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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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 | Category: Football
entry Dec 26 2015, 06:11 PM
On Wednesday 23 Dec 2015: I got a small box from Upper Deck. A little back story. I had gotten an email from an Upper Deck rep. Probably someone followed my blog. Apparently someone there likes my "Upper Deck Collection". I'm not sure what specifically they liked, but they mentioned they had some left over promo boxes of 2015 CFL Football and would I like a box? Sure I said. So a few weeks later I have a 2015 Upper Deck CFL Football Hobby Box 24 packs 6 cards per pack.

I plan on doing an old school opening soon. I won't attempt a video opening I stink at those and always drag on too long. I plan on scanning the unopened box, an unopened pack and then a sampling of the base cards, scans of the inserts and hits. I will attempt to do a nice review of it.

I'm not much of a fan or collector of CFL so I don't know who the big star guys are currently are. I don't have a "favorite" team from the CFL. I'm not sure if I will attempt the 200 card base set, this box might give me about half a base set, it could also give me tons of duplicates. I will probably either try to sell or give away most of these cards.

entry Dec 11 2015, 10:46 PM
Final Mailday Catchup for now December 2015:

Thursday 03 December 2015:
2 cards 1 dealer Both auto cards both .25¢ shipping was $3.25 + $1.00 extra
2007 Topps Turkey Red Baseball: Gold Autograph 127 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals black sharpie #d 0347/1999
2011 Topps Chrome Baseball Certified Autograph 33 Danny Espinosa RC Nationals blue sharpie

Thursday 10 December 2015:
Got another reminder from The Wrapper. UGH gotta renew sub. They included 3 cards again:
1976 Donruss Space 1999:
54 Dr. Russell is Captured by a race of Cannibals
55 Alpha astronauts calculate speed of runaway moon.
1979 Topps Alien: 28 Space Tug: Disengaged blue puzzle back

Friday 11 December 2015:
auction 2 cards .25¢ + shipping $3.50 standard PWE marked Do Not Machine (and UGH listed my city as Silver Springs it is a single spring in Maryland not plural the plural Silver Springs is in Florida) Used an UltraPro Card Saver Double UGH. At least the cards are low common base BV to begin with.
2000 Topps Baseball Topps Combo TC-3 Glover Birds Brooks Robinson Cal Ripken Orioles
2002 Topps Baseball T206 456 Honus Wagner Pirates Red (copyrighted 2003 though)

entry Dec 11 2015, 10:42 PM
Mail Days Catchup November 2015:

Friday 06 November, 2015:
Nice package of Washington Baseball “Curly W” cards from blogger John Arnold of “pursuitof80s” based in the UK. Obviously most are newer Nationals but there are some retro Senators cards I’ll mention those. If no special notation they are current Nationals franchise (2005-present) I’ll list in chronological order except for the lone early ‘60s vintage that I’ll leave for the last.
2008 Upper Deck Baseball First Edition Update 496 Odalis Perez
2011 Bowman Baseball BDPP11 Mike Wright
2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball 86 Stephen Strasburg
2011 Topps Chrome Baseball 149 Ian Desmond
2011 Topps Baseball Kimball Champions Insert KC-37 Stephen Strasburg
2011 Topps Baseball Stickers:
182 Ryan Zimmerman
183 Ian Desmond
2011 Topps Baseball Reproductions: CMGR-30 Walter Johnson Senators 1909 T204 Repro
2012 Panini Triple Play Baseball 90 Stephen Strasburg
2012 Topps Baseball Golden Moments Insert GM-10 Ryan Zimmerman
2013 Panini Cooperstown Baseball:
7 Walter Johnson Senators
24 Leon “Goose: Goslin Senators
2013 Topps Baseball Opening Day 70 Danny Espinosa
2013 Topps Chrome Baseball:
212 Ryan Zimmerman
220 Bryce Harper
Purple Refractor 128 Anthony Rendon RC
All-Star Game MB-27 Bryce Harper
2013 Topps Baseball Insert Chase It Down CD-3 Ryan Zimmerman
2013 Topps Baseball Insert Making Their Mark MM-25 Stephen Strasburg
2013 Panini Triple Play Baseball 90 Jayson Werth
2015 Panini Donruss Baseball 178 Jordan Zimmermann
2015 Gypsy Queen Baseball:
51 Anthony Rendon
93 Max Scherzer
Gold Framed: 76 Gio Gonzalez #d 383/499
2015 Topps Baseball Opening Day:
14 Michael Taylor RC
45 Bryce Harper
103 Ryan Zimmerman
152 Ian Desmond
Hit The Dirt: HTD-14 Denard Span
Superstar Celebrations: SC-08 Bryce Harper
Stadium Scenes: STA-DD David Joseph Dick Jr.
1962 Post Cereal Baseball 73 Dick Donovan Senators

