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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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 | Category: Football
entry Aug 5 2017, 01:53 AM
July 2017 Mail Day Update: The Cards Part 1:

Wednesday 12 July:
Got a box from Mike of the SCF Football Team Traders group he is the Bears guy. It was two trades in one our July trade for the group and a side trade of 300 cards I sent him some dupe Nationals and he sent me 300 Expos/Nats/Senators. The total card count was between 606 and 612 cards. He shipped in a medium sized box that had two approx. 300 card count boxes. Not sure where the extra 6 cards came from the breakdown is approximately 97 Rams, 39 Redskins, 275 Expos, 180 Nationals and 15 Senators (newer Retro ones from early 20th century guys)

Here are some select cards from the bunch:
From July Group Team Trade:
1990 Pro Set Football: 165 Jim Everett Rams, 552 Mike Landford Rams Kicker
Super Bowl MVP 17 John Riggins Super Bowl XVIII Redskins
1999 Upper Deck MVP Football: Draw Your Own Card Winner W10 Terry Allen Redskins drawing by 7 year old Alex Schupper
2000 Fleer Tradition Football: 87 Kurt Warner Rams loosely based on 1954 Topps Baseball design
2001 Topps Heritage Football: 1956 Topps Football design 5 Jeff George Redskins
2001 Topps Football: 264 Transactions Kevin Lockett Redskins in Chiefs Uniform Front has both team logos.
2001 Upper Deck Vintage Football: 178 Skip Hicks Bears in Redskins Uniform Loosely based on 1971 Topps Football design
2014 Panini Absolute Football: Tools of the Trade: Obligatory HIT card Event worn Relic Q-TM Tre Mason RC Rams 4 piece GU all dark blue 4 different swatches? 059/249
2017 Panini Contenders Football: 71 Marshall Faulk Rams in San Diego State Uniform

From Extra Nats/Expos Team Trade:
In no particular order
1993 Topps Bowman Baseball: Father and Son: 701 Felipe and Moises Alou
1993 Score Baseball: Rookie: 312 Kirk Rueter
1991 Topps Baseball: 74 Shane Andrews #1 Draft Pick in Carlsbad High School Uniform The Cavemen
1992 Upper Deck Baseball: Diamond Debuts: 772 Archi Cianfrocco blowing bubble
1986 Topps Baseball: 711 Jeff Reardon AS
1993 Fleer Baseball: 464 Matt Stairs
1992 Donruss Triple Play Baseball: 2 Tom Foley
1991 Donruss Baseball: Diamond Kings: DK-24 Dennis Martinez
1992 Topps Stadium Club Baseball: 845 Gary Carter
2008 Topps Baseball: 133 Mike Bacsik - Remember him? Barry Bonds HR broken record. Now you remember him.
2014 Topps Stadium Club Baseball: 34 Jordan Zimmermann
2015 Topps Baseball Update: US300 Max Scherzer AS Game shown with teammate Bryce Harper
2015 Topps Baseball: 1st Home Run: FHR-20 Harmon Killebrew
2001 Topps Archives Baseball: 1959 Topps Reprint: 323 of original 118 Bob Allison RC
1994 Topps Archives Baseball: 1954 Reprints: 254 Harmon Killebreow
2002 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Baseball: 87 Walter Johnson
2001 Upper Deck Hall of Famers Baseball: 43 Harmon Killebrew
2002 Fleer Baseball Greats: 13 Walter Johnson
2001 Upper Deck Origins of the Game Baseball: 55 Walter Johnson
2005 Upper Deck ESPN Baseball: Sports Century: SC-8 Walter Johnson
2011 Topps Baseball: CMG Reprints: CMGR-19 Walter Johnson Sporting News
2010 Topps Baseball: History of the World Series: HWS2 Walter Johnson
2013 Panini Cooperstown Baseball:
7 Walter Johnson (2)
24 Goose Goslin
2015 Topps Baseball Update: Pride and Perseverane: PP-11 William Hoy (2)

 | Category: Non Sports
entry Aug 5 2017, 01:44 AM
July 2017 Mail Day Update: The Magazines:

I am late to the party for updating my Mail Days from July 2017.
The Magazines:

Date not recorded:
Was sometime in second or third week of month (somewhere between 10 to 22 July): The Wrapper #307 July 7 – Aug 28, 2017 Topps 1955 Rails and Sails cover.

