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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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entry Jan 7 2017, 10:28 PM
Monday 5 Dec 2016: 3 packages

Package 1: Sportlots 1 card auction 25¢
1974 Topps Baseball: 582 Bucky Dent White Sox very off center

Package 2: Sportlots 3 auctions 25¢ each
1949 Bowman Baseball: 89 Mizell “Whitie” Platt Browns
1960 Topps Baseball:
221 Cookie Lavagetto MGR Senators very off center
224 Paul Richards MGR Orioles

Package 3: 8 cards 3 Sportlots auctions
1965 Topps Baseball: 588 Lenny Green Red Sox
1966 Topps Baseball: 167 Boog Powell Orioles
1970 Topps Baseball:
501 Chicago White Sox Team Card
504 Don Pavletich Red Sox
509 Montreal Expos Team Card
511 Joe Hoerner Phillies
522 California Angels Team Card
607 Gary Waslewski Expos

Tuesday 6 Dec 2016:
Magazine: Non-Sport Update: Volume 27 Number 6 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story cover story. I haven’t opened it yet bonus cards are Star Trek 50th Anniversary and Basil Wolverton II (whatever that is)

Friday 9 Dec 2016: SCF Football Team Traders package from Joey the Broncos Guy it was All Rams. 65 card count: Selected Highlights:
First the oddballs:

1997 Fleer II Goudey Football: mini size (well original Goudey size) 76 Orlando Pace green back I forget if this year had the red and green backs like the baseball or not.
1994 Fleer Game Day Football: Tall boy sized cards 4 total Players are Marc Boutte, Troy Drayton, Cleveland Gary, and Darryl Henley
1995 Classic Football: 66 Roman Phifer - Yeah that other Roman who played for the Rams.
1993 Score Football: 55 Jim Everett
1991 Pro Set Football: 205 Frank Stams also cool photo
1989 Pro Set Football: 198 Henry Ellard
1990 Collegiate Collection: Notre Dame 33 Mike Fanning
1991 Fleer Football: 264 Willie “Flipper” Anderson cool catching photo
1995 Topps Bowman Football: 345 Johnny Bailey
1997 Topps NFL Stars Football: 34 Isaac Bruce interesting front side texture also the back feels a bit weird, maybe the front is throwing my senses off.
1992 Topps Football: 546 Carl Wilson
1992 Pacific Football: 159 Dale Hatcher Punter cool front photo
1988 Topps Football: 299 Nolan Cromwell
1990 Pro Set Football: 550 Robert Delpino
1992 Upper Deck Football: 573 Gerald Perry
1991 Pro Line Portraits Football: 269 Kevin Greene
1999 Pacific Prism Football: 118 Marshall Faulk

Saturday 10 Dec 2016: SCF Football Team Traders package from Jamie the Texans/Ravens guy. He sent many Redskins and Rams: 133 card count. Selected Highlights: (Approx. 25 cards)
2016 Panini Classics Football:
28 Kirk Cousins
2016 Panini Football: 99 Kirk Cousins
2016 Panini Origins Football: 28 Kirk Cousins - Card doesn’t look off-center but the “Origins” foil letterin on the front has the bottom part of the letters cut off as if the imprint didn’t print/press the entire letter.
2015 Panini Prizm Football:
38 Pierre Garcon in throwback uniform 1930s style
44 John Riggins
66 Art Monk
2015 Topps Valor Football: Strength 86 Robert Griffin III
1992 Upper Deck Football: 125 Tim Johnson
2001 Topps Archives Football:
Archives Reprint 29 of card 78 Elroy Hirsch has “Topps Archives 2001” stamp on front. I think I have an original of this not 100% sure.
2006 Topps Turkey Red Football: 241 Marc Bulger
2008 Upper Deck First Edition Football: 131 Pisa Tinoisamoa cool “foggy” night look
2014 Topps Valor Football:
53 Zac Stacy
192 Aaron Donald RC
2015 Topps Valor Football:
65 Aaron Donald
68 Sean Mannion RC
Strength 104 Malcolm Brown RC
2014 Topps Fire Football: 18 Eric Dickerson
2014 Topps Football: 35 Johnny Hekker All-Pro - Cool to see a Punter card again.
2013 Score Football: 124 Danny Amendola Patriots (Rams Uniform) (4)
1994 Fleer Ultra Football: Rookie 426 Isaac Bruce RC
1990 Pro Set Football:
169 Larry Kelm
175 Mike Wilcher
1978 Topps Football: 209 Bill Simpson - I think I have this card already but one that was from either Dynamite or Bananas Magazine Last surviving card of 6 that were in mag.
1973 Topps Football:
14 Phil Olsen
65 Isiah Robertson

Monday 12 Dec 2016: 2 packages, 1 Magazine

Magazine: The Wrapper 303 Cover 1953 Topps Fightin’ Marines. Dec 11 2016 - Feb 1, 2017 Also has an article on the 1968 Topps Mod Squad set.

Package 1: Sportlots auction 1 card $3.25 + $2.50 shipping
1957 Topps Baseball: 92 Mickey Vernon Red Sox

Package 2: Sportlots acutions 4 cards total
1965 Topps Baseball:
455 Norm Siebern Orioles
514 Joe Azcue Indians
584 Harry Bright Cubs
594 Joe Gaines Astros

entry Jan 7 2017, 10:19 PM
Time for another multi-month catch up. This time from Nov and Dec 2016:
Saturday 12 Nov 2016:
Package 1: Sportlots auctions 25¢ each plus $2.15 shipping
1960 Topps Baseball:
191 Johnny Klippstein Dodgers
287 Felipe Alou Giants

Package 2: Sportlots auction 25¢ plus $1.75 shipping
1957 Topps Baseball:
356 Faye Thorneberry Senators
367 Ed FitzGerald Senators
386 Lyle Luttrell Senators

Package 3: Halloween contest winnings from Shawn “Corky” Pack War Blog. 2016 Custom Sketch card “The Invisible Man” glows in the dark.
Bonus card: 2016 Topps Chrome Baseball: 16 Max Scherzer Nationals Copper Sepia parallel.

Friday 18 Nov 2016: one package Ebay $8.99 + $3.49 shipping
2016 Politicards Deck

Saturday 19 Nov 2016: one package Ebay $11.95 Free Shipping
2016 Politi-Kids Deck. This deck is a “parallel” of the regular Politicards (above) from this Election. The cards are the same cartoons with the addition of a quote under the image. The backs are a similar design but say Politi-Kids instead of Politicards. Dang I thought they were be more different.

