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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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entry Aug 17 2007, 01:58 PM
My PhotoBucket has been updated with the scans of the Basketball cards I have up for trade. Some of them I might try auctioning off up at The Bay to see if there is any interest there (Since there may be collectors out there that are not aware of TCC ohmy.gif )

Here is the link: My Trade Bucket

 | Category: Basketball
entry Aug 15 2007, 10:09 PM
Last Edited 17Sep07: For Trade and or Ebay Auctions.

Since I am no longer into basketball, I'd like to trade away my Basketball cards. I have aprox. 30 cards all Topps 1975-76 (From the 1974-75 Season)

Am looking to trade for Baseball or Football of My fave teams or 70s players. Depends on what you got.

All are in excellent shape, most have sharp corners, some are worn. some are off center (I'll try to mention those that are). They are all scanned in my Trade Bucket.

#1 Scoring Avg. Leaders (McAdoo, Barry & Jabbar) - ON EBAY
#29 Fred Foster - Cavaliers - ON EBAY
#39 Dennis Awtrey - Suns (off center to left) - ON EBAY
#40 Sidney Wicks - Blazers - ON EBAY
#46 Jim Brewer - Cavaliers - CARD SOLD
#57 Nate Hawtorne - Suns - ON EBAY
#58 Lloyd Neal - Blazers -(slightly off center right) - ON EBAY
#67 Rick Adelman - Kings - (slightly off center left) - ON EBAY
#69 Derrek Dickey - Warriors - ON EBAY
#75 Pete Maravich - Jazz - CARD TRADED
#140 Bob Love - Bulls (slightly off center right) - ON EBAY
#141 John Gianelli - Knicks - ON EBAY
#142 Larry McNeill - Kings (slightly off center right) - ON EBAY
#174 Jim Davis - Pistons - ON EBAY
#191 John Brown - Hawks - ON EBAY
#195 Connie Hawkins - Lakers (off center left) - ON EBAY
#216 Philadelphia 76ers Team Card - ON EBAY
#230 George Carter - Sounds - ON EBAY
#233 George Gervin - Spurs - CARD TRADED
#240 Ralph Simpson - Nuggets (a little off center right) - ON EBAY
#287 Virginia Squires Team Leaders (Wise, Robbins, Vaughn & Twardzik) - ON EBAY
#289 Wilbert Jones - Colonels (off center right) - ON EBAY
#299 Don Buse - Pacers (off center right) - CARD SOLD
#305 Caldwell Jones - Sails - ON EBAY
#314 Bob Netolicky - Pacers - CARD SOLD
#321 Denver Nuggets Team Card - ON EBAY

Here are some NFT that will stay in my PC for now:
#151 Leonard Robinson - Bullets (I once had a t-shirt with his name/number from a t-shirt night at the Cap Center on School Safety Patrol night)
#160 Dave Bing - Pistons (gum stain on back)
#173 Clem Haskins - Bullets
#190 Phil Chenier - Bullets

*Cards listed in RED have been traded or sold.
*Cards listed in BLUE are online for sale at Ebay or Ecrater.
I also have a "big" card from the early 80s a Bullet I might keep, but if I remember right it's not in great shape as I had found it (outside I think) I forget which card it is, I need to find which box I have it in.

entry Aug 15 2007, 11:49 AM
Just trying this out right now. The plan for this blog (I have a regular blog Kirk's Knook for normal stuff) is to have a blog that just deals with my trading card collection. OK so.

I collect:
Hockey (Some)
CCG (a little)

To some of you it might sound odd, but I am not into all these jersey, game used, balls, bats, pucks, patches, artifacts cards at all. My thinking on this is why chop up something like a jersey into 10,000 little 1 inch pieces when you could preserve the whole thing in one piece? Sure 10,000 cards gives 10,000 collectors a little piece of history, but wouldn't a full jersey be more meaningful? I think this new (releatively new from an old collectors point of view) inovation to the hobby is destroying it, and the memorabilia items they cut up to use for the cards.

I have some Basketball cards from the 70s that I am looking to either sell or trade. I will have to list them soon. I would want either Baseball or Football in return.

In the Non-Sports Arena my big search right now is for a card from the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves set by Topps #72 from the 88 card test set (I have all the rest of the set, which I got through Ebay, but that card was missing the seller didn't realize it was missing). I could get another set, which I might end up doing if I can't get it indiviually, but searching for one card is more fun.

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