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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 5 2011, 05:14 PM
Got my part of the 2008 Topps Heritage Baseball group Break (5 boxes? or a Case?) I had the Nationals & Orioles with random teams of Rangers and Rockies. I guess the "BIG HIGHLIGHT" was the Clubhouse Collection GU # CC-HB Hank Blalock Rangers plus a Bazooka All Star 484 Brian Roberts Orioles
Baseball Flashback BF 7 Brooks Robinson Orioles "Brooks Breaks up the Zeroes"

I haven't had time to sort/organize them I noticed I had triplicates and maybe a quadruplicate or two Not 100% sure, but I did score some of the SP "black backs".

I might update this list all I got, not sure.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Feb 19 2011, 03:49 PM
ON Friday 12 Feb I received some cards from Sportlots The first was the proper 1975 Topps 177 Baltimore Orioles Team Card Mini version. This one also has the checklist marked some. The markings are pen slashes, the regular version checklist has some red marker fill in the check box markings.

I also got two 1962 Topps cards: both Washington Senators
324 Joe McClain
347 Chuck Hinton

Entry 75 O's

 | Category: Baseball
entry Feb 8 2011, 10:59 PM
On Monday 07 Feb 2011 I got from Sportlots 1975 Topps 117 Orioles Team Card checklist marked. It was supposed to be the mini version. The dealer goofed he's going to send the mini version. I should get it probably Thursday. I think I already have this regular version marked, not 100% sure though.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Feb 3 2011, 09:32 PM
A one card day (03 Feb 2011) From Sportlots 1968 Topps 236 Tug McGraw Mets

 | Category: Baseball
entry Feb 2 2011, 11:28 PM
Got 3 cards from two Sportlots dealers. ALL BASEBALL

1966 Topps 27 - 1966 Orioles Rookie Stars - Darold Knowles and Andy Etchebarren
1967 Topps 11 Barry Moore Senators
1973 O-Pee-Chee 115 Ron Santo Cubs

 | Category: Football
entry Jan 25 2011, 10:24 PM
Got some stuff from an Ebay seller 3 individual auctions in one package.
1960 Topps
123 Ralph Guglielmi Redskins (better conditioned one to upgrade my original)
129 Ralph Felton Redskins

1967 Philadelphia 96 Los Angeles Rams Team Card (Ramshead Logo)

Shipping was free and I got each for only $2.50
Only disappointment is dealer sent in PWE with cards in 2 "Card Savers". Dealer got positive feedback for each card but a comment mentioning disappointment in PWE and Card Saver.

entry Jan 24 2011, 11:33 PM
Got a small stack, well more like a deck of Baseball & Football cards from Alex aka: StLouisRams1600. He had an "easy contest" where you just had to be one of the first two folks to PM him with your address and he'd send you some cards of your fave baseball and football teams.

Well here is what I got Football first:
1990 Topps 135 Darryl Grant
1991 Score
125 Earnest Byner
268 Russ Grimm
293 Jeff Bostic
1993 Score 263 Ricky Ervins
1994 Fleer 60 Jim Lachey
1999 Pacific 414 Michael Westbrook
2001 Topps224 Albert Connell (Transactions Saints to Redskins pictured as Skin)
2004 Score 330 James Thrash
2004 Upper Deck 90 Clinton Portis ProSigs (pictured as Bronco)
2006 Bowman
65 Santana Moss
212 Rocky McIntosh
2006 Fleer The Franchise TF-PO Clinton Portis
2007 Bowman 98 Antwaan Randle El
2007 Score 342 LaRon Landry RC
2007 Topps Chrome TC64 Jason Campbell
2007 Topps Total
95 Jason Campbell
364 Rock Cartwright/Ladell Betts/Mike Sellers
TC32 Clinton Portis/Redskins Team Card
2007 Upper Deck
195 Chris Cooley
274 H.B. Blades Star Rookie
2008 SP Rookie Edition 62 Jason Campbell
2008 Topps 237 London Fletcher
2008 UD Football Heroes 123 Colt Brennan
2009 Prestige 100 Chris Cooley

