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 | Category: bag of bones
entry Oct 4 2007, 04:05 PM
Well, work tomorrow and Saturday, so I guess that means the card show gets put off until Sunday. Hope that means some good deals...

Oh look, there's a ghost in the yard. ohmy.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Oct 1 2007, 01:11 PM
30 days until Hallowe'en.

Decorations started going up last night. Going to wait on some of the outdoor decor until we stop watering the lawn. Just have to wait for those temps to drop into the 60's on a regular basis, and it's spooky time!

Card show this weekend...maybe going to go...I don't know...seems to be the same stuff every time....but haven't been in six months, so, maybe there's a chance of someone new showing up with some goodies...since hockey is hitting the ice this week...just hate seeing the same stuff at the same (over)price with each visit.

Right now I have no plans to buy any new product...last season it just seemed to sit after I cracked it...seems a waste...just some cherry picking offers, too few on the team trading platform...that's all I'm really after with new product these days, any new av's stuff. Too hard to put sets together anymore, costs an arm and leg just to crack a pair of boxes, when I can buy the set on secondary for a few bucks... wink.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Sep 27 2007, 04:16 PM
Two days left until the season gets rolling punk.gif

Of course it would be two teams I could care less about, but it should be a nice follow-up to the Junior hockey game here tomorrow night, which is just down the street.

And then it's time to put up the Hallowe'en decorations for the month long festival that brings in around here. I think a rink with skating skeletons would be a nice touch to this years decorum...that should be a challenge. wink.gif

The decorations have been getting better, although a bit pricey sometimes. I prefer scary to goofy when it comes to decorations. Bought a couple of skulls on stakes that should blend nicely with the graveyard plan.

Always carve about 10 jack-o-lanterns for the front walk, managed to pick up a few items at yard sales too. And that's just outside, usually we do a whole room inside too. scared.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Sep 25 2007, 01:52 PM
Updated some pics in the gallery today, or at least I thought I did...somehow they aren't displaying as they should, old pics still where the new ones should be...

Anyhoo, card show coming next weekend, hope there are some fresh faces there. That is where the deals are. Nothing worse than looking thru the same old tired inventories of stuff that I have no interest in.

List is getting short these days, tough to find stuff, where did it all go? Packed away in a forgotten box somewhere??

Planted some flowers for the fall season, and some for the spring, then it rained copiously afterward, excellent.

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Sep 15 2007, 11:25 AM
Sweet!! Preseason exhibitions in only 2 days. For some reason they aren't on TV...never understood that... ohmy.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Sep 11 2007, 12:19 PM
In less than a month there will be something sportswise to watch on TV!!

Got a hint of hockey in the air yesterday, nice cool 60 degree day. Won't be long now until those leaves change and the air holds a slight chill.

Not to mention there will be plenty of hockey at the local rinks.

Training camp is coming!!

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Sep 4 2007, 12:53 PM
Avalanche training camp announced!!

Finally get to see the team back on the ice this month. For the first time I can actually attend both the rookie camp and the main camp. Hope that means some autographs smile.gif

Summer's been way too long this time thru rolleyes.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Jul 16 2007, 01:30 PM
Last weekend, headed up to Jones Pass for some camping and hiking. Good time, but the road over the pass was still snowed in, so we didn't get to see the other side of that range on this trip.

Headed up to Grand Junction for a visit, dropped in at the party on Saturday, plenty hot out there too. Easy way to put 500 miles on in a weekend.

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Jun 9 2007, 06:00 PM
Spent last weekend at the Dunes, lots of fun for the kids and for us. Guess we got out of there at a good time, lightning started a fire this past week and the wind was horrible down there. Would not have been much fun in a tent.

