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captkirk42's Blog
Stuff about my collection
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entry Aug 30 2016, 12:22 AM
On Monday 29 Aug 2016 I got a stuffed PWE with 28 cards total from SuperTrader Bret Cooper Nationals Collector. He sent some Redskins along with the Os that are contractually my team under this ragtag group of rebel baseball blog traders The cards range from 2010-2015 (Baseball) and 1978-2014 (Football)

2015 Topps Archives (1976 Style)
179 Frank Robinson Orioles
2014 Topps Heritage (1965 Style)
5 AL RBI Leaders: Chris Davis Orioles, M Cabrera Tigers, A. Jones Orioles and R. Cano Yankees
323 buck Showalter MGR O's
2014 Topps Archives: mini (1989 Style)
TM-31 Manny Machado
2014 Topps Baseball:
47 Chris Davis 2013 Baseball Highlights w/ Series 1 checklist cards 1-69
61 Nick Markakis
153 AL RBI Leaders: Chris Davis Orioles, Miguel Cabrera Tigers and Adams Jones Orioles
190 Kevin Gausman Orioles Future Stars
2014 Topps Chrome Baseball:
MB-5 Ubaldo Jimenez
2013 Topps Archives Baseball: mini 1971 Style
TM-30 Cal Ripken Jr.
2013 Topps Archives Baseball: 1982 Style
83 Jim Johnson
2013 Topps Baseball:
270 Manny Machado
2013 Topps Update Baseball:
US216 Manny Machado All-Star Game
US274 Kevin Gausman RC
blue US78 Francisco Rodriguez
2012 Topps Baseball: Mini 1987 Style
TM-29 Adam Jones
2012 Topps Baseball: Golden Moments
GM-34 Brooks Robinson
2012 Topps Baseball: Golden Greats:
GG-78 Brooks Robinson
2010 Upper Deck Baseball: UD Game Jersey:
UDGJ-NM Nick Markakis all white

1978 Topps Football: 476 Eddie Brown Redskins - back has nasty paper loss spot in middle
1987 Topps Football: 63 Rogers Plunges Ahead Washington Redskins Team Card
2010 Panini Donruss Football: 28 Dennis Pitta Ravens
2013 Topps Football:
146 Brian Orakpo Redskins
265 Pierre Garcon Redskins
388 London Fletcher Redskins
2014 Topps Football: 357 Cody Hoffman RC Redskins
2014 Topps Valor Football:
126 John Riggins Redskins
126 John Riggins Redskins Courage 145/399

entry Aug 18 2016, 11:16 PM
ON Saturday 06 August 2016 I received cards from a trade. For good or ill I made a trade on TCZ (The Zone) for a bunch of Rams cards with some bonus Ravens and Capitals. I received 150-160 some cards total. Includes some of the mini sized stickers. My trade partner gets at least the same amount of cards 160 (technically I loaded a bunch more) Packers, Steelers, Cowboys, Red Sox, Phillies, Yankees, Marlins, Pirates and some D-Backs.

Most of the cards look to be from the last 5 years give or take. There are a few older Pro Set cards I already had but still fun. A few duplicates and triplicates or more. Cards: 70 Rams (1 draft card), 66 Ravens (2 cards of Rookies/Draft guys), 1 Orioles card 1993 Bowman, 7 Capitals cards 1990-91 Score.
Stickers: 8 Rams, 9 Ravens, 1 Cowboy? Even the stickers had a few dupes.

Highlights: I guess would be the Caps cards, then for the Football cards:
2012 Panini Crown Royale Football:
Pivotal Players 1 Anquan Boldin
Field Force 1 Ed Reed
Majestic Motion 1 Torrey Smith
2014 Topps Fire Football:
83 Joe Flacco
2014 Topps Valor Football:
40 Terrell Suggs
58 Torrey Smith (2)
2015 Topps Valor:
48 Javorius Allen
2014 Topps Platinum Football:
36 Bernard Pierce Blue Variant?