Saturday 14 November 2015
Package 1:

Non-Sport Update Magazine Vol 26 No. 6 (Dec 2015/Jan 2016) Star Wars The Force Awakens cover. Price Guide insert has Star Trek: The Next Generation Portfolio Prints cover.
3 Free Promo Cards:
Marvels Agents of Shield Season 2
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies P9
Japanese Horror Yoshitoshi 3D Promo Card Two

Package 2:
Abel’s TCC Baseball Group Break. Homie team Nationals, Discount team Rangers, Random cards Rays.
2015 Bowman Baseball Chrome:
16 Yunel Escobar Nationals
67 Denard Span Nationals
102 Prince Fielder Rangers
112 Neftali Feliz Rangers
133 Jordan Zimmermann Nationals
144 Adrian Beltre Rangers
185 Joey Gallo Rangers
BCP170 Jorge Alfaro Rangers
BCP193 Justin O’Conner Rays
BCP200 Lucas Giolito Nationals
BCP201 Luke Jackson Rangers
BCP205 Jefry Rodriguez Nationals
BCP246 Reynaldo Lopez Nationals
BCP249 Michael De Leon Rangers
Bowman Scouts Updates: BSU-NM Nomar Mazara Rangers

2015 Topps Hi-Tek Baseball:
HT-MTR Michael Taylor RC Nationals
HT-JGZ Juan Gonzalez Rangers

2015 Panini Elite Baseball:
33 Anthony Ranaudo RC Texas
33 Anthony Ranaudo RC Texas Emerald Parallel #d 123/199
45 Yu Darvish Texas
171 Alex Cobb Tampa Bay
172 Shin-Soo Choo Texas
189 Max Scherzer shown in college uni Missouri Tigers (Nationals)
190 Stephen Strasburg shown in college uni San Diego State Aztecs (Nationals)
196 Nolan Ryan Texas
HIT: Future Threads: 17 Trea Turner Washington large patch 3 color white/blue/red #d 10/25

Monday 23 November, 2015:
Two Sportlots packages.
Package 1:
9 cards from 3 Sportlots auctions same dealer. Each auction I got for 25¢ shipping was $3.75
All were 1968 Topps Baseball (1 team per lot):
83 John Stephenson Cubs
122 Gene Mauch MGR Phillies
181 Jerry Zimmerman Twins
184 Lou Johnson Cubs
202 Adolfo Phillips Cubs
206 Cal Ermer MGR Twins
225 Richie Allen Phillies
276 Jim Roland Twins
434 Ricardo Joseph Phillies

Package 2:
Single card from Sportlots auction .25¢ Shipping $2.75
1954 Bowman Football 109 Ed Sharkey B’More Colts

Monday 30 November 2015:
auctions from one dealer 3 cards .25¢ shipping $3.00 (based on original $2.00 for 1st then .50¢ for each additional)
1961 Topps Baseball:
306 World Series Game 1 Virdon Saves Game
310 World Series Game 5 Face Saves The Day
1962 Topps Baseball: 43 Los Angeles Dodgers Team Card
Bonus Cards:
1989 Upper Deck Baseball:
231 Greg Walker White Sox
2011 Panini Rookie & Stars Longevity Football 233 Robert Quinn Rams Rookie.

entry Dec 11 2015, 10:33 PM
Mail Days Catchup for October 2015:

Monday 05 Oct 2015:
Package from Blogger Bert Young (Swing and a Pop-Up) a batch of cards to help with one of my set builds. He left a post-it note “Good luck with the rest of the set!” I’ll just list the numbers to save space.
2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball:
1-6, 8 8, 18-19, 21-29, 32-48, 50-51, 53-54, 56-57, 59, 67-70, 72-83 (2 of #76), 85-89, 95, 103

Thursday 08 Oct 2015:
A PWE from blogger Jeff aka: 2x3Heroes. He sends the cards in a cut row from a plastic card pocket sheet. He can get up to 6 cards per pocket depending on the type and thickness of the card. He usually sends me my Homie Washington teams, and also B’More teams all sports. This time it was Only Baseball:
Pocket 1:
2006 Upper Deck Baseball Starquest
74 Nick Johnson Nationals
2007 Fleer Ultra Baseball 234 Lavale Speigner RC Nationals
2006 Topps Baseball National Baseball Card Day T3 Ryan Zimmerman RC Nationals
2008 Upper Deck Baseball Series One 168 Cristian Guzman Nationals