1991 Fleer 481 Ben McDonald
1991 Topps 653 Anthony Telford
1993 Fleer
F-156 Harold Raines
F-157 Damon Buford
F-163 Brad Pennington
F-164 Jim Poole
F-165 Harold Reynolds
F-166 Fernando Valenzuela
F-168 Mark Williamson
1997 Score 257 Interleague Moments Cal Ripken Jr.
2002 Fleer Ultra 4of30 Cal Ripken Jr.
2008 UD First Edition
310 Jeremy Guthrie
497 Wily Mo Pena Nationals
2008 Upper Deck (Series 2)
424 Brian Roberts
425 Melvin Mora

entry Jan 22 2011, 07:18 PM
Got my two Gr8 custom mini jerseys from Tracy aka: THE ENDZONE
Sam Bradford Rams Home Blue #8
Alex Ovechkin Capitals Home Red #8

They can be found in the Show and Tell board Homemade Mini Jerseys thread page 16 posts 312 and 315.

 | Category: Football
entry Jan 15 2011, 12:11 AM
Just one bubbly mailer from a Sportlots dealer (2 auctions) all Football:

1970 Topps
130 John Brodie 49ers
145 Charlie Taylor Redskins (2nd or 3rd I have of this)
166 Bill Kilmer Saints
213 Jim Marshall Vikings
220 Buck Buchanan Chiefs
249 Alex Karras Lions (very off center to left and down)

1977 Topps 65 Jim Zorn Seahawks

entry Jan 9 2011, 04:22 AM
Got a couple of 2010 Topps Football Rams from a sale here at TCC:
300 Sam Bradford RC
326 Jerome Murphy RC

Then got a batch of baseball (Orioles and Nationals) from a trade at another site (SCForum) with a trader in Germany. This was my second trade with him. Anyway my booty from that trade

A Sticker of the Orioles logo (4 stickers on one sheet 4"x5.5") from the 80s or 90s.
1988 Topps 444 Cal Ripken Sr. Mgr/Team Checklist Orioles
1990 Donruss 377 Gregg Olson Orioles
1990 Fleer U-68 Curt Shilling Orioles
1990 Topps 97 Curt Silling Orioles
1991 Topps Traded 85T Johnny Oates Mgr Orioles
1994 Score 85 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
1996 Bazooka
15 Cal Ripken Orioles
32 Brady Anderson Orioles
63 Bobby Bonilla Orioles
81 Mike Mussina Orioles
102 Rafael Palmeiro Orioles (2)
2000 Fleer Tradition
U2 Season Highlights Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
U33 Willie Morales Orioles
U65 Team Rookies Jesse Garcia B.J. Ryan Orioles
U104 Luis Matos Orioles
U143 Team Rookies John Parrish Chris Richard Orioles
2000 UD Solid Gold Gallery 68 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
2000 UD Ultimate Victory
19 Matt Riley Orioles
20 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
21 Mike Mussina Orioles
22 Albert Belle Orioles
2004 UD Power Up
38 Jay Gibbons Orioles (browns uni?)
40 Sidney Ponson Orioles (Giants Uni)
92 Tony Batista Expos (Orioles Uni)
2006 UD Artifacts 100 Jose Vidro Nationals
2007 UD SP Rookie Edition
50 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
51 Felipe Lopez Nationals
52 Austin Kearns Nationals
53 Miguel Tejada Orioles
54 Erik Bedard Orioles
55 Chris Ray Orioles
107 Kory Casto Nationals
108 Matt Chico Nationals
113 Jesus Flores Nationals
149 Kory Casto Nationals
150 Matt Chico Nationals
195 Kory Casto Nationals
201 Jesus Flores Nationals
222 Brian Burres Orioles
245 Kory Casto Nationals
246 Matt Chico Nationals
251 Jesus Flores Nationals
272 Brian Burres Orioles
2008 UD Baseball Heroes
14 Nick Markakis Orioles
15 Brian Roberts Orioles
16 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
18 Frank Robinson Orioles
168 Luke Scott Orioles
173 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
174 Lastings Milledge Nationals
180 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles Tony Gwynn Padres
196 Derek Jeter Yankees Ken Griffey Jr. Reds Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles Ichiro Marineers
2009 UD A Piece of History
8 Brian Roberts Orioles
9 NIck Markakis Orioles
125 Shairon Martis Nationals
128 Luke Montz Nationals
149 Mike Hinckley Nationals

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