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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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entry Feb 22 2017, 12:05 AM
ON Tuesday 21 Feb 2017: I got 2 nice sportlots packages.

1: A nice two card package, 2 auctions first card was 25¢ second card was $1.25 Shipping was $2.25

1960 Topps Baseball: 98 Gordon Jones Orioles
1961 Topps Baseball: 158 Pete Daley Senators

2: A sealed 50 card boxed set for $1.25 plus $3.49 shipping
1993 Active Marketing International Defective Comics 50 card boxed set sealed. This is a fun set that parodies comic book covers.

entry Feb 12 2017, 02:11 AM
ON Thursday 02 Feb 2017: 1 package of Sportlots auctions came in All the cards were won at 25¢ each + $4.19 for total shipping. Seller sent in bubble mailer with plain white paper for address an stamping. From Canada with huge Tony Esposito Canadian stamp.

1977-78 Topps Hockey:
74 Chicago Black Hawks Team Card checklist on back clean
86 Toronto Maple Leafs Team Card checkllst on back clean off-center/miscut to edge

1978-79 Topps Hockey:
193 Boston Bruins Team Card checklist on back marked up
200 Montreal Canadiens Team Card checklist on back marked up miscut/off center to edge
203 Philadelphia Flyers Team Card checklist on back marked up another miscut/off center to edge
204 Pittsburgh Penguins Team Card checklist on back marked up
again miscut/off center to edge
208 Washington Capitals Team Card checklist on back marked up miscut/off center to top edge

Friday 03 Feb 2017: Magazine latest issue of The Wrapper #304 Feb 1 to Mar 24, 2017 Topps 1953 Tarzan 3-D cover story

Friday 10 Feb 2017: Got some cards from SCF Football Team Trader Enrique the Cardinals guy. He is a new member must send first to that forum. He sent the bare minimum number of cards via a PWE (cards in a plastic bag with light cardboard covering - cereal box type sheath.
1992 All World Football: 83 Willie Anderson Rams
2008 Topps Football: 93 Kolby Smith Chiefs. Oops must have thought it was Redskins with the red and yellow coloring
2013 Panini Rookie and Stars Football:100 Alfred Morris Redskins
2013 Score Football:
172 Sam Bradford Rams
174 Lance Kendricks Rams (2)
217 Alfred Morris Redskins
220 London Fletcher Redskins
298 Robert Griffin III FRANCHISE Redskins
324 Chris Givens FRANCHISE Rams
330 Alfred Morris FRANCHISE Redskins
2013 Topps Football: 342 Ryan Kerrigan Redskins
2014 Topps Platinum Football:
66 Robert Griffin III Redskins
93 Tavon Austin Rams
2014 Panini Prism Football: 108 Santana Moss Redskins

entry Feb 1 2017, 12:20 AM
On Tuesday 31 Jan 2017: I received one Sportlots package 2 auctions 17 cards. Shipping $3.50

Auction One: 1 card at $2.25:
1986 Topps Quaker Chewy Granola Bars Baseball: 31 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles. Wasn't sure if I had this card or not so I went for it, small bid battle.

1973 Topps Football: Washington Redskins 16 card lot some dupes $8.50 close to my limit there.
47 Mike Bragg (2)
71 Myron Pottios
98 Pat Fischer
130 Len Hauss (2)
220 Larry Brown
236 Charlie Taylor (2) one miscut to top
282 Charlie Harraway
307 Jerry Smith
339 Paul Laaveg
371 Verlon Biggs
472 Roy Jefferson
499 Billy Kilmer
524 Roland McDole

entry Jan 30 2017, 08:11 PM
On Monday 30 Jan 2017 I got two Sportlots Packages:

package one single card auction $1.25 + $2.00 shipping
1958 Topps Football: 109 Philadelphia Eagles Team Card

package two single item $4.25 + $2.00 shipping
1976 Hostess Baseball: 3 card panel 94 Hank Aaron Brewers, 95 Buddy Bell Indians 96 Steve Braun Twins

entry Jan 27 2017, 10:16 PM
ON Friday 27 Jan 2017: I got the box from my order of some commemorative sets from Fritsch Cards. Most of them seem to be their "custom" commemorative sets Any who here is what I got:

1981 Topps Coca-Cola Football Washington Redskins Team set 12 cards (11 players 1 title card) $19.95
Fritsch Cards AAGPBL Complete Set - 3 series plus update series $34.95
1995 Series One 234 cards
1996 Series Two 106 cards
2000 Series Three 72 cards
2002 Update Series 9 cards
Series 2 and 3 come in their own special set boxes, series one is just in a generic file card box along with the update set. Would be nice if I could find the Series one box sometime if they ever made one. Hard to get since the original source doesn't even sell them like the later sets.

These next sets commemorate the St. Louis Browns (who later became the Baltimore Orioles) These are the sets I didn't have production years for at first. I found them with a little internet searching. The 1953 50th Anniversary set and the 1944 AL Champions set are later year commemorative sets NOT Vintage or reprints of vintage sets. They are based on vintage designs. The Heads Up set is similar to the Washington Senators 1969 Team Reunion set I got a year or two ago. The size of the Original 1933 Goudey cards.

1998 St. Louis Browns Heads Up Reunion Set 20 cards $9.95
2003 St. Louis Browns 50th Anniversary of 1953 Team Set 40 cards $9.95
1996 St. Louis Browns 1944 American League Champions Set 36 cards $9.95

 | Category: Football
entry Jan 27 2017, 04:12 AM
On Thursday 26 Jan 2017: One single small bubble mailer from SCF Football Team Trader Frank the Raiders guy. From our trade from a month or two ago. I was stumped because I thought all my trades were caught up. Anyway it was ALL REDSKINS a total of 89 cards (4 dupes, 2 triplicates = 75 unique cards)

1991 Pro Set Football: All-NFC Team 381 Jim Lachey - these All Pro cards Have very nice portraits of the players.
1991 Quarterback Legends Football: 24 Sunny Jurgensen
1991 Upper Deck Football: 102 Jim Lachey - very cool closeup photo of him in huddle? showing the wear on the stripe decals on the front of his helmet.
1993 Pro Set Power Football: 171 Charles Mann
2000 Pacific Aurora Football: 150 Michael Westbrook
2000 Fleer Tradition Football: 89 Michael Westbrook
2002 Pacific Football: 443 Zeron Flemister
2002 NFL Showdown Football Card Game: (2001 Wizards of the Coast Inc) 118 Fred Smoot
2003 Upper Deck NFL Patch Collection Football: 39 Patrick Ramsey - So glad this is a regular base card not some freaky manupatch of a photograph. Plus he is in the Retro Anniversary Uniform with the Arrows on the helmet
2004 Topps Bazooka Football: 105 Laveranues Coles
2004 Fleer Tradition Football: 196 LaVar Arrington
2004 Topps Football: 172 Tim Hasselbeck - another Skin with the Anniversary Retro Arrow helmet. Hard to tell on the photo as it is head on and the arrows look like light reflections. I wasn't sure at first.
2006 Topps Heritage Football: (1952 Baseball Style) 112 Taylor Jacobs
2013 Panini Certified Football: New Generation Rookie Autograph: Red Mirror Variant: 285 Chris Thompson RC sticker auto blue sharpie 264/999 - Even though this is a very PC card I know of a certain collector who will eventually get this card. I am looking at some Ebay auctions and COMC for other copies of this beaut.

 | Category: Non Sports
entry Jan 25 2017, 10:07 PM
On Wednesday 25 Jan 2017: Magazine time. Got Feb/Mar 2017 issue of Non-Sport Update Vol 28 No. 1 Batman cover The 1966 Batman Black Bat set. Also a Robert Vaughn tribute (remembering him in cards) Price guide insert has Mystery Science Theater 3000 on cover.
Free card: 2016 RRParks Cards Mystery Science Theater 3000 Promo Card 3

 | Category: Football
entry Jan 23 2017, 04:28 PM
Monday 23 Jan 2017: One small bubble mailer from SCF Team Trader Dave The Lions Guy. Card count 44 all Rams except for 3 Redskins.

