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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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 | Category: Baseball
entry May 24 2009, 12:40 AM
Got some more of my 2009 Topps Baseball Heritage needs from sportlots.com

They were: Baseball Flashback 2, Baseball Flashback 10, and Then & Now 10

My subsets of
Baseball Flashback
News Flashback
Then & Now

Are all complete.

I still need some of the New Age Performers and a lot of the regular base cards.

entry May 21 2009, 10:48 PM
Got my big bag of booty from the Low Budget group breaks that Dwight (Urbanmonk) hosts.

To tired to update will do later.



Also got some Topps Heritage from an Ebay Auction. 2008 & 2009 Topps Heritage Aramis Ramirez (2009 just has Aramis on front)

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 19 2009, 09:19 PM
Got a couple of Cubs cards from bajmurray in today's (Tuesday 19 May) Mail

2001 Leaf Limited Rookie Game Worn Pants Corey Patterson #/650 Mostly white but there is a tiny piece of blue in the left corner. Pretty nice.

2003 Donruss Studio Sammy Sosa GU interesting it has a 2003 MLB All-Star Game logo on the front, then has a "John Hancock All-Star Fanfest" Logo on the back but the Game Used material is from the Cubs/Reds game from 1 April, 2002 a white... wait for it....


A Game Used piece of base. So wait Sammy didn't steal any bases that night, Donruss did. So they could put them on cards, the thieves! laugh.gif

Anyway the score was Reds 5 Cubs 4.

entry May 18 2009, 08:27 PM
Today's Mailday:

From 3 Sportlots.com envelopes
2000 Bowman
277 Brian Schneider

2009 Topps Heritage
388 World Series Game #4
BF1 Baseball Flashback Mickey Mantle
BF7 Baseball Flashback Brooks Robinson
NF1 News Flashback Aswan Dam
NF2 News Flashback Bathyscaphe Trieste
NF5 News Flashback Fifty -Star Flag
NF6 News Flashback USS Seadragon
NF7 News Flashback Marshall Space Flight Center
NF8 News Flashback Kennedy/Nixon Presidential Debate
NF10 News Flashback Polaris Missile
TN1 Then and Now Ernie Banks/Ryan Howard

1 bubble mailer from Mike Batman1641 's FB Group Break
My Team WASHINGTON REDSKINS (That's all that's needed)

2002 Pacific Heads Up
125 Jacquez Green (3)
10 Prime Picks Patrick Ramsey

2003 Upper Deck NFL Patch Collection
39 Patrick Ramsey
40 Lavernues Coles
87 Rod Gardner
* Big Hit see below

2008 Donruss Classics
98 Jason Campbell
99 Chris Cooley
100 Clinton Portis
SB-12 Sunday's Best base Jason Campbell #/1000

2008 Leaf Limited
99 Santana Moss
100 Clinton Portis
BSM-24 Banner Season GU Clinton Portis all white #/100

2002 Playoff Piece Of The Game
123 Cliff Russell Rookie EW (event Worn) all Maroon #/500
POG-46 Stephen Davis GU all maroon No#

*2003 Upper Deck NFL Patch Collection
126 Rookie Innovation Manufactured Patch Gibran Hamdan No#

2009 Topps Baseball: Heritage (Subsets)

In Base World Series Cards
have: 385(2),386-391

Baseball Flashbacks: HAVE: BF1, BF3-BF4,BF5(2),BF6-10
INCOMING: BF2 and an extra BF10 from sportlots

News Flashbacks: HAVE: NF1-NF2, NF3(2),NF4-NF8, NF9(2), NF10

New Age Performers: HAVE: NAP12(2), NAP14-15
NEED: NAP1-11, NAP13

Then And Now: HAVE: TN1-TN2, TN3(2), TN4-6, TN7(2), TN8-9
INCOMING: TN10 from Sportlots

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 16 2009, 05:33 PM
Got 4 Packages (well two were PWE) from Sportlots.com order More of my 2009 Topps Baseball Heritage base set (with some of the sub-sets/inserts) pursuit.

I had ordered most of the remaining Baseball Flashbacks, News Flashbacks, Then & Nows, and World Series cards I needed.

