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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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 | Category: Non Sports
entry Jun 18 2014, 07:39 PM
On Wednesday 18 June 2014: I had a one bubble mailer kind of day. 4 Ebay auctions from one seller 4 cards (+ a bonus card) shipping was $4.00 (shipping was originally $3.00 each card) all four purchases were related and auto cards. All autographs are on card blue sharpie.

2005 Rittenhouse Xena and Hercules: The Animated Aventures Autograph Cards (NoNumber)
Hudson Leick as Callisto (Very Limited) $5.80 - 3 bids
Robert Trebor as Salmoneus (Exclusive Collector Album Card) $4.95 - 1 bid

2001 Rittenhouse Xena: Warrior Princess Season 6 Autograph cards
A7 Hudson Leick as Callisto $13.29 - 4 bids (quite the battle)
A17 Meighan Desmond as Discord $7.95 - 1 bid

Interesting that the Season 6 Callisto autograph looks more hurried and seems to have been done without lifting the pen the cartoon auto looks to have been done with little more concentration with a pen lift between first and last name.

Seller included a bonus card 2001 Rittenhouse Hercules The Complete Journeys Promo card NoNumber

entry Jun 12 2014, 11:07 PM
Here is some stuff from last week as a Mailweek (02-06 June 2014) I don't recall what came what days anymore, and frankly I don't really care When something came anymore. I do care about how much I paid for stuff so I try to relate that. For group breaks it is anywhere from $25-$50 with most of the breaks I get involved in on the lower side up to about $35. Anyway one of the two hockey breaks I'm in I got some stuff from:

A Hockey Group Break:
I had my bought team Capitals of course then random/draft teams for this break were The Panthers and Islanders

2012-13 Upper Deck Series One Hockey:
187 Karl Alzner Caps
189 John Carlson Caps
278 George Parros Panthers

2012-13 SP Authentic Hockey:
8 Braden Holtby Caps
24 Ed Belfour Panthers
69 Nicklas Backstrom Caps
112 Mike Ribeiro Caps

2011-12 Panini Elite Hockey:
16 Michal Neuvirth Caps
35 Kris Versteeg Panthers
79 Tomas Fleishmann Panthers
99 Tomas Vokoun Caps
135 Nicklas Backstrom Caps
187 Stephen Weiss Panthers
189 Brian Campbell Panthers

2011-12 Panini Certified Hockey:
Rookie GU-Artifact/Auto 244 Cody Eakin Capitals large all white swatch (stencil cut "Rookie" and a design) blue sharpie on-sticker #d 144/299

2012-13 Rookie Anthology Hockey: (or 2011-12 Anthology, doesn't specify but has 11-12 stats)
13 Nicklas Backstrom Capitals
20 Kris Versteeg Panthers
89 Jose Theodore Panthers
HIT: Rookie Rivalry GU: 12 Erik Guobranson Panthers all dark blue (almost black) and Justin Faulk Hurricanes all black

2012-13 Fleer Retro Hockey:
5 Braden Holtby Capitals
6 Nicklas Backstrom Capitals
Skybox Autographics 96-JB Josh Bailey Islanders blue sharpie on-sticker auto
Skybox Autographics 99-AO Alex Ovechkin Capitals blue sharpie on sticker auto (very tiny sig)

circa 1995 Team Set: Colorado Silver Bullets Women's Softball: 25 cards in wrapper. I've seen a checklist for a 28 card set, but the images from that one are different than this one. The shrink wrap seemed to be legit. A few sellers seemed to have this set wrapped up. some say the set is 27 cards some 25 some 20something none of them are sure. This set has the player's name in white lettering in a black oval like 1960s/70s Bazooka cards. I have not seen a checklist for it. I Got the set for $3.00 plus $2.32 shipping.

