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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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entry Jan 25 2010, 09:51 PM
Got some baseball from sportlots stuff and some football from Ebay.

From Ebay I got 1983 Fleer Football Logo Stickers: Chiefs, Lions, Redskins, Vikings, Cardinals and Bears.

From Topps Sportlots
1974 Baseball: 432, 438, 441, 442, 449, 452, 455, 457, 458, 461, 466, 468, 480, 481, 482, 486, 487, 488, 492, 494

1975 Topps Baseball: 229, 297, 303, 473, 521, 525, 529, 536, 538, 542, 546, 549, 550, 552, 553, 556, 557, 563, 568, 658

1959 Topps Baseball Rookie Stars Of 1959:
133 Bob Lillis Dodgers
134 Jim McDaniel Pirates
135 Gene Oliver Cardinals

 | Category: Football
entry Jan 23 2010, 08:34 PM
Got a bunch of Redskins cards from one of the Football Team Collectors Group Members at SCF.

Maybe I'll mention all the specifics a little later. For now the two biggies were a 2005 Gridiron Gear 88 Sonny Jurgensen and 2004 Fleer Greats 13 Sammy Baugh

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jan 23 2010, 01:04 PM
Got a single card from sportlots on Friday 22Jan10.
1967 Topps Baseball 70 Ron Santo Cubs

entry Jan 19 2010, 11:00 PM
Got my order from Checkoutmycards.com and also a small handful of some RamSkins from a guy over at Sport Cards Forum as "extras". He is part of the Football Team Collectors group I'm involved in over there. I'm also in a Baseball version that I picked up the "being in charge duties" as it was stalled for a while.

Update I did a video on ustream of my mailday, but did something in the video I didn't want in the video (I got up and moved a bit distracting looking for a card) so I deleted it but today (Wednesday the day after receiving these cards) so here is the newer video. It turned out to be a bit longer than the original due to my stuttering and babbling on about other things but I like it a little more. I just wish I could have said some of the things the way I said them in the first take. Oh well.

checkoutmycards.com mailday 19Jan2010

Here is what I got for those who can't see the video.
from checkoutmycards.com

1966 Topps 515 Frank Howard Senators
1967 Topps 255 Frank Howard Senators
1969 Milton Bradley NNO Frank Howard Senators
1970 Fleer Laughlin World Series 61 Yankees vs. Cardinals 1964 series
1971 Fleer Laughlin World Series 2 No Series Played Giants vs. Red Sox 1904 Scheduled series
1971 Fleer Laughlin World Series 8 Cubs vs. A's 1910 series
1971 Topps 502 Chicago Cubs Team Card
1972 Topps 192 Chicago Cubs Team Card
1975 Topps 87 Tug McGraw Mets
1975 Topps Mini 87 Tug McGraw Mets
1982 Donruss 579 Cal Ripken Sr. Orioles Coach
1985 Fleer 641 Super Star Special Cal Ripken & Cal. Jr. Father & Son Orioles
1988 Donruss 625 The Ripken Baseball Family Orioles
1988 Fleer 640 The O's Brothers Orioles
1988 Topps 352 Billy Ripken Orioles
1988 Topps 444 Cal Ripken Sr. Orioles Team Checklist on back
2000 Pacific Invincible Kings of the Diamond 4 Chipper Jones Braves
2000 Pacific Invincible Kings of the Diamond 10 Ken Griffey Jr. Reds
2002 Topps 206 Mini 280 Ryan Church Piedmont Indians
2004 Upper Deck Collect the Mascots and Win MLB-1 Wally The Green Monster Red Sox
2004 Upper Deck Collect the Mascots and Win MLB-2 Phillie Phanatic Phillies
2004 Upper Deck Collect the Mascots and Win MLB-3 Mr. Met Mets
2009 Topps Update UH289 Nick Johnson Marlins

1971 Topps 44 Jack Snow Rams
1972 Topps 128 Roman Gabriel Pro Action Rams
1973 Topps 266 Roman Gabriel Boyhood Photo Rams
1973 Topps 416 Jack Snow Rams
1974 Topps 83 Jack Snow Rams
1974 Topps 129 Fran Tarkenton All Pro Vikings
2000 Upper Deck Legends 88 Sonny Jurgensen Redskins
2001 Topps Archives Reserve 90 (70 of 94) Sonny Jurgensen 1959 RC Eagles
2005 Donruss Classics Timeless Tributes Bronze 150 Sonny Jurgensen Redskins #d 081/100
2005 Playoff Contenders Legendary Contenders LC-14 Sonny Jurgensen Redskins #d 0209/2000
2008 Donruss Leaf Limited T-36 Sonny Jurgensen Redskins #d 003/999
2008 Topps Mayo Mini 157 Sonny Jurgensen Redskins

1977 O-Pee-Chee 339 Capitals Team Logo

Big Pick-Ups (Literally)
1970 Topps Super Football 6 Sonny Jurgensen Redskins
1970 Topps Super Football 7 Deacon Jones Rams
1970 Topps Super Football 16 Roy Jefferson Steelers

Handful of Rams and Redskins "extras" from a member at Sport Cards Forum
2009 Donruss Classics 88 Marc Bulger Rams
2009 Donruss Classics 98 Clinton Portis Redskins (3)
2009 Donruss Classics 99 Jason Campbell Redskins (3)
2009 Rookies and Stars 90 Steven Jackson Rams
2009 Rookies and Stars 99 Clinton Portis Redskins
2009 Philadelphia Football 175 Seven Jackson Rams
2009 Philadelphia Football 179 Oshiomogho Atogwe Rams