Tuesday 25 July:
Non-Sport Update: Vol 28 No.4 Aug/Sep 2017 Buffy Cover. I guess with last issue as I noted they no longer include the extra price guide. That seems to be incorporated into the back of the issue now. Bonus Promo “Cards”: 1 card (What?) 2017 RRPark Cards Mystery Science Theater 3000 Series One: NSU Promo Card 2 “Manos The Hands of Fate

entry Jul 8 2017, 06:14 PM
On Saturday 08 Jul 2017 I got two small bubble mailers:

Package 1: From SCF Football Team Trader Jack The Colts Guy. He sent 12 Redskins, 17 Rams = 29 Total
2000 Pacific Football:
312 Az-Zahir Hakim Rams
315 Mike Jones Rams
2002 Score Football:
222 Tommy Polley Rams
243 Tony Banks Redskins
2004 Topps Football: 113 Arlen Harris Rams
2007 Topps Total Football: 351 Marcus Washington and London Fletcher Both Redskins
2012 Topps Chrome Football: 184 Tim Hightower Redskins
2013 Bowman Football:
93 Sam Bradford Rams
203 Bacarri Rambo RC Redskins
2013 Topps Chrome Football: 210 Chris Long Rams
2013 Panini Contenders Football:
74 Chris Givens Rams
75 Jared Cook Rams
80 Pierre Garcon Redskins
81 Alfred Morris Redskins
2013 Topps Platinum Football:
12 Robert Griffin III Redskins
48 Sam Bradford Rams
2013 Prestige Football: 195 Pierre Garcon Redskins
2013 Score Football: 178 James Laurinaitis Rams
2015 Topps Chrome Football:
52 DeSean Jackson Redskins
74 Nick Foles Rams
82 Tre Mason Rams
2016 Classics Football:
23 Kenny Britt Rams
38 Alfred Morris Redskins
145 Torry Holt Rams
2017 Classics Football:
107 Clinton Portis Redskins
112 Kurt Warner Rams
151 John Riggins Redskins
169 Torry Holt Rams
186 Marshall Faulk Rams

Package 2: Tom of the "Angels In Order" blog had a sale of Baseball Autograph cards (in person and through the mail) $1 a piece to clear out his collection or to raise money for some project/need or a mix of that and the other. Anyway I bought 23 from him shipping was $3 he included two base "buffer" cards to protect the group of cards in the team bag. Two of the autos are on custom 3x5 index cards. Most of the autos are players and coaches who played or coached in the Nationals/Expos franchise, the others are Name Niche players.

I guess I'll list them in alphabetical order?

First the bonus "bookend" "buffer" cards:
1991 Donruss Baseball:
463 Danny Tartabull Royals
680 Mike Boddicker Royals

The Autographs:
Bob Anderson Custom Index Card autograph over "faded" Cubs team logo Cubs Black ballpoint pen
Ronnie Belliard 2003 Fleer Tradition Update Baseball: U146 Rockies Black sharpie
Marlon Byrd 2005 Topps Total Baseball 467 Phillies Blue sharpie
Jamey Carroll 2006 Topps Baseball Update & Highlights UH124 Rockies fine Blue sharpie
Jamey Carroll 2005 Topps Total Baseball 309 Nationals fine Blue sharpie
Ryan Church 2006 Topps Heritage Baseball: 1957 Design: 195 Nationals blue sharpie
Chad Cordero 2005 Topps Baseball: 386 Nationals Black sharpie
Chad Cordero 2005 Bowman Heritage Baseball: 1951 Design: 17 Nationals Black sharpie
Kirk Dressendorfer 1992 Donruss Baseball: 594 A's Blue sharpie
Tom Foley 1987 Donruss Baseball: 504 Expos Blue sharpie
Cristian Guzman 2005 Upper Deck Baseball: 421 Nationals Blue sharpie
Jerry Hairston 2007 Upper Deck First Edition Baseball: 153 Rangers Black sharpie
Randy Knorr 1993 Upper Deck Baseball: 682 Blue Jays Black sharpie
Nook Logan 2007 Upper Deck Baseball (Series 2): 1017 Nationals Blue sharpie
Felipe Lopez 2005 Bowman Heritage Baseball: 1951 Design: 47 Reds Blue sharpie
Laynce Nix 2004 Upper Deck Vintage Baseball: 171 Rangers Black sharpie
Jon Rauch 2007 Upper Deck First Edition Baseball: 300 Nationals Black sharpie
Randy St. Claire 1986 Topps Baseball: 89 Expos Blue sharpie
Randy St. Claire 1988 Topps Baseball 279 Expos Blue sharpie
Brad Wilkerson 2005 Topps Total Baseball 276 Nationals Black sharpie
Brad Wilkerson Custom Index Card Rangers Blue sharpie over "faded" Rangers logo
Matt Williams 1989 Donruss Baseball: 594 Giants Blue sharpie
Curt Young 1985 Donruss Baseball: 522 Athletics Blue sharpie

