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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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entry Dec 3 2010, 08:17 PM
Netted a few more from the Bay.

First a 1960 Topps Football 67 Art Hunter Rams - Back cartoon can be partly made out. "Why is a Policeman the Strongest Man in the World?" A: "He holds up Automobiles with one hand" - An obvious reference to a traffic cop directing traffic, which now-a-days only happens when the traffic lights lose power from an electric storm.

OK then we move onto Baseball and 1974 Topps The complete team Checklist set of 24 cards for $9.99 + $3.00 postage. Most are unmarked. The Red Soxs has a bunch of pencil check marks, Padres have a couple of pencil marks, Phillies some pencil, Pirates has ink marks. So only 4 out of 24 have check marks of some kind. Not too shabby for only $10.

 | Category: Football
entry Dec 3 2010, 12:15 AM
A couple of Ebay Winnings first up a 2008 Upper Deck Icons Legends Football card LEG24 (Bronze?) Sonny Jurgensen Redskins #d 900/999

Then I got a vintage book copyrighted 1948 originally printed in 1949 but the dedication mentions 1968. I got it for $2.99 plus $4.00 shipping (it was pretty well packaged, not great but nicely done) It's paperback with some plastic coating on the cover that is peeling all-over. The title is [i]My Greatest Day in Football by Murray Goodman and Leonard Lewin a collection of memorable football moments as told by the old-time players such as Sammy Baugh, Don Hutson, Frank Leahy, George "The Gipper" Gipp, Bob Waterfield, Sid Luckman and several others. 37 in all. Looks like there is a more recent book with the same title and a similar book for Baseball.

This is what my cover looks like (image is not my copy it's a stock image): http://www.coverbrowser.com/image/bantam/151-1.jpg

I want to read it someday, I might have to either wait to get a newer copy or be extra extra careful while reading it.

entry Nov 29 2010, 08:14 PM
Got some Ebay stuff and a package of a few cards from the "Time To Give Something Back" thread. First the Booty from The Bay.

1985 Topps - Father/Son Set 13 cards #131-143
The Virgils, Trouts, Stenhouses, Smalleys, Skinners, Schofields, Laws, Kunkels, Kennedys, Franconas, Boones, Berras, and The Bells. A few of them are a little off center like the Smalley card, but not to annoyance with these.

2 Capitals Team sets.
1990-91 Topps
9 Jim Hrivnak
44 Mike Liut
68 Michal Pivonka
81 Kelly Miller
100 DINO Ciccarelli
129 Dale Hunter
147 Kevin Hatcher
164 Calle Johansson
188 Neil Sheehy
211 Scott Stevens
235 Stephan Leach
253 Don Beaupre
273 Geoff Courtnall
298 John Druce
327 Mike Ridley
353 Rod Langway
374 John Tucker
394 Capitals Team Card

1991-92 O-Pee-Chee
34 Tim Bergland
43 Ken Sabourin
57 Alan May
78 Dmitri Khristich
105 Rod Langway
126 Calle Johansson
148 Al Iafrate
154 Mike Liut
206 John Druce
229 Dale Hunter
245 Mike Ridley
290 OLAF KOLZIG Top Prospect
310 Kevin Hatcher
327 Michal Pivonka
342 Kelly Miller
358 Randy Burridge
362 Peter Bondra
384 Capitals Team Card
407 Neil Sheehy
429 DINO Ciccarelli
483 Mike Lalor
487 Jim Hrivnak
505 Don Beaupre
511 Nick Kypreos

Then a package from the "Time to Give Something Back" thread TJ (MANTLE07) Sent:
2009 A&G Black bordered mini 214 Adam Dunn Nationals
2002 Topps Gold Label 199 Austin Kearns Reds (a very young looking Kearns)
2008 Score Football The Franchise F-15 Torry Holt Rams
2009 A&G National Pride NP34 Nick Markakis Orioles
2009 Goodwin Champions:
34 Alexander Ovechkin Capitals Hockey
101 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
141 Bobby Orr Bruins Hockey
2009 Goudey 212 Jim Palmer Orioles
2010 Topps The Cards Your Mom Threw Out (regular Mom back) CMT-15 - Jim Palmer Orioles 1966 card

entry Nov 28 2010, 01:54 AM
A single from Sportlots:

1971 Topps Baseball 220 Ron Santo Cubs

Some stuff from the Bay:

1969 Topps 125 Roman Gabriel Rams
1972 Topps 3 AFC Passing Leaders Griese/Dawson/Carter
1972 Topps 120 Terry Bradshaw Pro Action Steelers
1973 Topps 48 Mercury Morris Dolphins
1973 Topps 214 Nick Buoniconti Dolphins

