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Finally figuring out "the game"

So in my 6+ years of collecting ive never had any kind of luck whatsoever! Now, if you knew me, you would know im in a wheelchair and have been my entire life, so you would think MAYBE i would get some luck. Not so fast...The previous 5 years ive collected ive probably spent close to $6000 on packs and boxes and only ONCE (3 years ago) did i get a nice pull, and that day it happened to be 2 (jwall on card auto followed by a kobe bryant redemption jersey auto) besides that, nothing! $5 cards at best!! But recently (this summer) my luck is turning around!!!

ive never been able to afford boxes before this summer and i finally started busting them! for some reason i had a hunch to start picking boxes with the lowest serial number in the case!!!

since then, im in the money!! i like to think that the hobby is FINALLY beginning to pay off!!! not only in my most recent breaks did a get 2 case hits in one day (2 different shops) but i even pulled a SICK (redemption) of a PATCH AUTO of Rob Gronkowski /10!!!

All i know is if this keeps going, i soon may FINALLY hit the motherload!!! but no one knows, which is why its so addicting!

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