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jul 3 2017, 10:37 PM
On Monday 03 Jul 2017 One PWE from Sportlots Auction. 3 card lot for opening 25¢ bid + $2.50 shipping
1967 Topps Baseball:
72 Detroit Tigers 1967 Rookie Stars: George Korince and John Matchick
272 Chicago Cubs 1967 Rookie Stars: Bill Connors and Dave Dowling
412 Houston Astros 1967 Rookie Stars: Norm Miller and Doug Rader

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jul 2 2017, 05:48 AM
June 2017 Mail Day Catch Up Part 2: Conclusion.

On Wed 28 Jun 2017 1 Sportslot auction package 3 cards 25¢ each + shipping was $5.50
1961 Topps Baseball:
106 Whitey Herzog KC Athletics
322 Bill Kunkel RC KC Athletics
1963 Topps Baseball: 63 Cincinnati Reds Team Card.

Friday 30 Jun 17 Two PWEs 1 card each from Sportlots auctions both gotten for opening bid of 25¢
PWE 1: Shipping $2.00
1960 Topps Baseball: 56 Steve Korcheck Senators

PWE 2: Shipping $1.89
1970 Topps Baseball: 67 NL ERA Leaders: Juan Marichal Giants, Steve Carlton Cardinals, Bob Gibson Cardinals.
Oh and this one has a cool stamp. Battle of New Orleans from The War of 1812 Forever stamp.

 | Category: Football
entry Jul 2 2017, 04:04 AM
Time for my June 2017 Mail Day Catch-Up part 1.

Monday 26 June 2017
Just one package a SCF Football Team Trader Package from James (Jamie) the Texans guy. He sent 30 Redskins and 36 Rams for a total of 68 Cards.

1990 Pro Set Football: 163 Greg Bell Rams
1991 Pacific Football: 516 Todd Bowles Redskins
1999 Topps Football: NNO Football Fever Game Sweepstakes Rules Card Torry Holt Rams
2006 Upper Deck Football: Rookie Exclusive Edition: Photo Shoot Flashback FSF-TH Torry Holt Rams
2012 Panini Gridiron Football: 175 Austin Pettis Rams
2012 Topps Prime Football: 67 Isaiah Pead Rams
2012 Topps Strata Football: 112 Isaiah Pead Rams
2012 Topps Chrome Football: 99 Brian Quick RC Rams (2)
2013 Topps Finest Football: 105 Tavon Austin Rams
2013 Prestige Football:
114 Danny Amendola Patriots (in Rams Uniform)
158 Sam Bradford Rams
161 Isaiah Pead Rams
162 Daryl Richardson Rams
194 Robert Griffin III Redskins
195 Pierre Garcon Redskins
198 Fred Davis Redskins
199 Brian Orakpo Redskins
200 Ryan Kerrigan Redskins
2013 Panini Prizm Football:
10 Decade Dominance 1980-1989 Eric Dickerson Rams
171 Robert Griffin III Redskins
172 Pierre Garcon Redskins
196 Brian Quick Rams
198 Daryl Richardson Rams
2013 Score Football:
215 Pierre Garcon Redskins
220 London Fletcher Redskins
2014 Rookies & Stars Football: 95 Tavon Austin Rams
2014 Topps Football:
96 Zac Stacy Rams
158 St.Louis Rams Team Card
295 Tavon Austin Rams
2015 Prestige Football: 190 Tavon Austin Rams
2015 Prizm Football: Intros Die-Cut I9 DeSean Jackson Redskins
2015 Rookies & Stars Football:
63 DeSean Jackson Redskins
98 Nick Foles Rams
185 Jamison Crowder RC Redskins
2015 Score Football:
120 Jordan Reed Redskins
185 Zac Stacy Rams
2015 Topps Football:
305 Aaron Donald Rookie of the Year Rams
388 Top 60 Alfred Morris Redskins
Topps 60th T60-RGR Robert Griffin III Redskins 1976 Design
2016 Absolute Football:
84 Todd Gurley II Rams
89 Kirk Cousins Redskins
2016 Contenders Football:
10 Kirk Cousins Redskins
11 Matt Jones Redskins
16 Robert Quinn Rams (2)
2016 Donruss Football:
154 Todd Gurley II Rams
155 Alec Ogletree Rams
156 Tavon Austin Rams
158 Aaron Donald Rams
159 Mark Barron Rams
160 Eric Dickerson Rams
294 Jordan Reed Redskins
297 Ryan Kerrigan Redskins
298 Pierre Garcon Redskins
300 Bashaud Breeland Redskins
342 Su'a Cravens RC Redskins
160 Eric Dickerson Rams Red Press Proof
2016 Panini Football:
99 Kirk Cousins Redskins
288 Pharoh Cooper RC Rams
2016 Prestige Football:
196 Robert Griffin III Browns (in Redskins Uniform)
199 Jamison Crowder Redskins
2016 Rookies & Stars Football: 33 Kirk Cousins Redskins
2016 Score Football:
10 Stoppers: T.J. McDonald Rams
297 Jarod Cook Rams
298 James Laurinaitus Rams
324 Alfred Morris Redskins
325 Pierre Garcon Redskins

