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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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 | Category: Football
entry Oct 19 2009, 08:18 PM
Got yet another Ebay action in the mail today. This time it is the 10 sticker/card set of the 2001 XFL Team Logos.

user posted image

The set as I said consists of 10 stickers that look and feel more like standard cards, except for the small diecut along the edge of the logo pattern on the front. The XFL "EXtreme Football League was a failed attempt to compete with the NFL the league was owned and run by the owners of the WWF (or was it WWE at that time?) Wrestling League. The league was a minor hit with fans, but a dismal financial failure. They needed to have more of the Cheerleaders. laugh.gif

Anyway the first 8 cards of the logos of the 8 teams in the league, the 9th card is the League logo and the final card is a picture of the Spalding designed football that was used.

user posted image

Just about anything XFL is sometimes hard to find and like the USFL stuff can sometimes be ridiculously overpriced. This sticker set was not. Actually the seller probably had at least 2 sets since I had been outbid but received a "second offer" (that was legit).

 | Category: Football
entry Oct 17 2009, 03:06 PM
Got 2 packages one from an Ebay auction the other from a sportlots auction.

The sportlots auction was for a:
1968 Topps Game Insert # 20 Tommy Davis
The seller included a freebie a 2009 UD Baseball Series 2 - Jason LaRue - Cardinals.

The Ebay auction was for 10 (with a couple of duplicates so really about 8) 1974 (NOT '75) Fleer Hall of Fame (The Immortal Roll Series) cards. The '74 set is not numbered, where as the '75 is numbered the '75 series also has a brown border where the '74 has a white border.

The seller had them all in tallboy versions of those awful keep cases that I hate, fortunately they didn't have any tape on them.

Don Hutson - Packers
Bobby Layne - Bears, Bulldogs, Lions, Steelers
Andy Robustelli - Rams, Giants
Jim Thorpe - Bulldogs, Indians, Maroons, Giants (and others)
Y.A. Tittle - 49ers, Giants, Colts
Charley Trippi - Cardnials - (2)
Norm Van Brocklin - Rams, Eagles (2)
Bob Waterfield - Rams

 | Category: Football
entry Oct 16 2009, 06:45 PM
Got a couple more of my Ebay auctions in.

First one opened was from the 1974 Fleer from The Immortal Roll Hall of Fame series. SAMMY BAUGH. these cards are a little bit thinner than the standard, but are just a tadd taller. The 1974 cards are very similar and often mistaken for the 1975 cards. The main difference is the 1974 cards are not numbered the '75 are. This card in the '75 series is #50.

1974 Fleer Hall of Fame SAMMY BAUGH
user posted image

The other package was one of my white whales for my PC. From one of two of my fave QBs and for only $12.00 plus $2.00 shipping....

1958 Topps #90 of Mr. Number Nine SONNY JURGENSEN. It's in very nice condition the dealer listed it as fair. Looks a little better than that to me no creases, but rounded and slightly frayed corners and a little bit of a pinhole sized chunk taken out of the bottom right near the corner.

user posted image

entry Oct 16 2009, 03:59 PM
I decided to bite the bullet and start up a trading card blog, in addition to this one here. So far I just have the bare bones of it and an introduction post. I will try to keep both this blog and the new one updated pretty frequently. My new blog is CaptKirk42's Trading Cards Blog

 | Category: Hockey
entry Oct 15 2009, 10:55 PM
Got a single card from an Ebay Auction (190339419531). My first 2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions card. #34 ALEXANDER OVECHKIN - Capitals

2009 UD GOODWIN CHAMPIONS Alexander Ovechkin
user posted image

entry Oct 11 2009, 10:44 PM
I don't want to dis Bob's Openchecklist here, but I recently found an alternative online collection tracking database. I found it via a link on a card blog that I had found via a link from another card blog (one that I read frequently). So far it's pretty good but of course it does have some kinks they haven't worked out yet. They appear to have started sometime last year. The site is Zistle.com. Most of the images of cards added seem to have started with the Checkoutmycards.com database. Of course they encourage collectors to upload card pictures if they have an image that is better than the current image (clearer, higher definition etc...) as many databases tend to do. They want the best generic image available.