Sports Lots:
1968 Topps Baseball: 6 cards already had about 1/2 of them All Orioles: (seller mistitled the lot as being 1986 but showed and delivered the 68s) .75 + $3.00 shipping
82 Sam Bowens
118 Mark Belanger (main one I needed of the ones I didn't have)
312 Curt Blefary
428 Vic Roznovsky
466 Bill Dillman
513 Hank Bauer

3 card lot shipping $4.00
1972 Topps Baseball: 130 Bob Gibson Cardinals .25
1976 Topps Baseball: 95 Brooks Robinson Orioles (2) .25

1 card 25 + $1.75 shipping
1971 Kelloggs Baseball: 61 Billy Williams Cubs

2 card .25 each + $2.75 shipping:
1965 Topps Baseball: 552 Julio Gotay Angels
1970 Topps Baseball: 98 Gates Brown Tigers

1 card .25 + $2.50 shipping:
1965 Topps Baseball: 270 Milt Pappas Orioles

On Friday 06 June: While over at a friend's house (the ones that gave me their son's card collection) I got a pleasant surprise: A "collector" Tin of the 1994 Cooperstown Collection Metallic Impressions Babe Ruth 5 Metal Card Tin Set. The Tin is in really good shape, opened. The cards are still in their individual plastic wrappers. My friend got it in 95 or 96 when they visited the Babe Ruth Museum (in Baltimore). The tin cover/top shows Babe running with bat just after a hit, there is another tin top version that shows a head & Shoulders pic.

Now this week (09-12 June Monday - Thursday)
I have had two packages:
Monday 09 June a sportslot 2 cards PWE $1.25 each (weird they were auctions) + $2.68 shipping
1962 Topps Baseball:
12 Harry Craft Colts Mgr
75 Milt Pappas Orioles

Thursday 12 June another Hockey Group Break:
My Team Capitals plus Draft teams Panthers and Lightning
2013-14 Panini Prizm Hockey:
34 Erik Gudbranson Panthers
36 Brian Campbell Panthers
37 Ed Jovanovski Panthers
38 Kris Versteeg Panthers
91 Ben Bishop Lightning
92 Martin St. Louis Lightning
93 Steven Stamkos Lightning
94 Ryan Malone Lightning
95 Victor Hedman Lightning
103 Alex Ovechkin Capitals
ROOKIE: 243 Jonathan Huberdeau Panthers

2013-14 Panini Select Hockey:
50 Brooks Laich Capitals
136 Martin St. Louis Lightning
140 Ben Bishop Lightning
148 Brian Campbell Panthers
149 Kris Versteeg Panthers
PRIZM PARALLEL: 136 Martin St. Louis Lightning

 | Category: Basketball
entry May 31 2014, 03:30 PM
Today 31 May 2014: got my booty from the TCZ "Offiicial" Basketball Team Group Break. 2 or 3 years ago I would not be making a post like this, but since I got back into collecting the Bullets (Now Wizards) I figured why not? So my bought team was The Wizards with random draft teams Rockets and Raptors

Here is what I got. (saving my favorite set for last)
2013 Panini Momentum Basketball: Momentous Rookies Autograph: 62 Jonas Valanciunas Raptors blue sharpie sneaky

2013-14 Panini Totally Certified Basketball: A bit flashy/chromelike for my taste but has the raised "stucco" etch type feel (the player's image and some of the design is "raised" etching style)
168 Steve Novak Raptors
185 Patrick Beverley Rockets
235 Robert Covington RC Rockets

2012-13 Panini Crusade Basketball: Quest Autographs Redemption - Redemption card for card 60 Chris Singleton Wizards - requested redemption today I'll see how long it takes. Redemption expires 12DEC14

2011-12 Panini Past & Present Basketball (a retro style set. I love the design)
19 DeMar DeRozan Raptors
87 Hakeem Olajuwon Rockets
104 Andrea Bargnani Raptors
146 Kyle Lowry Rockets
148 Kevin Martin Rockets
153 Nene Wizards - DA MAN! #42 Rocks
163 Luis Scola Rockets
171 John Wall Wizards - Also DA MAN!
190 Mitch Kupchak Bullets
193 Moses Malone Rockets
198 Wes Unseld Bullets LEGEND
Bread for Energy Die-cut (curved corners) Insert: 45 John Wall Wizards
Breakout Insert 25 DeMar DeRozan Raptors
Fireworks Insert 14 John Wall Wizards

entry May 31 2014, 02:15 AM
On Thursday 29 May 2014: I got two packages.

First package was a single card I got from Ebay $4.36 + $3.00 shipping. It was well packaged and the card was in a clear magnetic holder/case. 2008 Topps Allen & Ginters Autograph AGA-AF Andrea Farina World Rock Paper Scissors Champion blue shapie on-card mini in frame.

