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kooljazz1966's Blog
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entry Oct 2 2006, 10:33 PM
Well, mail was decent today..Upper Deck sent a card to bide some time for being on their tails tongue.gif . Kevbo hooked me up with Hunter Pence!! X-fractor. The Army is tripping again...They want me to train the Iraqi Army..again....Oh well, This week I blew 4 grand on home improvement. They started today....Patio cover and expanding the deck. The ladies seem happy...so I'm happy...I now officially have a garden lot biggrin.gif . I will flip this house in 2-3 years or rent it out hopefully. ..I'm a yard man. But come Friday, I will have some serious shade! ..The neighbors are in awe again...Don't know why..Ain't hard when you actually think things out.
Fantasy football sucked this week...I lost in all leagues that count for something....Won in the TCC freebie go figure..Ran 4 miles and hit the weight room hard friday...I pulled upper hamstring/hip flexor. hopefully wednesday I can run again. My wife has been harrassing me give me crap about being an old man... laugh.gif Well good night all. Trade-A-Thon didn't work out to well for me..injury and all...oh well wink.gif

entry Aug 20 2006, 08:43 PM
20 Aug 2006:

Overall the show was so, so..I picked up most of the A & G singles for my set. Now only need Colon and Danica and the set is done. Also picked up Tatum Bell Bowman SOF RC auto, Troy Tulowitzki Bowman SOF RC auto, Russ Martin Bowman Chrome RC, David Wright Bowman Heritage RC, 4 x Style 52 autos (2x via trade, 2 for $20), Was able able to move A & G singles, SPs, and minis at the show; that was pretty kool cause I'd hate to be stuck with too many dupes. I'm doing the show in Austin on the 10th of Sept then back here in San Antonio for Oct, Nov, Dec.

I fly to arizona for a conference Nov 1-2 so I 'll get there the day prior and hopefully fly out the night of the 2nd. I will likely fly back out there for a 2 week course 4-15 Dec.

Can't believe it tried to drizzle for literally 30 secs. The drought and 100 plus temps have been pretty brutal here in SA, TX.

Both my fantasy Baseball teams had a lackluster week mad.gif
Hope to bounce back this coming week. I made some moves/trades that I think will help out.

Hope to get some trades done on TCC this week...Thanks for stopping by. And oh yeah, hopefully we can get some Chrome live breaks done some time the middle of the week. I need a Justin Upton RC Auto!! Thanks for stopping by and take care.

entry Aug 11 2006, 08:07 AM
9 Aug was a blur.......

10 Aug:

Got the 52' auto in the mail from aceecards!. Picked up 2 boxes of Allen & Ginter Hobby boxes; Sweet stuff. May have put the base set in pages...Beautiful cards! Also finally acquired a 1984 Donruss Don Mattingly RC for $20, should grade out as a BGS 9.
As a second thought also purchased the 2006 Upper Deck NFL Players Rookie Premiere Box set, all in NFL gear. Have not opened the box set yet, hope to pull an auto in it. Opened one of the A & G boxes live last night. Here is the hit:

user posted image

Never pulled the mick before......Sweet!!! very satisfied with the break. Will break the other box tonite. Well, gotta get ready for work. Thank God its Friday and planes are not falling out of the sky!!

entry Aug 11 2006, 08:07 AM
Mail day was tiz ight!!

The NFl draft via westpointg was....shall I say the bomb..don't have 2 fire any scouts or coaches just yet tongue.gif

I got Reggie Bush in the 4th rd...unreal... ohmy.gif nuff said on a #1 DP

I had to go for the jugular early...QBs Peyton M., C. Palmer yada, yada, etc...

entry Aug 8 2006, 10:48 PM
No mail...rats!!!

Anyway,... Everyone is geeked up about Fantasy football...we will see.

I'm ready to concentrate on old school again...so it looks like I'll be parting with the new school.

Imagine what you could get for a David Wright Bowman Chrome RC auto in old school today...no problem for me.

I love this hobby.....Wish everyone else, member did.

When you are surrounded by incompetence at/in the work place, what are you left to do? (answer: go to TCC.com biggrin.gif biggrin.gif ); Then afterwards instead of being a part of the problem, try to fix the problem..nuff said.

I am not worried but concerned about a friend's upcoming drivers test...They make me nervous in replies...but no worry, God is good he will take of you. wink.gif

I have a few due outs...will make it happen shortly via USPS.

Welcome back BobTCC...things been pretty crazy since you been gone.

Bottomline, The owner can never take a vacation laugh.gif ...sucks to be you. biggrin.gif

As for me I may go away for awhile...not sure...But I got to start and finish a book that will likely make the big screen...never fear....I know where I came from tongue.gif . nite, nite.--Jazzzzzzzzzzzz

entry Aug 6 2006, 10:41 PM
Well, Well...has the dust settled yet?
I certainly hope so...can't believe I blew off going in today for all the online drama today.
To paraphrase Stephen A...Quite frankly, today was Whack starting with a STAFF member on the nameless one's trading site.

I may not be the sharpest knife in the cabinet, but I can still cut like a razor!...

Saw some sweet stuff on TCC listed FT/FS today, however, was not in the cards for me to have I guess...It wasn't for lack of effort mind you...sometimes it just turns out that way.

Chromie4life is gonna be a big baller on TCC once he finds his comfort zone...Chromies future looks bright...as long as he doesn't blow it and get banned from the site..definitely has some sweet inventory.

KHarmon made my day with a Raider offer...I will sleep well tonite thinking of a trade with America's finest.