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jun 21 2017, 09:11 PM
ON Tuesday 20 June 2017: I got two Sportlots auction 1 card PWEs.

PWE 1: Won opening 25¢ bid Shipping $1.50
2016 Bowman Baseball: 130 Trea Turner RC Nationals

PWE 2: $2.25 plus Shipping $1.79
1961 Topps Baseball: 332 Dutch Dotterer Senators
Very odd coloring of his face and facial hair/shadows and with his partial smile it looks like he is wearing Hannibal's leather face mask.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jun 15 2017, 09:41 PM
On Wednesday 14 Jun 2017: two more Sportlots packages came.

Package 1: 4 cards all 18˘ shipping was $2.70
2011 Topps Baseball: Topps Town TT-4 Brett Anderson A's
2015 Panini Contenders Baseball: Old School Colors: 33 Trea Turner NC State University (Nationals)
2015 Topps Baseball: First Pitch:
FP-01 Jeff Bridges Actor Dodgers
FP-07 Austin Mahone Musician Braves

Package 2: Big lot of 18 cards all 18˘ Shipping $3.75
2017 Topps Baseball: First Pitch:
FP-1 William Shatner Actor Red Sox
FP-2 Bob Odenkirk Actor Cubs (Oh and a Kirk Name Niche Card)
FP-3 Judd Apatow Director Mets
FP-4 Jeremy Piven Actor Cubs
FP-6 John Goodman Actor Cardinals
FP-7 Keegan-Michael Key Comedian Dodgers
FP-8 Joan Jett Musician Cubs
FP-9 Joe Mantegna Actor Cubs
FP-11 Paul Wall Musician Astros
FP-12 Chris Lane Musician White Sox
FP-13 Luis Coronel Musician Diamondbacks
FP-14 Brett Eldredge Musician Cubs
FP-15 Victoria Justice Actress Tigers
FP-16 Lou Ferrigno Actor & Bodybuilder White Sox
FP-17 Bethanie Mattek-Sands Tennis Player Diamondbacks
FP-21 Jon Lovitz Comedian (Marked as Actor Ha) Cubs
FP-22 Stephen Colbert Talk Show Host Cubs
FP-23 Mase Musician Marlins

This should complete my 2017 First Pitch set, or at least have it almost complete. Need all of 2016 set and most of 2015 now.

Thursday 15 Jun 2017: Single package 2 cards both 18˘ Shipping $1.25
1975 Topps Baseball 11 Bill Melton White Sox
1993 Fleer Baseball: 543 Tim Hulett Orioles

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jun 14 2017, 12:27 AM
ON Tuesday 13 Jun 2017: got 2 Sportlots orders.

