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jaderock's Blog
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entry Apr 10 2008, 05:26 PM
* Note everyone has their own interptation of the word "supercollector"...this is my 2 cents *

Although I've never said "Super" ever about my collection (I use Ultimate laugh.gif ), I think in order to be one you need: PASSION (FOCUS, DEDICATION and DETERMINATION), TIME, MONEY and ENJOYMENT!

Focus - EQUALS NO boundaries AND a goal of 100% Completion!!!...willing get anything and everything. None of that "I only collect AUTOS" or "I don't count Printing Plates" stuff!!! Making excuses will not be considered "super". SO it entails collecting base, parallels, inserts, autos, GU, #1/1s, printing plates, variants, sheets, memorabilia, etc

Dedication - When your FOCUS is tested, but you DO NOT waver! For example, when you have to $20 purchase to make a between your player #1/50 insert card and a Triple Auto of Frank Gore, Moats and Fason #/15!!!! And there IS no second guess which one you want...the #1/50 insert of YOUR player.

Determination - as in the unwillingness to give up hope on obtaining a card. Perhaps a card is "Priced too high" or "you just got sniped"...however, you are determined to working out a deal to obtain said card at some point. In fact, neogiations are often started immediately.

Passion IS Focus, Dedication and Determination all rolled up into one.

Other factors are TIME and MONEY.

Time - Sticking with the collection at ALL times - through peaks and valleys OVER a course of MANY YEARS (not several months, not when he's OLNY HOT, not when he's affordable, not when he's on a specific team, etc). In addition, the collection should hoover around 90% completion. Why 90%?!? If you were grading a term paper or what not...that is an "A" score.

Money - collecting WITHIN YOUR MEANS, but NEVER swaying away from your PASSION! SO it's not HOW MUCH $ you have but HOW IT is SPENT!

All the factors above can ONLY equal "super collector" if IT ALSO BRINGS ENJOYMENT to YOU!!!! So complaining about anything above such as "it cost to much" "there's to much product" voids the enjoyment and the title! wink.gif

entry Apr 10 2008, 05:24 PM
Man, I love the NBA and follow the Golden State Warriors. I don't like being a homer and dislike talking to others (especially on message boards) about the team as I am supertitous. Hate it when people blindly support them and conversely bash them. Although I enjoy Charles Barkley and his stupid comments from time to time.

Unfortunately, the Warriors are currently in the 9th spot and OUT of the playoffs right now. It felt so much better being #8 and IN, but the Warriors CONSISTENTLY love playing from behind...I think it's the "we got something to prove" mentality. They haven't even had a TWO game winning streak in the last month!!!!

It's going to be a really TOUGH last 8 games for them...I wish, but it's not looking go for them sad.gif

entry Mar 27 2007, 02:28 AM
I've been listing stuff on ebay for close to a year now full time. The hardest part, for me, is the slow periods when there is no sales. I sell almost exclusively out of my ebay store at retail prices which is part of the reason. But at other times, my prices are right and I find a buyer.

Another scary thing as a seller is the potential "sale gone bad". I've been a longtime buyer for 8+ years and have seen great to horrible sellers in my time. The main concern isn't with scammers, but with delivery of the item as I have no control on that part.

Current objective is to do $3,000 in sales on a monthly basis to become a SILVER Power Seller! I'm hoverong at around $2,400 right now, but business for March has been on the slower side.

entry Jan 1 2007, 02:36 PM
On 12/30, after losing out on a Mark Brunell #1/1 card on ebay. I had some leftover pizza for dinner. Unfortunately, it wasn't right and I spent HOURS vomitting and crapping eveything out of my system. I spent New Year's Eve entirely in bed...only having a glass of water, a glass of apple juice and a pomelo (Chinese Grapefruit). After spending over 32+ hours in bed, I finally felt better New Years day (sort of)...to get back on the computer and do stuff. I definitely will be more careful in what I eat in the future!
It surely was an experience I DO NOT want to revisit EVER!

entry May 13 2006, 09:58 PM
I made it into "Tuff Stuff - June 2006". I submitted a brief description of the collection in November 2005 and my collection finally got some "b" exposure!

Here's the article!
user posted image

entry May 2 2006, 11:36 AM
I have over $3,500 in POSTED BUY offers on Naxcom for various Mark Brunell cards - I've never had a single one executed simply because the cards I need are never found/available/exist.

On April 28, a seller executes one of my offers - 2001 Fleer Autographics SP for $40 - that's 133% of BECKETT BV - I was shocked and asked for a pic or if not did it look like picture 1 or 2.

Picture 1 just happens to be a 2000 Fleer Autographics that I have tons of.

Picture 2 was a 2001 Fleer Autographics example of Torry Holt.

Freaking seller chose #1 - UGH!!!!!! This is not like ebay where I buy what I want, but instead some idiot thinks a 2000 card is a 2001 card and pushes a button and withdraws money from my credit card! I feel like I've literally have been robbed.

It seems there is NO Review process for the buyer to confirm the purchase before it is executed. You must have a Credit Card on file to post BUY offers AND the BUYER doesn't know how much is being charged for s/h/insurance! This set up is a total joke!

I better get my purchase price, s&h with ins and my cost for sending back this "mistake" of theirs. Totally unacceptable.

entry Apr 13 2006, 01:46 AM
Even though it's not even listed as cards on Beckett and not worth much to anyone, I finally completed a card (4 peices) that I didn't even consider doing until a fellow player collector asked if I needed some peices that he had extra! The last peice which I found today was hidden in a shoebox of common Brunell cards. Boy I'm glad I found it - SWEET!

user posted image

entry Mar 13 2006, 10:00 PM
Boy did 2005 leave Mark Brunell out of any sets!!! Well until 2005 Donruss Gridiron Gear came in February 2006 - no base card, but
1 insert with 10 parallels - 7 of which are Jersey/Patch cards!

The list:

Performers #/500
Performers Silver #/250
Performers Gold #/100
Performers Platinum #/25
Performers Jersey #/150
Performers Jumbo Jerssey #/100
Performers Numbers Patch #/100
Performers NamePlate Patch #/50
Performers Jumbo Prime #/27
Performers Team Logo #/25
Performers Dual Patch #/50

Still looking for Jumbo Prime and Silver and gold parallel.

entry Feb 24 2006, 01:04 AM
Wow! What a 3 hour run I had today between (4pm-7pm)! I picked up a 2004 Lead Certified Mirror Black #1/1, a set of 4 back printing plates of 1999 Collector's Edge Triumph Y3K, 2005 Gridiron Gear Dual Number/Nameplate Patch (#/50) and 2 2005 Gridiron Preformers #/500 and #/25!!! When they come in bunches, they come in bunches...when it's slow, it's slow for weeks at a time.

entry Feb 7 2006, 04:58 AM
Ran an "Image Search" on Yahoo under "Brunell" and ran across these 2 Phonecards that are NEW to me. They are NOT in any Annuals nor are they catologued in Becketts OPG/Checklist.
user posted image
1995-96 Special Issue Jacksonville Jaguars Autographed Cat Face Card - Only (150) $20 Cat Face General Public Cards were autographed by Quarterback Mark Brunell
user posted image
user posted image
#8 Mark Brunell
System: Proprietary
Denom: $50; Mintage: 3,000
Iss: 1998; Exp: Jan 31 1999

Very interesting - now I gotta chase another 2 items! laugh.gif

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