Thursday 21 Nov 2016: SCF Football Team Traders package from Jeff the Patriots guy. A huge package a large priority bubble mailer (magazine sized) about 10 team bags. Approx. 253 card count. Some of the unmarked rookies were in penny sleeves 2 and 3 cards per sleeve. With the variants in card thicknesses and stickiness now-days I’m not sure if I got all of them I think I did. Selected Highlights and oddballs:

2014 Topps Chrome Football: 1965 Style Tall Boy Mini:
TB-32 Michael Sam Rams
2013 Topps Football: 1970 Glossy Style 16 Kurt Warner Rams
2012 Panini Rookies and Stars Football: die-cut mini banner 29 St. Louis Rams
2013 Panini Elite Football: die cut Primary Colors 19 Sam Bradford Rams
2015 Panini Rookies and Stars Football: die cut (thumbs up? Star? What is it?) RSR7 Todd Gurley RC Rams
2014 Panini Absolute Football: die cut (edges odd design) 141 Tre Mason RC Rams
2015 Panini Gridiron Kings Football: Framed cards
27 Tavon Austin Rams - Red Frame
42 Nick Foles Rams - Red Frame
88 Robert Quinn Rams - Red Frame
126 Rookies Sean Mannion RC Rams - Brown Frame
173 Marshall Faulk Rams - Brown Frame
187 All-Time Stat Kings Marshall Faulk Rams - Brown Frame
190 All-Time Stat Kings Eric Dickerson Rams - Brown Frame
190 All-Time Stat Kings Eric Dickerson Rams - Red Frame
Regular cards:
2005 Topps Football: Topps Football 50th Anniversary
240 Shawn Springs Redskins
2002 Fleer Ultra Football: 103 Fred Smoot Redskins
2016 Panini Classics Football: 147 Joe Theismann Redskins
2008 Topps Chrome Football: Honor Roll:
HR-NB Norm Van Brocklin Rams
HR-TF Tom Fears Rams
2014 Panini Crown Royale Football: Rookie Signatures S-TM Trent Murphy RC Redskins sticker auto blue sharpie 19/99
2016 Panini Certified Football: New Generation Jerseys 26 Pharoh Cooper RC Rams nice All Blue swatch/patch
2010 Panini EPIX Football: Rookie Autographs: 188 Shay Hodge Redskins sticker auto blue sharpie refracting action going on 308/499
2013 Panini Certified Football: New Generation Rookie Auto Red 285 Chris Thompson RC Redskins sticker auto blue sharpie 851/999
2016 Panini Score Football: Franchise: 30 Todd Gurley II Rams
2016 Panini Score Football: Franchise: 30 Todd Gurley II Rams Red
2015 Topps Chrome Football:
172 Jameson Crowder RC Redskins
172 Jameson Crowder RC Redskins Orange or Red (hard to tell haven’t looked at checklists yet)
2015 Panini Score Football:
Team Leaders 8 Redskins: Kirk Cousins, Alfred Morris, DeSean Jackson and Ryan Kerrigan
Team Leaders 8 Redskins: Kirk Cousins, Alfred Morris, DeSean Jackson and Ryan Kerrigan Gold - At first I thought it was a team colors variant
2014 Panini Prizm Football:
153 John Riggins Redskins (3)
163 Chris Long Rams Purple
165 Art Monk Redskins Purple
2013 Panini Prizm Football: Decade Dominance: 1 Sonny Jurgensen Redskins
2012 Topps Football: QB Imortals: QI-SJ Sonny Jurgensen Redskins

Saturday 30 Nov 2016: SCF Football Team Traders priority box from Kim or Lori the Panthers trader 233 card count (includes 21 NFL Showdown game cards some of which are play cards) Selected Highlights:

The oddballs are the 21 NFL Showdown game cards: All have 2002 Wizards of the Coast copyright but some are 2002 Edition and some are 2003 Edition.
2002 Edition: 11 cards. On back is “NFL Showdown Sports Card Game” on front play name or result and a description of what it is and how it effects the game. They have generic photos some of which are actually of what is being described. Only one has a Redskin or a Ram on it and it is a Redskin on the Tripping Penalty card.
2003 Edition: 8 Play cards 4 offense plays green background 4 defensive play red background. Front has play diagram and description of play left side of card has UPC code and card P number “backs” have play name and a generic Os and the word Offense, the Defense cards have Xs and Defense on them.
2 Player cards: Backs have NFL Showdown 2003 on them fronts have players: 314 Torry Holt Rams 350 Eric Metcalf Redskins.
2015 Panini Prestige Football: 189 Kenny Britt Rams Jersey number is 81
2016 Panini Football: 19 Kenny Britt Rams In all yellow “Color Rush” uniform (but with blue socks). Jersey number 18 his number when he was with the Titans but also it is the sacred Rams number for Roman Gabriel
2016 Panini Donruss Football: 159 Mark Barron Rams in all yellow “Color Rush” uniform.
2015 Topps Valor Football: 53 Nick Foles Rams cool photo
1991 Fleer Football: 276 Frank Stams Rams
2013 Topps Football: 163 Stedman Bailey RC Rams
2013 Topps Chrome Football: 202 Stedman Bailey RC Rams Front same photo as flagship set card.
1990 Score Football: 350 Mark Rypien Redskins
1991 Upper Deck Football: 104 Earnest Byner Redskins
1994 Fleer Flair Football: Waves of the Future: 5 Heath Shuler Redskins
2015 Topps Fire Football: 68 Alfred Morris Redskins
2014 Panini Score Football: 228 Andre Roberts Redskins in Cardinals Uniform front has “signed by Redskins” line.
1989 Pro Set Football: 428 Jim Lachey Redskins
2016 Panini Prestige Football: 243 Pharoh Cooper RC Rams in South Carolina College Uniform
2016 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Football: Game Day: 20 Pharoh Cooper Uni South Carolina Uniform
2000 Fleer Tradition Football: 328 Trung Canidate RC Rams
2015 Panini Gridiron Kings Football: 97 Alfred Morris Redskins
2014 Panini Rookies and Stars Football: 173 Michael Sam RC Rams - Sam the first Openly Gay player to sign for the NFL only played in 4 Pre-Season games for the Rams. He didn’t make the final cuts. Then traded to Cowboys practice squad but never played a game with them. The next season he signed with the CFL for the Montreal Alouettes and only played one regular season game with them.
2014 Panini Rookies and Stars Football: 194 Tre Mason RC Rams
2014 Panini Rookies and Stars Football: Longevity 194 Tre Mason RC Rams
2014 Panini Rookies and Stars Football: 194 Tre Mason RC Rams SP Photo Variant

entry Nov 6 2016, 11:00 PM
Saturday 05 Nov 2016:
I received 3 packages = 2 bubble mailers and a large box.