I got a set from a movie based on baseball history. The 110 card set from Pacific Cards of Eight Men Out

OH I also got my sample issue of THE WRAPPER Magazine/Newsletter #255 Nov 15 - Jan 1, 2011

 | Category: Football
entry Nov 26 2010, 04:49 PM
Got two cards today One from Ebay one From Sportlots

From Sportlots got 1961 Topps Football 130 John Paluck Washington Redskins

From Ebay got 1972 Topps Football 128 Roman Gabriel Pro Action Rams

 | Category: Football
entry Nov 25 2010, 12:14 AM
Got two Redskins cards from the Bay.

1994 Ted Williams 61 Sonny Jurgensen Signed ($5.74 + $3.50sh)
1954 Bowman 110 Steve Meilinger ($4.75 + $2sh)

 | Category: Football
entry Nov 24 2010, 12:03 AM
From Ebay got my 1971 Mattel Instant Replay disc of Sonny Jurgensen Redskins for aprox. $10 ($6.99 plus $2.99 postage). Reliving my childhood I guess, why not. A while back I had gotten the Frank Robinson disc for $15.00 at my local card shop. Back in the day I used to have one of the players and about 12 discs or more that I shared with my brother who also had a player and some discs. He even had 2 or 3 of the later 2-sided discs.

The dealer of this one sent as a bonus an unopened pack of 1991 Upper Deck The Quarterbacks Challenge Domino's Pizza cards.

entry Nov 22 2010, 11:26 PM
Quick one here got from Ebay a few more 1974 Topps Football Redskins: (some dupes)
6 Jerry Smith
33 Curt Knight
58 Bill Kilmer (long crease on left)
119 Roy Jefferson
156 Brig Owens
208 Verlon Biggs
287 Bill Brundige (dupe maybe trupe)
313 Dave Robinson (dupe)
371 Mike Bragg
398 John Wilber (dupe and massive horizontal misscutting)
445 Pat Fischer
510 Charlie Taylor

Then from a seller got some vintage Baseball:
1964 Topps:
260 Frank Robinson Reds
306 Giant Gunners Willie Mays & Orlando Cepeda
1973 Topps 90 Brooks Robinson Orioles

Then he sent some extras:
1979 Topps 417 All-Time Record Holders Strikeouts Nolan Ryan & Walter Johnson
1982 Topps 636 Phillies Team Leaders Pete Rose & Steve Carlton.

If those extras weren't enough he sent 3 unopened packs:
1990 Donruss
1990 Upper Deck

And a 1989 Topps Pack That is really miss cut. I might keep this one sealed.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Nov 19 2010, 08:43 PM
Got an Ebay auction of two new Nationals Cards and a 1950s Senator's card.

1959 Topps 397 Washington Senators Team Card
2010 Topps Update:
661 Stephen Strasburg Nationals RC
US-274 Stephen Starsburg Iran Rodriguez Nationals (checklist 1/10)

entry Nov 18 2010, 11:28 PM
Today Thursday 18NOV2010 I got some football and baseball from Ebay and Sportlots.

It doesn't matter what I got from where, but one thing is a couple of these sellers decided to put in some "extras" one package it made sense I won a vintage Chicago Bear card and the dealer sent two more modern (1990 & 1991) Bears cards. The other dealer I had gotten a 2005 Baseball Card 2005 Expos and the guy added 6 extra cards (3 Padres, 1 Brewer, 2 Reds from years 1990, 1992 & 1998). So one dealer his extras made sense the other not so much.

OK so here is what I got:

2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Framed Red 139 Nick Johnson Expos
1976 Topps:
55 Gaylord Perry Rangers
150 Steve Garvey Dodgers NL AS
235 Bert Blyleven Twins
530 Don Sutton Dodgers

Then the stupid extras sent with the Nick Johnson:
1990 Fleer
151 Andy Benes Padres
429 Jeff Reed Reds
1990 Upper Deck 684 Jack Armstrong Reds
1992 Topps Stadium Club 684 Phil Stephenson Padres
1998 Topps Chrome:
77 Greg Vaughn Padres
212 Gerald Williams Brewers

1954 Bowman 127 Joe Koch Bears
1974 Topps Some Redskins (I've got more coming I think):
260 Larry Brown
287 Bill Brundige (dupe)
313 Dave Robinson
345 Chris Hanburger
422 Charlie Harraway

The smart extras from the Joe Koch Bears
1990 Fleer 288 Neal Anderson Bears (dupe)
1991 Pro Set Brad Muster Bears

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