Pocket 2:
1988 Topps Baseball mini
61 Cal Ripken Orioles
1993 Upper Deck Baseball 827 Orioles Checklist Glenn Davis
2000 Topps Baseball Chrome Highlights 460 Jesse Orosco Orioles
2011 Topps Baseball 60 Years of Topps 60YOT-87 Eddie Murray Orioles

Pocket 3:
1992 Topps Baseball Gold
540 Ben McDonald Orioles
2008 Topps Heritage Baseball 391 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes 168 Luke Scott Orioles
2013 Panini Hometown Heroes Baseball 140 Ryan Zimmerman Washington

entry Dec 11 2015, 10:30 PM
OK here is the first of a series of 4 sort of long posts to catch up on my mail days listings. First up Sept 2015:

Monday 14 September 2015
Cards from 5TooSweet’s (Abel) TCC Baseball Group Box Break. My bought my standard homie team Nationals and bought bonus discount team Twins. It was mostly just my Nationals so I’ll only mention a team if it is not a Nat card.

2015 Topps Baseball Chrome:
8 Denard Span
23 Stephen Strasburg
59 Kevin Kiermaier Rays (random)
81 Bryce Harper
98 Max Scherzer
99 Doug Fister
FUTURE STARS FSC-07 Michael Taylor

2015 Topps Stadium Club Baseball:
42 Jordan Zimmermann
137 Rondell White Expos
142 Antony Rendon
202 Stephen Strasburg
222 Tanner Roark
251 Jayson Werth
296 Max Scherzer
CONTACT SHEET CS-22 Bryce Harper

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter:
28 Jayson Werth
101 Stephen Strasburg
106 Yunel Escobar
235 Michael Taylor RC
266 Drew Storen
303 Denard Span
MINI: A World Beneath Our Feet Bug-8 Death’s Head Hawkmoth

BONUS CARDS: Cards for my almost dead goal “Strive For ‘65” set build: 7 Cards
1965 Topps Baseball:
26 Bobby Knoop Angels
32 Herman Franks MGR Giants
48 Claude Raymond Houston Colt 45’s
53 Dick McAuliffe Tigers
72 Tony Gonzalez Phillies
96 Sonny Siebert Indians
97 Pedro Gonzalez Yankees

Tuesday 29 Sep 2015

Got my renewal order form for my subscription to The Wrapper. Oops still need to complete that, will probably miss an issue or two now. As a bonus tbey sent 3 vintage Non-Sports cards from Donruss 1976 Space 1999 TV show:
Each card has a photo on the front with card number and copyright info with a piece of the card puzzle on back. Most of the titles are hard to read since the text is right over the color photograph, some cards the text is in black, blue or sometimes white depending on the contrast for the photo, but many are hard to read.

14 Alpha Astronaut Checking security system
42 Main Mission Crew Fights Deadly Alien Foam
43 Prof. Bergman Analyzing Trays

entry Jul 25 2015, 04:17 PM
OK so another weekend update of Maildays:

Monday 20 July 2015:
Package 1:
Saw my mailbox filled and overflowing. Half of my mailbox was filled by a long (800ct?) box O'Cards from a zistle member in Canada who needed to purge some late 80s early 90s Baseball. He noticed my wantlists from those sets were big and offered to send them with no commitment to send anything in return. I won't go into detail with what I got but the years/sets ranged from 1981 Topps to '93 Topps with some Score and Fleer in between. There might be some late 80s Donruss, nothing 90s Donruss that I recall.

Package 2:
Next some Ebay 6 cards one seller individual BIN at $4.00 each ($24.00 total) shipping originally $2.00 per card combined to only $4.52. The cards are NON-SPORT inserts from Dynamite Magazine. I'd have to research to see exactly which issue these were from. I already had 6 similar cards from another issue back in my childhood days so I knew these things existed, well actually there are 6 other cards I knew existed these I think I had missed. I plan on researching which issues all these came from and try to track down the issues in good shape (preferably still with the cards and hopefully the game page unmarked) Anyway this is 6 "Dynamite Sports Cards" that I had previously didn't know existed. They are parody cards No numbers but I probably could figure out how they were arranged in the magazine by their perforated edges (# in parenthesis). They were in a 2 column 3 row format.
So in Alphabetical order by "Player's" last name.
Roy Alpane Tennis Star (5)
Beulah Boola Cheerleader (1)
Carl Itquits Florida Lemons Baseball Manager (2)
Rocky Road Light Featherweight Boxer (4)
Olga Soakyahedd Olympic Gymnast (6)
Lou Zuhball Chattanooga Choo Choos Football (3)