Package 1: First let me get the box out of the way. I was an Ebay order, not cards but card related. I got two large plastic BCW Trading Card Sorting Trays. They have 24 slots for cards, some of them slanted to use for sorting out your cards. Got them for $20 each with Free Shipping. I've seen these same things range from about $10 to almost $30 with varying shipping costs. These looked to be about the best deal since it was $20 Free Shipping and not the standard $20-$25 PLUS $10-$20 shipping. I've also seen prices from $40-$100+ but those I now noticed were for multiple numbers of trays again with varying shipping costs.

Package 2: Bubble Mailer: 33 cards. Got an IM/PM from a member at the Trading Card DataBase (tradingcarddb.com) about some Washington Caps cards he was going to toss. Glad he decided to offer them to me so I could give them a good home rather than toss them. He also included some basketball cards as well. He asked for nothing in return.

1989-90 NBA Hoops Basketball:
40 Danny Manning Clippers
67 Harvey Grant Bullets
105 Terry Porter Trailblazers
118 John Williams Cavaliers
188 Vinnie Johnson Pistons
213 Charles Oakley Knicks
231 Vern Fleming Paers
234 Dominique Wilkins AS Hawks
246 Kurt Rambis Hornets
257 Rodney McCray Kings
268 John Shasky Heat
307 Mark Acres Magic
315 Buck Williams Trailblazers
341 Bill Jones Nets
349 Scott Roth Timberwolves
351 Steve Kerr Cavaliers

HOCKEY: All PC Capitals
1990-91 Topps Bowman Hockey:
66 Mike Liut
67 Nick Kypreos
68 Michael Pivonka
72 Don Deaupre
77 Mike Ridley

1991-92 Pro Set Hockey:
250 Al Lafrate
251 John Druce
253 Stephen Leach
255 Mike Lalor
256 Kelly Miller
257 Don Beaupre
258 Dino Ciccarelli
260 Dimitri Khristich
513 Nick Kypreos
601 Don Beaupre Leader
611 Kelly Miller Leader
614 Play Smart: Stay in School: Alan May

Package 3: larger bubble mailer (#0): Approx. 58 cards from SCF Football Team Trader Greg the Cowboys guy. He sent Mostly Rams and a few Redskins. His note said he was short on Redskins so it was mostly Rams this time around. I'll note when it is Redskins otherwise it will be Rams.

1989 Pro Set Football:
198 Henry Ellard
202 Pete Holohan
206 Mel Owens
1990 Fleer Football: 44 Vince Newsome
1991 Pacific Football: 262 Fred Strickland
1991 Pro Line Portraits Football:
14 Willie Anderson
71 Irv Pankey
101 Jackie Slater
129 Tom Newberry
210 Roman Phifer
216 John Robinson Coach
259 Jim Everett
263 Marcus Dupree
269 Kevin Greene
1991 Score Football: 540 Frank Stams
1994 Skybox Football: 171 Wayne Gandy Rookie
1994 Fleer Ultra Football: 426 Isaac Bruce Rookie
1995 Classic Draft Football: 4 Michael Westbrook Redskins in Colorado uni
1995 Classic Pro Line Football:
124 Kevin Carter in Florida Gators Uni
198 Roman Phifer Printer's Proof
1995 Pinnacle Score Football: Star Struck 216 Jerome Bettis
1995 Fleer Ultra Football:
274 Shane Conlan
275 Troy Drayton
276 Sean Gilbert
1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Football: Update Rookie Collection: U57 Eddie Kennison
1996 Pinnicale Football: 63 Michael Westbrook Redskins
1996 Fleer Skybox Ultra Football: Sensations: 100 Michael Westbrook Redskins (Blue)
1997 Pacific Crown Collection Football: 420 Tony Woods Redskins
1999 Upper Deck Ovation Football: 17 Trent Green
2000 Topps Stars Football: Heroes of Hawaii 130 Kurt Warner
2002 Upper Deck MVP Football: 274 Lamar Gordon Rookie
2003 Press Pass Football: Old School OS 1/27 Brad Banks Hawkeyes uni (Redskins)
2005 Fleer Ultra Football: 40 Isaac Bruce
2006 Topps Turkey Red Football: 153 442 Steven Jackson
2007 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football: 91 Torry Holt
2007 Playoff Contenders Football: 90 Steven Jackson
2007 Playoff Prestige Football: 133 Marc Bulger
2007 Topps Football: 263 Leonard Little
2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Football: 178 Chris Long
2010 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Football: 89 Donnie Avery
2010 Topps Attax Football: NNO Oshiomogho Atogwe
2010 Panini Prestige Football:183 Kyle Boller
2011 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Football: 91 Sam Bradford
2011 Panini Gridiron Gear Football: 128 Brandon Gibson
2011 Panini Score Football: 264 Brandon Gibson
2011 Upper Deck Football:
8 Roman Gabriel NC State Uni
26 John Cappelletti Penn State Uni
2012 Leaf Young Stars Football: 15 Brian Quick Appalachian State Uni
2012 Sage Hit Football: 64 Chris Givens Rookie Red Glitter Variation
2012 Press Pass Football: 17 Chris Givens
2013 Leaf Draft Football: 68 T.J. McDonald USC Uniform
2013 Panini HRX Football: 2 Tavon Austin RC
2013 Topps Magic Football:
97 Marshall Faulk
164 Philip Lutzenkirhen RC
189 James Laurinaitis
2013 Panini Score Football:
172 Sam Bradford
Future Franchise 324 Chris Givens
2015 Leaf Draft Football: 71 Jamison Crowder Redskins Duke Uni.

 | Category: Football
entry Nov 3 2016, 12:48 AM
On Wednesday 02 Nov 2016: Got a single package. From one of the SCF Football Team Traders Wayne the Bengals guy. Approx. 33 RamSkins Cards.

