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Pokerstar6's 2009 Collecting Goals
Busy in 09!!
entry Feb 6 2009, 11:15 PM
I just snagged the 06-07 Sweet Shot rookie auto of Rondo. It has been a great week picking up two auto's that I really wanted of him. Eight more Rondo auto's to go with the Press Pass blue auto to be had.

Another one of my goals was to have 85% of the 2001 Bowman Heritage master set complete by year's end. I started the year at 60%. I now stand at 71.5%.

Until another update, take care smile.gif


Because everyone creates their own luck....

entry Feb 3 2009, 11:23 PM
I wanted to add 5 new HOF'er autographs to my collection in '09 and I just made a trade here on TCC that allowed me to reach that goal. Yesterday I traded a Bruce Sutter SP Legendary Cuts auto #3/10 for a Bob Gibson 1999 Sports Illustrated auto. Along with the Gibson auto I've added Tony Gwynn, Tony Perez, Frank Robinson, and Catfish Hunter to my baseball HOF'er auto collection. Sometime this week I'm going to have to count my HOF auto collection, I have no idea how many I have rolleyes.gif

You may wonder why I only wanted to add five HOF'er autos to my collection instead of more. One reason is obvious, HOF'er auto's demand more $ or something of equal value to trade (which is mostly PC for me). Another reason is I just started a Rajon Rondo auto collection that I really want to build up quick. Finally, I have a strict focus on building vintage Topps baseball sets which is where most of my resources will be spent.

On another note, in my previous blog I mentioned I wanted an 06 Press Pass red auto. I just picked one up today, bringing my Rondo auto needs down to 9. I've never been really excited over anything Press Pass produces, but I really like their Rondo auto's with him in the UK uniform.

Thanks for reading!


Because everyone creates their own luck....

entry Feb 2 2009, 12:42 PM
I thought I had a handle on this blog stuff and had been creating entries since the first of the year but not PUBLISHING them! biggrin.gif I've just published them all today. If you're seeing them for the first time and don't want to read them all, I encourage you to at least view my first entry. There you will find my goals for '09. All comments are welcome!


Because everyone creates their own luck....

entry Feb 2 2009, 12:35 PM
I've focused on my 1972 Topps set since my last post. I've picked up a few semi-high and high numbers. I think I'm around 64% completion of the set now. Although many cards are EX or better I'm going to have a lot of VG as well. I'm ok with that for now, considering this is a tough set. Anyway, I believe part of the fun will be coming back later and trying to upgrade it smile.gif.

I've made other advancements in my goals for 2009. I recently purchased two more Rondo auto's. An 06-07 Trilogy rookie auto and an 06-07 Finest refractor rookie auto. I like these two cards but I'm really wanting a Sweet Shot rookie auto and the Press Pass blue and red rookie auto's. Maybe even an SPX rookie auto before I complete my goal.

I need only one HOF auto before I complete my five HOF'er auto goals. I picked up a Billy Williams 1995 Jimmy Dean auto and a Jim "Catfish" Hunter 1995 Jimmy Dean auto. I think these cards are underrated. They're sort of tough to come by and when they do so in auction style, they go for bargain prices. If you're someone who focuses on "on-card" autos you should look for these cards too. There are three cards in the set, Al Kaline is the one I don't have. But, I already have an Al Kaline auto in my Sweet Spot Classics auto set.

Time to go find some cards to sell/trade so I can continue! smile.gif


Because everyone creates their own luck....

entry Feb 2 2009, 12:35 PM
I have just completed my 1970 Topps baseball set. The last piece to the puzzle was Bud Harrelson from the high # series. This is a solid EX set with several being EX+ as well. I need 20 more for my 1974 set but I have a friend who may have what I need so I'm not really looking for those anymore. Now, I just need to focus on my 72 set and sell more cards so I can buy the 71 set later. I am one step closer to having 1970-2008 Topps baseball sets smile.gif.