Here is what came today from for different sportlots dealers:

386 World Series Game 2
387 World Series Game 3
397 Chicago Cubs Team Card (Hmm already had this, wasn't sure must have been one of the ones I got just to be sure)
372 Brian Schneider Nets (well Mets really but he used to be a Nat)

BF3 Juan Marichal
BF9 Mickey Mantle

TN2 Ernie Banks/Ryan Howard
TN3 Minnie Minoso/Chipper Jones
TN4 Luis Aparicio/Willie Taveras
TN6 Bob Friend/Johan Santana
TN9 Bob Friend/Roy Halladay

OK so here now is my status on these things (at least the subset stuff, still got to compile the big main base list)

In Base World Series Cards I have: 385(2),386-387,389-391 (#388 Is still incoming from sportlots will be complete once that one comes)

Baseball Flashbacks: HAVE: BF3-BF4,BF5(2),BF6,BF8-10
INCOMING: BF1,BF2,BF7 and an extra BF10 from sportlots

News Flashbacks: HAVE: NF3(2),NF4, NF9(2)
INCOMING: NF1, NF2, NF5, NF6, NF7, NF8, NF10

New Age Performers: HAVE: NAP12(2), NAP14-15
NEED: NAP1-11, NAP13

Then And Now: HAVE: TN2, TN3(2), TN4-6, TN7(2), TN8-9
INCOMING: TN1, TN10 from Sportlots

entry May 15 2009, 08:21 PM
Got 3 packages today.
First I got a couple of cards I ordered from sportlots.com
2009 Topps Baseball Heritage
Ryan Zimmerman base
Baseball Flashback Ernie Banks

From Adam AKA: NYStateOfMind1976 I got a freebie from the "Pay it Forward" thread (Time to give Something Back)
a 2007 Donruss Rookies and Stars Longevity Santana Moss GU #/250 all white

Then an Ebay Auction win
2007 Leaf Limited Bronze Spotlight Sunny Jurgensen #32/32

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 13 2009, 11:42 PM
Went to Target Today and got
1 blaster of 2008 Topps Baseball Updates & Highlights Heritage High Number Series. The video is here 2008 Heritage Blaster.

1 blaster of 2009 Topps Baseball Heritage The video is here 2009 Heritage blaster

and 5 packs of 2009 Topps Baseball Heritage The video is Here 2009 Heritage 5 Packs.

To see them in the actual pack order view the videos. In the transcript here I may have mixed a couple of the cards around.

OK here are the results. Only cards marked as FT are for trade at this time.

2008 TOPPS BASEBALL Updates & Highlights - HERITAGE High Numbers Series: BLASTER

Rookie Star 2008 Matt Joyce Tigers
John Buck Royals
Cliff Floyd Rays
Rookie Star 2008 Evan Longoria Rays
Jair Jurrjens Braves
John Danks White Sox

UH All Stars Manny Ramirez Red Sox FT
UH All Stars Ryan Dempster Cubs FT

Rookie Star 2009 Kosuke Fukudome Cubs
Kerry Wood Cubs
Brian Wilson Giants
Geovany Soto Cubs
Jason Michaels Pirates
John Baker Marlins

UH Mike Cameron Brewers FT
UH All Stars Josh Hamilton Rangers FT

Jeff Samardzija Cubs RC
Rookie Star 2008 Greg Reynolds Rockies RC
Sean Gallageher Athletics
Ryan Dempster Cubs
Edison Volquez Reds
Justin Ducscherer Athletics

UH Miguel Cairo Mariners FT
UH Highlights 4 to 4 to 4 Abdaubal Cabrera (possible trade not sure)

Mike Mussina Yankees
Cliff Lee Indians
Joe Saunders Angels
Brandon Backe Astros SP
Brian buscher Twins SP
Brandon Morrow Mariners

UH Brian Buscher Twins FT
UH Home Run Derby Lance Berkman Astros NL FT

Kelly Shoppach Indians
Bryan Lahair Mariners
Pablo Sandoval Giants
Alex Romero Diamonbacks RC
Ivan Ochoa Giants RC
Rookie Star 2008 Matt Macri RC CHROME #/1959 FT

