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"Random Stuffing Ingredients"
or "How I became a Pirate", (hockey collecting)
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 | Category: bag of bones
entry Feb 14 2007, 05:07 PM
Now I really must chuckle. I posted this topic at the beginning of the month... see topic here...two weeks pass, and not a single response??

I look thru the bookcase today, and find a copy of a beckett hockey price guide and checklist from 1999...I don't remember picking this book up, but anyway, I leaf thru it and it's a nice resource if you haven't ever had one. If only for the checklists and sample card pics from every set (something I find real useful when looking for something fresh to add to the list of stuff to track down. Anyway, I'm looking at the old Certified Mirror Gold lists from 1997 - the values on that were unreal for a parallel card (Roy for $2K?!). So I checked the current value of the card...$80...think of the buyers who took a loss on that issue...I can't even imagine ohmy.gif ...and it reinforces the path I pursue, which is, hard to find issues that book for a few bucks...I can't imagine ever feeling too bad about dropping $5 on a card with that plan no matter how low the BV fell wink.gif It also gives a nice overview of how the cards changed from 1996-1999 with all the special effects and die-cutting - something I sorely miss in today's issues. SPx is a mere shadow of it's former self - those were some really cool designs. Guess I ought to look for a newer copy of this book, at the next used book sale. Ah, and I will also mention, it contains insert ratios, something I have been looking for from the 1995-96 UD sets for years without anyone ever mentioning that they were listed in this publication.

So, feel free to ask something about any hockey set prior to 2000 and I'll let you know what the guide provides cool.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Feb 12 2007, 11:14 AM
What's with the people who sign up to be a member, make a handful of posts on a single day, then never return to check the site again??? blink.gif

I found a post from a member who apparently only existed on the planet until the day they came to TCC...the last day posted on their web page was the last day they had visited the site and posted that they had a big pile of stuff to trade...It wasn't that their posts got no replies...

Is it the pinnacle of impatience, or did they just forget they signed up at the site?? unsure.gif

With that said, go look at my tradelist and tell me what you need off of it. No, don't wait, go do it now.

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Feb 5 2007, 07:16 PM
Finished off the 2000-01 Topps and Black Diamond sets with a little help from some online gift givers. (one at Beckett and one at UCB) Thanks.

Really no idea of what to concentrate on right now....keep finding new little gems that I didn't add to the collection, but when post up I'm looking for them...no response...hate to resort to purchasing on all the stuff, with trade stuff available...

Found out where all my money went last year, and it certainly wasn't cards... rolleyes.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Feb 1 2007, 04:22 PM
Pretty quick work made of those singles I needed for 2000-01 Topps and Black Diamond. Always leaves me wondering these days if anyone still has base singles around to help with those sort of things...and apparently, they do!! biggrin.gif

That's one of the nice things about collecting base, it's easy to send to others without needing anything in return, and it's always fun to get something as a gift to finish a project.

A couple new player cards to add to the Av's project list coming out in UD series 2 - always like to see the new faces in the home team jersey show up on a card.

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Jan 29 2007, 06:30 PM
Updated my tradelist today, so other than maybe a few strays lying somewhere, I'm all ready to go...

Any trades in hockey 1996-present gladly considered smile.gif
(1950's -1972 as well)

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Jan 28 2007, 01:48 PM
Why it's a good idea to have a tradelist:

You can post it up in the forums so that traders can look at it and know what you have for trade...

You have something specific to show others when they ask you "what do you have to trade?"

You won't appear to be a lazy trader. (These are the people who post: "I'm looking for these specific players, I have lots to trade") Lots of what? If you can take the time to post your wants, take the time to organize your tradelist!!

In addition to the obvious points above:
You have a written record of all the cards you have in case they get stolen or visited by some natural disaster.

So you have too many cards to list?...have them listed to generate some trades...not everyone is after only GU/autos of the rookies who might hit NHL ice this season. wink.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Jan 25 2007, 03:17 PM
Picked up the entire set of six from 2001 Topps Heritage NHL-All Star game issue that I'd been looking for for a good three years now. See Them Here Very pleased by that, hope things go as well at the show tomorrow. smile.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Jan 22 2007, 02:39 PM
Hoping to swing a nice large trade in the next few days, get a few new cards in the collection to look at. If it comes thru it will swing the pendulum in a positive direction with trading being so slow last year.

Still have to wait until Friday for the show, but the lists are together, so it will either be there or it won't, just have to hope for the best. smile.gif

Wait a minute...did someone just write that they were more offended by pictures of "half naked" women than pictures of evil historical figures??? ohmy.gif blink.gif I must check this out.... blink.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Jan 18 2007, 04:09 PM
Got the list together of priority stuff to look for at the upcoming show...
tried to add some new stuff since the old list is getting little attention, but it's still pretty tight, always hope that something will catch my eye for a new project.

Collected a few lists from others as well so that hopefully there will be some trades to make afterward if nothing else.

Now just have to wait for the show to actually get here... mellow.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Jan 17 2007, 12:33 PM
Got a big box of around 500 cards in the mail yesterday. More cards than I've picked up in a couple of years smile.gif .

Three near complete sets from 2000-01 (a year which I had been trying to pick up a set from for a while now). Plus some nice singles from Topps Gold Label and Topps Chrome.