1989 Pro Set Football: These two cards are dupes for me but still fun.
Announcer Collection:
16 Irv Cross CBS
27 Merlin Olsen NBC (2)
2015 Topps Valor Football:
120 Torry Holt
2014 Topps Fire:
18 Eric Dikerson
2009 Upper Deck Football Heroes:
219 Merlin Olsen
2015 Sage Hit Football:
SPOTLIGHT: 93 Garrett Grayson Colorado State Rams (Saints)
I'm not a huge fan of Sage Hit since it is mostly prospects that never made the pros. I usually try to avoid it, but I like the look of this card. I'm glad it was sent, even though the Rams helmet Grayson is wearing is his Colorado State Rams helmet/uniform not the then St. Louis Rams now LA Rams (YES I'm glad they returned to LA) as the trader thought it was.

entry Aug 3 2016, 11:31 PM
16 May 2016: Wow what why May? Guess I didn’t record this one The Wrapper #299 May 15 – July 7, 2016 Man From U.N.C.L.E. on cover. Need to finish that up have list on master want list on my blog.

?? June ??
UGH didn’t note when I got it: Non Sport Update from subscription Vol 27 No. 3 June – July 2016 (#2 alternate cover of 2) Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who on cover. Still have it in wrapper 3 free cards according to cover are: Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones Season 5 (that will go to traders with the other GOT promos I have) and one of six different Batman Classic TV Series Promo Cards.

Saturday 09 July 2016:
The Wrapper #300 July 7 – Aug 28, 2016 “What A Blast Getting To 300” Mars Attacks card #19 and not sure what other card is from looks like something from Horrors of War maybe has Death standing with some soldiers.

Friday 29 July 2016:
Non Sport Update Vol. 27 No. 4 Star Trek Cover. Again haven’t unwrapped it yet so I don’t know the exact cards but this one only came with 2 again according to the cover: Gotham Season 1 and Star Trek: The Next Generation Portfolio Prints Series Two.

Phew! Caught up for now.

entry Aug 3 2016, 11:28 PM
Monday 16 May 2016:
From Supertrader Adam Cardboard Clubhouse large Bubble Mailer (6” x9”) Orioles plus some bonus Capitals and some Redskins. The bulk of the cards arc Capitals Hockey cards. About 118 cards total:
31 Orioles cards including:
1980 Topps, 1982 Topps, 1987 Topps568 Earl Weaver, 1991 Donruss 3 cards, 1991 Topps Stadium Club: Members Only NoNumber Orioles No-Hitter vs. As, 1991 Upper Deck, 1992 Fleer, 1992 Topps 3 cards, 1992 Upper Deck 4 cards, 1993 Topps 8 cards 3 of them “Gold” variant, 1995 Pinnacle 3 cards includes 305 Swing Men Cal Ripken Jr., 1996 Upper Deck Collectors Choice, Topps 2000, 2003 Donruss and 2015 Topps (Series 2) 355 Travis Snider
6 Redskins Cards:
1 1995 Upper Deck “Did You Know?” Ken Harvey, Five 2014 Topps Football (1 dupe)
Rest Capitals cards:
1990-91 Topps Hockey 17 cards
1990-91 Score Hockey 18 cards
1991-92 Pro Set Hockey: Canadian version? 1st half of cards have just French on back later half are English.46 cards with many duplicates and some triplicates.