UH All Stars Roy Halladay Blue Jays FT
UH Octavio Dotel White Sox FT

Flashbacks Felix Hernandez Mariners
Mike Redmond Twins
Angel Berroa Dodgers
Ben Francisco Indians
Rookie Star 2008 Gerald Laird RC
Brian Schneider Mets

UH All Stars Aramis Ramirez Cubs FT
UH Clay Hensley Padres FT

Seth McClung Brewers
Toronto Blue Jays Team
Jeremy Sowers Indians
Josh Fields White Sox
Emmanuel Burriss Giants
Tyler Yates Pirates

UH All Stars Joe Crede White Sox FT
UH Highlights Johnny Damon Yankees FT

Rookie Performers John Bowker Giants
Scott Hairston Padres SP
Joe Inglett Blue Jays
Rookie Star 2008 Clayton Richard White Sox
Chris Burke Diamondbacks
Fernando Tatis Mets

UH Evan Longoria Rays FT
UH Jacque Jones Marlins FT

(I might have messed up the order of the packs here, the video has the proper order)

Aubry Huff Orioles FT
Rich Aurilia Giants
Scott Baker Twins
Jo-Jo Reyes Braves
Marlon Byrd Rangers
2009 Rookie Star Greg Golson Rangers
Curtis Granderson Tigers
2009 Rookie Star Chris Lambert (Dupe???)

Francisco Rodriguez Mets (dupe FT
Aaron Laffey Indians
Hanley Ramirez Marlins
Brad Ziegler A's All Star Rookie (Error? "Youth Outfield America")
Ervin Santana Angels (dupe FT)
Chad Cordero Nationals (dupe FT)
St. Louis Cardinals Team
2009 Rookie Star Jesse Chavez Pirates

Aaron Rowand Giants
Mark Reynolds Diamondbacks
John Lester Red Sox
Brandon Inge Tigers
Jair Jurrjens Braves
Josh Johnson Marlins
Bobby Cox Braves Mgr
Adam LaRoche Pirates (dupe?)

Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
Omar Vizquel Giants
Tony Larussa Cardinals Mgr
Ty Wiggington Astros (Error Misspelling on front)
Vincent Padilla Rangers
George Sherrill Orioles (dupe FT)
Akinori Iwamura Rays (dupe?)
Felix Hernandez Mariners

Fred Lewis Giants (Correct picture)
Hiroki Kuroda Dodgers CHROME #/1960 FT
Alex Rodriguez Yankees Mayo Target Exclusive TME-AR
Denard Span Twins All Star Rookie
Then and Now Minnie Minoso and Chipper Jones
J.J. Hardy Brewers
Brad Lidge Phillies
2009 Rookie Star Juan Miranda Yankees


Jeff Francis Rockies
Jensen Lewis Indians
Henry Blanco Cubs
Bengie Molina Giants
Elija Dukes Nationals SP
Asdrubal Cabrera Indians
Alex Rios Blue Jays
Kyle Lohse Cardinals

Adam Lind Blue Jays
Garrett Olson Orioles (dupe FT)
Felipe Lopez Diamondbacks
Mariano Rivera Yankees
Chicago Cubs Team
Tony LaRussa Cardinals Mgr (dupe FT)
Jeff Clement Mariners
Johnathan Papelbon Red Sox CHROME #/1960 FT (come strong)

Kosuke Fukudome Cubs
Joakim Soria Royals
2009 Rookie Star Lou Marson Phillies
Jose Guillen Royals
Frank Thomas A's SP
Joh Lester Red Sox
Lou Piniella Cubs Mgr. (dupe FT)
Scott Kazmir Rays (dupe??)