Second package was cool from a cool colllector Ryan who is currently living in Japan his blog This Card is Cool usually shows off the local Japanese cards he picks up but there are the occasional US Market stuff. Occasionally he has mentioned the Sega Card Gen (other bloggers have mentioned these as well) which is kind of a hybrid. A while back I had sent him a couple of Upper Deck 20th Anniversary cards he needed. In return he sent me some Sega Card Gen cards from my Homie teams that he featured on his blog.

2012 Topps Sega Card Gen Baseball J12-002 Robert Andino Orioles
2013 Topps Sega Card Gen Baseball
J13-007 Wilson Betermit Orioles
J13-008 Jason Hammel Orioles
J13-010 Darren O'Day Orioles
J13-376 Kurt Suzuki Nationals
J13-378 Danny Espinosa Nationals
J13-380 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
J13-381 Ian Desmond Nationals

Oh I also got the June Auction catalog for Huggins & Scott Auctions.

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 27 2014, 09:01 PM
Got my goodies today (Tuesday 27 May) from pwolantern (Ken)'s baseball group break (over at TCZ) my main bought team Nationals with discounted team Twins

The Booty:
2014 Panini Donruss Baseball:

46 Jayson Werth Nats
54 Ryan Zimmerman Nats
60 Joe Mauer Twins
116 Jordan Zimmerman Nats
124 Stephen Strasburg Nats
143 Bryce Harper Nats
167 Glen Perkins Twins (2)
Power Plus 5 Bryce Harper Nats

2014 Topps Turkey Red Baseball:
64 Bryce Harper Nationals

2013 Topps Tier One: Tier One Autograph Relic

TOAR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman Nationals blue sharpie on-sticker auto w/ a nice 3 color 4 section relic (white, blue stripe, red stripe, white) #72/99

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 24 2014, 11:43 AM
On Wednesday 21 May 2014: Not a mailday but got some cards from a Target Shoot/Hunt whatever you wanna call getting cards from Target.

I got the 2014 Topps Baseball National League Team Set (All-Star Team?) 17 cards. Ugh thought it was just the Nationals when I picked it up but it appears to be the NL All-Star Team. Dang Harper being card #1.

Then I got a fairfield repack box, but a box of packs not loose cards. It is one of the 20 pack boxes with 2008 Topps showing can't quite identify the other packs yet, haven't opened it yet. Seems to be 4 or 5 different brands and 3 or 4 packs each.

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 19 2014, 10:35 PM
On Monday 19 May 2014:
two sportlots orders
1st package: 2 cards (well 3 there was a bonus card) $2.50 shipping
1965 Topps Baseball 138 - 1964 World Series Game 7 "Gibson Wins Finale" $1.50 - argh the back has a red ink slash across the card number. Sigh.
1972 Topps Baseball 51 Harmon Killebrew Twins .75¢
Bonus Card: 1989 Score Baseball 470 Rex Hudler Expos

2nd package:
1975 Topps Baseball 204 - 1966 MVPs Frank Robinson Orioles Roberto Clemente Pirates .75¢ + $1.75

entry May 18 2014, 04:03 PM
This WILL be a long winded post since I have to cover Most of the week. My previous post mentioned the stuff I got on Monday this is the haul for the rest of the week. It was a rare week where I got something in each days mail not just one or two days. So I need to plow through and try to keep my side-comments to the minimum.

Tuesday 13 May 2014:
From Sportlots single card to finish up a small insert/sub-set for the bare minimum of regular common price of .18 + only .85 shipping I got 2010 Topps Ticket to Topps Town TTT10 Tim Lincecum Giants. That completes the regular Topps Town insert/mini-sub-set now onto the Gold Ticket parallel sub-set.

From Ebay:
First dealer: 2 cards shipping was $2.95
1980-81 Fleer Basketball Team Sticker NoNumber Washington Bullets $1.00
2012 Panini Americana Heroes and Legends: Summer/Winter Olympic Games (Insert sub-set) 22 Lisa Fernandez USA Softball $1.99

Second Dealer: 1986 Provigo Montreal Expos Team Set 28 cards $6.00 Free Shipping. Still in plastic wrap (at least I think it is the original wrap) full 3 card panels 2 player cards plus 1 Provigo store coupon

Wednesday 14 May 2014:
Package 1: sportlots
1965 Topps Baseball 2 cards $2.00 shipping
136 '64 World Series Game 5 "10th Inning Triumph" $1.25
508 -7th Series Checklist cards 507-598 Large print variation. $2.25

Package 2: sportlots 2 cards $2.85 shipping
1977 Topps Baseball 638 Jim Kaat Phillies .25
1990 Topps Baseball 8 Record Breaker Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles .25

Package 3: My booty from the TCC Baseball Group Break hosted by 5toosweet (Abel) My Team the Nationals plus I got some randomly distributed base cards. Cards are Nationals players unless otherwise mentioned.

