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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
entry Apr 28 2013, 04:40 AM
ON Saturday 27 April 2013 I got a ton of books, no wait I got two packages of cards one from Ebay purchase(s) and one from the Football Group Break over at TCZ hosted by Mike.

First the football break cards. My teams are Rams and Ravens this month of April my random/draft teams were Da Bears and Da Vikes. Here is my goodies list:

2011 Panini Donruss Elite Football
7 Anquan Boldin Ravens
8 Joe Flacco Ravens
9 Ray Rice Ravens
16 Devin Hester Bears
17 Jay Cutler Bears
18 Johnny Knox Bears
19 Matt Forte Bears
54 Adrian Peterson Vikings
55 Percy Harvin Vikings
56 Tarvaris Jackson Vikings
89 Danny Amendola Rams
90 Sam Bradford Rams
91 Steven Jackson Rams

2012 Panini Absolute Football
60 Adrian Peterson Vikings
Gold Spectrum 63 Drew Brees Saints #d 1/25

2010 Panini Plates and Patches Football
89 Danny Amendola Rams Red Base? #d 016/499
Prime Rookie Patch Auto* 224 Mardy Gilyard Rams - 3 color GU (Gold/white w/threading/ blue) with blue "on-card" (or on cut) sig in blue sharpie #d 470/699

*Sort of tired of the card companies making all these minute variations of cards that you have to search 20 different levels of variations just to realize your card is condsidered the "base" version (even if they do seal it in a hinged case).

Oh plus a couple of cards I got from Ebay that I will feature on my Curly W Cards Blog. Two sketch cards both in color w/ FREE SHIPPING. One was pretty much at my absolute top price for a new individual card seeing as it was a 1/1 sketch I decided to pull the trigger for it at $34.99 the other was a more comfortable (to me) $24.99 both are by the same artist Qwasian. I like them, the artist isn't super great but still has plenty of artistic talent. Each sketch I saw at his? Ebay some flaws but sometimes that is what makes sketches appealing.

First the more expensive one that is on a "canvas" textured card (guess that is why it was the $35) of Bryce Harper Nationals - Head shot in blue away batting helmet.

user posted image

The other card I saw first and just HAD to have. It is also a head shot of Bryce Harper Nationals but Bryce is in a retro throwback 1920s/40s? Senators/Nationals cap and it is in the style of the 1953 Topps Baseball cards.

user posted image

Both cards have blank backs and both have some of the ink/paint bleeding through to the back the batting helmet one more so. I think both are done in watercolor. Not sure the artist appears to use different mediums according to descriptions and other samples of his work.

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