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Welcome, Guest. The Collector Zone is a free community for trading card collectors - both sports and non-sports. There are forums for all of the major sports, non-sports, autographs and other hobby-related information. In addition, there are areas to trade, buy and sell with other collectors. Our members have now completed over 48,125 collector-to-collector transactions using our easy-to-use Transaction Manager.

With over 30,500 collectors and over 2,750,000 posts, there's plenty of ways to get involved with the other members - either in discussions or with trading. So, are you ready to join and start meeting other collectors?

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Scott's Sport Central
You will find a whole bunch of information on me and my intrests.
entry Apr 12 2010, 11:35 PM
where should i start... Its been about 2 years since i have been active on this site. i feel better now that i am apart of this community again. I see it has grown Large. And with being here like one of the senior members, its hard not to see one of them cool logos under my name. but hey, thats what i get.. well afew things, i have began a great career as a truck driver been to almost all states, except vermont. i was married and now divorced, which sucks, ill miss and love her. and ready to what RGB says, COLLECT HARD. im on a new ambition to, um... COLLECT HARD. and i have nothing holding me back, well except a cracked up car. but what do i need that for. so im kinda on a 3 month stint, busy time, to save up money and to make some online purchases through a few key dealers. ok, ill be honest, i own my own company, cuz of this truck, and i have a tax id smile.gif.

my goal is to have plenty of product wating at my dads house. yes my fathers house, living there cuz its dumb to pay for a place and only be there 1 month total out of the year. so i can rip some boxes and sell/trade some cards. i missed that aspect. also my sell some boxes for cheap prices. so who knows what will be happening.

check back here on my blog for a continued list of products that ill be purchasing.


FYI: i hope i can get my hands on 2 cases of allen & Gintner.... smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

entry May 31 2006, 09:15 AM
Well yesterday I had to work and could not be on so it was no biggie. Today I get my check, Ya money. Well to be honest I need to read aces book to find out how to save and have money to spend all of the time. I enjoy the atmosphere here, people are great. I want everyone to know, First i need more people reading this, that on June 2 I will be telling something special. Till then see ya later.

entry May 30 2006, 09:33 AM
Big weekend, eh, not really. I and my girlfriend are planning a trip to Wisconsin Dells in june. Should be fun. I get paid tonight. I work in a bar/superclub type setup. The job aint bad but it has been way to freakin hot out. In the Kitchen it is over a hundred degrees. Well nothing else happened this weekend just work. My girls last day of school is on thursday, YAY. She is so pretty and beautiful you would not belive.

Also I have developed a new stuff for trade. I have actually made personal cards of my self using my senoir pictures. iwill explaing more on how you can make these in the future.

Entry May 24

entry May 24 2006, 01:27 PM
Hye everyone, welcome to my Blog, Scotty is Blog.... Ha. Just had to poke a little at my good friend Mick Foley, traitor. Any hoot, just wanted everyone to know I have finnally started my Blog. Thanks Bob for this space, since in the coming months I will be using quite alot, he he. So well I as sit here, waiting for my mail man to walk on my porch to deposite his load of mail in my box, I want to let everyone know that I have a few things that is going to buzzing around in my blog. Well I should tell you that all of my pack pulls will be here and all of my successes in trade and TTM and NPN will be in here as well. Including the forum as well. I want this to be fun and as well as funny. So Just sit back, or forward if you cant see the screen, or if you have been if front of the computer for way to ong today, and read what happened today.

Well I have been going to a place called Book World in my skimpy town. A few weeks back I noticed they had cards there. So I bought a couple of Topps Chrome Basketball and Pulled a Gu from the 2 packs i bought. SWEET!! It was a Devin harris Refractor. Then Today I went back for more. I bought 2 packs of Topps Heritage Chrome WWE, and BAM!! ( sorry emril for use of your Trademark) I pulled a JBL Vs Batista EU Mat card. It prorably books for close to $25 I assume. I Was amazed that I pulled a Card that I am Reciving in a trade..DUH-oh. I wish it could of been something else..

Sooner or later I am going to be sending tons of TTM out to see what i get back. I will keep you posted on who I will send out. Some are Musicans and i will send 10 out at a time.

Right now I am working on 3 trades. that is so cool, that will bring my total up to 4. Some Peole above me in posts have way less than me. I feel special.

Well that wraps up todays blog, Im sures your eyes hurt cause mine do to from watching the keys that i hit. Ha. So you are free to post comments and stuff. Thanks for reading my First blog entry. Oh the next one is due by Friday, till then good luck and good night.


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