Pack4: (reversed order?)
Brad Ziegler A's All Star Rookie (Error? "Youth Outfield America") Dupe FT (would like the normal one with the "Youth of America")
Aaron Miles Cardinals
Emmanuel Burriss Giants
Tim Lincecum Giants
Mark Reynolds Diamondbacks
Luke Scott Orioles (dupe FT)
Jeff Suppan Brewers
Power Plus Ramirez & Ethier

Geovany Soto cubs All Star Rookie
Kansas City Royals Team
Master & Mentor Lincecum & Bochy
Jeff Francoeur Braves
Delmon Young Twins
2009 Rookie Star David Price Rays
Gregor Blanco Braves
Marco Scutaro Blue Jays

Jose Reyes Mets
Bob Geren A's Mgr (Said "Green" on video)
Hank Blalock Rangers
Pittsburgh Pirates Coaches SP
New Age Performers Dustin Pdoroia Red Sox
Bobby Crosby A's
Mike Aviles Royals All Star Rookie
Gil Meche Royals

Jo-Jo Reyes Braves (dupe FT)
Joe Nathan Twins
Justin Upton Diamondbacks (dupe?)
Bruce Bochy Giants Mgr
Erick Aybar Angels
Bronson Arroyo Reds
Detroit Tigers Team
Matt Cain Giants

Brian McCann Braves
Jimmy Rollins Phillies
Kaz Matsui Astros
Then and Now Mickey Mantle and Adam Dunn
Carl Crawford Rays
Andy Marte Indians
Shin-Soo Choo Indians
Ozzie Guillen White Sox Mgr

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 11 2009, 10:50 PM
Got two packages today (I opened them on video at ustream.com Mail day 11May09 video)

The first package was from Jeremy (Luke2411) from the April Group Break my teams are the Nationals and Orioles (plus whatever randoms are from unclaimed teams)

Here is what I got from that:

2008 UD Baseball Heroes
Lastings Milledge
Ryan Zimmerman
Luke Scott
Brian Roberts
Frank Robinson
Nick Markakis
Howie Knedrick (Angels) FT
Cal Ripken Jr./ Tony Gwynn Dual Base
Mike Schmidt/Ernie Banks/Frank Robinson Triple Base
Derek Jeter/Ken Griffey Jr./Cal Ripken Jr./Ichiro Quad Base
Lance Berkman (Astros) Green Parallel #/499 FT

2005 Donruss Diamond Kings
Shawn Hill
Nick Johnson
Rafael Palmeiro
Miguel Tejada
Luis Matos
Chad Cordero
Javy Lopez Red Parallel Framed
Orlando Cabrera Red Parallel Framed

Diamond Cuts Bat Melvin Mora #/50 (Possible FT)

2009 UD A Piece of History Baseball
Josh Geer (Padres) FT
Jake Peavy (Padres) FT
Ryan Zimmerman
Mike Hinckley
Historical Moments "Golden Gate Bridge Completed" (Possible FT)
Historical Moments "New Orleans Founded" (Possible FT)

2007 Exquisite Rookie Signatures Baseball
Exquisite Endorsements Corey Patterson blue sharpie auto (on sticker - sneaky sticker but sticker just the same) #/50

The other package I think was in response to the Time to give something back pay it forward thread from Brendan (I think BBTTRR19) there were 11 cards most Preston Wilson (as a Marlin.)

2000 Pacific Crown Collection Preston Wilson (Marlins)
2001 Fleer Focus Preston Wilson (Marlins)
2001 Topps Stadium Club Preston Wilson (Marlins)
2002 Fleer Showcase Preston Wilson (Marlins) (Green Frame, not sure if it's a parallel or a regular base - this is a year I am not too familiar with)
2002 Topps Opening Day Preston Wilson (Marlins)
2004 Donruss Playoff Prestige Preston Wilson (Rockies)
2006 Topps Preston Wilson (Nationals)

2003 Topps Total Nick Johnson (Yankees)
2003 Topps Total Brian Scheider (Expos)
2006 Topps Frank Robinson (Nationals)

1987 Topps Cal Ripken Jr. (Orioles) [In my video I mistakenly said 1997 Ooops!]

 | Category: Football
entry May 6 2009, 10:58 PM
Got my cards from Webbgems (Joel) FB box breaking Group for April. My two main teams as usual the Rams/Redskins my draft teams were the Giants and Eagles.