2008 Topps Bowman Football: 213 Fred Davis RC Redskins
2008 Topps Football: 379 Fred Davis RC Redskins
2008 Topps Rookie Progession Football: 205 Fred Davis RC USC (Redskins)
2009 Topps Bowman Football: 112 Brian Orakpo RC Texas (Redskins)
2009 Topps Bowman Chrome Football: 158 Brooks Foster RC Rams 16/99
2009 Upper Deck NFL Draft Edition Football: 103 Brian Orakpo RC Texas (Redskins)
2009 Topps National Chicle Football: C14 Brian Orakpo Redskins
2009 Panini Playoff Prestige Football: Rookie Draft Picks 117 Brooks Foster RC Rams in North Carolina Uni 643/999
2009 Panini Donruss Score Football:
319 Brooks Foster Rookie Rams
Inscriptions 319 Brooks Foster Rookie Rams 221/999
2009 Topps Football: 349 Brooks Foster RC Rams
2011 Topps Platinum Football: 96 Austin Pettis RC Rams
2011 Topps Prime Football:
34 Austin Pettis RC Rams
91 Leonard Hankerson RC Redskins
2011 Topps Rookie Reserve Football: 167 Niles Paul RC Redskins
2011 Panini Score Football:
309 Austin Pettis Rookie Rams (2)
358 Leonard Hankerson Rookie Redskins
369 Niles Paul Rookie Redskins (2)
Gold Zone 369 Niles Paul Rookie Redskins
Hot Rookies 4 Austin Pettis Rams (2)
ScoreCard 4 Austin Pettis Rams
2011 Topps Football: 396 Austin Pettis RC Rams
2001 Topps Chrome Football: 208 Autin Pettis RC Rams
2012 Topps Bowman Football: 168 Brian Quick RC Rams Moutaineers Uni
2012 Panini Playoff Contenders Football: 2011 Rookie Draft Class 19 Austin Pettis and Greg Salas Rams
2012 Panini Score Football: 309 Brian Quick Rookie Rams
2012 Topps Chrome Football: 202 Isaiah Pead RC Rams
2013 Topps Bowman Football: 187 Alec Ogletree RC Rams Georgia Uni
2014 Topps Super Glossy Archives? Football: sort of retro 7
Tre Mason RC Rams 1985 Topps Style
2014 Topps Chrome Football: 164 Tre Mason RC Rams

entry Oct 30 2016, 05:44 AM
More 1975 Topps Baseball set building material plus a vintage childhood hero rookie card and its story.

Saturday 29 October 2016:
2 package kind of day.

Package 1: Sportlots Store purchase 16 cards subtotal $3.27 + $2.75 shipping 5 “bonus” cards
1975 Topps Baseball:
52 Darrell Porter Brewers
73 J.R. Richard Astros
74 Mark Belanger Orioles
286 Mike Jorgensen Expos
288 Bruce Ellingsen Indians
291 Bill Sudakis Yankees
292 Ron Schueler Phillies
295 Vada Pinson Royals
314 Buck Martinez Royals
315 Don Kessinger Cubs
316 Jackie Brown Rangers
322 Ed Goodson Giants
327 Jerry Hairston White Sox
353 Luis Melendez Cardinals

1992 Pro Set Football:
366 Spirit of the Game: Los Angeles Rams
374 Spirit of the Game: Washington Redskins

BONUS CARDS: Used as team bag protection bookends
1988 Donruss Baseball
384 Denny Walling Astros
508 Robbie Wine Astros
578 Ty Gainey Astros
2000 Skybox Dominion Baseball: Checklist cards 203-300 plus insert cards Unmarked
2000 Topps Baseball: 1 Checklist cards 1-201 Unmarked.

Package 2: A long awaited one. Here is the back story: At the end of September I ordered 3 items from Ebay using Paypal 2 books and 1 card (this vintage Rookie Card). I put them all in my shopping cart and then did my usual checkout. The total was approximately $20 for everything Free Shipping. I noticed when I got the shipping confirmation emails from the sellers that the "ship to: address was wrong. The packages were being sent to an apartment address in Connecticut, not my own address. UGH. Apparently someone had hacked my Ebay account and changed the primary ship to address. I deleted the wrong address and changed my password also changed my Paypal password. My address was correct there except on the order info. I looked on Ebay to see what you are supposed to do and they said contact the sellers, and try to reroute the packages from the Post Office. I sent each seller the same “contact seller” message that I had been hacked and the item was headed for a wrong address. I couldn’t remember or don’t have a USPS account so I couldn’t re-route the packages before they arrived at the bad address in CT. I had to play the waiting game to see if things got returned. They have been. Well one of the book sellers had another copy of the book and sent a replacement copy. When the original copy gets back to them they will just resell. The others were “Sorry Charlie” we can’t do anything until it gets returned. The other book has been returned, my account refunded for that one, and I’ll have to “repurchase” to get the book. The card was returned and the seller asked for my correct address to resend. That was about 2 weeks ago. Finally the card arrived. The seller was Dean’s Cards out of Ohio. The card is a vintage rookie card of one of my childhood heroes. I got it for $12 Free Shipping. They rated the card a 2 “Good” condition. In addition to resending the returned card they sent a replacement card (same 2 good rating) so now I have two Roman Gabriel RCs.

1962 Topps Football: 88 Roman Gabriel RC Rams
Note the small black and white picture on the front of the card has some guy in number 17 that is not Roman Gabriel. I first was aware of that when someone on a blog mentioned the error. I had never paid that much attention before, but the 17 on the uniform is glaring, and it doesn’t even look like a Rams uniform. Looks more like Giants, the Vintage Football Card Gallery says it is Y.A. Tittle but he was number 14. Maybe its a spring training or PreSeason picture. Speaking of jersey numbers, why isn’t Roman’s number 18 retired, or Kurt Warner’s 13? Number 18 is currently worn by Wide Receiver Kenny Britt and number 13 is worn by Wide Receiver Michael Thomas.

entry Oct 30 2016, 05:29 AM
Mail Day Catch Up Sept/Oct 2016 Post 7: Final post.

Friday 28 October 2016:
4 package day:
Package 1: Sportlots Store 3 cards: Shipping 97¢
1975 Topps Baseball:
195 MVPs 1957 Mickey Mantle Yankees and Hank Aaron Braves 98¢
201 MVPs 1963 Elston Howard Yankees and Sandy Koufax Dodgers 28¢
210 MVPs 1972 Rich Allen White Sox and Johnny Bench Reds 18¢

Package 2: Sportlots Store 6 cards: Shipping $1.75
1975 O-Pee-Chee Baseball: 117 Earl Weaver Baltimore Orioles Team Card Checklist Marked. 50¢
1975 Topps Baseball:
1 Hank Aaron Braves ‘74 Highlights $3.49
2 Lou Brock Cardinals ’74 Highlights25¢
3 Bob Gibson Cardinals ’74 Highlights 30¢
7 Steve Busby Royals, Dick Bosman Indians, Nolan Ryan Angels ’74 Highlights $1.20
194 MVPs 1956 Mickey Mantle Yankees and Don Newcombe Dodgers 85¢

Package 3: Sportlots Store 3 cards 1 piece of memorabilia Shipping $2.60
1967 Topps Baseball: 47 Ken McMullen Senators 50¢
1968 Topps Baseball: 57 Dan Schneider Astros $1.25
1975 Topps Baseball: 190 MVPs 1952 Bobby Shantz Athletics and Hank Sauer Cubs 18¢
2007 Topps Heritage Baseball: 1958 Felt Team Logo: Washington Senators $4.50

