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An archive of my box breaks
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 | Category: Baseball
entry Jan 19 2009, 05:34 PM
Date: December 2008

14 packs/8 cards; 2 RC autos per box. Hey guys, first I wanna wish you all a merry christmas! I gotta hobby box of 2007 SP Rookie Ed Baseball. Here's the results:



joaquin arias, homer bailey, jeff baker, brian barden, braun, desalvo, henn, igawa, laroche, lind, brandon morrow, okajima, perkins, pie, chris stewart, tulo

1993 sp design

braun, billy butler, kory casto, matt chico, alex gordon, josh hamilton & miguel montero

1995 sp design

ryan z. braun, hamilton, lincecum, matt lindstrom, gustavo molina, brandon wood & chase wright

1996 sp design

arias, bourn, casilla, john danks, francisco, kouzmanoff, henn, phil hughes, dice-k, molina, owings, danny putnam, rabelo, juan salas, ryan sweeney & delmon young


RC Auto

ryan braun!!!

ryan z braun that is..... sad.gif

1995 SP Design Auto

shawn riggans

user posted image

 | Category: Baseball
entry Nov 17 2008, 07:45 PM
Date: October 2008

Well I saw a deal on blowoutcards which had 2005 donruss champions for 49.99 and thought this would be a nice pickup. Now I'm wishing they could've given me a different box. 24 packs/8 cards. 8 hits per box! Well let me tell you...I'm not even going to get into that. I was thinking maybe 5-6 gu's and 2-3 autos, but nope. On to the results, was pretty interesting.


adam loewen, delmon young, fielder, walter young, anthony lerew, pete laforest, clint nageotte, justin leone, jake woods, wilson valdez, guillermo quiroz, bubba nelson

Rookie Impressions: nook logan 031/250, adam loewen


Impressions: al oliver, benito santiago, will clark, bagwell, biggio, jose reyes, andruw jones, dale murphy, santana, crede, varitek,

#'d Impressions: mark grace 01/50, billy martin 098/100, victor martinez 039/100, hinske 072/250, bill hall 088/250, larry walker 249/250


Jerseys- varitek, kevin mench, frank robinson (pretty happy about that)
Bats- carlos lee, orlando hudson..................orlando hudson...............................orlando hudson!!!
Auto- jj putz

i couldn't believe the hudsons! at least they were card numbers 74, 75 and 76

user posted image
user posted image

The product was ok, I like the design and the mix of the retired players and a couple players in different unis, such as joe carter having an indians card and jays card. But god a break could really be a nightmare, and this couldve been worse. Thanks for watching and happy halloween.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Aug 21 2008, 10:19 PM
Date: August 2008

8 packs/6 cards. I was at Wal-Mart and decided to give in to temptation and buy the last blaster. Here are the results:


jayson nix, kazuo fukumori, ohlendorf, longoria, rich thompson, brandon boggs


World's Greatest Victories- jonas salk
States: alaska (schilling), maryland (teixeira), nebraska (alex gordon), wyoming (john buck)


Mini- jenks, victor martinez, mauer, carlos lee, nathan, hercules
Mini A&G Back- brian barton RC, dave crockett

Non-baseball players- dan jansen, frederick douglass, dean karnazes

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jun 29 2008, 10:02 AM
Date: June 2008

12 packs/6 cards, an autograph in each pack

This was a pretty hilarious break and I don't mind since I only paid 13 bucks. Here were the results:

Autos (3 diff. levels: futures, high yield and throwbacks):

(To be funny I am even going to make note of how long each person was in the majors, if he even made it)

futures- dave post 812/6995 (IF, never made it)
futures- brett jodie 2188/6995 (P, 8 g with nyy & sd in 01)
futures- brett jodie 650/6995
futures- simon pond 1129/6995 (OF, 16 g with tor in 04)
futures- aaron sledd 1466/6995 (OF, never made it)
futures- jose castillo 809/6995 (still in majors)
futures- steve minus 2418/6995 (3b 1b, never made it)
futures- brian wiese 1897/6995 (OF, never made it)
futures- hank blalock 573/6995 (actually decent one i got)
high yield- bret prinz 933/3995 (P, 102 g from 01-07)
throwbacks- marlon byrd 287/5950 (still staying strong)
futures- jeff andrews 585/6995 (P, never made it)
futures- aron weston 1781/6995 (OF, never made it)
futures- roberto machado 2752/6995 (C, 245 g from 96-04)

user posted image
user posted image

2 of the packs had 2 autos and half of the packs had 5 cards and an ad.

Other cards I did get were scot shields, peavy, jerome williams, miggy cabrera, putz, betemit, brett myers

Opening a product like this with an auto per pack is fun, but would be more fun if it was press pass or spx lol

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jun 14 2008, 02:59 PM
Date: June 2008

Went to Wal-Mart and decided to get this blaster. 6 packs/8 cards and an auto in each box. Here are the results:


Reflectives: ivan contreras, beau mills, aaron bates, jairo cuevas, michael fisher, chris marrero, jake brigham


Auto: jordan zimmerman

user posted image

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