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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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Entries on Sunday 10th March 2013

 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 10 2013, 12:13 AM
Today Saturday 09MAR2013 I picked up two boxes that had been attempted to be delivered earlier in the week. I also had a large package that somehow fit in my mailbox.

First Box from Ebay: For $9.99 + $6.50 shipping I got the 2013 Topps baseball Set cards 1-331 (they didn't print a #7 since they designate that card for Mickey Mantle and they didn't make a Mantle Base this year.

Second box was from sportlots a box that for the most part was a huge Priority Flat rate box filled to the gills with 80s - 90s cards mostly later 80s to mid to late 90s. The oldest cards were 1981 Topps and Fleer the latest I really haven't checked out but it is 1990something. Got the box for .25 +20.00 shipping. Oh the box had been busted on the side, I'm not sure if any of the cards slipped out but they could have. The post office had it in one of those plastic bins so I don't know when the box got ripped, anyway there was a card in there that the seller probably had no idea get mixed up in the box it was a Hockey card 1987-88 Topps Hockey 170 Joe Cirella Devils

From the same dealer I got Six Roy Face Pirates cards for $1.25 + $2.00 shipping included in the top of the box. All are Topps
1959 #339
1961 #250 Buck Hill Aces. #370
1962 #210
1966 #461
1968 #198

Ohh the envelope in my mailbox was a large package that was mostly the bubble wrap to keep the contents safe From Ebay I got for $10.00 plus FREE Shipping 22 gumball baseball batting helmets circa 1993 (since the Miami then Florida Marlins and Colorado Rockies are represented). I have some of these I just need to check which teams I have I might now have all 28 of the teams now I need to double check what I have.

Entries on Saturday 9th March 2013

 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 9 2013, 11:48 PM
ON Friday 08MAR2013 I got a couple of sportlots packages:

First package Five 1956 Topps Baseball cards for $3.25 + 3.00 shipping (there were a bunch of bids I thought I might end up losing it but ended up winning it)
66 Bob Speake Cubs
68 Chuck Stobbs Nationals
287 Bobby Adams Orioles
294 Ernie Johnson Braves
298 Johnny Schmitz Red Sox

Then got a group of Fifty 1981 Fleer Baseball for .75¢ + $6.00 shipping (yeah high shipping ugh) Some of these I already have but I need to complete these 80s sets. I'll list the numbers for the most part and since the set was organized by team I'll group by teams:

Phillies: 1 Pete Rose, 3, 4, 8, 9
Astros: 66
Yankees: 103
Dodgers: 114, 115 Dusty Baker, 123, 129
Expos: 145 Andre Dawson, 146, 155, 166
Orioles: 181, 184 Eddy Murray, 188, 189
Red Sox: 221 Carl Yastrzemski, 227, 235, 236, 237, 238, 239, 240
Barves: 242 Phil Niekro, 244, 245, 246, 247, 248, 249 (2), 250,251, 252
Angels: 268 Rod Carew, 270
Cubs: 305
White Sox: 346
Pirates: 370
Indians: 402, 404
Padres: 488 Ozzie Smith
Brewers: 515
Cardinals: 542
Twins: 557
Mariners: 596


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