps Design: 41 Anthony Rendon
2011 Topps Lineage Baseball: 1952 Topps Design: 52A-MM Michael Morse Autograph on sticker blue sharpie
Highlights Orioles:
1982 Donruss Baseball:
357 Steve Stone
1996 Pinnacle Baseball: The Naturals: 146 Rafael Palmeiro
1998 Fleer Metal Universe Baseball: Hardball Galaxy: 210 Brady Anderson
2005 Donross Classics Baseball: 88 Brian Roberts
2012 Panini Triple Play Baseball: 9 Matt Wieters
2013 Panini Hometown Heroes Baseball: 93 Rick Dempsey
2016 Topps Opening Day Baseball: OD-76 Adam Jones
2017 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball: 49 Kevin Gausman
2008 Upper Deck X Baseball: UDXM-AH Aubrey Huff all white relic
2013 Topps Baseball: All-Star Game: All-Star Stitches: ASR-JH J.J. Hardy All blue event used workout jersey
2010 Panini Donruss Americana: Century Collection: 68 Jim Palmer on sticker autograph black sharpie 201/213

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