Package 4: Check Out My Cards Order 25 cards subtotal $50.36 + $3.99 shipping Mostly Football plus some Olympics 6 athletes 3 Football 3 Olympians

1963 Topps Football: 152 Ernie McMillan Cardinals
1964 Topps Philadelphia Football: 175 Ernie McMillan Cardinals
1971 Topps Football: 161 Ernie McMillan Cardinals
1973 Topps Football: 488 Ernie McMillan Cardinals
1975 Topps Football: 344 Ernie McMillan Cardinals
1989 Topps Football: 221 Interception Leaders: Scott Case Falcons and Erik McMillan Jets
1990 Pro Set Football: 354 Erik McMillan Jets Pro Bowl
1990 Stars ‘n Stripes Football: 6 Erik McMillan Jets
1990 Topps Football: 451 Erik McMillan Jets (with and without disclaimer line)
1991 Score Football: 150 Erik McMillan Jets
1991 Pro Set Football: Spanish 175 Erik McMillan Jets
1991 Topps Football: 469 Erik McMillan Jets
1992 Fleer Football: 309 Erik McMillan Jets
1993 Skybox Football: 42 Erik McMillan Jets
1993 Topps Football: 418 Erik McMillan Jets
1962 Post Football: 198 Norman Snead Redskins
1963 Topps Football: 158 Norm Snead Redskins
2013 Topps Allen & Ginter’s Baseball:
62 McKayla Maroney Champion Gymnast - base
62 McKayla Maroney Champion Gymnast - mini base
62 McKayla Maroney Champion Gymnast - mini A&G back
62 McKayla Maroney Champion Gymnast - mini black
2015 Topps Baseball: First Pitch: FP-03 McKayla Maroney Olympian
1991 Impell US Olympic cards Hall of Fame:
27 Mary Lou Retton Gymnastics- back profile pic black and white with long hair rarer variant
40 Charles Daniels Swimming - back profile picture head tilts to right rarer variant

 | Category: Football
entry Oct 30 2016, 05:20 AM
Mail Day Catch Up Sept/Oct 2016 Post 6:

Tuesday 25 October 25, 2016:
One bubble mailer package: From SCF Football Team Traders group Larry Desertdogg Chargers guy. 48 cards many of them pretty cool.
2004 Topps Bazooka Football: 174 Sean Taylor RC Redskins
2004 Topps Football:
325 Steven Jackson Rams
347 Sean Taylor RC Redskins
2004 Fleer Ultra Football: 228 Sean Taylor Redskins
2005 Topps Finest Football: 146 Carlos Rogers RC Redskins
2006 Playoff Contenders Football: Draft Class: Tye Hill Rams and Dominique Byrd Rams 0542/1000
2011 Topps Finest Football: 39 Austin Pettis RC Rams
2011 Topps Legends Football: 129 Austin Pettis RC Rams
2011 Topps Prime Football: 34 Austin Pettis RC Rams
2011 Topps Football:
249 Roy Helu Jr. RC Redskins
396 Austin Pettis RC Rams
2011 Topps Chrome Football: 208 Austin Pettis RC Rams
2012 Topps Bowman Football: 146 Chase Minnifield RC Redskins
179 Chris Givens RC Rams
184 Brandon Bolden RC Redskins
2012 Topps Chrome Football: 142 Chris Givens RC Rams
2012 Panini Elite Football: 115 Janoris Jenkins Rookie Rams 275/999
2013 Topps Chrome Football: Mini: 30 Stedman Bailey RC Rams
2013 Leaf Draft Football: 70 Tavon Austin WVU (Rams)
2013 Panini HRX Football: 2 Tavon Austin RC Rams
2013 Topps Finest Football: 135 Stedman Bailey RC Rams
2013 Topps Magic Football: Mini: 127 Jordan Reed RC Redskins
2013 Panini Rookies & Stars Football: 104 Alec Ogletree RC Rams
2013 Score Football: Rookies:
425 Stedman Bailey Rams
426 Tavon Austin Rams
2013 Topps Strata Football:
147 Jordan Reed RC Redskins
148 Tavon AustinvRC Rams
2013 Topps Football: 317 Jordan Reed RC Redskins
2013 Topps Chrome Football:
135 Jawan Jamison RC Redskins
208 Bacarri Rambo RC Redskins
2014 Bowman Football:
25 Cody Hoffman RC Bringham Young (Redskins)
44 Lache Seastrunk RC Baylor (Redskins)
47 Lamarcus Joyner RC Florida State (Rams)
57 Tre Mayson RC Auburn (Rams)
102 Trent Murphy RC Stanford (Redskins)
2014 Bowman Football: Black:
29 Ryan Grant RC Tulane (Redskins)
71 Silas Redd RC Southern California (Redskins)
2014 Panini Contenders Football: RDA-8 Tre Mason RC Rams
2014 Sage Hit: Next Level Football: 67 Tre Mason (Rams) No team mentioned. This is what I hate about College football products. Good thing he played for the Rams and I have other Rams cards of his otherwise I’d have to rely on the internet to find out if he even got drafted.
2014 Topps Football:
349 Trent Murphy RC Redskins
351 Silas Redd RC Redskins
362 Marcus Roberson RC Rams
417 Greg Robinson RC Rams
422 Tre Mason RC Rams
440 Ryan Grant RC Redskins
2014 Topps Valor Football: 142 Greg Robinson RC Rams
2016 Panini Prestige Football:
179 Case Keenum Rams
200 Jordan Reed Redskins

entry Oct 30 2016, 05:14 AM
Mail Day Catch Up Sept/Oct 2016 Post 5:

Saturday 22 October 2016:
Lone card from Sportlots at 25¢ + $2.00 shipping
1957 Topps Baseball 378 Elmer Singleton Cubs

Extra Bonus Card 1987 Topps Baseball 148 Dave Collins Tigers

Monday 24 October 2016:
Package 1: PWE Renewal notice letter for subscription to “The Wrapper” magazine 3 bonus cards included:
1976 Donruss Space: 1999: 46 Alpha Astronauts Signaling Danger.
1978 Topps Battlestar Galactica: 88 Destroying The Human Refuse!
1979 Topps Alien: 22 The Refinery.