2014 Gypsy Queen
9 Nolan Arenado Rockies
52 Jayson Werth
83 Ian Desmond (in Homestead Grays Throwback Uniform)
100 Bryce Harper
101 Doug Fister
110 Anthony Rendon
135 Gio Gonzalez
213 Jordan Zimmermann (in Homestead Grays Throwback Uniform)
Glove Stories GS-BH Bryce Harper
100 Bryce Harper (same pic as base)
135 Gio Gonzalez (same pic as base)
213 Jordan Zimmermann (in regular Nationals Home Uniform)

2014 Topps Heritage Baseball - 1965 Design Style
51 Denard Span
155 Gio Gonzalez
214 Doug Fister
302 Adam Eaton White Sox (in 1970s Throwback Uniform)
351 Adam LaRoche
402 Jayson Werth
469 Ryan Zimmerman

2014 Topps Tribute Baseball
45 Bryce Harper

2014 Topps Museum Collection Baseball
28 Jason Kipnis Indians
95 Gio Gonzalez

Thursday 15 May 2014:
sportlots 3 card package shipping $1.39
1961 Topps Baseball 21 Zorro Versalles Twins .75
1964 Topps Baseball
23 Chris Zachary Colts .25 (seller called the team "Cold 45s")
494 Al Jackson Mets $1.25

sportlots 1 card package: $3.25 + $2.75 shipping
1976 Topps Baseball 240 Pete Rose Reds

sportlots 1 card: .25 + $1.75 shipping
1965 Topps Baseball 37 Fred Gladding Tigers

sportlots 2 cards: both .18 + $1.60
1975 Topps Baseball 212 - 1974 MVPs Jeff Burroughs Rangers and Steve Garvey Dodgers
2003 Topps Bazooka Baseball 7 Bazooka Joe Rockies

sportlots 5 cards: $2.50 shipping
1965 Topps Baseball
15 Robin Roberts Orioles $3.00
135 - 1964 World Series Game 4 "Boyer's Grand-Slam" $1.00

1975 Topps Baseball
201 - 1963 MVPs Elston Howard Yankees and Sandy Koufax Dodgers .25
210 - 1972 MVPs Rich Allen White Sox and Johnny Bench Reds .50

2003 Topps Bazooka Baseball 7 Bazooka Joe Orioles .18

sportlots 1 card package: $10.00 + .95 shipping
1968 Topps Baseball Game Insert 6 Roberto Clemente Pirates

Ebay package: 1 card $1.49 + $2.49 shipping
1994 Sports Illustrated For Kids 268 Julie Croteau Colorado Silver Bullets

Ebay package: 33 Card/Sticker set $9.00 Free Shipping
1979 Topps NASL Soccer Sticker Set Washington was the Diplomats. The main reason I got the set. I thought about just getting the one sticker for cheaper from another seller but thought why not get the full set at an affordable price?

Friday 16 May 2014:
Sportlots 1 card .25 + $3.00 shipping
1981 Fleer Baseball 645 (UnNumbered Error version) Triple Threat Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose, Larry Bowa Phillies

sportlots 1 card .25 + $1.25 Shipping
1967 Topps Baseball 235 AL 1966 Pitching Leaders: Jim Kaat Twins, Denny McLain Tigers, Earl Wilson Tigers (Red Sox cap poorly airbrushed out)

Non card: From my subsription The Wrapper Non-Sport Magazine Issue 283 May 15- July 1 2014: The Rat Patrol 1966 Topps Cover article.

