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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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entry Mar 5 2014, 01:21 AM
On Tuesday 04 Mar 2014: I had a six package mailday (some were sportlots PWEs)

Here is how the packages broke down:

Package 1: sportlots 2 cards .18 each + $2.35 shipping
2010 Topps Baseball: Ticket To Toppstown:
TTT7 Josh Hamilton Rangers
TTT15 Miguel Cabrera Tigers

Package 2: sportlots to help build my 1974 set: I particular my Team sets of Orioles, Expos, Padres and Team Cards set as well as the overall set.
6 cards 5 were .18 one was .25 (I'll identify it below) shipping was $3.00
1974 Topps Baseball:
260 Ted Simmons Cardinals
375 Earl Williams Orioles
430 Matty Alou Padres
460 Boog Powell Orioles (the .25 er)
531 Gene Mauch MGR w/ Coaches Expos

1976 Topps Football
450 Charley Taylor Redskins (one of those "Why didn't I already have this card?)

Package 3: sportlots all 1974 Baseball: 19 cards at .18 each + $3.50 shipping - I think the reason I thought I had some of the 1974s is I have had the '74 Traded set for so long I thought it was the regular card I had of some of those players.

1974 Topps Baseball:
36 St. Louis Cardinals Team Card
68 Grant Jackson Orioles
73 Mike Marshall Expos (thought I had this one as well)
92 Paul Blair Orioles
109 Bob Grich Orioles
146 Ron Fairly Expos
154 Houston Astros Team Card
253 John Boccabella Expos
282 Doyle Alexander Orioles
295 Rick Monday Cubs (another could have sworn I had it)
297 Hal Breeden Expos
396 Tommy Davis Orioles
406 Steve Arlin Padres
546 Mike Corkins Padres
549 Mike Jorgensen Expos (must have been another Jorgensen card I had)
585 Merv Rettenmund Orioles
589 Boots Day Expos
648 Terry Crowley Orioles
651 Leron Lee Padres

Package 4: sportlots one card one of the expensive ones at $2.50 but postage was only .86 one of the PWEs
1965 Topps Baseball:
79b Checklist 1st Series Card Numbers 1-88 Unmarked in excellent shape The "B" Version that has 61 as C.Cannizzaro

Package 5: Ebay one card another 'spensive one cause of it being '65 in decent shape and has some superduper stars on it: It was $8.01 w/ Free Shipping.
1965 Topps Baseball:
2 - 1964 NL Batting Leaders: Bob Clemente Pirates, Rico Carty Braves, Hank Aaron Braves

Package 6:
Now the biggest for last was not a purchase but a trade with Mark who blogs as Fuji, so I got a custom 2008 Topps Baseball Fuji card and a bunch of my homie team cards. I will blog about them sometime on my regular blog so I won't mention all of them here there were 32 cards not including the custom job. They breakdown to:
Baseball 7 cards 1 Orioles, 3 Nationals 3 Expos 2 GU and 4 autos (2 on-sticker 2 on-card)
Football 22 cards 13 Rams (1 in college uni), 9 Redskins (1 college Uni) 13 GU (or whatever used/unused patches) 8 Autos (4 on card, 1 I think on card 2 definitely on sticker, 1 hidden? sticker) 1 Manupatch in shape of helmet
Basketball 3 Wizards 3 On-sticker Autos

 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 1 2014, 10:37 PM
On Saturday 01 March 2014: I got four packages/envelopes from sportlots. These are orders that help with my 1965 Topps Senators team set (which in turn helps with my overall strive for '65 set build) and some '74s that help with that set build specifically my team sets of Orioles, Expos and the team cards to help with my 1974 set build.

Here is what I got by package, but not exactly in the order I opened them in.