Aceecards, FFman.....can't say enough about you too...probably would have lost my Koolness and got kicked off behind explicit lyrics today if it were not for the two of you, thanks for the assist and helping me keep things in perspective. Skatalite where are you when I need you the mosT!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

What has Sinatraking, DDandy, and Bob been up to lately...Bob I haven't forgot about you bro...believe me the pirates package I put together will be...well, I will leave it at that.

I'm cuttinig it short...will try to add a few more scans to the pbucket tonite...starting with a centerpiece of my PC...1968 Mickey Mantle and an old school Jackie Robinson. PC means PC nuff said!!

Nite, Nite TCC

entry Aug 6 2006, 02:00 AM
Today was a good day, after work of course,...I detest working on the weekends...luckily, only have to do it once a month.

Anyway, mailbox yielded a 04-05 E-XL SOT Chris Duhon Red Jersey RC Auto #/100..not a bad day

Aceecards, hooked a brother up with a Style 52 auto today..of course I reciprocated...97 Donruss Sigs Matt Morris auto (cardinals) win,win..both sides (a tie?)!

Well, made some suggestions today to TCC..don't know if they were old rehashed thoughts or not...were fresh to me. biggrin.gif

Got a kool! with a capital K banner this evening courtesy of KevinLundqvistNY? close enuff...kool dude...got it as part of a trade...Jered Weaver RC for the future of NYC...Dellin Betances Auto...had to think hard bout that one..well, I hope the kid pans out for em'. Hope he doesn't be a Brien Taylor reincarnate...nuff said.

I can smell Bowman Chrome baseball around the corner...it makes me smile biggrin.gif...this is gonna be a great month for product release. Just wish I had more dicrestionary cash to float around...choices, choices.. dry.gif

Well, Miles served TCC well, but the fat lady is warming her throat...who or what pic is on deck?....nite, nite

user posted image

entry Aug 3 2006, 07:37 PM
Today was blah, blah.....
Decent mail day got: via online trade 2003 Studio Private Signings Slick Vic Martinez Auto /200, My very first Jeter GU card- 2006 Epic /185 and an ebay purchase: Willie Norwood Topps 52' auto.

The 52' auto set is killing me. Tarasadie has a Billy Paultz and I need it. She/He needs Kings of all teams biggrin.gif (my weak link in my collection).

FFman a preacher I think, everytime we talk via pm I feel at peace. might want to change his handle/callsign to ThePope or Godfather, I sorta like the Godfather.

Tonite I'm making Brats & Kraut with a side of Goya Blackbeans w/ 4 cheeses for the family. I hope V for Vendetta is good, that's the main attraction tonite.

I hope to revamp my pbucket Sunday gotta work Saturday and maybe Sunday morning to grade a physical fitness test for about 40 folks.

It's been blistering for all summer; can't wait for a kool reprieve. Surprised not as many wildfires across the country.

Still waiting to for selection letter from TCC as a TCC Team Guru, etc..

Does anyone realize, mainly libs, that we are in a world war. Didn't think I would actually be apart of it in my lifetime, thought my daughter and beyond would have to deal with it. Well, these are trying times we live in ladies and gents and one fatal move on the chess board could put literally put mankind back into the stone ages. As for me, I'm not quite ready to become a cave dweller. I've been privileged to see and live in third world countries, eat what they eat, etc..All I can say is life ain't fair. I accept it. If everyone accepted it we would see peace. I was poor for most of my life, but did I blame anyone for the situation I was born in no. I did something about it...starting with very modest education, and a conviction to attain a better life for me and mine. It's still a worthy struggle but never at the expense of others ie Lay/ skillen of ENRON.
Personally, I don't blame lay and all for trying to beat the system. I blame them for getting caught. The employees who lost all their retirement investments should realize its their own fault. They didn't diversify. Stupid. It anything (stocks) sound too good it probably is too good. Everything in the market ebbs and flows except the 8th wonder of the World (Wal-Mart) biggrin.gif.
Bernake is a puppet...nuff said with no charisma but he is no fool which makes him dangerous for all of us and our economy.
All I can say is what Freddie Mercury would say to Allan Greenspan..." Who wants to live forever?!!" nite, nite..

entry Aug 2 2006, 10:08 PM
From the womb...well, maybe not ...too
too personal.
2 Aug 06: Gandalf called me greedy today in a proposed trade. Just got one thing to say...1 man's trash another man's treasure..nuff said.
- finally got a trade done today w/ TySingleton..sorry about Rickie though...he's done for the season...had to drop 'em of my roster
-Gotta figure out how to get my daughter a new clarinet..personally, I like the Selmer C200? whatever..it plays!..She wants a Buffet..$$$$!!!...(will trade for a decent used one- Bb flat)
-The Spurs open the season vs. the Mavs in Dallas, Nov 2 and come home Nov 3 to play the Cavs, LBJ23, I need tickets now!!!!!!!!!!!
- Picked up V for Vendetta Widescreen yesterday...I hope its good
- Gotta find the Caricature of Condi Rice online tonite by Mideast cartoonist, I guess, reportedly depicts here w/ a monkey in the womb, what gives? Unreal if true....The World is going to hell in a hand basket
-Don't know what wax to bust this month besides Bowman chrome..We got Topps FB, Bowman Elevation Bkb, and other stuff..decisions, decisions.
-Basketballstar21 is playing me
-oldspice what gives? I can smell the scent.
-I need to put stuff on ebay..been too long
-I work with mrons..not too be confused w/ enrons


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