Saturday 17 May 2014:

Sportlots package I've been waiting for a few weeks for from an April 17th order (was shipped out on May 13) 10 cards $3.00 shipping
1962 Topps Baseball 43 Los Angeles Dodgers Team Card $2.25
1972 Topps Baseball 9 card lot Dodgers Cards .25 (some of these I already had but got dupes since I needed the others)
25 Bill Singer
63 Duke Sims
114 Bill Buckner
198 Dodgers Rookie Stars: Charlie Hough, Bob O'Brian, Mike Stahler
264 Tommy John
265 Wes Parker
390 Willie Davis
437 Maury Wills
460 Al Downing

Ebay single card package: $1.50 plus .50 Shipping
2013 Panini Past and Present Basketball Treads 14 John Wall Wizards

Ebay Single Card: $14.99 + $2.25 shipping:
2005 Upper Deck Reflections: Dual Signature Reflections: FHNJ Frank Howard Senators and Nick Johnson Nationals on-sticker autos blue sharpie RED variation serial #12/99 - Completes the three card rainbow for this one.

Non-Card: From Subcription Non-Sport Update Vol 25 No. 3 June/July 2014 Castle Cryptozoic Seasons 3 and 4 trading cards cover story - enclosed Take along Price Guide has Partridge Family cover.
Bonus cards:
2014 Cryptozoic DC Comics Epic Battles P1
2014 Cryptozoic Castle ABC Seasons 3 and 4 P3
2014 Rittenhouse Star Trek The Original Series P2
2014 Upper Deck Marvel Premier NoNumber Power (with Spider-Man)
2014 Braiiinz Beauty and The Myth P04

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 12 2014, 11:43 PM
On Monday 12 May 2014: Got a medium to large sized mail day of 8 packages/envelopes 3 from Ebay and the rest from Sportlots.

Laides First: Ebay Package #1
From Ebay I got 1994 Colorado Silver Bullets Women's Softball Team Set 9 cards total $13.95 Free Shipping The cards are not numbered:
Melissa Coombres
Julie Croteau
Vivian Holm
Kelly Inouye
Shannon Kimberling
Phil Niekro MGR
Shereen Samonds
Gina Satriano
Stacy Sunny

The Coors brands logos are in Silver Foil on some of the cards and Gold Foil on others there are a 5 different "Brands": Coors Dry, Original Coors, Coors Light, Coors Extra Gold, Coors Cutter

Ebay package #2
1965 Topps Baseball 508b (Small print on front) 7th Series Checklist Cards 507-598 Unmarked $3.90 Free Shipping. Think this is the small print version (large space at bottom between last lines and red border) the difference is difficult to tell unless you have them both side-by-side.

Ebay package #3
1965 Topps Baseball 79a 1st Series Checklist cards 1-88 Unmarked $3.50 + $2.50 Shipping Card 61 line on back is "Cannizzaro" (other version which I already have has "C.Cannizzaro")

Package #4: Sportlots fixed price purchase 5 cards $3.40 Shipping
1965 Topps Baseball
1 AL 1964 Batting Leaders: Tony Oliva Twins, Brooks Robinson Orioles, Elston Howard Yankees .95¢
8 NL 1964 ERA Leaders: Sandy Koufax Dodgers, Don Drysdale Dodgers $3.95
519 Bob Uecker Cardinals $6.00
572 Baltimore Orioles Team Card $4.50
1968 Topps Baseball Game 15 Steve Hargan Reds .50¢

Package #5 Sportlots fixed price .70¢ Shipping
1968 Topps Baseball Game 22 George Scott Red Sox .45¢

Package #6 Sportlots fixed price $1.00 Shipping
1965 Topps Baseball 24 Minnesota Twins Team Card .90¢

Package #7 Sportlots fixed price $1.10 Shipping
1968 Topps Baseball Game
8 Willie Mays Giants $5.75
11 Bill Freehan .50¢

Package #8 Sportlots fixed price .80¢ Shipping
2003 Topps Bazooka Baseball 7 Bazooka Joe Expos .18¢

 | Category: Baseball
entry May 7 2014, 09:26 AM
On Monday 05 May 2014: Got some stuff from two Ebay auctions from the same dealer both were 99 shipping was $3.24

2005 Topps Turkey Red White Border 154 Rafael Palmeiro Orioles

2003 Topps Bazooka Baseball 10 base cards 5 minis = 15 cards total. All number 7 Bazooka Joe being a Bandwagon fan wearing a t-shirt with a team logo. They made one for each of the 30 teams in the league at the time and one with the Bazooka Gum logo. A mini parallel and a silver parallel were made.

Regular Base: Diamonbacks, Braves, Cubs, Indians, Dodgers, Brewers, Athletics, Rangers, Blue Jays, Angels
Minis: Bazooka Logo, Orioles, Reds, Twins, Athletics

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