Saturday 23 July 2016,
I got my winnings from a contest by Corky over at his Pack War blog. I think it was an anniversary contest. It was a simple comment and be entered for random drawings. He had 7 lots of cards or collectibles that each winner got to choose from. I was 2nd place and got to choose second. I chose the lot of 54 Ken Griffey Jr. Cards various years from his career. He added some PC stuff and there was a piece of memorabilia related to the contest that surprised me as a bonus for that lot.
Some of the Griffey Highlights:
1990 Sports Illustrated for Kids card 158 Mariners
1991 Score 841 The Griffeys Mariners
1994 Upper Deck Baseball: 224 Mariners 1 dupe plus a “For Promotional Use Only” version
Unknown year Topps Finest Mariners blank back
1998 Topps Gold Label 100 Mariners
2006 Upper Deck Baseball National Baseball Card Day UD7 Reds
2009 Upper Deck Goudey Mariners Green Back
2012 Sportkings 211 Looks to be Mariners uniform, mostly head shot painting with his signature backwards hat.
2006 Topps ETopps Baseball: 13 Reds in label sealed case 884/999
Plus surprise bonus memorabilia 1996 BP Limited Edition Baseball has Picture of him batting Mariners Uniform on ball and says “Ken Griffey, Jr.” has a faux signature “jr” and says “Junior” Opened box so ball rolls around loose, missing certificate of authenticity advertised on box and missing part of or all of stand, there is just a plastic hook thing with some string cord around it. I guess that was the stand? Don’t know don’t really care. The Ball will eventually find its way to a Jr. Collector anyway.

Bonus PC cards were Basketball and Football:
8 Basketball Bullets and Wizards highlight cards include an Upper Deck Caron Butler GU blue card and a Panini Threads Jersey die-cut card Kirk Hinrich
11 Football Cards Redskins and Rams. Highlights: Panini Mardy Gilyard Rmas GU white #217/299, Flimsy acetate Edge 1994 Excaliber Jerome Bettis Rams back blank/grayed/whiteouted back. 2014 Topps Valor Courage John Riggins Redskins #384/399

entry Aug 3 2016, 11:25 PM
Here are the "Bricks" (large packages or boxes). Part 1:

3 Total 1 stuffed bubble mailer (6 x 9 inch) and 2 small boxes:

??02 Jun?? (Jul?) Box from Supertrader Kerry at Cards on Cards blog. As I have noted I have the Orioles in this even though I am more Nationals than Orioles Oh Well. The haul is 330some cards including 25 or so small stickers and minis plus one Pog er Topps Chipz a 2014 Adam Jones Chipz Red. The cards range from I think the earliest was a 1987 through the 1990s and up to 2015 (maybe a few 2016). Don’t think there were any 2016s. There are a couple of refractors, some chrome base , standard card sized stickers and a few gold variants. He also sent a few common Cardinals as the end cards in the team bags. Here is just a small taste starting with the minis and small stickers.

1990 Panini Baseball Stickers:

5 Joe Orsulak (2)
6 Bob Milacki (2)
8 Mickey Tettleton
1991 Topps micro mini Baseball cards:
6 Ben McDonald
2016 Topps Baseball Stickers:
57 Manny Machado
58 J.J. Hardy
2014 Topps Baseball Stickers:
5 J.J. Hardy
2011 Topps Baseball Stickers:
9 Brian Matusz
2015 Topps Baseball Stickers:
10 Baltimore Orioles Mascot The Bird Yes!
1986 Sportflics Baseball: Insert
70 Baltimore Orioles Team Leaders flicker front flips between team name in script twice and bird head cap logo
1986 Fleer Baseball Mini:
57 Mike Boddicker
58 Eddie Murray
59 Cal Ripken Jr.
60 John Shelby
61 Mike Young
2011 Topps Baseball Champions of Games and Sports Mini (I forget what these things are called)
KC-77 Frank Robinson
2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions minis:
217 Jeremy Guthrie
2014 Gypsy Queen Baseball Minis:
279 Chris Tillman
2015 Gypsy Queen Baseball Minis:
22 Kevin Gausman
2012 Topps Allen and Ginter’s Baseball:
178 Wei-Yin Chen
Fleer Baseball Logo Sticker insert: Forget Year Team Logo background wide red stripes with thin white stripes, blue strip at top with Fleer logo and Baseball Logo Stickers title. Blank back.
2007 Upper Deck Goudey Baseball:
19 Brian Roberts Red back
2013 Topps Archives Baseball 1971 Mini:
TM-30 Cal Ripken Jr.