Package 1: 4 cards Shipping only $1.00
1965 Topps Baseball:
211 Steve Ridzik Senators .24¢
284 Nick Willhite Senators .49¢
1974 Topps Baseball:
333 All-Star 2nd Basemen Rod Carew Twins Joe Morgan Reds .45¢
1975 Topps Baseball:
220 Don Sutton Dodgers .40¢

Package 2: 1 card .90¢ shipping
1974 Topps Baseball 187 Don Baylor Orioles .18¢

Package 3: 3 cards $3.32 shipping
1965 Topps Baseball: 21 Don Blasingame Senators .18¢ refunded due to card being in lesser condition than stated. So I got it for free. Front is pretty good but back has some paper pieces from whatever notebook paper the card had been glued to at sometime in its past. I'll need to upgrade this one.
1974 Topps Baseball:
336 All-Star Left Fielders Bobby Murcer Yankees and Pete Rose Reds $2.00 partially refunded .50¢ so I got it for $1.50 I think the seller said it wasn't the NM-MINT as originally stated just NM so that is why the partial refund. Huh? OK I'll take that.
416 Chicago White Sox team card .18¢

Package 4: 10 cards $2.00 shipping:
1974 Topps Baseball 306 Earl Weaver MGR Orioles - Wow Off-Center miscut on edge. Might look for an upgrade .25¢
2009 Topps Unique:
1 Nick Markakis Orioles .18¢
21 Rick Ankiel Cardinals .18¢
30 Alfonso Soriano Cubs .18¢
32 Jayson Werth Phillies .18¢
67 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals .18¢
101 Kurt Suzuki A's .18¢
2010 Topps Ticket To Toppstown TTT12 Miguel Tejada Astros .18¢
Bonus Cards (used as bag side buffers so not really intended as bonus?)
1990 Fleer Stickers (Baseball Quiz on back): Not Numbered
Cubs Logo
AL: small logo stickers of: Orioles, Red Sox, White Sox and Angels

 | Category: Baseball
entry Mar 1 2014, 06:56 PM
Haha! I got two pieces of cardboard mail on Friday 28 Feb 2014: the last day of February until next year. Just dropped off the rent so yeah the month is over. anyway got a nice bubble mailer and a nice stuffed PWE from a couple of bloggers.

The PWE is from a blogger who specializes in sending surprise PWEs to other bloggers or his followers who sign up for them. So from Jeff at 2x3 Heroes I got 6 cards total 3 Nats and 3 O's:
2007 Bowman Heritage Baseball: 106 Felipe Lopez Nationals
2004 Upper Deck: Play Ball: 101 Luis Matos Orioles - Sweet card might have to build the set
2000 Bowman Baseball: 310 Ryan Minor Orioles
2009 Topps Attax Baseball: NNO Lastings Milledge Nationals (I hate that nice looking sets like this are Not Numbered. Checklists I saw online have the cards in alpha order and Lastings is #133 that way)
2011 Topps Heritage Baseball: 186 Rick Ankiel Nationals
1995 Pinnacle Baseball: 188 Brady Anderson Orioles

The bubble mailer was from Matt of the Bob Walk The Plank Blog there were a bunch of 23 baseball cards in a plastic box (with 3 of them duplicates) and two "hits" in penny sleeves and toploaders
2012 Topps Chrome: 211 Adam LaRoche Nationals
2013 Topps Update:
US8 Anthony Rendon Nationals
US60 Chris Tillman Orioles
US72 Adam Jones Orioles
US125 J.J. Hardy Orioles
2013 Topps Archives:
b]1972 Style:[/b]
13 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals (2)
16 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
23 Jordan Zimmermann Nationals
27 Manny Machado Orioles
44 Chris Davis Orioles
1971 Style Mini: TM-23 Adam Jones Orioles
2013 Topps Baseball: Postseason Heroes: PH-19 Jim Palmer Orioles (2)
2005 Topps Baseball Updates and Highlights: Draft Pick: UH323 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
2013 Topps Archives:
1990 Style: 165 Stephen Strasburg Nationals
1985 Style:
104 Gio Gonzalez Nationals
134 Wei-Yin Chen Orioles
140 Dylan Bundy Orioles
141 Adam Jones Orioles
1982 Style:
83 Jim Johnson Orioles
100 Bryce Harper Nationals
2013 Topps Baseball Update: US180 Bryce Harper Nationals
2013 Topps Baseball: Making Their Mark:
MM30 1st Win Wie-Yin Chen Orioles
MM39 1st Strike Out Kevin Gausman Orioles (2)
2013 Topps Triple Threads: 13 Stephen Strasburg
2013 Topps Baseball: Chasing History CH-117 Anthony Rendon Nationals