Package 1: 7 cards shipping $1.60

1975 Topps Baseball:
1 Hank Aaron Braves 74Highlights $3.48
3 Bob Gibson Cardinals 74Hightlights 30˘
7 No Hitters 74Highlights: Steve Busby Royals, Dick Bosman Indians, Nolan Ryan Angels 85˘
9 Frank Tepedino Braves 19˘
1993 Fleer Baseball: 381 Ken Patterson Cubs 18˘
2011 Topps Baseball: Topps Town: TT-11 Chris Young Diamondbacks 18˘
2015 Topps Basball: First Pitch: FP-06 Agnes McKee Baseball Fan Padres 18˘

Package 2: 4 Cards Shipping 95¢
2004 Topps Heritage Baseball: 239 Paul Lo Duca Dodgers 18˘
2006 Bowman Heritage Baseball:
113 Chad Cordero Nationals 18˘
BHP5 Garrett Mock Nationals 18˘
2016 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball: 342 Trea Turner RC Nationals 89˘

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jun 12 2017, 10:14 PM
Monday 12 Jun 17:

The first part of my landslide Sportlots order. 7 packages (5 PWEs, 2 small bubble mailers) A combination of PC stuff and some trade stuff making a quick turn around. Since everything is from Sportlots I won't bother mentioning that is where they came from. I am expecting 5 more packages from this order.

Package 1: 2 cards both 18˘ Shipping $1.50
1993 Leaf Triple Play Baseball: 108 Tim Raines White Sox
1995 Donruss Baseball: 42 Juan Gonzalez Rangers

Package 2: 4 cards 18˘ Shipping $1.40
1993 Fleer Baseball: 606 Bill Gullickson Tigers
1995 Donruss Baseball:
83 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
241 Barry Larkin Reds
2015 Topps Baseball: First Pitch: FP-02 Jack White Musician Tigers

Package 3: 3 cards at 18˘ each Shipping 98˘
2015 Topps Baseball: 506 Chase Anderson Diamondbacks
2016 Topps Baseball:
102 Doug Fister Nationals
103 Trea Turner RC Nationals

Package 4: 5 cards first 4 at 18˘ each 5th card a big $3.00 Shipping was $2.40

1993 Leaf Triple Play Baseball: 108 Tim Raines White Sox
1993 Fleer Baseball:
518 Larry Andersen Padres
519 Andy Benes Padres
2011 Topps Baseball: Topps Town: TT-2 Dan Haren Angels
1986 Reprint of 1895 Mayos Cut Plug NNO Ed Cartwright Senators

That last one I knew was a reprint, it was sold as a reprint and listed that way at Sportlots. I didn't realize the originals had black blank backs. The Reprint is white back and has "Mayo Cut Plug Reprint 1986" on the back in two lines. I was a little disappointed. I was expecting something similar to the more recent Topps Mayo Retro cards that had a back style similar to the A&G backs. Ironic that the most expensive card in the batch so far is a reprint of antique vintage. I got it mostly cause he is a Washington Player and the second Senator to hit for the cycle (http://curlywcards.blogspot.com/2017/05/get-on-your-bikes-and-ride.html most of the stats I got from wikipedia).

Package 5: 3 cards at 18˘ Shipping $2.85
1995 Donruss Baseball: 248 Tom Glavine Braves
2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball: 54 Yogi Berra Yankees, Jackie Robinson Dodgers - last card needed to complete the set. Yay! Wasn't sure if I actually had the card because my blogs indicate I still needed it.
2015 Topps Baseball: First Pitch: FP-05 Biz Markie Musician (Rapper) Athletics

Package 6: 5 cards shipping $3.33
1975 Topps Baseball: '74 Highlights:
2 Lou Brock Cardinals 24˘
5 Nolan Ryan Angels $1.40
6 Mike Marshall Dodgers 18˘
1989 Bowman Baseball: 466 Rick Reuschel Giants 18˘
2015 Topps Baseball: First Pitch: FP-08 Jermaine Jones Soccer Dodgers 20˘

Package 7: 2 cards 18˘ each Shipping $1.15
1993 Fleer Baseball:
603 Skeeter Barnes Tigers
629 Scott Fletcher Brewers

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