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2003/2004 Fleer Patchworks Basketball

Date: January 2009

18 packs/5 cards; 3 game-worn cards per hobby box, one of which is a patch. So I got this hobby box off of ebay, it was an 03/04 product so I couldn't pass up. At the end you will find what I paid. I did a bit better than the stated odds I would say...I would assume I came across a hot box, but I couldn't find much info online about this product's ratios and odds etc. Couple things I know were that I got at least 1 case hit and I that I did so much better than I would've ever expected. Let's get to the results:

Rookie (1:15)

zarko cabarkapa 11/50 (i know, wow)

Insert (1:24)

by the numbers- lebron james!

Parallel (1:40)

jason williams 06/50

Now to the good stuff....all patches...


licensed apparel

mike dunleavy 049/100
steve francis 39/50
paul pierce 006/150
latrell sprewell 013/100

patchworks- kenyon martin 20/50

and for the case hit.......

vince carter collection auto patch 11/15!

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

Let me just mention a little bit about what was going on. As I was opening, it seemed pretty normal at first. As I open from the top, I remember seeing one card and a thick card. I'm assuming that's the patch so I save it for the end. I go through more packs and at this point I am maybe two-thirds through. So I open the top of the remaining packs, must've been 2 stacks of 3. Maybe all of them except for one has an equally thick card in them....I'm thinking well these can't be decoys...can they? Pack after pack I go through, there's a patch! It was my lucky day, I couldn't believe it. So this was a great break for 55 bucks I'd say. I wasn't too crazy about the look of the base at first. But then I realized the black half of the card would look really nice signed in decocolor silver. Well thanks for looking.

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