2008 SPX Football UGH I am sick of these die cuts, the designs aren't bad but I am no longer a fan of die cut cards. I was about 20 years ago.
Brian Dawkins Eagles
Y.A. Tittle Giants

2008 LCM
REDSKINS: Santana Moss, Chris Cooley
RAMS: Marc Bulger,
EAGLES: Brian Westbrook
GIANTS: Amani Toomer
Certified Skills Brandon Jacobs #/1000

2008 Playoff Absolute Momorabilia
EAGLES: Kevin Curtis
GIANTS: Derrick Ward (2)
Kenny Phillips Rookie Auto black sharpie on sticker #/99

2008 LCM
Rookie Fabric of the Game: Malcolm Kelly "NFL" all white event worn Jersey #/99
2007 Leaf Limited
Marc Bulger large Jersey all blue #/50

2007 UD Premiere Football
UP Premier Materials Rookie Autograph Kevin Kolb "2007" all white Jersey/ Auto blue sharpie on sticker #/175

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 2 2009, 11:33 PM
OK here is blaster #2.
The first one I did with my webcam recording but not online anywhere so I might not be able to get that online anywhere. I'm having problems with getting Youtube to recoginize my account with Google to link them. I think with ustream you can only post stuff you have actually recorded live on ustream (or add a Youtube video but if I can't add anything to youtube I can't add it to ustream). So my $40 investment in a webcam might just mean an alternative to my scanner (which I still haven't hooked up yet) which is sort of pointless some what.

So here is Blaster #2 Old School (blaster #1 is old school in an earlier post)


Pack 1:
Stephen Drew Diamondbacks
2009 Rookie Star Dexter Fowler Rockies
Yovani Gallardo Brewers (Dupe FT)
Ervin Santana Angels Chrome #1960 FT
Ervin Santana Angels regular base card
Philadelphia Phillies Team Card
Hiroki Kuroda Dodgers (dupe FT)
Akinori Iwamura Rays (dupe FT)

Pack 2:
Ryan Church Mets (dupe FT)
Ubaldo Jimenez Rockies
Gary Matthews Angels
Ken Griffey Jr White Sox (dupe FT)
Young Hill Stars Kazmir, Price, Shields Rays (dupe FT)
Michael Young Rangers
Ricky Nolasco Marlins
George Sherrill Orioles (dupe FT)

Pack 3:
Brian Wilson Giants
Justin Duchscherer A's (dupe FT)
Troy Tulowitzki Rockies (SP)
Chris Iannetta Rockies
2009 Rookie Star Wilkin Castillo Reds
Ramon Hernandez Reds
2009 Rookie Star Jonathon Niese (dupe FT)
Brian Fuentes Angels (dupe FT)

Pack 4:
2009 Rookie Star Jesus Delgado Marlins
Los Angeles Dodgers Team Card
Alfredo Simon Orioles (dupe FT)
Hunter Pence Astros (dupe [bFT[/b])
2009 Rookie Star Pablo Sandoval Giants (dupe? FT)
Phil Hughes Yankees (dupe FT)
Jarrod Washburn Mariners
Torii Hunter Angels (dupe FT)

Pack 5:
Rival All-Stars Wright & Rodriguez (dupe FT)
Matt Antonelli Padres (dupe?)
Randy Winn Giants (dupe?)
Derek Jeter Yankees
Paul Byrd Red Sox
Carlos Gonzalez A's (dupe?)
Salomon Torres Brewers
Eric Wedge Indians Mgr (dupe FT)

Pack 6:
David Wright Mets (dupe FT)
Alexi Casilla Twins
Francisco Rodriguez Mets (dupe FT)
Dustin Pedroia Red Sox Clubhouse Collection GU (FT come hard)
Carlos Gomez Twins (SP)
Carlos Quentin White Sox
Barry Zito Giants (dupe FT)

Pack 7:
Mike Napoli Angels
Casey Kotchman Braves (dupe?)
Jeff Keppinger Reds (dupe FT)
FLASHBACK World Series MVP from losing team
2008 World Series Scrambling After Ball Game 5
J.C. Romero Phillies
Andy LaRoche Pirates (dupe FT)
Armando Galarraga Tigers (dupe?)

Pack 8:
2009 Rookie Star Alcides Escobar Brewers(dupe?)
Troy Percival Rays (dupe?)
Nyjer Morgan Pirates
Ivan Rodriguez Yankees
FLASHBACK John F. Kennedy Elected (dupe FT)
Jason Marquis Cubs
Ryan Garko Indians
Miguel Olivo Royals (dupe? FT)

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