Aside from this I picked up a Tony Perez auto. Now, I just need 3 more HOF'er auto's to complete my goal. I hope to have this one done within the next few weeks.


Because everyone creates their own luck....

entry Feb 2 2009, 12:35 PM
I just picked up an EX+ Bob Allison and an EX+ Nolan Ryan for my 1970 Topps set. I got a good deal on both and I'm extremely pleased. Earlier tonight I received some good news that my Lebron James Bowman Chrome RC BCCG 10 sold on Ebay for $80. I immediately spent this money on my 70 Topps' needs.

Two more to go!! I need Ernie Banks and Bud Harrelson. I have my eye on a Banks card that's ending on Ebay in the next 45 minutes or so. I hope I can get it for what I'm willing to spend. I'll be completing my first 2009 goal soon I hope smile.gif

**Edited, got the Banks too!** One more to go!!


Because everyone creates their own luck....

entry Feb 2 2009, 12:34 PM
I just picked up Al Kaline for my 70 Topps set. I now need four more: Bud Harrelson, Bob Allison, Ernie Banks, and Nolan Ryan. This set is one of my favorites, I hope to complete it soon. Later, I'll have to go back and upgrade a few minor cards in it. But, overall I've put together a solid EX-EX+ set.


Because everyone creates their own luck....

entry Feb 2 2009, 12:34 PM
I picked up two more Rondo autographs on Ebay bringing my Rondo auto needs down to 12. The two cards are an 06-07 Topps Turkey Red RC auto and an 07-08 Sweet Shot auto #ed 76/97. I'm always happy to pick up a RC auto and Sweet Shot is one of my favorite products.

I've been trying to gain some Rondo auto's through trades but not many people are wanting to let go of them. The one's who do can't find anything in my bucket of use, so it's been a little frustrating. On top of this I can't find anyone with my vintage Topps needs. If I want to complete my goals, trading is very important. I run on a thin budget. If the trade drought continues I'm probably going to sale some things to free up some cash.

This is where I stand for now smile.gif Hope to have another progress update soon!


Because everyone creates their own luck....

entry Feb 2 2009, 12:33 PM
A few weeks back I responded to a forum post about collecting goals for 2009. I replied with 10 goals and realizing how important it is to write down my goals, I instead decided to create a blog. This will hopefully serve as a motivator because it's going to be tough! Here are my goals for 09:

1. Finish my 1970 (finished!), 1972, and 1974 Topps baseball sets and purchase the 71 set outright. Then Iíll have all sets from 1970-2008 
2. Have at least 50% of the 1969 Topps baseball master set by year's end.
3.To continue pursuit of the 2001 Bowman Heritage baseball master set (including all parallels, autos, game used, etc.) and have at least 85% completion by year's end. I'm currently at 60%.
4. Complete my 2005 Topps Turkey Red baseball set w/SP's
5. Add at least 50 new Rickey Henderson cards to my collection.
6. Add at least 15 new Rondo auto's. (8 to go)
7. Add a KG and Pierce auto to my new Celtics collection. (Pierce added)
8. Add at least 5 baseball HOF'er autos to my baseball HOF auto collection. Complete!
9. Participate in at least 3 box breaks here on TCC. I want to give these a whirl and participating in at least 3 should give me an idea if these are for me or not
10. Reduce my commons and base inventory by at least 50%. This itself will be a huge step.

I am off to a pretty good start. I have already traded an extra Brooks Robinson auto for a Gwynn auto on TCC bringing my HOF'er # down to 4 (technically this took place before 09 but I"m counting it since it was after I set my goals smile.gif ). I have added a Pierce auto (Ebay) to my Celtics collection and I just sent in an online redemption for a Topps Co Signers Rondo/Harris dual auto, bringing my Rondo auto # down to 14.

If you feel like you can help out in anyway, please let me know!

Marc aka pokerstar6

Because everyone creates their own luck...


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