Rode the bike along a new trail today, good ride of about 10 miles, wish some of the routes were a little better marked, but not too bad for a morning ride of 45 minutes. Trying to ride every other day for about that amount. Then I can reward myself with a new bike in a few months smile.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry May 16 2007, 09:38 PM
Picked up a couple more adds before summer hits, one real nice issue of Roy from 1996-97 called Game Film...tried to scan but it didn't show well, nonetheless a very nice addition. Also picked up the Cumiskey issue from Hot Prospects.

 | Category: bag of bones
entry May 10 2007, 05:27 PM
Lot of stuff to get caught up on and done around the house now that spring has arrived, so my visits will be far fewer thru the next few weeks.

Painting, fixing stuff, cleaning out the stuff we haven't seen in years but seems to need to be kept for some reason???!!

Will stop in when I get the chance cool.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry May 3 2007, 08:31 PM
About 30 of my most recent pictures just disappeared from the gallery over the last two days -- two whole albums of stuff from the last two months...what the heck?? unsure.gif

Okay, all fixed now, whew smile.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Apr 30 2007, 01:38 PM
Hmmmm... dry.gif

Why is it I have a stack of Forsberg cards up for trade without offers rolling in? I ask because when I go to the bay to look for issues on the guy there are always bids in for more than I would pay for them. This is bizarre, one of those things I just don't get about this hobby. Unproven guys base cards going for ridiculous rates, proven superstar cards sitting without offers for months on end... blink.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Apr 29 2007, 03:30 PM
From now on, I will attend the card show on Friday only. My last two visits have brought some fine finds on Friday, but come Sunday, when you figure the discounts would arrive...they have not come. So I'd rather find some "cream to skim" on a Friday, than look thru leftovers at regular price on Sundays. wink.gif

It still floors me what some of the stuff in the cases is marked at, and I hear "yeah I'm moving everything at up to 30% off of high book" laugh.gif While I think to myself, I'd offer 10% of book on that card rolleyes.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Apr 26 2007, 03:11 PM
Received 1/2 of the cards I need to finish up the "lost avs project" today, that leaves 2 cards to go (technically 3, but I'm hoping for a better option for Leopold...), hopefully there is some gold in the 20 boxes at tomorrow's show. smile.gif

And still one to go on the Stanley Cup Champs project...where will I end up finding that one?...I just don't know... unsure.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Apr 25 2007, 10:42 AM
Thank you.

I want to say thanks to anyone who has done something nice for me and I've forgotten to say thank you. I don't think the list if too big...but...nonetheless: Thank You! smile.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Apr 24 2007, 04:35 PM
Well, at least Upper Deck sent me some cards in the mail today, even if no one else did mellow.gif

Show will be here this weekend, so hope to find a few gems there. Maybe those little ones I have been after will show up. wink.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Apr 21 2007, 02:49 PM
Received a nice big stack of base cards in trade today, all I gave up was a jersey card I had no interest in. Always nice to add a stack of pages to the collection.

What surprised me most was that I already had some of the cards, even tho I've had little luck landing base stuff I want in the last couple seasons...I guess they must have come in as add-ins to other trade deals. More to trade with the kids I guess. smile.gif

Show is coming up next weekend, will likely just be looking for a couple small things for my own collection to finish off this hockey season. I'll be happy if I find a few base cards and some nice inserts on the cheap.

As far as trading this summer; I don't plan to drop out fully like I did last summer; but my visits will likely drop to once a week or less. I have a hard time collecting when there's so much to do outside and there's no professional/semipro hockey to watch. So it's best I do the things that summer makes fun to do, rather than try to trade cards thru the hot months with nothing new coming out anyway wink.gif

Go Eagles!

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Apr 18 2007, 02:35 PM
I washed the jeep today. I'm taking my cards to the card shop for trade night tonight.

Had a good laugh on the bay this afternoon. I looked up all the cards on my want list, found 1in all, at more than I would pay for it. Good times, good times... laugh.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Apr 16 2007, 05:06 PM
Today, I updated my tradelist for what is probably the last time for this hockey season. So if you want something off the list - NOW is the time to make your offers. wink.gif

Interesting what stuff gets traded off the list. I thought for sure that partial Black Diamond set would be long gone by now, but yet it still sits there waiting to head to your house.

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