Package 3:
This began as winning some Ebay auctions and then doing a custom order from the seller/artist since I liked the cards I won and he made an offer to do some custom cards. So the artist is Steve Burkett (abssketchcards on Ebay). The cards are a "Set" the three sketch cards I won from Auction plus the custom cards with the same design to make them a custom set. They were $10 each (the price I won 2 of the auctions for $9.99 the other auction was won at more $16.48) Shipping was originally $2.00 per card for the auctions but since I opted to have all cards shipped at the same time auction wins + additional customs Shipping total was $3.50. There are 11 sketch cards total. All of them are signed 1/1s with a signed COA back that mentions the date the sketch was made and signed again by the artist Stephen Burkett. The subject was the USA Women's World Cup Team. Each card is a headshot portrait of the individual player with the US flag as the background.
The first 3 the Auctions (1&2 the $9.99 and 3 was the $16.48 win)
Alex Morgan
Hope Solo
Carli Lloyd

The 8 Customs done over a period of 3 days ($10.00 each):
Tobin Heath
Lauren Holiday
Christine Rampone
Kelly O'Hara
Abby Wombach
Brandi Chastain (in her victory screaming pose head and shoulders)
Mia Hamm
Kristine Lilly

OK sure it was a big cost order, but all-in-all the artist is pretty good, not super great but good quality. He made them in color and at $10 a shot for a 1/1 sketch a good deal.

ON Wednesday 22 July 2015:
One Package:
An Ebay Auction. I have bought/won from this seller/artist before and also lost a couple of auctions. This is a single color sketch card win $10.38 + Free Shipping from sports sketch card artist Edward Vela who seems to only sell prints of the cards this is an "unlimited edition" (I had previously gotten a card that was a limited edition of #d/5 cards) So there is no knowing how many of these things he will eventually make/sell a sketch of Redskins legend Sammy Baugh. I have a Bryce Harper sketch from him (the #d/5). I tried for a second Harper sketch that I liked more than the one I have but lost I have also tried on three separate times on two different Frank Howard sketches but lost all of them. All the loses were at prices from at least $15 up to $31 or $32 top.

entry Jul 19 2015, 05:24 PM
OK so this is a major catchup post that includes two group breaks and a couple of Ebay purcases.

06 July 2015: standard bubble mailer Group break from TCC/TCZ host Shawn (sasports) Basketball Group the break was from several weeks before the shipping had been majorly delayed for several reasons. I had the Wizards plus draft team Rockets:

2012-13 Panini Brilliance Basketball
15 Leandro Barbosa Wizards (in Celtics Uni)
73 James Harden Rockets (2)
74 Jeremy Lin Rockets (2)
75 Omer Asik Rockets (2)
172 Francisco Garcia Rockets
197 Emeka Okafor Wizards
198 John Wall Wizards
224 Ralph Sampson Rockets
274 Terrence Jones Rockets
294 Bradley Beal Wizards (2)
Magic Numbers 13 Jeremy Lin Rockets
Spellbound 65 Jeremy Lin Rockets
Team Tomorrow 6 Bradley Beal Wizards

2013-14 Fleer Retro Basketball (Pros in College Unis)
5 Elvin Hayes Houston Cougars (Bullets)
1 Calbert Cheaney Indiana Hoosiers (Bullets/Wizards)
26 James Harden Arizona State Sun Devils (Rockets)
33 Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Cougars (Rockets)

2013-14 Panini Crusade Basketball
133 Vernon Maxwell Rockets
189 Martel Webster Wizards RED Parallel #d 309/349
Quest Memorabilia 86 Nate Robinson Nuggets All Red Swatch from his Bulls Days #d 085/299

08 July 2015: Standard bubble mailer from Abel (5toosweet) TCC Baseball Group Break. My Homies The Nationals with Twins at discount.

2015 Panini Prizm Baseball
26 Antony Rendon Nationals - Picture is odd as it looks like the Nats home whites but the trim, jersey number and his hat are dark blue/black instead of red.
36 Brian Dozier Twins
91 Jordan Zimmermann Nationals
Fresh Faces die-cut 11 Byron Buxton Twins

2015 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball
12 Jordan Zimmerman Nationals
42 Kennys Vargas Twins
51 Anthony Rendon Nationals
66 Joe Mauer Twins
76 Gio Gonzalez Nationals
93 Max Scherzer Nationals
152 Rod Carew Twins
178 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
223 Ian Desmond Nationals
251 Ervin Santana Twins
Pillars of the Community PC-BH Bryce Harper Nationals
Walk-Off Winners GWO-22 Jayson Werth Nationals
mini 287 Brian Dozier Twins

