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KHarmon's Blog
Today's Youth and Sports
entry Nov 13 2005, 06:46 PM
Got a call last night at about 2:30 AM of a domestic. Nothing new....it's Saturday night...the clubs just closed...and the drunk husbands and wives are home to let the "real" festivities begin. I meet the female subject in the front yard...she tells me her husband started cussing her for no reason, grabbed her by the hair and shoved her to the floor. OK, no problem....I go to speak with the husband who is still in the house. I knock on the door and he decides to pull a David Koresh....he's not coming out of the house.

I call for additional units...Lubbock SO gets a deputy headed my way...Hale County SO gets a couple headed my way and they call my Sgt. to bring the K-9 to the scene. All eyes on kicking the door in and dragging this guy kicking and squealing out of the house.

All units get there...plans are made...and the female victim tells us that there are no weapons in the house. That's ALWAYS A LIE....if there's a kitchen in the house and they own any untensils...there's weapons. We begin knocking on the door and the male subject informs us that he has a SWORD and anyone comes through the door is going to get their (insert your favorite explicative) head cut off. We ask the female...she tells us there's no sword. Their teen age son informs her that he bought a ninja sword at the Gun and Knife show in Lubbock this afternoon. GREAT!!!!!

Lubbock SO calls their tactical team and negotiators....we now have a good old fashioned armed standoff. The problem is....our turd in the house brought a knife to a gun fight. LSO shows up with a ten man tac team.....eight entry guys....one sniper and a negotiator. The electric company, phone company and the city water department are called and all utilities are cut to the house. 5:30 AM rolls around....three hours into the standoff....the chief comes up to me...."Go home....get some sleep....if things turn bad we'll call you out"

"But Chief...this is my call....I want to finish it." "GO HOME....we will call you." Well...he's the boss....I go back to my patrol car...take my toys..go to the gas station and fill my unit up to go back to work and I 10-42 at 6AM. They never called me and I would have loved to have been there when this thing ended. 11:30 AM this morning the guy told the negotiator he was hungry and thirsty. Arrangements were made for a burger and a coke from DQ to be brought to the house. When it was placed on the front porch the negotiator coaxed the guy onto the porch to get it.....when he opened the door he came out and was definately armed with a "ninja sword" and when he bent down to pick up the food and drink he was immediately pelted with 12 gauge bean-bag rounds and pepper balls....forgot all out his sword and was swarmed by the aforementioned 8 man entry team who took him into custody. I'm glad it's over...bad guy went to jail and none of the good guys got hurt.....but I REALLY REALLY wanted to be there. That part of the whole thing stinks!!!!!

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