I just started using it. I had to add my 1975 Wonder Bread set, they had the 1974 and '76 in there but didn't seem to have the '75 weird. Also I might have to add a couple of my 2007 Topps Opening Day mascots, they seem to be missing some, plus they have multiple subsets for the Opening Day which is confusing.

entry Oct 10 2009, 05:44 PM
Got my part in from a trade with Ken (athopesend) I sent some Raiders GUs and a Hockey Auto and I got a ton more than I expected.

The initial cards I wanted to set the trade up were:

2008 Donruss Playoff Silver Signatures Carlos Rogers Auto
2007 Donruss Classics Darius Walker Rookie # /499
2006 Flair Showcase Dominique Byrd Fresh Ink Auto.

Then to even things up a bit since I was sending 5 higher end GUs and an Auto:

02 Gridiron Kings 165 John Riggins Crowning Moment
06 Classics CS-24 Gale Sayers Classic Singles # /1000
06 Classics LP-20 John Riggins Legendary Players # /250
06 Upper Deck F25-PO Clinton Portis Fantasy Top 25
07 Classics LP-21 Sammy Baugh Legendary Players # /1000
07 Classics LP-29 Jim Brown Legendary Players # /250
07 Contenders DC-28 Brian Leonard/ Adam Carriker Rams Draft Class # /1000
07 Threads P-16 Eric Dickerson Performers # /500
07 Triple Threads 71 Santana Moss Emerald # /199
07 Ultra GL-JN Joe Namath Gridiron Legends
08 Classics 123 Mike Singletary Legend # /999
08 Classics 133 Walter Payton Legend # /999
08 Classics CS-9 Sammy Baugh Classic Singles # /250
08 Classics CS-23 Jim Brown Classic Singles # /250

There were a bunch more Redskins and Rams and some Baseball that is just too numerous to list here. It was a great haul. And a great trade I think both of us were pleased with it.

 | Category: Football
entry Oct 8 2009, 09:52 PM
From sportlots.com auction 25 - 1974 Topps Football cards.

17 David Lee - Colts
26 Josh Ashton - Patriots
33 Curt Knight - Redskins
user posted image
44 Randy Jackson - Bears
65 Vic Washington - 49ers
76 Larry Walton - Lions
80 John Niland - Cowboys
96 Bruce Laird - Colts
98 Len Rohde - 49ers
103 Len St. Jean - Patriots
144 Jerrel Wilson - Chiefs - All Pro
164 Jerry Sisemore - Eagles
186 Nick Mike-Mayer - Falcons
196 Bill Lenkaitis - Patriots
197 Tom Drougas - Colts
261 Paul Seymour - Bills
308 Carl Johnson - Saints
325 Randy Vataha - Patriots
375 Art Malone - Falcons
389 Richard Caster - Jets
492 Mark Nordquist - Eagles
409 Jim Otto - Raiders (off center)
user posted image
453 Mike Current - Broncos
484 Myron Pottios - Redskins
513 Bill Lueck - Packers

From MLB Insiders club Monthly? book - Baseball's Greatest World Series

 | Category: Baseball
entry Oct 3 2009, 01:45 AM
Got a couple of my sportlots.com auctions to help with my 1963 building.


94 Bob Schmidt

(Hmm looks a little bit like Brian Schneider or does Brian look like him?)
user posted image

95 Larry Jackson
user posted image

If you have any '63s to send my way let me know.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Oct 2 2009, 02:15 AM
From an Ebay Auction is got this sweet card for only $0.99 + $2.99 Shipping.

1963 Jell-o Ernie Banks
user posted image

The seller was selling it as a Post. $0.99 is a great deal for the Post version, but for the Jello not so much but still a deal. For the accuracy of the description I gave had to knock the feedback to 4 stars for that category.

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