Regular Cards: random select
2007 Upper Deck Elements Baseball: Acetate
88 Miguel Tejada
2012 Panini Triple Play Baseball:
9 Matt Wieters (there were a few dupes of this, maybe one was the sticker version)
2014 Topps Heritage Baseball: 1965 Style Baseball Flashbacks ‘65
BF-JP Jim Palmer
2014 Topps Baseball: Fond Farewells:
FF-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
2013 Topps Baseball: Blue Sparkly Variant
143 Jim Johnson
Non-Orioles (other than the 4 or so inserted Cardinals that were bag ends)
2007 Topps Baseball: Rookies 1952 Style
205 Beltran Perez Nationals
Basketall Wizards and Bullets:
2015-16 Panini Hoops Basketball:

21 Bradley Beal Wizards
2015-16 Panini Prizm Basketball:

53 Otto Porter Wizards
1989-90 NBA Hoops Basketball:
97 Jeff Malone Bullets
98 Darrell Walker Bullets
99 Bernard King Bullets
100 John Williams Bullets
2010-11 Panini Donruss Basketball:
184 Yi Jianlian Wizards
277 Washington Wizards Team Card with team checklist
1990-90 Skybox Basketball:
289 Tom Hammonds Bullets
2015-16 Panini Donruss Basketball:
59 Otto Porter Wizards
2015-16 Panini Complete Basketball:
216 Jared Dudley Wizards
2006 Upper Deck Ovation Basketball:
Ovation Apparel OA-BH Brendan Haywood Wizards small dark blue swatch (round diecut window)
Basketball Stickers:
2013-14 Panini NBA Basketball Stickers:
246 Kevin Seraphin Wizards
154 Bradley Beal Wizards
2014-15 Panini NBA Basketball Stickers:
187 Wizards Home Jersey

entry Aug 3 2016, 11:18 PM
More of my backedup maildays:
Saturday 04 June 2016:
Sportlots 3 auction lots 3 cards. 2 Auctions the 1989 cards were 25¢ each and the 1965 card was 75¢

1965 Topps Baseball:
263 Marty Keough Reds
1969 Topps Baseball:
4 NL RBI Leaders: Willie Mccovey Giants, Ron Santo Cubs and Billy Williams Cubs
164 1968 World Series Game 3 McCarver’s Homer puts St. Louis ahead

Sportlots 3 auction lots 25¢ , $3.75 and $1.75
1970 Topps Baseball:
467 Denny McLain AS Tigers
542 Checklist 4th Series Checklist cards 547 through 633 Unmarked
1972 Topps Football
79 Checklist 2nd Series Checklist cards 133 through 263 Unmarked

Thursday 09 June 2016:
Low Budget Hockey Break from TCZ (need to double check who hosted). I had Capitals. Only 4 cards base:

2013-14 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey:
4 Alex Ovechkin
65 Mike Green
67 Mike Ribeiro

2014-15 Upper Deck Hockey Series 2:
P-51 UD Portraits Rookies: Andre Burakovsky

Not sure if this next card was from that break would be odd if it is or another break:
2002-03 IN The Game Vault Hockey: X Signature 111 Martin Prusek Senators black sharpie on card. What? Must be a random card as I said probably from another break.

Friday 24 June 2016:
Sportlots 4 card lot 1 seller. Need to check site for bid total and shipping. Looks like one of the ones that came in a PWE in only a card “Saver” with tape I hate those things, and done that way.

