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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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 | Category: Football
entry Aug 23 2013, 09:12 PM
Friday 23 August 2013:
Got my portion from a 6 box group break of 2013 Prestige Football I had the Ravens:

13 Joe Flacco (4)
14 Haloti Ngata (3)
15 Torrey Smith (3)
16 Ray Rice (5)
17 Dennis Pitta (4)
18 Jacoby Jones (5)
19 Terrell Suggs (4)
202 Aaron Nellette RC
268 Matt Elam RC
"Hit" (or actually Insert maybe, but hit for me)
Extra Points 18 Jacoby Jones #d 20/25

Bonus Card since I didn't get any real hits
2011 Timeless Treasures: Gameday Souvenirs GU No Number - 25 November 2010 Jets 26 Bengals 10 - Jets Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene two all green swatches top (Sanchez) solid cloth, bottom (Greene) mesh swatch. #10/50

 | Category: Baseball
entry Aug 23 2013, 08:56 PM
Thursday 22 August 2013:
Got a 25 card package from sportlots for $4.25 + $2.99 shipping. Some of these I had but some obviously I didn't Like the Billy Martin. Don't know why I didn't already have some of them.
1974 Topps Baseball
190 Tony Oliva Twins
200 Cesar Cedeno Astros
214 Billy Grabarkewitz Phillies
231 Dick Tidrow Indians
244 Carl Morton Braves
262 Ed Kirkpatrick Royals
275 Ron Hunt Expos
292 Chuck Seelbach Tigers
305 Tito Fuentes Giants
322 Ernie McAnally Expos
337 All-Star Center Fielders Amos Otis Royals and Cesar Cedeno Astros
355 Dave Nelson Rangers
366 Larry Hisle Twins
379 Billy Martin MGR Rangers
395 Doug Rader Astros
409 Ike Brown Tigers
427 Bobby Bolin Red Sox
438 Ed Herrmann White Sox
455 Tom Bradley Giants
468 Pepe Frias Expos
485 Felipe Alou Expos
495 Dick McAuliffe Red Sox
512 Joe Lahoud Angels
524 Bill Plummer Reds
541 Cleveland Indians Team Card

 | Category: Football
entry Aug 19 2013, 08:23 PM
Monday 19 August 2013:
one envelope mailday 6 base cards of Rams QB Sam Bradford from a Card Forum Sale $3 Delivered
2010 Score: Hot Rookies 3
2010 Topps Chrome C150 RC
2011 Topps:
54 - 2010 NFL Offensive Rookie of The Year
2011 Topps Prime 5
2012 Absoulte 99

entry Aug 17 2013, 11:32 PM
Saturday 17 August 2013: Two card day the first was in regular bubble mailer from an Ebay BIN $7.50 + $.3.00 shipping well worth the shipping price.
2010 Rittenhouse Warehouse 13 Season 1 NNO Autograph Susan Hogan as Jeannie Bering on-card blue sharpie (like all of the autos in this series)

The other card I'm kind of ticked off, both in what it actually is, but I didn't pay too much for the card itself. I am ticked about the shipping cost vs. HOW it was shipped. It was from sportlots (Kings of the PWE) and this thing was shipped in a PWE the card "secure" in soft cardboard (light card cardstock type cardboard not the big corragated stuff) I gave the seller a "Neutral" and said "High shipping for a PWE w/no toploader. Hopefully the guy will get the hint on that. The cost? For the card it was only $1.25 on one of the sportlots 1,2,3 auctions opening bid, not too bad, the shipping however $5.00 should have been sent in a bubble mailer NOT a PWE with just a soft cardboard "sleeve" (like index card stock or cereal box stock cardboard) that was taped closed. The card was in nothing no penny sleeve no toploader. The PWE was just a standard #10 business envelope (9.5" x 4.125"). The card is a Michael Jordan Baseball "White Sox" (He played in their minor league system for a season or two) by an unknown maker, the Front (I should have looked better at) looks like a 1986 Topps Baseball except no card logo and it is glossy. At first I thought maybe a special box topper, the back is a powder blue background with black text. The weird thing is the stats on the back are his NBA stats 1984-1990 then a statement that says if his stats were converted to baseball the would look like and then they have a baseball stat line for what his Basketball Stats would be like if they were converted to Baseball Stats. Very Weird. I"ll just chock this one down to an Fun OddBall card with no real value. I did see online one of these being auctioned off for $14.24 knocked down from $14.99.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Aug 16 2013, 08:20 PM
Friday 16 August 2013:
From Sportlots 8 Steve Garvey Cards (7 Dodgers 1 Padres) lot for 0.25¢ + $3.00 shipping (PWE but with an OK/not great cardboard sandwich)
I had 4 of the 8 but really wanted the ones I didn't have.