1984 Topps Football: 204 Rushing Leaders: Curt Warner Seahawks Eric Dickerson Rams
2004 Donruss Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Football: 134 Torry Holt Rams
2005 Donruss Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Football:
135 Marshall Faulk Rams
134 Marc Bulger Rams (2)
2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Football: 133 Steven Jackson Rams
2006 Fleer Hot Prospects Football: 90 Steven Jackson Rams
2006 Upper Deck Football: 180 Kevin Curtis Rams
2007 Upper Deck Artifacts Football: 89 Marc Bulger Rams
2010 Panini Epix Football:
89 Donnie Avery Rams (3)
90 James Laurinaitis Rams
91 Steven Jackson Rams (3)
2011 Topps Football:
2 St. Louis Rams Team Card (2)
54 Sam Bradford Rams ROY (2)
144 Danny Amendola Rams
201 Brandon Gibson Rams (2)
271 Robert Quinn RC Rams (3)
286 Sam Bradford Rams Record Breaker/checklist cards 1-110
309 Danario Alexander Rams (2)
361 James Laurinitis Rams
396 Austin Pettis RC Rams
414 Steven Jackson Rams
421 Lance Kendricks RC Rams
2013 Topps Football:
149 Washington Redskins Team Card
183 Chris Long Rams (2)
191 St. Louis Rams Team Card (2)
241 Sam Bradford Rams (2)
434 Zac Stacy RC Rams (2)
2014 Topps Valor Football: 56 Robert Griffin III Redskins
2015 Topps Heritage Football: 34 Jamison Crowder RC Redskins 1956 Style

entry Jan 19 2017, 11:47 PM
Thursday 19 Jan 2017:
Single small bubble mailer 1 sportlots dealer 2 auctions 5 cards. I think I already had one or two from the lot of 4 Colts cards. Shipping $2.50.

1969 Topps Baseball: 420 Ron Santo AS Cubs 25¢
4 Baltimore Colts cards auction 25¢
1972 Topps Football:
127 Bubba Smith Colts Pro-Action
125 Rick Volk Colts Pro-Action
131 Tom Matte Colts Pro-Action (possible dupe)
1974 Topps Footbal: 17 David Lee Colts - back has pen marks "XVI" like some cards I got a week ago or so I think maybe from the same seller *sigh* must have been some kind of system Oh Well I think this is an other dupe anyway.

entry Jan 18 2017, 10:59 PM
Tuesday 17 January 2017: Sportlots 1 dealer 5 single card auctions Shipping total $3.75

1960 Topps Football: 33 Ed Modzelewski "Cowboys" Browns Jersey $1.25
1967 Philadelphia Gum Football:
72 Detroit Lions Team Logo card 25¢
168 St. Louis Cardinals Team Logo card 25¢
1958 Topps Baseball: 336 Bert Hamric Orioles 25¢
1959 Topps Baseball: Baseball Trills: 466 Billy Pierce All-Star Starter 75¢

Wednesday 18 January 2017: small bubble mailer SCF Football Team Traders Steve the Packers Guy 16 card count. About the minimum of 15 cards I sent about the same maybe up to 25 cards (24 unique 2 dupes = 26 total?). It was all Redskins (No Rams this time)

2011 Topps Football: 343 London Fletcher
2011 Topps Chrome Football: Purple Refractor 205 Aldrick Robinson RC 148/499
2014 Panini Select Football:
48 Andre Roberts
79 Alfred Morris
2014 Topps Strata Football:
3 Robert Griffin III
37 Pierre Garcon
69 DeSean Jackson
69 DeSean Jackson Orange Parallel
75 Alfred Morris
78 Jordan Reed
161 Trent Murphy RC
191 Lache Seastrunk RC
Bronze Sticker Autograph 153 Lache Seastrunk RC 056/150 blue sharpie
2014 Panini Absolute Football: Spectrum Sticker Autograph 164 Silas Redd RC 95/99 blue sharpie
2014 Panini Crown Royale Football: Rookie Signatures: S-CH Cody Hoffman RC 67/75 sticker auto blue sharpie
2014 Panini Totally Certified Football: Certified Fabrics: CF-BA Brian Orakpo all burgandy no serial number

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