Package 2: Bubble Mailer from Canada from Supertrader Doug “Sportscards From The Dollar Store” the Mets guy. 38 cards, Orioles, 1 Bullets, Capitals and Redskins

2013 Panini Hoops Basketball: Hall of Fame Heroes: 10 Wes Unseld Bullets - Got it.

BASEBALL: Orioles unless stated otherwise.
1989 Topps Baseball: 497 Pete Stanicek
2007 Upper Deck Baseball: 51 Brian Roberts
2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball: Gold Frame
253 Cal Ripken Jr.
263 Eddie Murray
2013 Panini Home Town Heroes Baseball: 234 Mike Mussina
2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball: 175 Cal Ripken Jr.
2016 Topps Bowman Baseball: 11 Manny Machado
2016 Panini Donruss Baseball: 161 Cal Ripken
2016 Topps Baseball:
14 Chris Davis
311 Dariel Alvarez
2016 Topps Opening Day Baseball: OD-27 Chris Tillman

HOCKEY: Capitals unless stated otherwise.
1988-89 Topps Hockey: 86 Kevin Hatcher
1989-90 O-Pee-Chee Hockey: 131 Kelly Miller
1991-92 Topps Hockey: 342 Kelly Miller
2007-08 Upper Deck NHL Victory Hockey:
92 Olaf Kolzig
93 Alexander Semin
97 Alexander Ovechkin
2008-09 Panini Hockey Stickers:
127 Washington Capitals Team Logo Silver Refractor
133 Alex Ovechkin
2012-13 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey: 65 Mike Green
2013-14 Panini Contenders Hockey: 51 Alex Ovechkin
2013-14 Panini Select Hockey: 49 Nicklas Backstrom
2013-14 Panini Totally Certified Hockey: 89 Martin Erat
2015 Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day America: America’s Rookies NHCD-10 Andre Burakovsky card is perforated from a sheet on 3 sides (left, right, bottom)
2015-16 Upper Deck Full Force Hockey: 89 Alex Ovechkin
2015-16 O-Pee-Chee Platinum Hockey: 97 Braden Holtby
2015-16 Upper Deck Portfolio Hockey: 126 John Carlson
2015-16 Upper Deck SPX Hockey: 38 Nicklas Backstrom
2015-16 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey: 87 Nicklas Backstrom
2015-16 Upper Deck Hockey: Shining-Stars: SS-31 Alex Ovechkin

FOOTBALL: Redskins unless noted otherwise.
2010 Panini Crown Royale Football: die-cut: 99 Clinton Portis
2013 Topps Prime Football: 102 Jordan Reed RC
2016 Panini Donruss Football:
47 Josh Norman
294 Jordan Reed
298 Pierre Garcon
299 John Riggins
300 Bashaud Breeland

entry Oct 30 2016, 05:02 AM
Mail Days Catch Up Sept/Oct 2016 Post 4:

Wednesday 19 October 2016:
One lone card Sportlots auction 75¢ + $3.60 shipping
1977 O-Pee-Chee Baseball 24 Don Sutton Dodgers

Thursday 20 October 2016:
2 cards Sportlots auction both won at opening 25¢ + $2.50 shipping for lot.
1976 Topps Baseball:
95 Brooks Robinson Orioles - Should have had it but didn’t?
420 Joe Morgan Reds

Magazine from subscription: The Wrapper #302 Oct 19 – Dec 11 TV Westerns Topps 1958 cover story.

Friday 21 October 2016:
Package 1: One card Sportlots auction $3.75 + $1.45 shipping
1975 Topps Baseball 204 MVPs 1966 Frank Robinson Orioles and Roberto Clemente Pirates

Package 2: From member Chuck C2Cigars at TradingCardDataBase just because they were on my want-list. He asked for nothing in return, but I feel I will eventually send something of his liking his way. That is how this hobby works: 5 cards Hockey
1991-1992 Pro Set Platinum Hockey:
139 Don Beaupre Capitals
241 Randy Burridge Capitals
242 Demitri Khristich Capitals
244 Peter Dondra Capitals
292 Larry King Celebrity Captain Capitals

Package 3: Contained a bunch of cards from the SCF Football Team Traders Group. This one is from Chris the Steelers guy. He included some Expos and cards. Approximately 146 cards total. Some of the Certified Football and Prism cards are warped. I’ve decided to mention them by team.

1991 Pro Set Football: 378 Think About it Jackie Slater
1991 Pro Line Portraits Football: 101 Jackie Slater
1991 Upper Deck Football: 182 Pete Holohan
1995 Pinnacle Select Football: Certified Edition: 115 Kevin Carter
1999 Upper Deck Black Diamond Football: 88 Trent Green
2000 Fleer Skybox Impact Football: Rookies 102 Trung Canidate Univ of Arizona uni
2000 Upper Deck NFL Legends Football: 78 Marshall Faulk
2001 Topps Football: 1 Marshall Faulk
2008 Press Pass Football: Collegiate Leaders: 73 Donnie Avery Univ of Houston uni
2008 Upper Deck First Edition Football: 135 Randy McMichael
2009 Donruss Certified Football: 111 Donnie Avery (warped bowed card)
2009 Donruss Gridiron Gear Football: 28 Donnie Avery
2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football: 40 Donnie Avery
2009 Upper Deck SP Threads Football: 131 Dorell (misspelling? Darell?) Scott Clemson Uni
2009 Topps Football: 167 Donnie Avery
2010 Panini Epix Football: 90 James Laurinaitis
2010 Topps Football: 353 St. Louis Rams Team Card Steven Jackson shown
2011 Panini Prestige Football: 181 James Laurinaitis
2012 Sage Hit Football:
78 Brian Quick Appalachian State Shown in Senior Bowl Jersey
102 Janoris Jenkins North Alabama Shown in Senior Bowl Jersey (on back on front unknown)
130 Brian Quick 2012 Rookie
132 Janoris Jenkins 2012 Rookie
2 Chris Givens Silver Glitter
2012 Panini Score Football:
142 Brandon Gibson
Hot Rookies: 25 Chris Givens
2013 Panini Prizm Football:
198 Daryl Richardson
199 Isaiah Perd
200 Jared Cook
2013 Panini Score Football: 178 James Laurinaitis
2013 Topps Bowman Football: 22 Chris Long
2014 Panini Score Football: 278 Hot 100 Robert Quinn