2012 Panini Leaf Limited Baseball: Prospects
26 Adam Davis Orioles Auto blue sharpie on-sticker
35 Ryan Tatusko Nationals Auto blue sharpie on-sticker

 | Category: Baseball
entry Feb 28 2014, 12:38 AM
On Thursday 27 Feb 2014: I got a packed PWE from sportslot. I ordered some 1974 Topps Baseball to help with that set build. I concentrated on the Orioles, Expos and team cards. Plus I got the first few cards to help with my 1965 set build particularly my Senators team set from that year. Postage was $2.50 sportlots "budget" shipping (budget = PWE I guess some sellers only offer one shipping price) The envelope was 8 cards four 1965 Topps and four 1974 Topps. The '74s were all .18¢ each the '65s I'll mention their prices below.

1965 Topps Baseball (All Four Senators)
99 Gil Hodges MGR $1.00
148 Willie Kirkland .50¢
152 Phil Ortega .50¢
319 Ken McMullen .75¢ (has a couple of small pen marks on back bottom left.)

1974 Topps Baseball (All Four priced at .18¢)
94 Detroit Tigers Team Card
97 Bob Bailey Expos
560 Mike Cuellar Orioles
626 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Card

 | Category: Baseball
entry Feb 24 2014, 11:07 PM
On Monday 24 February 2014: I got a brick of a priority flat rate box from blogger Jeff at 2x3 Heroes aprox. 317 cards about half Nationals/Expos the other half Orioles and some Twins. Years ranged from about 1989 to 2013. The usual suspects of brands, Bowman, Topps, Donruss, Fleer, Pinnacle, Score, Upper Deck. Some Chromes some color variants including one or two gold versions.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Feb 23 2014, 12:58 AM
On Saturday 22 Feb 2014: I had a 3 package mailday (2 bubble mailers one small box) all from BINs at Ebay

package 1:
2013 Topps Heritage Baseball: News Flashback 10 card set $5 Free Shipping
Bonus Card: 2008 Topps Baseball: Updates & Highlights UH177 Emmanuel Burriss Giants

package 2:
2013 Topps Heritage Baseball: Memorable Moments 15 card set $9.99 Free Shipping
Bonus Card: 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball C3 Checklist Cards 180-282

package 3: small card box
1995 Stouffer's Legends of Baseball Pop-Up 5 card set: In original Individual packaging
1 Yogi Berra Yankees
2 Gary Carter Mets
3 Don Drysdale Dodgers
4 Bob Feller Indians
5 Willie Stargell Pirates
$8.99 + $2.00 shipping

 | Category: Baseball
entry Feb 21 2014, 10:52 PM
On Friday 21 Feb 2014: a two package day.

Got a package of some GUs I bought from Scottyb over at TCZ for $25 delivered:
Basketball (yes you read that right)
2013 Panini Crusade Basketball Majestic GU 53 Nene Wizards all red jumbo swatch
2008 Goudey Baseball: Memorabilia M-BR Brian Roberts Orioles all gray
2012 Allen & Gintters AGR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman Nationals all gray
2013 Gypsy Queen: Relics GQR-MMR Mike Morse Nationals all white (on the back there is a small torn paper damage on the bottom edge in the middle)

2013 Bowman Platinum: Cutting Edge Stars Die-Cut CES-SS Stephen Strasburg Nationals

2011 Topps Heritage: Minor Leagues GUB-BH Bryce Harper Harrisburg Senators GU Base grayish white base rubber - This is only my second GUB (Game Used Base) card. The other one my first is a 2003 Donruss Studio 4 Sammy Sosa Cubs all white

Next an Ebay order: 28 card set from Fritsch Cards $13.95 + $4.29 shipping
1998 - 1969 Washington Senators Team Reunion Official Card set Set contains players, coaches and Radio Announcers from SportsTalk 980 WTEM (now ESPN 980). I think this set is from the '69 Team's Reunion on Sunday 08 November, 1998. The set features artwork by Ronnie Joyner. The cards are only 2.5" x 2.7/8" similar to Goudey's Heads-Up series. There is no card maker name or date of issue on these. From the quick research I've done on the set they were originally available at the reunion breakfast only in uncut sheets
1. Bernie Allen
2. Hank Allen
3. Frank Bertaina
4. Dick Billings
5. Dick Bosman
6. Ed Brinkman
7. Johnny Holliday (annoucener now does the Preshow and Postshows for Nats games on MASN Network)
8. Joe Camacho
9. Casey Cox
10. Tim Cullen
11. Mike Epstein
12. Jim French
13. Jim Hannan
14. Ron Menchine (announcer)
15. Denny Higgins
16. Frank Howard
17. Sid Hudson
18. Bob Humphreys
19. Frank Kreutzer
20. Lee Maye
21. Shelby Whitfield (announcer)
22. Ken McMullen
23. Ed Stroud
24. Wayne Terwilliger
25. Del Unser
26. Fred Valentine
27. Ted Williams
28. Checklist card