2015 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball
62 Harmon Killebrew Twins
127 Stephen Strasburg Nationals
168 Kennys Vargas Twins
174 Michael Taylor RC Nationals
182 Trevor May RC Twins

2015 Topps Finest Baseball
10 Joe Maher Twins
12 Michael Taylor RC Nationals
12 Michael Taylor RC Nationals Refractor - Regular refractor? Hate these things can't tell if it is the regular refractor or prizm refractor. It has little diamond shaped refracting things so it might be the more common prizm unless the prism is the less common UGH that is why I hate the subtle differences in parallels. Plus it is only at certain angles the refracting happens.
25 Stephen Strasburg Nationals another Refractor same kind as Taylor's.
56 Anthony Rendon Nationals
66 Phil Hughes Twins
"1995" Finest Retro 94F-19 Max Scerzer Nationals - If these things are the 1995 Finest Retro insert set then why number them with '94"? Mus be 1994 Retro.

Vintage Bonus Card: Abel knows I have been trying (somewhat in vain) to complete the 1965 Topps Baseball set so he sent a single card to help with that effort.
1965 Topps Baseball 433 John Bateman Houston Astros - If it weren't for the crease at the top along his forehead this card would be almost near mint to me.

11 July 2015: From Ebay single package forget if it was a PWE or a small cardboard mailer. If I recall the contents (a single vintage non-sport card) was well protected by a cardboard sandwich and was in a penny sleeve.
IN pursuit of my set build of the 1953 Sugar Daddy Comic Character Cards R757-1 (and -2 set) I got card #46 Indian Chief from the "Smitty" comic strip. The blanks are Unmarked of course as this is the way I am collecting this set. At first I was concerned that the card edges were TOO straight and it was "cut" but it seems to be the same size as my other card from this set. Oh the auction details it was a BIN purchase for $7.50 + $4.00 shipping.

Last package on 17 July 2015: from Ebay for $9.99 + $2.99 shipping I got a sealed deck of poker playing cards. They are simply called "Baseball Cards" and has a goofy cartoon image on front and back of box copyright 1989 Baseball Playing Cards, Inc box says "Standard Poker Sized Playing Cards wit four suits: Gloves, Bats, Balls, Bases" I can't wait to open up the package and check out this obviously for kids playing deck. I'll have to blog about it sometime on my regular blog.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Jul 3 2015, 02:34 PM
On Friday 03 July 2015: A one package one card day. Odd I had already grabbed the mail that was in my mailbox for the day. Most of it was bills or other such mail that doesn't need any immediate attention for the day. I guess my mail carrier was still doing his rounds of my building and hadn't done the packages yet. Knock on my door good thing it is one of those Holiday on Saturday so work off Friday. Anyway the package is from Ebay that had an estimated delivery for Monday the 6th. Wish the shipping stars could be marked "delivered earlier than estimated date". So lets see for... .99¢ + $2.54 shipping I have 2015 Topps Museum Baseball 30 Stephen Strasburg Nationals Green parallel #d 100/199 will go nicely with my regular base of this card.

 | Category: Non Sports
entry Jul 1 2015, 08:08 PM
On Wednesday 01 July 2015: I had a one envelope one card mailday. From Ebay for $24.99 + $3.00 shipping. Yeah I know the card was a bit expensive but I think worth it. a 1953 Sugar Daddy Comic Character Cards R757-2 #29 The Dragon Lady from Terry And The Pirates comic strip. A few weeks back I had gotten the other variant of this card the R757-1 variant for much cheaper. The first variant with the fill-in-the-blank for the name is slightly easier to find since it didn't have to be mutilated, this R757-2 variant the one with the coupon is sometimes difficult to find with the coupon intact and in such good shape as this one is in.

I plan on getting the rest of this set both variants eventually. 50 cards per set for a total of 100 cards. The dash one set I'll try to get unmarked and the dash two set I want with the coupon intact so both sets will take me a while to get. As usual I want to get it on the cheap.

entry Jun 17 2015, 08:08 PM
On Tuesday 16 June 2015:
One package from Ebay BIN purchase $4.99 Free Shipping. Hardback book "Cardboard Gods" by Josh Wilker. A book about baseball card collecting. The Subtitle is "An All-American Tale Told Through Baseball Cards - With 1 Stick BUBBLE GUM. There is actually a page with a color scan of a piece of bubble bum.

Wednesday 17 June 2015:
one envelope day. Again an Ebay BIN purchase. $3.36 Free Shipping. 1986 Washington Redskins 50th Anniversay Pocket Schedule

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