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The Collection

I started collecting cards as a child. It all started with baseball. Nolan Ryan was my first "super collection". Now, this is before anyone ever dreamed of a piece of cloth being put between two cards. I can't remember when I first heard of autographs being inserted into cards, but I do remember holograms. To get one of these was the ultimate find. My favorite where the ones Marvel put out with holograms of Wolverine, Cosmic Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Magneto, and Spider-Man vs Green Goblin. Then, came the ultimate hologram set of Emmitt Smith in 92 Pro Line. I actually pulled one out of a box my dad had. He sold them out of his barber shop, so I got packs of cards for an allowance in place of money(some of the time).

Around the time I turned 13, I put the cards away. There were too many cards needed for a set, and other things I wanted to spend my money on. It wasn't until I went to a sports memorabilia shop looking for a Saints jersey. They had a case full of cards there as well and I noticed a Chad Johnson on card auto on sale for only $15. I couldn't believe it. Just from the way holograms were inserted, I figured this must be quite a find. The holograms sold for $40-$50 depending on which one you had. I bought it and held on to it for a 3-4 months, just in awe of the deal I had gotten.

I finally went to the local place that I used to go to as a kid to see about getting back into the hobby, Paper Heroes. PH had been in three different locations since I used to go there, so it definitely looked different. I then came to realize that these were a lot more common than I thought. I immediately bought a box that just came out, 2006 Press Pass Signature Edition. I didn't pull anything major, but I did get a Lendale White, and a Omar Jacobs/25(I still have it, not by choice, lol). Thus began my journey back to collecting.

I have tried a couple of different sets, 04 Signature Edition dual auto jerseys, and 07 Threads letterman rookie set. I got frustrated with each one rather quickly. The 04 set was just too complicated because I still wanted to do a lot of trading but had to use my best stuff for these, and some of the set used a redemption. The 07 made me mad because I was using good trade bait for rookies that would amount to nothing. I have finally found three sets that I am going to finish. I don't trade anymore unless it's something I really want, so I can focus more on something like this. My kids love the Disney reel cards I am doing that one with them. I love coach autos so I am going to do the 04 Side-line generals set Then there is the 09 Unique dual and triple auto set. There are four mini-sets within the set. Dual autos numbered to 25, dual auto jerseys #ed to 10, triple autos numbered to 10, and triple auto jerseys numbered to 5. The line-up for the set is amazing and should be a fun project for the next few years. So, wish my luck.

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