1966 Topps Baseball:
291 Moe Drabowsky Orioles
333 Washington Senators 1966 Rookie Stars: Joe Coleman pitcher, Jim French catcher
334 Marty Keough Reds
336 Gene Alley Pirates

Sportlots single card auction $1.25 need to check shipping
1971 Topps Baseball: 248 Hoyt Wilhelm Cubs

Sportlots single card auction 25¢ plus $3.00 shipping
2007 Topps Allen & Ginter’s Baseball Auto (Framed Mini) AGA-NL Nook Logan Nationals blue sharpie

Monday 27 June 2016:
Sportlots single card 25¢ auction $1.69 shipping.
1968 Topps Baseball: 221 Atlanta Braves Team Card

Friday 01 July 2016:
Sportlots from 1 sellers auctions 8 cards total 5 auctions each won at 25¢ shipping (need to check site for total)
More cards to help my almost pointless “Strive for ‘65” set build:
1965 Topps Baseball:
108 Don Mincher Twins
163 John Briggs Phillies
222 Bob Tillman Red Sox
420 Larry Jackson Cubs
471 Billy Hoeft Tigers
490 Earl Battey Twins (2) - from two different auctions

1969 Topps Baseball: 6 NL Home Run Leaders: Willie McCovey Giants, Richie Allen Phillies, Ernie Banks Cubs

Saturday 16 July 2016:
TCC Abel’s Baseball Group Box Break. Nationals are of course my Homie team for the break: 6 cards
2016 Topps Museum Baseball: 48 Stephen Strasburg

2016 Topps Finest Baseball:
18 Trea Turner RC
57 Wil Myers Padres (must have been unclaimed team random)
100 Bryce Harper

2016 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball:
59 Bryce Harper
88 Max Scherzer

entry Aug 3 2016, 11:12 PM
I have been very backed up with mail days from as early as May? UGH thought it was only from 02 June. It includes a couple of bricks (aka small box) that have just way too many cards to mention individually. Some things might not be totally accurate and I’m too lazy to check the shipping on my Sportlots orders so some I will forgo my usual listing of total shipping.

OK so on with the show:

Saturday 15 May 2016:
Pack from Tribecards Blog his Pack-A-Daily Circus Giveaway thing. It has my batch of cards from 2014 PAD and the first part of 2016 cards. Most of this giveaway thing is drafted things. For 2014 and ’15 I think it was just which players or type of random card you drafted, for this year 2016 your first drafts were a specific team and this year you get the team, then whatever your draft later in the year. It is a fun thing to watch on his blog.
2008 Topps Baseball Opening Day:
117 Dmitri Young Nationals
200 Ross Detwiler RC Nationals
2010 Topps Turkey Red Baseball:
TR73 Chad Billingsley Dodgers
2010 Topps Baseball:
348 Jordan Zimmermann Nationals
The Cards Your Mom Threw Out: CMT78 1971 Frank Robinson Orioles (CMT back)
2012 Topps Baseball:
12 Wilson Ramos Nationals
Gold Standard GS-7 Frank Robinson Orioles
2013 Topps Baseball:
158 Chad Billingsley Dodgers
2013 Topps Baseball Archives:
1972 Style: 13 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
2013 Panini Triple Play Baseball:
89 Bryce Harper Nationals
2013 Panini Pinnacle Baseball:
33 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball:
35 Brooks Robinson Orioles
60 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
62 Diana Nyad Swimmer
111 Frank Robinson Reds (2)
134 Jordan Zimmermann Nationals
183 Jim Palmer Orioles (2)
2013 Topps Baseball:
20 Charlie Blackmon Rockies
219 Charlie Morton Pirates
245 Ross Detwiler Nationals
2013 Topps Baseball Chipz:
Bryce Harper Nationals
Stephen Strasburg Nationals
Glow-in-the-Dark Stephen Strasburg Nationals
2014 Topps Bowman Baseball:
186 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
2014 Topps Archives Baseball:
1986 Style 104 Jordan Zimmerman Nationals
2014 Topps Heritage Baseball: 1965 Style
Baseball Flashbacks ’65 – BF-HK Frank Robinson Reds
2015 Panini USA Baseball Stars and Stripes:
Game Gear Longevity 93 Trea Turner National Team (Nationals) all dark blue swatch #240/299
2016 Topps Baseball:
102 Doug Fister Nationals
318 Washington Nationals Team Card
2016 Panini Donruss Baseball:
57 Bryce Harper Nationals
100 Max Scherzer Nationals
2016 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball
64 Trea Turner Nationals
254 Ian Desmond Nationals

