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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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 | Category: Baseball
entry Jul 21 2011, 11:10 PM
From sportlots got a nice 1970 Topps Booklet 14 Ernie Banks Cubs.

The seller included some extras:
1963 Topps 195 Manny Jimenez KC Athletics
1964 Topps:
61 Angel Backstops: Bob Rodgers & Ed Sadowski
312 Tigers Rookie Stars: Fritz Fisher & Fred Gladding
1966 Topps 52 Power Plus Wes Covington & Johnny Callison (dupe I believe but I think an upgrade)
1967 Topps 461 Bob Miller Dodgers

 | Category: Hockey
entry Jul 20 2011, 09:29 PM
Got my winnings, booty, pulls whatever you want to call it from Chris crpalmi's Vintage Hockey Pack Busters Group

Here is what I got:

1972-73 Topps 81 Gary Doak Red Wings

1975-76 Topps 256 Peter McDuffe Scouts

1976-77 OPC 348 Lanny MacDonald Maple Leafs

1977-78 OPC 322 Atlanta Flames Team Logo/Team Records card

1979-80 OPC 138 Cam Connor Oilers

1979-80 Topps 62 Jim Bedard CAPITALS (back really offcenter) HOMIE TEAM MOJO!

1981-82 OPC
66 Doug Wilson Blackhawks
312 Darryl Sittler Super Action Maple Leafs

1983-84 OPC
186 Gilbert Delorme Canadiens
284 Greg Malone Whalers

1984-85 OPC 389 Record Breaker: Denis Potvin Islanders 1st defensive man to score 20th goal of the year in 8 different seasons.

1986-87 OPC 195 Larry Playfair Kings

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jul 12 2011, 12:11 AM
Got a single sportlots card 1958 Topps Baseball 327 Chicago Cubs Team Card/Checklist

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jul 9 2011, 11:42 PM
Just a single 1962 Topps Baseball 211 Midway Masters: Frank Bolling Roy McMillan Braves

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jul 7 2011, 10:53 PM
Got more baseball stuff from sportlots (still have a few more things to come in as well).

Got 5 1970 Topps Booklets
10 Reggie Jackson - A's
13 Orlando Cepeda - Braves
16 Denis Menke - Astros (2)
19 Cleon Jones - Mets

Plus a ton of 1974 Topps that includes some of the Traded cards and a marked checklist for them (I already have the set & the checklist unmarked) and some team checklists some marked some unmarked. 178 cards in all. Some I know I already have some I'm not sure if I had before or not. Most are in VG to Excellent some have centering issues.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jul 7 2011, 09:29 AM
Got Two BASEBALL cards from a sportlots seller yesterday Wednesday 06July2011.

1964 Topps 219 Young Aces Al Downing and Jim Bouton Yankees

1975 Topps Mini 580 Frank Robinson Indians

entry Jul 5 2011, 09:34 PM
Got two vintage Baseball from sportlots auctions and one Non-Sport auto from a sale here at TCC ($13 delivered).


1954 Topps 33 Johnny Schmitz Senators ($0.25 = $2.85 postage = $3.10 total)

1966 Topps 123 Pirates Rookie Stars Frank Bork and Jerry May ($0.75 + $1.99 = $2.74 total)


2006 FAMILY GUY from Inkworks
A8 Adam Carolla Voice of Death Auto Black (of course) Sparpie on card. The back of the card with the card number actually looks cooler than the auto side.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jul 2 2011, 09:58 PM
Anyone who reads this other than myself will know the drill. I got two more sportlots cards (same seller) both vintage 60s Baseball.

1960 Topps 246 Lee Maye Braves

1962 Topps 279 Hobie Landrith Mets

entry Jun 27 2011, 11:18 PM
Got 3 sportlots packages. Mostly baseball some 76 Football

1976 Topps:
145 Roman Gabriel Eagles
180 L.C. Greenwood Steelers
200 Terry Metcalf Cardinals
217 Lyle Alzado Broncos
231 Joe Theismann Redskins
252 Fred Dryer Rams

1957 Topps: 153 Karl Olson Senators (Off Center about 5/95 L/R)

1958 Topps: 490 Ed Bailey Redlegs AS

1959 Topps: 361 Willard Nixon Red Sox

1966 Topps:
105 Milt Pappas Orioles
270 Claude Osteen Dodgers

1968 Topps: Game Insert 29 Rod Carew Twins

1970 Milton Bradley: NNO (#3) Ernie Banks Cubs

 | Category: Non Sports
entry Jun 25 2011, 01:33 PM
Got my Warehouse 13 Base set from Ebay. This is a Rittenhouse (the new "Kings" of Non-Sport cards) Cards base set of 72 cards. The design is basic and simple. This set covers season on of the show All 12 episodes (later seasons are 13 episodes - Sci-Fi Channel programs).
Each card shows a scene from an episode with the episode, with a black border at the bottom of the card. On the black border is the episode title on the left in white lettering and on the right the "Warehouse 13" logo. The backs have a brief synopsis of the episode and another different but smaller picture the card number is in the lower left corner. The front and back are printed upside down from each other so when flipping the card using the horizontal (up and down) axis it is the correct viewing orientation. When flipping vertically (side to side) the card is upsidedown.

The set breaks down to 6 cards per episode with the episode synopsis continuing on the next card. Oddly or ironically the cards for the last episode called "Macpherson" named for the baddy in the episode do not have a single picture of the actor who played Macpherson not even on the back. Most of the cards just show the series regulars, some of them do have guest characters from the corresponding episode but it's very few.

I think what the set needs is captions for the pictures on the front, and a few more pictures of the guest stars of the episodes, some on the front not just on the backs.

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