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An archive of my box breaks
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 | Category: Basketball
entry Jan 19 2009, 06:14 PM
Date: January 2009

18 packs/5 cards; 3 game-worn cards per hobby box, one of which is a patch. So I got this hobby box off of ebay, it was an 03/04 product so I couldn't pass up. At the end you will find what I paid. I did a bit better than the stated odds I would say...I would assume I came across a hot box, but I couldn't find much info online about this product's ratios and odds etc. Couple things I know were that I got at least 1 case hit and I that I did so much better than I would've ever expected. Let's get to the results:

Rookie (1:15)

zarko cabarkapa 11/50 (i know, wow)

Insert (1:24)

by the numbers- lebron james!

Parallel (1:40)

jason williams 06/50

Now to the good stuff....all patches...


licensed apparel

mike dunleavy 049/100
steve francis 39/50
paul pierce 006/150
latrell sprewell 013/100

patchworks- kenyon martin 20/50

and for the case hit.......

vince carter collection auto patch 11/15!

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

Let me just mention a little bit about what was going on. As I was opening, it seemed pretty normal at first. As I open from the top, I remember seeing one card and a thick card. I'm assuming that's the patch so I save it for the end. I go through more packs and at this point I am maybe two-thirds through. So I open the top of the remaining packs, must've been 2 stacks of 3. Maybe all of them except for one has an equally thick card in them....I'm thinking well these can't be decoys...can they? Pack after pack I go through, there's a patch! It was my lucky day, I couldn't believe it. So this was a great break for 55 bucks I'd say. I wasn't too crazy about the look of the base at first. But then I realized the black half of the card would look really nice signed in decocolor silver. Well thanks for looking.

 | Category: Basketball
entry Jan 19 2009, 05:44 PM
Date: December 2008

18 packs/5 cards; 4 autos per box. Hey guys, first I wanna wish you all a merry christmas! I gotta box of 06/07 trademark moves and was looking forward most to busting this one. I also did get many #d cards. On to the results:


Trademark Dish

luke walton, delonte west

Trademark Dunk

balkman, shaq, craig smith, josh smith

Trademark Swish

mo ager, bird, douby, gordon


Base Parallels

bryant 84/149
gasol 94/149
rip hamilton 208/299
joe johnson 232/299
odom 229/299
okafor 72/75
bobby simmons 219/299

Trademark Dunk

diogu 159/299
nique 67/75

Trademark Swish

mike james 207/299
martell webster 30/149


The autos weren't that bad, too bad they were all Level 2's.

Rookie Auto

steve novak 12/149

Signature Dunk

jr smith 09/35
gerald wallace 062/149

Signature Swish

randy foye 121/149

user posted image

Thanks for looking.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jan 19 2009, 05:34 PM
Date: December 2008

14 packs/8 cards; 2 RC autos per box. Hey guys, first I wanna wish you all a merry christmas! I gotta hobby box of 2007 SP Rookie Ed Baseball. Here's the results:



joaquin arias, homer bailey, jeff baker, brian barden, braun, desalvo, henn, igawa, laroche, lind, brandon morrow, okajima, perkins, pie, chris stewart, tulo

1993 sp design

braun, billy butler, kory casto, matt chico, alex gordon, josh hamilton & miguel montero

1995 sp design

ryan z. braun, hamilton, lincecum, matt lindstrom, gustavo molina, brandon wood & chase wright

1996 sp design

arias, bourn, casilla, john danks, francisco, kouzmanoff, henn, phil hughes, dice-k, molina, owings, danny putnam, rabelo, juan salas, ryan sweeney & delmon young


RC Auto

ryan braun!!!

ryan z braun that is..... sad.gif

1995 SP Design Auto

shawn riggans

user posted image

 | Category: Hockey
entry Jan 18 2009, 08:32 PM
Date: December 2008

18 packs/5 cards; 2 GU and an auto per box. Hey guys, first I wanna wish you all a merry christmas! This here is my first ever hockey hobby box. I don't really follow hockey much anymore but I thought, hey why not?


Wave of the Future

ales hemsky, ryan kesler, rick nash


tuomo ruutu legacy collection #d 100/100 tongue.gif


showcase stitches- tony amonte, marcel hossa

showcase inks- manny legace

user posted image
user posted image

Thanks for looking.

 | Category: Basketball
entry Jan 18 2009, 08:04 PM
Date: November-December 2008

14 packs/8 cards; 2 RC autos per box. Plenty of rookies in this product and I had 2 shots for a decent RC auto. Here's how I did:

Box 1


Regular design: didn't keep track of (but 3 per pack)
94/95 SP rookie design: jeff green
97/98 SP rookie design: crittenton
98 SP veteran/legend design: yao


96/97 SP rookie design: DURANT
new rookie design: aaron afflalo

Box 2 (not quite as good)

Regular design: didn't keep track of (but 3 per pack)
94/95 SP rookie design: yi jianlian
97/98 SP rookie design: taureen green
98 SP veteran/legend design: pierce, q-rich


new rookie design: demetris nichols and jameson curry huh.gif

user posted image
I didn't complete the base set (the vast 60 card set laugh.gif ) but did get plenty of rookies. Thanks for looking

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