Thursday 26 May 2016:
A Sportlots 12 card lot of 1970 Topps Football cards. If I recall the seller had mislabeled the lot as being 1970 Baseball.
5 Harmon Wages Falcons
6 Dan Conners Raiders
9 Checklist Series 1 cards 1 through 132 Unmarked
29 Gene Washington Vikings
41 Pete Case Giants
73 John Hadl Chargers
74 Dave Parks Saints
76 Johnny Roland Cardinals
105 Joe Morrison Giants
106 Dick Evey Bears
172 Pat Fischer Redskins
234 Jim Butler Falcons

Friday 27 May 2016:
Sportlots 3 auction lots 5 cards total: were in a card “saver” with tape I think, except refractor which was in toploader.
2008 Topps Letterman Football:
Refractor 13 Steven Jackson Rams #91/99

2012 Upper Deck Hockey Retro OPC:
280 Braden Holtby Capitals
1968 Topps Baseball:
13 Chuck Hartenstein Cubs
83 John Stephenson Cubs
101 Glenn Beckert Cubs

 | Category: Baseball
entry Apr 29 2016, 02:02 PM
On Thursday 28 April 2016: a single PWE brought 2 cards from a couple of Sportlots auctions. Both were had for opening .25¢ bid plus shipping was $1.50 + .50¢ = $2.50 Total Shipping.

1971 Topps Baseball:
566 Tim Cullen Senators
573 Ed Kranepool Mets

entry Apr 27 2016, 10:15 PM
27 April 2016: Got almost 2 dozen VINTAGE cards (19) from one seller from 7 auctions 4 auctions I got for the opening .25¢ (12 cards total), 1 for $2.25 (1 card), 1 for $1.25 (1 card) and 1 for $4.75 (5 cards) shipping total was $15.98 (shipping prices were .59¢, .99¢ and $1.99

The cards:
1967 Philadelphia Football: 120 New York Giants Logo Team Card (the $2.25 auction)

1969 Topps Baseball:
12 NL Strikeout Leaders: Bob Gibson Cardinals, Fergie Jenkins Cubs, Bill Singer Dodgers
46 Fritz Peterson Yankees
72 Ron Taylor Mets
127 Kevin Collins Mets
143 Joe Nossek Athletics
195 John Odom Athletics
217 John Donaldson Athletics
313 Bill Robinson Yankees

1982 Kellogg's 3-D Super Stars Baseball: (Five of these were the $4.75 auction) No cracks, a bit curled but no cracks ah the rubbery feel of these cards.
9 Fernando Valenzuela Dodgers
25 Carlton Fisk White Sox
28 Robin Yount Brewers
46 Ron Cee Dodgers
48 Dave Parker Pirates
52 Chris Chambliss Braves
57 Dwayne Murphy Athletics
63 Vida Blue Giants
64 Eddie Murray Orioles

The main masterpiece of this haul: got it for the opening .25¢ + .59¢ shipping (individual shipping is sort of moot at this point)
1965 Topps Baseball:
169 Dave Vineyard Orioles

Adds one more card to my only 1/3 of the way complete "Strive for '65" set build that I started at the beginning of 2014. Well actually since as long as I can remember but my determination to complete the set for the 50th (which I failed) I am still trying to achieve.

 | Category: Baseball
entry Apr 25 2016, 11:04 PM
On Monday 25 April 2016: I got one PWE from a Sportlots store purchase. One card for .18¢ + .80¢ shipping
2003 Topps Bazooka Baseball: 7 Bazooka Joe Pirates. Now my base Joe Sub-Set is almost complete just need the Cardinals card. Then I can hunt for the 25 minis I need and the complete 30 Silver parallels I need. The bad think about this PWE is it was shipped using a "saver" with instead of tape a small little white filing label that has a code number on it.

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