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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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 | Category: Baseball
entry May 18 2011, 10:40 PM
Went to Target and got some packs of A&G 2010 (thought they were 2011 until I got home and saw they were 2010)

I opened them old school here in the Pack Pulls Board.

I also got one of those "Extreme Value" boxes with 4 packs (Goudey, Upper Deck ?2007 Series 1?, Upper Deck Big Heads, 2007 Fleer Ultra) showing. & 100 cards + Bonus (whatever that is)

UPDATE: Here is the A&G cards by pack:

Pack 1:
159 Denard Span Twins
175 Tim Lincecum Giants
133 Nelson Cruz Rangers
85 Andrew Bailey Athletics
Mini WB7 Worlds Biggest... Hot Desert...Sahara

This Day In History Card: TDH35 Josh Johnson Marlins - Explorer 1 first American Satellite launched.

Pack 2:
264 Captain Nemo Submariner (Fictional character)
106 Dustin Pedroia Red Sox
58 Colby Rasmus Cardinals
322 Gary Matthews Mets

Mini 275 Clayton Kershaw Dodgers black border

ToDay in History card: TDH42 Jorge Posada Yankees - Robert Fultons Steamboat begins first voyage.

Pack 3:
80 Will Venable Padres
41 Daniel Hudson White Sox
218 Todd Helton Rockies
334 Brett Myers

Mini: NA48 National Animals Dalmatain Croatia

Today In History: TDH22 Grady Sizemore Indians - Formal Signing of US Declaration of Independence

Thin Plain white Retail security anti-theft card.

Pack 4:
105 Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomer
160 Derrek Lee Cubs
186 Jose Reyes Mets (thorn in NATS Side)
304 Carlos Pena Rays

Mini 288 Bobby Jenks White Sox black border

Checklist four of four

TDH13 Adam Dunn Nationals (formerly there of now a White Sox) - Pilgrims on Mayflower spot land.

Pack 5 last pack:

192 Tom Knapp Target Shooting World Record Holder
213 Mark Reynolds D'Backs
278 Jeff Francoeur Mets
318 Carlos Gonzalez Rockies

Mini 317 Alex Rios White Sox A&G Back

TDH26 Francisco Rodriguez Mets - Galileo observes 3 of Jupiter's Moons for the first time.

Another rare anti-theft blank.

BONUS: 12 card Rack Pack:

Bottom half first:

3 Ryan Braun Brewers
220 Manny Ramirez Dodgers
307 Akinori Iwamura Pirates

Mini 145 Jim Thome Twins A&G Back

TDH67 Josh Beckett Red Sox - Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton form The National Woman's Suffrage Association

not one but two security blanks


272 David Blaine - Holder of various world records
131 Tyler Flowers White Sox RC
299 Robinson Cano Yankees
166 Chris Tillman Orioles
101 Mark Buehrle White Sox
2 Everth Cabrera Padres
7 Ryan Howard Phillies

 | Category: Baseball
entry Apr 23 2011, 10:53 PM
Got my 7 cards from the Topps Million Cards Giveaway from Brian a "Play at the Plate" Now I need to send him some Rangers cards I've been gathering.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Apr 11 2011, 11:15 PM
Got two packages one was my hits from the A&G group break that has waited for a long time and the other was from one of the contests here.

I'll try to get back to this sometime later to mention what I got.

entry Mar 24 2011, 11:26 AM
ON Monday 21 March 2011. I received the package from The Chain Link thread. The previous stop had been Josh (jwman92) and he sent for my PC a sweet graded Kurt Warner card.

user posted image

This link post # 201 gives the info on what I took and what I replaced it with. Plus I added the Non-Sport category.

 | Category: Football
entry Mar 12 2011, 10:41 PM
Got my small lot of Redskins cards from three of chads' Group Breaks. each of the earlier breaks just gained one or two base cards so he held them till I ended up getting a "Hit" in the third break.

Here is what I got:

2006 Absolute Memorabilia
147 Clinton Portis

2007 Leaf Limited
99 Clinton Portis #d 290/659

2008 Leaf Limited
100 Clinton Portis

2008 SP Rookie Edition
61 Chris Cooley
62 Jason Campbell
63 Clinton Portis
121 Fred Davis

2009 SPX
78 Santana Moss

2010 Panini Epix
99 Clinton Portis

2010 Plates & Patches
98 Chris Cooley 367/499

2010 Topps (Pretty sure with some I got from Ebay earlier I've got all the Skins base from this set)
3 Malcolm Kelly
84 Willie Parker
87 Chris Cooley
148 Washington Redskins Team Card
202 Santana Moss
302 Clinton Portis
327 London Fletcher
335 LaRon Landry
350 Donovan McNabb
365 Larry Johnson
433 Devin Thomas

2010 Topps Chrome
C34 London Fletcher Orange Refractor

2006 Donruss Playoff National Treasures
Canton Classic CC-SJ Sonny Jurgensen (all red regular sized swatch) 50/50
(an Ebay 1/1 laugh.gif)

 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 11 2011, 06:56 PM
Got some more stuff from Sportlots 4- 1972 Topps Baseball
34 Billy Martin Tigers In-Action
163 Tug McGraw Mets (Think I already had this one, wasn't sure)
210 Denny McLain Rangers (again thought I had it but apparently didn't)
303 Joe Pepitone Cubs - (didn't think I had it but apparently did, need to compare the two to see iif this is one of the cards that had two color schemes.)

 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 10 2011, 10:26 PM
Got cards from Sportlots auctions from one of the sellers I buy from pretty regularly.

1962 Topps Baseball
127 Pride of the A's : Norm Siebern - Hank Bauer - Jerry Lumpe
306 Redbird Rippers (Cardinals) Lindy McDaniel Larry Jackson
319 Mike McCormick Giants "McCormick Shows His Stuff"

1970 Topps
23 Bill Robinson Yankees
349 Steve Hamilton Yankees

1972 Topps
554 Wilber Wood In Action White Sox (back is puzzle B piece lower right corner)

 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 5 2011, 05:14 PM
Got my part of the 2008 Topps Heritage Baseball group Break (5 boxes? or a Case?) I had the Nationals & Orioles with random teams of Rangers and Rockies. I guess the "BIG HIGHLIGHT" was the Clubhouse Collection GU # CC-HB Hank Blalock Rangers plus a Bazooka All Star 484 Brian Roberts Orioles
Baseball Flashback BF 7 Brooks Robinson Orioles "Brooks Breaks up the Zeroes"

I haven't had time to sort/organize them I noticed I had triplicates and maybe a quadruplicate or two Not 100% sure, but I did score some of the SP "black backs".

I might update this list all I got, not sure.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Feb 19 2011, 03:49 PM
ON Friday 12 Feb I received some cards from Sportlots The first was the proper 1975 Topps 177 Baltimore Orioles Team Card Mini version. This one also has the checklist marked some. The markings are pen slashes, the regular version checklist has some red marker fill in the check box markings.

I also got two 1962 Topps cards: both Washington Senators
324 Joe McClain
347 Chuck Hinton

Entry 75 O's

 | Category: Baseball
entry Feb 8 2011, 10:59 PM
On Monday 07 Feb 2011 I got from Sportlots 1975 Topps 117 Orioles Team Card checklist marked. It was supposed to be the mini version. The dealer goofed he's going to send the mini version. I should get it probably Thursday. I think I already have this regular version marked, not 100% sure though.

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