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> CaptKirk42's Collection, Check often for Updates

post Jan 23 2009, 03:10 PM
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user posted image

OK so here is where I will put some of my Fave cards from my vast never ending collection. First off in my TCC BLOG I usually mention the latest cards I have gotten from Group Breaks, Ebay, Trades etc. I also try to mention those cards in the Mail Day board. I have some of my cards in My TCC Gallery but not very many and I don't think there is much traffic there. I think SHOW & TELL is the highest traffic area to show off part of my Collection.

I'm a life-long fan of both the WASHINGTON REDSKINS and the LOS ANGELES/ST. LOUIS RAMS. Why the REDSKINS? Easy I was born and raised in the WASHINGTON DC area, they are my Homie Team. Why The RAMS? Well it maybe because I was born under the astrological sign of the ram. Anyway that is my story and I'm sticking with it. So Thus is why I am a RAMSKINS Fan.

I've been collecting cards for most of my life, During my 20s-30s it was mostly off and on, so I have some gaps during the 80s-90s overproduced years. I think that was what turned me away from the hobby for a little while. Over the years my trading tastes have changed, I used to do the typical try to get the whole set, but with full sets being 100s of cards, plus a 100 or so inserts, you need to have access to more money than I have. My Signature has my want lists (I'm not sure how current they are, I need to update them I think) and main areas of interest.

My main interests (in case you want to trade, sell or give me something) are:

Current and Vintage (especially 60s & 70s), heck almost all years.

NFL: Rams (L.A. & St. Louis), Redskins, HOFers (Mostly 1970s and back)

MLB: Nationals (Thus Expos, heck I was into them in the early 70s because of the Red/White/Blue Logo), Senators, Orioles, some Mets and Rockies, - Vintage Teams: Senators, Pilots, 45's

NHL: Capitals mostly with some HOFers.

NBA: Not much into it but Bullets/Wizards is about it. If I can score some good MJ in Wizards or vintage Bullets Unis then great.

I DON'T collect Letterman cards, and I'm going to phase out my GU eventually, it's mostly the concept of the things. That doesn't mean I won't admire the things. I collect Rookie cars, but I try to stay away from Sage and the College Only Products. I have some college cards, some of which I will keep of players I like, but I'm not going out of my way for them.

Anyway one of my absolute fave cards I've had since way back when. I think it must have originally belonged to one of my Brothers when we were kids. It is one of my faves because it is my Birth year 1965:

1965 Topps Ernie Banks
user posted image

Another fave is:

1974 Topps Washington National League Team Card: user posted image

Around 1973-1974 there were rumors the San Diego Padres were going to move to Washington DC to fill the gap that the Senators who skipped off to Texas to become the Rangers had left behind. Well we all know it took 33some years for Baseball to return to DC. So Topps produced about 15 cards marked with Washington NAT'L League using the Padres colors and regular photos. The only difference in the cards are the Team name, the card numbers on the backs are the same as the regular issue. The full set of both "Teams" is difficult to do, but not impossible. Somewhere I've got some dupes of a few of them since I had tried to build the team sets one-by-one but then when I reconnected with my local card shop one of the owners built a set for me. Next stop is to finally get the entire 1974 Topps Baseball set together. I used to be into the 1975 set back in the day, but now I'm not.

NOTE: This first post is subject to updates. I hope you enjoy viewing this thread and occasionally track it.

This post has been edited by captkirk42: Nov 27 2010, 11:22 PM

What I Collect
Washington DC area Sports teams and Vintage plus Non-Sport.
user posted image
Master Want List on Blog

TCC BLOG/ CaptKirk42 Card Blog/ Curly W Cards/ CaptKirk42 on COMC/ My Ecrater Store/ My Squidoo.com lense

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