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jan 15 2010, 11:48 PM
I got 2 blasters from Target tonight 15JAN10 (well 3 really but the third will be one of the prizes to the co-winners of my 150th transaction contest)

Anyway I got a 2009 Topps 206 Blaster and a 2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Blaster. I think I will open them on a video, and post everything in here.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jan 14 2010, 09:31 PM
Got a batch of Nationals cards from the SCF(1) Baseball Team Collectors Group (The Cubs guy I think) 27 cards total. Lets see what they were:

2001 Bowman Heritage 41 Jose Vidro (Love these retro sets)
2007 Goudey 171 Ryan Zimmerman (again Retro love)
2008 UD X Baseball 100 Lastings Milledge "X" shaped die cut (I don't like die cuts like I did when I was a kid)
2009 UD Series 2:
929 Shawn Hill
974 Scott Olsen
2005 Topps Nationals Inaugural Lineup: (I think I only had one card from this series before today)
NI-BW Brad Wilkerson
NI-CG Cristian Guzman
NI-JG Jose Guillen
NI-JV Jose Vidro
2008 Topps: YR26 Shawn Hill (I forget Year Review subset?)
103 Jonathan Albaladejo Gold Lettering
2005 UD Mini Jersey Collection series Base:
69 Jose Vidro
70 Livan Hernandez
2008 UD Masterpieces 90 Ryan Zimmerman (have it)
2009 Topps A&G 192 Ryan Zimmerman
2007 UD SP Rookie Edition: 196 Matt Chico (Silver Insert? Same photo as base card but without background)
150 Matt Chico (base card)
149 Kory Casto (base card)
245 Kory Casto (partial woodgrain design)
246 Matt Chico (partial woodgrain design)
251 Jesus Flores (partial woodgrain design)
113 Jesus Flores (ACK which part of the series? Silver frame gold lettering this is why I hate modern variations in sets too darn many variations and no explanation of what is what)
2006 Topps Bowman Chrome BDP46 Shawn Hill (UGH even worse with the variations, Bowman is the worst with those) XFractor! Super UGH #/299
2006 Topps Bowman Chrome BC109 Leonard Davis (1st Bowman Chrome Card) Base?
2007 Topps Bowman Chrome BDP9 Jesus Flores Green w/black border base?
2007 Topps Bowman Chrome BDPP67 Collin Balester Blue w/white border Base?

Main Hit
2006 SP Authentic 223 Jason Bergmann Rookie Authentic Signatures blue sharpie on sticker #/899

 | Category: Football
entry Jan 9 2010, 05:17 PM
Got my lot of 25 Redskins from a member at SCF for the Football Team Collectors Group I belong to there.

In no particular order:

1997 UD 274 Heath Shuler
1997 Bowmans Best 36 Gus Frerotte
1995 Score: 176 Gus Frerotte
180 Heath Shuler
1996 Absolute Playoff: 027 Henry Ellard
130 Terry Allen
2006 UD Legends: 48 Gary Clark
60 Diron Talbert (I think that makes 3 I have of this card now)
64 Joe Jacoby
1990 Pro Set 323 Darrell Green
1996 Donruss: 28 Michael Westbrook
82 Heath Shuler
83 Gus Frerotte
1989 Hi-Pro (Action Packed) 22 Darrell Green
2005 Topps: 66 Carlos Rogers
201 Mark Brunell
1997 UD Collectors Choice Turf Champions TC8 Henry Ellard
1996 Select 9 Heath Shuler
1995 Fleer 384 Andre Collins
1990 Fleer 157 Joe Jacoby
2006 Topps Total 439 Antwaan Randle El
1999 Score: S-66 Rookie Mike Sellers
S-89 Stephen Davis
S-90 Brad Johnson
1995 Pacific Triple-Folders 23 Micheal Westbrook

entry Jan 8 2010, 08:01 PM
Got three cards today 2 Baseball 1 Football. I have no idea who sent them Return address has no name but it came from Michigan. At first I thought it was from someone over at Sports Card Forum (SCF) as I've increased my presence there, but then as I thought about it I remembered it was from a contest either there or on another forum where the only requirement was to pick a number position and the winner would be picked randomly from the people who entered. Well I won, but I forget which contest it was on which forum. ACK!

I can almost see the thread where it came from, but I can't recall which forum. I've done a quick search of my last few posts over the last few weeks here, there and just about everywhere, but I can't seem to find where the contest was. I can't thank the person because I can't remember who it was. blink.gif

UPDATE: 12 March, 2010 I found where it was that I had gotten these from. It was a contest from a member (gladdyontherise) on Card Collector's World (CCW) The member is also on SCF (Forum not Freaks). Mystery Solved.

Anyway the cards are:

2004 Topps Bazooka Football BO-MJ Bazooka Originals GU jersey (all white, or very light cream) - Micheal Jenkins Falcons. FT

2005 Bowman Sterling Baseball BS-MCA Miguel Cabrera Marlins GU black FT

2005 UD SP Baseball 75 Nick Johnson Nationals SP Authentic Auto blue sharpie on sticker #d/550 NFT

 | Category: Football
entry Jan 8 2010, 12:53 AM
Got a small box of Rams and Redskins cards from the SCF (Sports Card Forum) Football Team Collectors Group. Many of them I didn't have the highlight was a Steven Jackson "Speed to Burn" UD card. Maybe I'll get around to posting which cards were which. I still haven't done that with the last batch <sigh>

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jan 2 2010, 05:55 PM
From Ebay got a single card 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings 139 Nick Johnson Expos Silver #d/50

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