1976 Topps Baseball 150 Steve Garvey AS Dodgers
1978 Topps Baseball 350 Steve Garvey AS Dodgers
1979 Topps Baseball 50 Steve Garvey AS Dodgers
1980 Topps Baseball 290 Steve Garvey AS Dodgers
1981 Topps Baseball 530 Steve Garvey AS Dodgers
1982 Donruss Baseball
Diamond Kings 3 Steve Garvey Dodgers
84 Steve Garvey Dodgers
1988 Score Baseball 225 Steve Garvey Padres

 | Category: Non Sports
entry Aug 15 2013, 08:08 PM
Thursday 15 August 2013:
One card day (plus I got my copy of "The Wrapper" Non-Sports Magazine #277 Aug 15 - Oct 1)
The one card I got for Five Bucks ($4.99 + Free Shipping) from Ebay Another card to check off of my Warehouse 13 checklist. This one is from Season One an autograph in the Farnsworth Style Michael Hogan as Warren Bering (Myka's Dad) on-card (as are all the WH13 Autos) blue sharpie. NNO.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Aug 9 2013, 10:42 PM
Friday 09 August 2013:

Got one of my White Whales from Ebay. The total delivered cost was $75.00 the White Whale 1982 Topps Traded Baseball 98T Cal Ripken Jr. RC Orioles in NRMT (or pretty darn close to it), HOWEVER that was NOT ALL. They also sent the set box. The auction picture showed the Cal. Card in a hard plastic magnetic case sitting on the box and the auction said the box was included. BUT I still wouldn't pay THAT MUCH for just a Rookie card of one of my fave players and the set box the card came from. Also included was the rest of the set card numbers 1T through 132T (with the Cal card being #98T of course).

So I like to think I got the COMPLETE 1982 Topps Traded Baseball Set for $75.00 including the coveted Cal Ripken Jr. RC. Some people might look at it as paying $75 for the Cal RC and getting the rest of the set for free, but I don't because I adamantly refuse to pay more than $40-$50 for JUST ONE CARD. Even a super vintage RC of one of my fave players or of a legend. Those I might mind you I say might consider getting for more than that, but probably not.

 | Category: Non Sports
entry Aug 7 2013, 09:02 PM
Wednesday 07 August 2013:
A single card day. Man this was super well packaged from an Ebay seller no less. (got to mark them as a fave) To some this might seem like a repeat from about a month ago I got my 2nd Genelle Williams as Leena Auto card from Warehouse 13. This one is the earlier one from Season 2. Got it for $9.00 + $3.00 shipping It actually cost the seller $5.60 to ship. It was in one of those document sized priority mail envelopes as the outside envelope then a medium media mailing envelope like the old film development envelopes, then sandwiched between to pieces of card board then an invitation type envelope and finally in the "bonus" pack = the original 6 card pack it came from (or one similar if not the exact one)

2011 Rittenhouse Warehouse 13 Season 2: Autocard NNO Genelle Williams as Leena blue sharpie

 | Category: Football
entry Aug 6 2013, 08:06 PM
Tuesday 06 August 2013:
From Ebay I got four cards BIN at $4.99 + $1.81 shipping They were early 1990s Joe Gibbs Redskins Coach cards. There is one duplicate so technically only 3 different cards, and two of them (including the duplicated one) I already had. Anyway they are:

1989 Pro Set Football 440 Joe Gibbs Redskins Coach (2) Had it
1990 Pro Set Football 333 Joe Gibbs Redskins Coach Had it
1992 Pro Line Profiles Football 127 Joe Gibbs Redskins Coach needed it (card 1 of a 9 card of a subset, not serial numbered one of only nine total made (1/9) like they do now days, so there could be 10,000 of these 1 of 9s)

 | Category: Hockey
entry Aug 3 2013, 10:53 PM
Saturday 03 Aug 2013:
Got my booty portion from a Hockey Group Break my team the Caps with a draft team of the Panthers. here is what I got:

2011-12 Panini Rookie Anthology Hockey
13 Nicklas Backstrom Capitals
89 Jose Theodore Panthers

2012-13 Panini Rookie Anthology Hockey
17 George Padros Panthers
43 Kris Versteeg Panthers
Prizm: 50 Alex Ovechkin Capitals
Crown Royale Rookie Royalty die cut: 191 Gabriel Bourque Panthers
Contenders: Legacies: L11 Gilbert Perreault Sabres (unclaimed random) #d679/999

HIT: 2012-13 Elite: Intensity: Acetate I-16 Alex Ovechkin Capitals #d 258/500

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