entry Feb 20 2014, 08:02 PM
On Thursday 20 Feb 2014: I got 3 packages (well 2 packages and an envelope a greeting card type)

Package 1:
First Lets see I'll do My fave of the 3 main attractions:
2008 Donruss Threads: Silver Parallel 50 Frank Howard Senators #d 033/100 (his Jersey Number from 1969 to his retirement) $1.99 + $1.99 Shipping

Package 2: (the greeting card envelope)
Tobacco Vintage Baby! 1954 Red Man Tobacco All-Star Baseball AL18 Bob Porterfield Senators W/ Tab $10 Free Shipping

Package 3:
2010 Topps Baseball "Factory Set" Red Parallel 181 Nick Johnson Marlins #d 214/299 $4.99 + $2.50 Shipping
Plus some bonus cards: Football. Football? UM OK
1993 Topps Football
34 Tom Carter Draft Pick Redskins
35 Jeff George Colts
36 Larry Centers Cardinals
37 Reggie Cobb Buccaneers
41 Haywood Jeffires Oilers
42 Alfred Williams Bengals
43 Aaron Wallace Raiders

 | Category: Baseball
entry Feb 19 2014, 12:16 AM
On Tuesday 18 Feb 2014: I had a two bubble package mailday.

The first from Abel's Jan/Feb Group Box Break on TCC my chosen teams Nationals and Orioles, plus I got some random base from unclaimed teams. NO hits just base and a few inserts:

2013 Bowman Sterling Baseball: 40 Henry Urrutia RC Orioles
2014 Topps Baseball (Series 1):
17 Todd Helton Rockies
24 Furture Stars Manny Machado Orioles
29 AL 2013 Home Run Leaders: Chris Davis Orioles, Miguel Cabrera Tigers, Edwin Encarnacion Blue Jays
47 Chris Davis Orioles Highlights w/Checklist
61 Nick Markakis Orioles
100 Bryce Harper Nationals
107 Jordan Zimmerman Nationals
118 Ian Desmond Nationals
138 Wei-Yin Chen Orioles
141 Chris Tillman Orioles
158 Nate McLouth Orioles
189 Adam LaRoche Nationals
190 Kevin Gausman Orioles
228 Jayson Werth Nationals
233 Rafael Soriano Nationals
245 Ross Detwiler Nationals
275 Nolan Arenado Rockies
280 Everth Cabrera Padres
The Future is Now:
FN-23 Manny Machado Orioles
FN-24 Manny Machado Orioles
Upper Class
UC-19 Troy Tulowitzki Rockies
UC-33 Randy Johnson Expos
UC-44 Gary Carter Expos
UC-47 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles

The second package was an ebay BIN order for $12.50 + $2.50 shipping I got the the 2009 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Nationals Team Set: 19 Cards including team card w/ checklist

12 Daniel Cabrera
27 Saul Rivera
60 Adam Dunn
84 Scott Olsen
103 Joel Hanrahan
107 Willie Harris
133 Cristian Guzman
152 Steven Shell
253 Josh Bard
309 Josh Willingham
409 Willie Mo Pena
432 Austin Kearns
444 Elijah Dukes
453 Ryan Zimmerman
476 John Lannan
477 Lastings Milledge
518 Team Checklist (Nats Park Pictured on Front)
585 Mike Hinckley RC
588 Shairon Martis RC

 | Category: Non Sports
entry Feb 14 2014, 09:38 PM
On Friday 14 Feb 2014 I got my current issue of The Wrapper non sports magazine (from subscription) issue #281 Feb 15 - April 1, 2014 cover story 1961 Topps Sports Cars Cards and License Plate Stickers.

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