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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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 | Category: Non Sports
entry Nov 16 2013, 12:12 AM
On Wednesday 13 November 2013: I got the latest issue of Non-Sport Update Magazine Vol 24 No. 6 December 2013/January 2014 The Hobbit Movie is the cover feature. Only two freebie cards this issue:
2013 Cryptozoic The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey P1
2013 Cyrptozoic Breaking Bad P1 (FT or FS I didn't watch the series and don't really care about the card(s))

 | Category: Baseball
entry Nov 12 2013, 10:29 PM
On Tuesday 12 November 2013: Got two small packages from sportlots just need one auction of a small set from this last batch and the long lost lone card from the splurge order. I think that I will never see that final card sigh. Anyway here is what I got:

1970 Topps Baseball 315 Luis Aparicio White Sox 0.25 + $2.50 shipping
Seller included two bonus cards:
1989 Donruss Baseball 573 Bill Long White Sox
1992 Score Baseball 417 Brian Hunter Braves

1978 Topps Baseball 160 Jim Palmer AS Orioles 0.25 + $1.95

 | Category: Baseball
entry Nov 9 2013, 10:28 PM
On Saturday 09 November 2013: I got three PWEs from sportots. I am still waiting on the final card from my huge order from about a month before, these cards were from auctions I had won earlier this week.

1965 Topps Baseball: 75¢ each + $1.75 shipping
62 Jim Katt Twins
75 Deron Johnson Reds
1966 Topps Baseball: 48 Paul Blair Orioles 25¢ + 45¢ shipping
1968 Topps Baseball: 378 Bob Gibson AS Cardinals puzzle back $1.75 + $1.95 shipping

The seller for 1968 card included his business card and freebie card. I have ordered from/won auctions from him before and he usually includes either a near worthless overproduced junk wax years card or one like what he sent this time a near legitimate worthless card of Frank Thomas White Sox This one seems to be a 1991 American Sports Monthly ASM-42 Frank Thomas White Sox

 | Category: Baseball
entry Nov 2 2013, 06:52 PM
On Saturday 02 November 2013: I got a two card PWE yep PWE from an Ebay order I paid $4.14 shipping on. NO combined shipping and the guy sends in a PWE with 2 Forever Christmas stamps. Fortunately the guy at least put both cards in penny sleeve and toploader but then just wrapped in some lined notebook paper around the two and put in a standard #10 business envelope. Fortunately both cards survived. The PWE showed the outline of the toploaders so I knew before opening the envelope contained a card or cards (I am still expecting one card from sportlots) Here are the two VINTAGE cards I got:

1953 Topps Baseball 90 Hank Edwards Browns $.5.50 (2 bids some other jerk brought the price up to $5.00 I got it for $5.50 and No it doesn't look like shilling)
1965 Topps Baseball 422 Aubrey Gatewood Angels 0.99

 | Category: Baseball
entry Oct 29 2013, 09:29 AM
On Saturday 26 October 2013: I got wave 8 of my sportlots splurge order, now there is just one card left to receive. It would have been two cards but one of the sellers couldn't find the card I ordered so I was refunded for that card (not the shipping), so I'll have to go elsewhere or another seller for that card. Now onto the cards I actually got in wave 8 a one dealer 3 card PWE.

Shipping was $1.60 not bad but for the business sized envelope they were in sharing one toploader and wrapped around a page from a newspaper magazine like Parade not great.
1974 Topps Baseball 138 Ed Brinkman Tigers 18
1975 Topps Baseball Mini 439 Ed Brinkman Tigers 55
2012 Topps Baseball 29 Active NL Wins Leaders: Livan Hernandez Nationals, Roy Oswalt Phillies, Randy Wolf Brewers 18

entry Oct 29 2013, 09:24 AM
On Friday 25 October 2013: I got a sportlots package from the small order which wraps that one up. Ordered 4 cards shipping was $3.90
1962 Topps Baseball 208 Billy Martin Twins 0.75
1966 Topps Baseball 116 Walt Alston MGR Dodgers 0.25
1975 Topps Football:
106 Diron Talbert Redskins $1.75
121 Jim Bertelsen Rams 0.25