Will attempt to finish off the missing singles from those sets with some sorting at the next show. If no luck I'll post up to let you guys help me out with the last few I need. wink.gif

I forgot how much fun sets are, especially when they have a solid flip side with player info. cool.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Jan 15 2007, 12:34 PM
So, what do I do when I put up a decent stack of cards from my personal collection, and after a month, get no offers in trade?

1. Quit the trading part of this hobby?

2. Wait another month and see if any trade offers come in?

3. Put the cards up for sale now at 25% of BV?

4. Keep the cards until the are considered "vintage" so that I can sell them later?

5. Quit the hobby altogether?

Just some things to think about, this had really made me wonder...guess nobody had any suggestions, so just waiting means I've got a 40% reduction in inventory already biggrin.gif

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Jan 11 2007, 03:12 PM
Can't wait for the next show to hit town. I'm tired of waiting for a trade offer on the boards or wading thru the bay to look for stuff. I want to see stuff in person and pick thru big piles of cards for something fun. flex.gif Two more weeks to shuffle about....

Did you miss the big stack of Forsberg I put up on the trade boards? unsure.gif Thought for sure that would bring some folks out of hibernation huh.gif

The freeze is setting in, already the water has gone solid on the road, expecting a balmy -6F on Saturday night...guess it's good I fixed that threshold on the door.

 | Category: bag of bones
entry Jan 9 2007, 05:41 PM
I'm beginning to wonder...

Is the general discord affecting everyday life is seeping into our fair hobby?

Some of the writings that have come out of others keyboards really deserve some critique. The name calling and putting words/actions onto a member here is simply ridiculous. I'm fine with a disagreement based on fact or feeling, but come on. dry.gif

 | Category: assortment of ramblings
entry Dec 28 2006, 10:13 AM
Probably the last blog of the year...just wait for some more snow... wink.gif

 | Category: assortment of ramblings
entry Dec 19 2006, 02:44 PM
LOL, try as I might, I just couldn't stay away. I might not trade anything until next month, but just had to keep an eye on what's going on.

Plus I don't miss work nearly as much as I thought I would this week.

So I pulled out a lot of Forsberg cards to put up in the trade section, almost 100 to choose from, varying in value...will post what the results are after a month on the boards... wink.gif

SCS down again?...that's a real shame, the upgrades were looking good before the site was lost from view a few days back...I have a hard time letting that site go, since I've had such long term trading success there. I love it here at TCC, but fact is, there just isn't a wide enough amount of member interest in hockey here that I can make it my only site (here's hoping someday). Don't get me wrong, there are some great hockey collector's and fans here, just not wide enough to cover the whole league/most players for trading purposes. I tried some non-sport stuff here for a while, but that never went anywhere...same story so far in the memorabilia pursuits area. I won't take on collecting FB, BB, or BKB, as I just don't have any interest in those sports at the professional level...although the NBA did get a little more interesting in NY the other night laugh.gif

One day here I made a point of sending a PM greeting to all the new members who had joined in the previous week, I got one response back.

One day I added a comment to each members blog here. Did you see it?

I eat a sandwich for lunch almost every day. I think I will change that up in the coming year, try something different...

Tonight is the last night for dodgeball this year, last chance to dish out some wicked kills laugh.gif

Game night tonight, go Avs!! hockey.gif

 | Category: assortment of ramblings
entry Dec 8 2006, 07:11 PM
Well, looks like it's best to take a break from collecting and concentrate on work for the next month so that come show time I have an excuse to not go to work that Friday laugh.gif

See you all in about a month cool.gif

 | Category: assortment of ramblings
entry Dec 6 2006, 04:53 PM
Man, my arm is sore, dodgeball was not kind to it last night wink.gif

Guess I need to skip the "warm up" in the future, as I had no problems the last 4 weeks taking people out left and right. laugh.gif

Christmas decorations are up, got them out and up as quick as pie, the kids helped out as they could actually reach the middle areas of the tree now. santa.gif newyear.gif

(hmm why does the christmas tree smiley say newyear?)

Donations to food drives, check.

Time for a nap this afternoon, watch the Dead Man's Chest DVD maybe and just see if that leads to slumber or just lack of activity
After all I have to be good and rested for swimming tonight.

I just noticed that a plant here in my office has grown almost all the way to the ceiling...it came in one of those little plant gift sets years ago, was only about a foot tall then...guess that irregular watering really motivates growth...

Lunch today was two small turkey sandwiches and a glass of cherry 7-up.

So, who's got 1995-96 UD Hockey inserts for me?

 | Category: assortment of ramblings
entry Dec 5 2006, 02:36 PM
Finally got some mail yesterday, that was nice. Even if not perfect wink.gif

Gonna be a slow December for me I think in the trading arena, since the next show doesn't come around until the end of January.

Good part is I should do plenty of trades the week following that - finally let some of you guys who have cards set aside for me get a list of something for trade smile.gif

I figure it's best these days to stick with focused pickups for people who have something I can use, rather than picking up a mix of random stuff and hoping that it will trade. That strategy didn't work all that well with the RC's I picked up from last season - sitting on some of them for 8 months+ was a bit sickening. (They did all trade tho, so I guess it worked out...)

 | Category: assortment of ramblings
entry Dec 1 2006, 04:42 PM
Nothing in the mail today either. blink.gif

So this weekend I shall go see a hockey game - the trick is I will not pay to go see it, someone will have to provide the ticket free.

SO that leaves out the big names around here, best I get to work locating a game to attend cool.gif

This Topic is my project for the next two months

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