1991 Pacific Football: 526 Chip Lohmiller
1993 Topps Football:
34 Tom Carter 1993 Draft Pick
95 Ricky Sanders
1994 Classic Football: Draft 94: PR2 Heath Shuler in Univ Tennessee uni (promo card)
1994 Pinnacle Score Football: 94 Rookie Heath Shuler again in Univ Tennessee uni
1995 Skybox Impact Football: 148 Tydus Winans
1995 Topps Football: Hit List: 4 Andre Collins - took me a minute to find the dang card number it is sideways and looked like some kind of weird symbol.
1995 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Football: Update: U193 Terry Allen
1996 Donruss Leaf Football: 94 Henry Ellard
1997 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Football: Rookie Class WA 9 Greg Jones in Colorado uni
1997 Collector’s Edge Football: 92 Heath Shuler
1997 Collector’s Edge Football: Extreme: P175 Terry Allen
1999 Upper Deck Black Diamond Football: 109 Brad Johnson
2000 Topps Bowman Chrome Football: 83 Brad Johnson
2000 Fleer Mystique Football: 89 Brad Johnson
2000 Fleer Impact Football: 101 Brad Johnson
2000 Pacific Omega 2000 Football: 149 Brad Johnson
2000 Pacific Prism Football: Prospects: 100 Michael Westbrook
2000 Score Football: 211 Brad Johnson
2000 Fleer Ultra Football: 119 Brad Johnson
2000 Upper Deck Football: 214 Brad Johnson
2005 Upper Deck NFL Rookie Debut Football: 98 Clinton Portis
2005 Upper Deck NFL Legends Football: 34 Len Hauss
2006 Upper Deck Football: 200 Sean Taylor
2009 Donruss Certified Football: Oh Boy these are bowed special warps
122 Chris Cooley
123 Clinton Portis
124 Jason Campbell
125 Santana Moss
2009 Panini Playoff Contenders Football: 99 Clinton Portis
2009 Panini Donruss Rookies and Stars 99 Clinton Poritis
2010 Topps Football: 225 Trent Williams RC
2011 Panini Donruss Elite Football: 100 Ryan Torain
2013 Panini Prizm Football:
173 Santana Moss
172 Pierre Garcon
174 Josh Morgan
2013 Topps Football: 149 Washington Redskins Team Card
2014 Panini Absolute Football: Die-cut 135 Trent Murphy RC

1983 Fleer Baseball: 290 Al Oliver
1986 Fleer Baseball: 254 Gary Lucas
1990 Topps Bowman Baseball: 117 Larry Walker
1990 Donruss Baseball: 392 Mike Fitzgerald
1991 Score Baseball: 390 1st Round Draft Pick: Rondell White
1991 Topps Baseball:
74 Shane Andrews #1 Draft Pick
81 Greg Colbrunn Future Star
339 Larry Walker
483 Mike Aldrete
526 Moises Alou
1991 Upper Deck Baseball:
15 Greg Colbrunn Star Rookie
60 Willfredo Cordero Top Prospect
1992 Donruss Baseball: 449 Bret Barberie
1992 Pinnacle Baseball: 194 Larry Walker
1992 Topps Stadium Club Baseball:
73 Ivan Calderon
256 Larry Walker
1992 Topps Baseball: 186 Cliff Floyd Draft Pick
1992 Upper Deck Baseball: 61 Rondell White Top Prospect
1993 Pinnacle Baseball: 92 Moises Alou
1993 Topps Stadium Club Baseball: 299 Larry Walker Members Choice
1994 Pinnacle Baseball: 310 Larry Walker
1994 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Baseball: Special Edition: Rookie 100 Cliff Floyd
1994 Donruss Baseball: 646 Curtis Pride
1995 Pinnacle Baseball: 184 Cecil Fielder Tigers cameo Damon Berryhill Red Sox. Looks like an Expos catcher I guess.
1995 Score Baseball: 401 Cliff Floyd
1995 Upper Deck SP Baseball:
72 Jeff Fassero
74 Wil Cordero
73 Shane Andrews
75 Tony Tarasco
78 Moises Alou
1995 Upper Deck SP Premier Prospects Baseball: Die-cut:
9 Ugueth Urbina
19 Carlos Perez
1996 Topps Bowman’s Best Baseball: 64 Moises Alou
1996 (97) Score Baseball: 47 Moises Alou
1996 Pinnacle Select Baseball: 25 Rondell White
1998 Topps Finest Baseball: 24 Dustin Hermanson
2000 Topps Bowman’s Best Baseball: 113 Milton Bradley
2000 Upper Deck MVP Baseball: 80 Vladimir Guerrero
2001 Topps Baseball:
40 Orlando Cabrera (2)
148 Tony Armas Jr.
2001 Topps Baseball Stickers: Montreal Expos Logo back blank white
2002 Topps Baseball: Record Breakers: RB-VG Vladimir Guerrero
2003 Topps Baseball: 170 Vladimir Guerrero
2004 Donruss Playoff Honors Baseball:
121 Nick Johnson
122 Orlando Cabrara

2002 Fleer Greats Baseball:
13 Walter Johnson
64 Frank Howard

2005 Fleer Skybox Autographics Baseball: 57 Jose Vidro
2006 Topps Baseball:
103 Junior Spivey
324 Brandon Watson
338 Livan Hernandez
361 Chad Cordero
404 Marlon Anderson
483 Jose Guillen
550 Alfonso Soriano
622 Jason Bergmann
2007 Topps Bowman Baseball:
BDP2 Matt Chico RC
BDP9 Jesus Flores RC
BDP38 Kory Casto RC
2007 Topps Baseball:
49 Nook Logan
77 Austin Kearns
214 Brian Schneider
RED Back:
17 Saul Rivera
182 Ramon Ortiz
2008 Upper Deck Baseball: Series 1: 170 Nook Logan
2010 Topps Baseball: 282 Washington Nationals Franchise History Team Card
2011 Panini Donruss Elite Baseball:
15 Danny Espinosa
182 Ryan Tatusko Prospect
2011 Topps Baseball: 74 Tyler Clippard
2011 Topps Baseball Update:
US32 Matt Stairs
US37 Rick Ankiel
US102 Sean Burnett
US210 Jayson Werth
US284 Laynce Nix
US295 Wilson Ramos
US301 Tom Gorzelanny
2014 Topps Baseball: 228 Jayson Werth

 | Category: Baseball
entry Oct 30 2016, 04:39 AM
Mail Day Catch Up Sept/Oct 2016 Post 3:

Monday 17 October 2016:
I got a huge package of Orioles cards from Supertrader Tom P-Town Tom. He was cleaning out his trade box. He doesn’t want anything in return. There were 115 cards total. These are all Orioles. I should have mentioned to these guys I'm Mostly Nationals. UGH. There might be one or two cards with a second player from another team. I know there is one Rookies card with 4 players.
1986 Fleer Baseball: Super Star Special 633 Alan Trammell Tigers and Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
1986 Topps Collector’s Series Baseball:
18 Fred Lynn
24 Eddie Murray
1987 Topps Baseball: 276 Jackie Gutierrez
1988 Donruss Baseball:
150 Terry Kennedy
625 The Ripken Baseball Family: Billy, Cal Senior and Cal Junior
1988 Score Baseball: 501 Reggie Jackson (card 2 of a 5 card “A Salute to Reggie Jackson” sub-set)
1989 Donruss Baseball:
13 Dave Schmidt Diamond Kings
451 Jose Bautista
635 Curt Schilling
1989 Fleer League Leaders Baseball: 32 Cal Ripken Jr.
1989 Score Baseball: 585 Rene Gonzales
1989 Topps Baseball: 1988 Glossy All Stars: 5 Cal Ripken
1989 Upper Deck Baseball:
283 Billy Ripken
574 Jose Bautista
1990 Topps Bazooka Baseball: Shining Star: 15 Craig Worthington
1990 Donruss Baseball: The Rookies: 30 Ben McDonald
1990 Fleer Baseball:
174 Phil Bradley
180 Ben McDonald
1990 Topps Baseball: 774 Ben McDonald #1 Draft Pick
1990 Topps Baseball: 1989 Glossy All-Stars: 15 Cal Ripken
1990 Upper Deck Baseball:
173 Mark Williamson
175 Brian Holton
299 Kevin Hickey
641 Dave Schmidt
644 Bob Melvin
1991 Fleer Baseball:
469 Mike Devereaux
477 Sam Horn
492 David Segui
493 Anthony Telford
1991 Fleer Baseball: Team Logo Stickers: Baltimore Orioles Logo Back has Top 10 Orioles
1991 Topps Stadium Club Baseball:
117 Dave Johnson (2)
140 Dana Kiecker
1992 Fleer Baseball: 20 Mike Mussina
1993 Topps Bowman Baseball: 361 Brad Pennington Top Prospect (foil rainbow border, and early refractor?)
1993 Donruss Baseball: 559 Cal Ripken Jr.
1993 Fleer Flair Baseball:
150 Mike Devereaux
152 Ben McDonald
153 Mark McLemore
154 Mike Mussina
156 Harold Reynolds
157 Cal Ripken Jr.
1993 Score Select Baseball: 224 Ben McDonald
1993 Leaf Studio Baseball: Superstars on Canvas: 4 Mike Mussina
1993 Topps Baseball Gold:
82 David Segui
446 Luis Mercedes
1993 Upper Deck Baseball: Diamond Gallery: 16 Cal Ripken Jr. - Why do these card companies hide the names of all these different sets? They don't print them on the cards at all. Thank God for Trading Card Data Base On this one.
1994 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Special Edition Baseball:
154 Brady Anderson
263 Checklist 107-159 Cal Ripken Jr.
1994 Pinnacle Baseball: 184 Ben McDonald
1995 Donruss Baseball: 412 Ben McDonald
1995 Score Baseball: Gold Rush:
476 Mike Devereaux
532 Mark Eichhorn
1995 Fleer Ultra Baseball: 3 Jeffrey Hammonds
1996 Pinnacle Aficionado Baseball: 186 Jimmy Haynes
1996 Fleer Skybox E-XL Baseball: Framed
1 Roberto Alomar Green Frame
2 Brady Anderson Green Frame
3 Bobby Bonilla Green Frame
9 Cal Ripken Jr. Blue Frame
10 B.J. Surhoff Blue Frame
1995 Fleer Ultra Baseball: 10 Rafael Palmeiro
1996 Fleer Skybox Metal Universe Baseball: Platinum Edition: 9 Cal Ripken Jr.
1996 Topps Baseball: 425 First Basemen Prospects: Jim Bonnici Mariners, Billy Owens Orioles, Richie Sexson Indians and Daryle Ward Tigers
1996 Topps Chrome Baseball: 143 Jimmy Haynes (2)
1997 Donruss Elite Baseball: 35 Rafael Palmeiro
1997 Fleer Skybox Metal Universe Baseball:
3 Rocky Coppinger
6 Mike Mussina
7 Rafael Palmeiro
1998 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Baseball: Star Quest: SQ27 Cal Ripken Jr.
1998 Donruss Leaf 50th Anniversary Baseball:
20 Harold Baines
43 Mike Mussina
1998 Topps Finest Baseball:
4 Geronimo Berroa
20 Mike Mussina
1998 Fleer Skybox Metal Universe Baseball: 29 Joe Carter Blue Jays Uni
1998 Donruss Leaf Rookies & Stars Baseball: Rookie: 250 Sidney Ponson
1998 Upper Deck SP Authentic Baseball: 51 Rafael Palmeiro
1998 Topps Chrome Baseball: 493 Draft Picks Jayson Werth Orioles and Dan Reichert Royals
1999 Upper Deck Black Diamond Baseball: 12 Cal Ripken Jr.
1999 Topps Finest Baseball:
202 Scott Erickson
240 Albert Belle
1999 Topps Stadium Club Baseball: 168 Calvin Pickering Future Star
1999 Team Best Minor League Baseball: Best Guns: 8 Matt Riley Delmarva Shorebirds
1999 Topps Stars Baseball: 143 Brady Anderson
2000 Topps Bowman Chrome Baseball:
189 Brian Falkenborg
356 Juan Guzman
367 Eugene Kingsale
2000 Upper Deck HoloGrFX Baseball: Stars of the System: SS6 Mark Riley
2000 Upper Deck Ionix Baseball:
35 Cal Ripken Jr. (2)
36 Albert Belle (2)
2000 Upper Deck Ovation Baseball: 37 Albert Belle
2000 Topps Stars Baseball: Spotlights 180 Frank Robinson
2000 Fleer Traditions Baseball: 16 Team Prospects Calvin Pickering and Matt Riley
2000 Upper Deck Baseball:
52 Albert Belle (2)
54 Will Clark
59 Mike Mussina All Star Game (2)
2000 Upper Deck Major League Debut Baseball: Star Rookies: 9 Matt Riley (2)
2001 Topps Bowman Baseball: 275 Doug Gredvig (2)
2001 Upper Deck Cooperstown Collection: 26 Brooks Robinson
2001 Donruss Baseball: ’99 Retro: 10 Albert Belle
2001 Topps Opening Day Baseball: Stickers: Orioles Team Logo blank white back
2015 Topps Baseball:
529 Ryan Flaherty
566 Chris Davis
2016 Topps Baseball:
201 Adam Jones
233 J.J. Hardy
Hallowed Highlights: HH8 Cal Ripken Jr. Record Breaking game 2,131
National Baseball Card Day 2016: 17 Manny Machado
2016 Topps Bunt Baseball: Program: P-3 Chris Davis OH YUCK I NEVER WANTED ONE OF THESE DANG THINGS.
2016 Topps Pro Debut Baseball: 5 Trey Mancini Bowie Baysox

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