Seller included a FREE Bonus card: 1991?'92? Unknown maker (probably non-licensed counterfeit) NoNumber "Field of Dreams" Bo Jackson White Sox - reverse image. I tried researching the set this card is from but no joy. The back is the plain white background of the cardstock w/ black ink. Field of Dreams is in bold at top then Bo Jackson then in a black bordered square (with white squares in the corners for a baseball field effect) there is a short bio for Bo that mentions dates in 1990 and 1991. {Sigh!}

I don't mind getting "cheap" low-valued bonus cards but come on these low-quality Unknown cards with no number no manufacturer? I've gotten cards from this seller before, not sure if they are the one that almost always includes a freebie but they might be. I don't know I might put this seller on my mental "Do NOT buy from" list. I mean I don't mind having worthless cards, but cards that are just one step above being home made I don't want, nor do I want home-made cards (except the occasional sketch card).

 | Category: Baseball
entry Oct 24 2013, 08:52 PM
On Thursday 24 October 2013: I got wave 7 of the sportlots splurge, plus a sportlots order from my post splurge small order and a card from a TCC sale.

OK so first the sportlots stuff cause it is more stuff and the forum sale was a bit more exciting.

First package: 12 cards total for shipping cost of $5.75.
1956 Topps Football 114 Los Angeles Rams Team Card $3.25
1952 Bowman Baseball (These 2 cards are Poor Old Baseball cards) 0.25 for both
101 Owen Friend St. Louis Browns
117 Eddie Miksis Brooklyn Dodgers
1962 Topps Baseball 60 NL Strike Out Leaders: Sandy Koufax L.A. Dodgers, Stan Williams Dodgers, Don Drysdale Dodgers, Jim O'Toole Reds 0.25
1965 Topps Baseball 8 card lot for 0.25
139 World Series The Cards Celebrate
140 Dean Chance Angels
154 Bob Humphreys Cardinals
249 Dave McNally Orioles
261 Duke Carmel Yankees
321 Rusty Staub Astros
325 Donn Clendenon Pirates
331 Dodgers Rookie Stars Al Ferrara and John Purdin

Next sportlots package: 7 cards each at 0.18 + $2.30 shipping. These cards finish off my 2011 Topps Baseball: Opening Day: Mascots subset:
M-5 Southpaw White Sox
M-6 Gapper Reds
M-7 Slider Indians
M-9 Paws Tigers
M-14 TC Twins
M-17 Phillie Phanatic Phillies
M-22 Raymond Rays

Final package one card from TCC sale $5.00 Delivered 2011 Topps Tier One: On The Rise: Autograph OR-DS Drew Storen Nationals on-card blue sharpie #d 664/699

 | Category: Baseball
entry Oct 23 2013, 07:30 PM
On Wednesday 23 October 2013: I got two sportlots packages, but not from my huge order these were 1,2,3 auctions just finished over the weekend. I still have about 1/2 dozen more cards to receive from my big wave order. Anyway the cards:

1969 Topps Football 2 Gene Brito Rams
1993 Bowman Football 264 Jerome Bettis RC Rams
2013 Topps Museum Collection Baseball
49 Gio Gonzalez Nationals
62 Adrian Beltre Rangers
82 R.A. Dickey Blue Jays
Copper (More gold to me) 29 Johnny Bench Reds #d 385/424
2013 Topps Archives: 1985 Style: Gold Rainbow 145 Alfonso Soriano Cubs #d 002/199

 | Category: Baseball
entry Oct 21 2013, 08:30 PM
On Monday 21 October 2013: sportlots October splurge Wave 6 just got one envelope 2 cards same player.

Shipping for the 2 cards was 0.95
1966 Topps Baseball 251 Ed Brinkman Senators found out after I had already ordered that I had a copy of this one. Sigh Oh well it was only 0.35
1975 Topps Baseball 439 Ed Brinkman Tigers 0.18

Actually one of the best Sportlots deals I've gotten ever.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Oct 19 2013, 04:06 PM
On Saturday 19 October 2013: Sportlots Splurge Wave 5 just two cards both came in PWE.

1969 Topps Baseball 153 Ed Brinkman Senators 0.50 + 0.90 Shipping
2013 Bowman Chrome: Green Refractor 24 Kirk Nieuwenhuis RC Mets 0.60 + $1.00 Shipping

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